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I. Introduction II. Why Singapore is a Great Destination for OFWs? III. Singapore Facts and Figures IV. Are You Ready for Singapore? V. What Are the Job Opportunities In Singapore? VI. Where to look for Singapore Jobs VII. How to Work in Singapore? VIII. Living in Singapore IX. Basic Phrases You Can Use in Singapore X. OFW Directory
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The above traits make Singapore an ideal place for overseas employment. Singapore has a growing demand for foreign workers. religions.8% of the population. instead of creating conflict. Singapore is a place where you will find mosques and temples side by side and where mixed marriages are rampant. people of different races live in harmony in Singapore. the Malays 13%. the population is made up of people of diverse cultures. and dishes. Situated near the equator. a country in the heart of South East Asia can boasts of a strong economy. The unique mix of races results in different languages. and the Indians 7. Singapore citizens are composed of Chinese. .9% while other races constitute the remaining percentage. Though Singapore is a relatively small country with only 710 sq. The Chinese constitutes 76. Indian and other races. However. Singapore enjoys tropical weather all year and is generally safe from natural calamities. stable government and modern and world-class living standards. Malay.3|GUIDE TO WORKING IN SINGAPORE I: INTRODUCTION Singapore . Furthermore. Its crime rate is also among the lowest in the world. km.

Many international companies have set up their bases in Singapore. It is also one of the top desired destinations because employees in Singapore not only receive high salary. one out of four skilled employees is a foreign worker. thus the need for more global workers. Majority of the thriving businesses in Singapore are in the industry of electronics. The Singapore government and the employers are united in their goal to offer excellent opportunities and provide trainings to further improve the quality and productivity of their labor force. . oil and gas. financial services. Why Singapore is a Great Destination for OFWS? The numerous job opportunities open to foreign workers makes Singapore one of the favorite destinations of overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) today.4|GUIDE TO WORKING IN SINGAPORE II. So deployment in Singapore means joining an international workforce that is fluent in English and highly skilled. In Singapore. chemicals and shipping. they also get to enjoy working and living in one of the most developed and progressive countries in Southeast Asia. Its proximity to the Philippines further makes it an ideal OFW destination.

life sciences. . oil drilling equipment. offshore platform construction. Malay. Indian 7. Christianity and Hinduism Parliamentary Republic Singapore Dollar +65 1 Singapore Dollar (SAR) = 33. Malay 13%.08 Million ( as of June 2010 data) Chinese 76. other races Buddhism. entrepot trade.9%. chemicals. biomedical sciences & research. ship repair.5|GUIDE TO WORKING IN SINGAPORE III: Singapore Facts and Figures If you want to work in Singapore. processed food and beverages. Taoism. Mandarin and Tamil Electronics. Islam. IT and professional services.8%. Check out these basic facts about the Lion City: Capital: Climate: Population: Ethnic Groups: Religion: Government: Currency: International Country Code: Exchange Rate (as Of Dec 2011): Language: Major Industries: Singapore Summer and Rainy Season 5. petroleum refining. financial services. you should have an idea about the country where you want to earn a living.72 Philippine Peso English.


7|GUIDE TO WORKING IN SINGAPORE Singapore Holidays HOLIDAY New Year’s Day Chinese New Year Good Friday Labour Day Vesak Day National Day Hari Raya Puasa Deepavali Hari Raya Haji Christmas Day DATE January 1 Depends on the Chinese calendar Date not fixed May 1 May 5 August 9 August 30 October 26 November 6 December 25 .

here are a few reminders to increase your chances of getting hired: 1. you are convinced that Singapore is the ideal work destination for you. Make your resume stand out among others by highlighting your work experiences. Is your occupation in-demand? You will have an easier time finding a job in Singapore if your job is included in the list of in-demand jobs identified by the Ministry of Manpower (MOM). 2. Check your resume. achievements. strengths and special skills relevant to the job you are applying for. This is the first basis of an employer in assessing your qualifications so the resume you will submit should lay down what the employer wants to see. .8|GUIDE TO WORKING IN SINGAPORE IV: Are you ready for Singapore? Now. Take time to ensure that your resume is well-written and impressive. but before sending out applications to various recruitment agencies. Note: Some of the job openings in the Strategic Skills-in demand list are available in the latter part of this e-book.

