Atlanta Divorce Lawyer Russell H.

Hippe Wins Paternity Trial Against NFL Player James Davis In re: Giusseppe Mendez v. James Andrew Davis, 10-CV-2184-10 Atlanta, GA - Superior Court of Dekalb County. Russell H. Hippe, representing t he Petitioner Ms. Mendez in this case, secured a final paternity and support ord er against Mr. Davis, an NFL player who has played with the Cleveland Browns and Washington Redskins. The case involved a petition to establish paternity and support for an infant ch ild. Mr. Hippe had this to say about the case: My client was a student who was struggling with the expenses of her baby. She just wanted to be fair. It was u nfortunate that I had to take Mr. Davis to court and put him on trial to get bas ic support but that is what it took. The case went on for over a year, and ttlement out of court. Russell Hippe dge to get anything from him, whether say is I hope he will pay his support does my client. he never offered any kind of reasonable se stated: I had to put him in front of the ju on a temporary or final basis. All I can and be involved in the child s life, and so

Contact information for Russell H. Hippe: Law Offices of Russell H. Hippe, III | Divorce & Trial Lawyer 91 W WIEUCA RD NE STE A4000 Atlanta, GA 30342 (404) 857-0456 Attorney, Hippe, trial, Paternity Trial

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