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firm ware

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Published by Michael Russell

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Published by: Michael Russell on Jan 22, 2013
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This folder contains AVR Firmware for BlackcatUSB. ----------------------------------------------BCUSB.1.07.

NAND: Allows NAND programming over a SPI bus. BCUSB.1.09.SPI: Allows programming of high-density SPI flash devices. BCUSB.7.01.EJTAG_16K: Allows programming of CFI devices over JTAG using DMA mode . BCUSB.7.01.EJTAG_32K: Allows programming of CFI devices over JTAG using DMA or P rAcc mode. ----------------------------------------------From now on you will notice there will be variants of the AVR firmwares. 16KB means versions that will work on all PCB 1.2 to PCB 1.7 boards. PCB1.7 and newer are all shipped with 32KB flash and are able to contain more code and have more ram. However, because of the size restrictions, the 16K versions will contain LESS fe atures. All new JTAG features being added (such as hardware SST flash support), will onl y be available on 32KB versions. We do apoligize, but there is just not enough memory space in the older BlackcatUSB to accommodate the new code required.

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