gov. workers with less years of work experience can still be hired if they possess other compensating factors. Do you have enough work experience? A relevant work experience is needed to be qualified for a job and Employment Pass (EP). You can check out the site and evaluate your qualifications at www. Be prepared for all these possibilities. A self-assessment tool for different workers is available in the website of the Ministry of Manpower. Take the Self-assessment 5. 4. Singapore employers prefer workers with at least five (5) years of relevant work experience. Nevertheless. Company rules and regulations can also be different from the Philippines as the working environment can be so hectic and demanding. Can you cope with the challenge of a global workplace? You will be working with people of different nationalities so you have to learn to somehow get along with Are you ready to work in Singapore? Take this fun Workabroad Quiz to find out! . The Ministry of Manpower makes it easy for an expatriate to see if his or her qualifications meet the Singapore standards.9|GUIDE TO WORKING IN SINGAPORE 3.

The Strategic Skills in Demand is the list of jobs needed for the growth and advancement of major economic sectors of Singapore. Construction. Healthcare. Information Technology.10 | G U I D E T O W O R K I N G I N S I N G A P O R E V: What are the Job Opportunities in Singapore? Foreign workers with specializations in the following fields are currently in-demand in Singapore: Manufacturing. Manufacturing • • • • • • • • • • • • Firmware R&D Engineer Media Process Engineer Network Storage Engineer Water Fabrication Process Engineer Chemist Electrical Engineer/Technician QA/QC Specialist Design Engineer Petroleum Engineer Project Engineer Well Engineer Nano Engineer Construction • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Civil/ Structural/ Bridge Engineer Design Engineer Geotechnical Engineer Mechanical & Electrical/Aircon/Fire/Instrumentation Engineer Quantity Surveyor Resident Technical Officer/ Engineer Testing & Commissioning Engineer Supervisor and General Foreman Crane & Hoist Operator/BC Cutter Operator/Bored Piling Operator/Drilling Operator/ M&E/ architectural)/Autocad Operator Architectural Assistant/Technician Marine Investigation Diver/Specialist Resident Technical Officer Jet-grouting Specialist . Examples of wanted positions are listed per job category below. Finance. They are included in the Strategic Skills in Demand list that are identified by the Ministry of Manpower (MOM). and Tourism and Retail.

Customer Service Assistant. Administrative Workers.11 | G U I D E T O W O R K I N G I N S I N G A P O R E Healthcare • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Auditory Verbal Therapist Clinical Audiologist Dietician Doctor Medical Diagnostic Radiographer Medical/Laboratory Technologist Nurse Occupational Therapist Pharmacist Physiotherapist Podiatrist Radiation Therapist Respiratory Therapist Speech Therapist Information Communication and Digital Media • • • • • • • • • • • • Database/Network and Computer Systems Administrator Game Programmer IT Analyst Software Architect Software Engineer Systems Designer and Analyst 2D and 3D Artist Animator Computer Graphic (CG) Artist Concept Artist Software Designer Technical Artist QUICK TIP: The global landscape is never constant. Site Supervisor . This means that list of indemand professions here and the requirements can change anytime. Sales Designer. Tourism and Retail • • • • Production Manager Set Designer Sound Designer Stage Designer Finance • • • • Risk Manager & Controller Compliance Officer Financial IT Engineer Accountant Other Jobs Needed in Singapore: Salesmen. Technical Consultant. Clerical Workers. Always be on the lookout for the latest trends and developments in the global market to stay well-informed.

12 | G U I D E T O W O R K I N G I N S I N G A P O R E .

This method though is not highly recommended because newspapers can take a toll on one’s budget and it would eat a lot of your time and patience. Even if you have not employed the services of a licensed recruitment agency in your job application. Use your social circle. They might inform you of job openings or refer you to an agency or company. you still need to go to POEA to register and submit requirements to be included in the list of legal or documented OFWs. Here are some of them: Go the traditional way and dig the classifieds. . Note: Getting hired for a job in Singapore thru a referral from a friend or relative makes you a namehired OFW.13 | G U I D E T O W O R K I N G I N S I N G A P O R E VI: Where to Look for Singapore Jobs? Overseas job-hunting is not so hard nowadays and serious jobseekers have many options. Do you have friends or relatives that are currently working in Singapore? You can inform them of your desire to work there and ask for their help and guidance. So scouring for job openings at the classified ads section of the major dailies is not a waste of time. but it is an old trick that still works. Looking for an overseas job via newspaper may be an old way.

com and OFWAbroad. The easiest way to get a job today is by signing up at employment job sites such as: This method is highly recommended as job portals offer applicants a convenient and inexpensive way to search and submit job applications. Attend these events for a chance to get hired on the spot. The programs usually announce job vacancies from time to time. There are radio programs and TV shows that deal about the life of OFWs and their concerns. Attend job fairs and special recruitment activities: Many placement agencies conduct special recruitment activities and participate in job fairs nationwide.14 | G U I D E T O W O R K I N G I N S I N G A P O R E Go Online. You only need to register. You can also visit websites that are dedicated to OFWs such as OFWGuide. create an online resume. .com. search for Jobs in Singapore and submit an online application. Watch and listen.

500 Possesses recognized qualifications Monthly salary not lower than SGD8.000 .15 | G U I D E T O W O R K I N G I N S I N G A P O R E VII: How to Work in Singapore? The Employment Pass A foreigner with a valid job offer in Singapore would only be allowed to work upon issuance of a work permit or a valid Employment Pass (EP). To qualify for one of the EPs below. there are basic requirements to be met: Type of Employment Pass Examples of Basic Requirements Q1 Employment Pass P2 Employment Pass P1 Employment Pass • • • • • • Monthly salary not lower than SGD3.000 Possesses recognized qualifications At least five years of relevant work experience Monthly salary not lower than SGD4. Singapore employers that deploy non-residents without a valid work permit may face the penalties stated under the Employment of Foreign Manpower Act.

The application for family member can be submitted together with the Employment pass application or can be done separately. and semi-skilled workers. managerial. Applicant for S-pass are rated using a point system and here are the requirements: • The monthly salary must be SGD 2.16 | G U I D E T O W O R K I N G I N S I N G A P O R E Dependant Privileges for P and Q1 Employment Pass Holders Family members of Q1 and P pass holders can go to Singapore using the passes indicated below. • Has a diploma or technical qualifications.000 or higher. A separate application for each family member should be submitted. • Has related work experience. the Singapore government issued a new foreign work pass (S-Pass) that will allow entry and employment of skilled. middle level.000 or more per month. This is intended for foreign workers that are not qualified for the Full Employment Pass. Employment Pass Type Pass to Use Can Apply for P1 and P2 Employment Pass Dependant’s Pass Long Term Visit Pass Q1 Employment Pass Dependant’s Pass • Spouse • Unmarried or legally adopted children under 21 years old • Common-law spouse • Unmarried daughters above 21 years old • Handicapped children above 21 years old • Step-children under 21 years old • Parents • Parents-in-law • Spouse • Unmarried or legally adopted children under 21years old S-Pass for Professionals On July 2004. The Full Employment Pass is only given to skilled workers that earn SGD 3. .

It is much safer to look for an overseas job through the help of a recruitment agency and be hired while still in the Philippines. Children of S Pass holders need to pass the Qualifying Test (QT) or the Admissions Exercise for International Students (AEIS) to be accepted in mainstream public schools in Singapore. This means that when you go to Singapore. . many Filipinos who want to work in Singapore opt in doing it the easy way by going there as a tourist. Though there are OFWs who succeeded by following this route. 800 per month is entitled to Dependant privileges. 800 are not allowed to apply for Dependant privileges. A Filipino going to Singapore as a tourist may be asked to present a two-way ticket and a proof that the stay would not be more than seven days. The Singapore government is aware of the tourist visa scheme so they implied stricter rules. S-Pass holders whose income is less than SGD2. a valid job and a work permit is already waiting for you. For this reason. Immigration authorities may become suspicious if a tourist indicates that he or she is planning to stay for more than a week. They can choose to submit the application and requirements for Dependants together with their S-pass application. it is not advisable.17 | G U I D E T O W O R K I N G I N S I N G A P O R E Dependant Privileges for S-Pass Holders An S-Pass holder that earns SGD2. WARNING TO APPLICANTS Singapore is very close to the Philippines so airfare is affordable. A visa is also not required for a visit that will not exceed 30 days.

18 | G U I D E T O W O R K I N G I N S I N G A P O R E .

Is there a big chance that my Employment Pass application would be successful? Different factors determine the eligibility of an individual to an Employment Pass. there is no reason for the disapproval of the Employment Pass renewal. how long do I have to wait for the result? If filed online. Is medical exam a requirement in application for employment pass? A medical exam may be required upon approval of the work visa. The chance for success depends on the credentials of the individual applicant. The employer would receive the approval letter for the renewal. If you are still employed with the same company and have not violated any rules under the Employment Pass eligibility. A typical medical exam would include a physical examination and some blood tests to make sure that the applicant is not afflicted with serious diseases such as tuberculosis. the result of an Employment Pass application may be available after one (1) to ten (10) days. It will be stated in the approval letter that one will receive. The letter would also indicate the lists of tests that would be done. . Online application for an Employment Pass is not advisable for people who need to present lots of supporting documents. Online applications give faster results because it only requires little information from the applicant and does not require any supporting documents. etc. Results for manual application may take from three (3) to five (5) weeks. How can the Employment Pass be renewed? Renewal of Employment Pass should be done two months before expiry. HIV.19 | G U I D E T O W O R K I N G I N S I N G A P O R E FAQ’s About Employment Pass in Singapore Upon submitting an application for an Employment Pass.

4. 10. The monthly salary should not be less than the minimum wage set by the Ministry of Manpower. The probationary period for new employees range from 3 months up to 6 months. . job duties. Seamen. bring the original copy of your marriage contract and the birth certificates of your children for tax-exemption purposes. change of residential address. Foreign workers in Singapore are entitled to the same benefits enjoyed by the local personnel. domestic workers and government employees are not covered by the Employment Act. 3.20 | G U I D E T O W O R K I N G I N S I N G A P O R E Additional Info about Working in Singapore 1. salary revisions. Generally. 6. salary. The employer is required to clearly explain to a new employee the job position. 8. an employee cannot be asked to work for more than 12 hours a day. etc.). This law covers all foreign and local employees who are under a contract of service with an employer. An employer needs to obtain a special permit to require the employees to work for more than 12 hours. The worker or the employer is required to notify the MOM regarding any change in employment status (duties performed. work hours and the employment rights such as rest days and leave privileges. The rights of employees in Singapore are specified in the Employment Act. 9. 2. If applicable. An employee can only be asked to work beyond 12 hours under special circumstances. 5. change of designation. Vacation and sick leaves privileges vary depending on the number of years an employee is working for the company. Do not work for another employer or change jobs without the approval of MOM. 7.

there are many ways that a foreign worker can stretch a dollar and save money. the living conditions in Singapore are also one of the best. Even if Singapore is an expensive city. . Nevertheless.21 | G U I D E T O W O R K I N G I N S I N G A P O R E VIII: Living in Singapore Singapore offers great salary but foreign workers here also have to cope with a high standard of living. According to the Economist Intelligence Unit survey conducted on March 2009. Singapore is the third most expensive city in Asia.

22 | G U I D E T O W O R K I N G I N S I N G A P O R E Sample Computation of Monthly Expenses in Singapore Accommodation: Food: Public Transportation: Clothes: Mobile Phone: Internet: Cable TV: Utilities: Leisure: Others: SGD750 (1-bedroom flat in HBD*) SGD400 SGD150 SGD60 SGD50 SGD50 SGD25 SGD100 SGD50 SGD50 Total: SGD 1.685 *HDB stands for Housing Development Board. . Quick Tip! Respect all traditions and beliefs in Singapore. This is not a landed property so houses and rooms for rent are cheaper. Strive to obey rules and regulations at all times.

Another way to save on house rent is to look for room partners. You may also be lucky if you get a job where employers shoulder the accommodation of foreign workers. the child may need to pass an entrance examination. For foreign workers with dependants. 3. you can make that money grow by looking for a viable investment opportunity. Once you have set aside enough money for savings. Be aware that swindlers are everywhere so be very careful . Rent a house in HDB. 4. If you would share a flat with a fellow OFW. You can transfer the money to an account where it will earn more interest.23 | G U I D E T O W O R K I N G I N S I N G A P O R E Money Saving Tips in Singapore 1. Minimize eating out. the public school system of Singapore offer quality education for free. 2. Send your child to a government school. Try to allot at least 10% of your earnings to savings. start a business or buy a property. Imported brands are costly in Singapore so cut spending cost on imported brands and choose local brands to save money. The options available for you are endless so take the time to study each option and choose the one that suits your needs and interests. Many Filipinos in Singapore are looking for roommates or bed spacers to share the rent with. The Housing Development Board (HDB) can offer comfortable rooms for rent at a cheaper cost because it is not a landed property. However. 6. Pay yourself first. Look for good investment opportunities. Follow this money–saving scheme where one sets aside the money for savings as soon as the salary is available. 5. you can also split food expenses. Dining out can be costly too so you would save a lot of money by cooking and eating at home. Buy local brands.

To help you in communicating with the locals. Local citizens would use English and either Mandarin. Malay or Tamil. majority of Singaporeans are bilingual.24 | G U I D E T O W O R K I N G I N S I N G A P O R E IX: Basic Phrases You Can Use in Singapore Even if English is now considered to be the official language in schools and businesses of Singapore. check out some useful phrases below: Phrases Hi How are you? What is your name? My name is _ Thank you. So Singaporeans would surely appreciate your effort to speak to them in the language they are used to. You’re welcome Good morning Good afternoon Good evening Excuse me Where is the restroom? Can you help me? How much is this? I am lost Pleased to meet you Yes No Say it in Mandarin Ni Hao Ma Ni Hao Ni Jiao Shenme Mingzi Wo xing __ Xiexie Bu Keqi Zaoshanghao Wuan Wanshanghao Qingwen Cesuo Zai Nali? Ni ken bang zhu wo ma? Zhege duoshao Gian? Wo mi lu le Hen gaoxing renshi ni Shide Bushi Say it in Malay Hi Apa Khabar? Apakah Nama Anda? Nama Saya __ Terima Kasih Berbanyak Sama-Sama Selamat Pagi Selamat Petang Selamat Petang Maafkan Saya Di manakah Bilik mandi Bolehkah Anda Membantu Saya? Apakah Harga Barang Ini? Saya Tersesat Gembira Mengenali Anda Ya Tidak Say it in Tamil Alo! Eppati irukkinga? Unga péranna? En péru __ Romba Nandri Paravaa illa Kaalai Vanakkam Kaalai vanakkam Maalai Vanakkam Mannikanum Marundukadai Engéa? Enakku udhavi seivienkala? Idhu evvalavu? Enakku vazhi theriyala Ungalai santhithathil magizhchi Aama Illay .

3977. Philippines Telephone: +63 (2) 856 9922 (General Lines) +63 (2) 856 9922 Ext 110 (Consular Services) +63 (2) 856 9922 Ext 113 (Visa Services) Fax: +63 (2) 856 9932 E-Mail: singemb_mnl@sgmfa.5:00pm Closed on Sat and Sun. . Metro Manila.9544 Email: Open from Sunday to Thursday: 9am-12:30pm & 1:30-5:00pm Website: http://www. Philippine public holidays and Singapore's National Day (9 August).sg/ Embassy of the Republic of Singapore (Philippines) Address: No. 505. 1634 Taguig City. Fax: Operational Hours: Monday to Friday: 8:30am . Rizal Bonifacio Global Singapore 258395 Trunk line: +65.25 | G U I D E T O W O R K I N G I N S I N G A P O R E X: OFW Directory Philippine Embassy in Singapore Address: 20 Nassim Road.

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