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98. 117. 104. 90. 99. 101. 92. 96. 89. 112. 97. 108. 94. 88. 86. 95. 107. 109. 106. 102.Index Organization 85. 116. 87. 118. Myanmar Shwe Than Lwin Home for the Aged Social Actors Form Social Care Volunteer Group Social Development Initiative Social Vision Services Association Spectrum (Sustainable Development Knowledge Network) Substance Abuse Research Association Sunshine Youth Group Swanyee Development Foundation Swe Tha Ha Social Service The National Young Women’s Christian Associations of Myanmar Thingaha Organization Thonehtat Parahita Monastic Education School Top Youth White Brothers WhiteBrothers Wisdom Banner Yadana Beikman Parahita and Monastic Education School Yadanapon Yeik Nyein Monastic School Yangon Young Woman’s Christian Association Myanmar Yinthway Foundation Zewaka Foundation Page 96 97 98 99 100 101-102 103 104 105 106 107 108 109 110 111 112-113 114 115 116 117 118 119 120 121 122 123 124 125 126 127 128 129 130 131 . 111. 115. 110. 113. 93. Pyi Gyi Khin Pyinnya Beikman Education Service Radanar Ayar Rural Development Association Ranmarwaddy Rural Development Services Rakhine Coastal Region Conservation Association Ratana Metta Organization Ratna Mahal Education Care Group Renewable Energy Association Myanmar Rural Development Services Sandi Development Organization Share MERCY Shin Thar Ma Ne Dhamma Beikman Thar Tha Na Wun Saung Association Shwe Minn Thar Foundation. 100. 103. 114. 91. 105.

Sewing vocational trainings for women living with HIV b. Khayepin Yeik Mon 1st Avenue. Mingalardon Township. Main Goal (1) To empower the women by providing the skills and trainings (2) To increase the women earning income level by providing job opportunities (3) To promote the capacities of the women and youth through trainings Main Activities a. Microfinance program for women living with HIV d.Action for Public (AFP) No. Daw Thida Htay (Income generation) Year of Establishment 2008 LOCAL NGO DIRECTORY 1 .21. Community Development and capacity building trainings for youths in Urban and rural areas Primary Beneficiaries Women living with HIV Women and youths from rural areas Name of Contact Person Daw May Doi Pan (Training Programs) Daw Aye Aye Maw. Khayepin Yeik Mon 7th street. Yangon Tel : 01 637167 Name of Leader Daw Kyi Pyar Chit Saw Background AFP has founded in 2008 to support the marginalized women and youths Vision/Mission AFP tries to promote the capacities of the disadvantaged youths and women from the backgrounds of poverty or lack of exposure. Income generation program for women living with HIV c.

org@gmail.To help the needy help themselves for extreme poverty eradication -To attend to the needs of the disadvantaged without favoritism -To foster a culture of life. Wireless Qr. the Catholic Archdiocese of Yangon.. of equality. In its efforts to expand the outreach to the minority highland residents. very few NGOs exist in Chin State. 95-9-49341080 (Director). Yet. com (Director) Year of Establishment 2009 2 LOCAL NGO DIRECTORY .org (Kalay Office) maungjohn@yahoo. 95-9-73007018 (Project Coordinator) Name of Leader U Maung John (Director) Background ABC is a Catholic humanitarian organization founded in 2009 under the patronage of His Grace Archbishop Charles Bo. Catholic Christian in origin. DD. Vision/Mission Light in the dark side of the society To aid the neediest in the least developed rural communities for impartial small-scale assistance for self-support program Main Goal . Pa La Ya 50 Household. of solidarity. of inclusion. Such disaster was a catalytic push for the mushrooming of local civil society organizations (LNGO) especially in delta. the highland region where Chin indigenous people live in extreme poverty. Chin State. and development of our people towards nation building Name of Contact Person Daw Phyo Wai Lwin (Project Coordinator) U Thuan Lian Bil (Project Officer) E-mail abcmm. SDB. minority rights. Tel : 95-1-636081 (Office).Agency for Basic Community Development [ABC] 28 (B). of dignity. of peace. ABC organization began to implement indigenous promotion project in 2009 in Falam. of justice. empowerment and transformation of our society in general and the self-sufficiency of the rural grassroots communities in particular. of harmony and of integrity -To promote the cause of social justice. Myanmar. lower Myanmar. Mingalar Township. Yangon. com (Head Office) mail@abcmm. ABC helps people of different faiths and social backgrounds without discrimination for the enlightenment. The conception of ABC dates back to the 2008 Cyclone Nargis.

95-9-49341080 (Director). Tel : 95-1-636081 (Office). Mingalar Township.Capacity building through Community Development and Civic Empowerment Training . Wireless Qr. LOCAL NGO DIRECTORY 3 .Jeepable car road construction for highland minority communities Primary Beneficiaries Christian in origin. Myanmar..Psychosocial support training for vulnerable children . Pa La Ya 50 Household. ABC supports the ethnic minority. 95-9-73007018 (Project Coordinator) Main Activities .WASH for grassroots communities . the vulnerable people and the neediest rural communities without discrimination towards self-sufficiency.Fundraising for the disadvantaged women .Promotion and protection of indigenous people . Yangon.Agency for Basic Community Development [ABC] 28 (B).

com htaywin64@gmail. Small Scal infrastrure and wash Geographical Coverage Now.Dr . Building D .All country agency for Rural Development No.Alone Township . Social . Yangon. Long van award .2009 with 15 member volunteer community leaders Vision/Mission To enhance Health. Htay Win (director) Background ACRD was established in 1. com Health .educa tion and economic of Rural community to be developed Main Goal To reduce 75% proverty in Rural community Main Activities Self help small infrastrure. Education .Dr . Htay Win (director) Address (Sub-offices) No 47. environmental protection and Health Primary Bene All community from Rural Sector Name of contact Person U Thi Min .11. Chin State. Myamar Email vanb1982@gmail.Chinstate 4 LOCAL NGO DIRECTORY . Pre 4 . Boho Matupi Township . MaTUPI .106. Myanmar Tel : 0949294081 Name of Leader U Thi Min .17 .

amarafoundation. the company served the tourists with the name of Myanmar-Bavarian travel and tour agency and Amara resort hotel.(6). Kyankhinsu Quarter. 09-8601132. Mingalardon Township. Yangon Tel : LOCAL NGO DIRECTORY 5 . To provide social support to the poor people. To provide education support to the people. Main Goal To take care health to the people. Min Naing E-mail amarahealthcare@ gmail. education and living conditions of the people in Myanmar. 09-49759020. Dr. Tayza road. Education sector and Social sector in delta area ( Ayeyarwaddy Division). the company established Amara Foundation and started social support such as Health sector. The company donated some incoming money to poor people and started social Website www. 09-73092036 Name of Leader Daw Kalayar Moe Background From 1997. Primary Beneficiaries The people who are poor and live in rural area Name of Contact Person Daw Thandar Win. 01-663347. After cyclone Nargis ( May 2.AMARA Foundation No.v are to provide sustainable and long-term development assistance with the aim of improving the health. 2008). Vision/Mission The principle of the Amara Foundation e.

to develop the capacity of the peers. Care giver service at Hospital Primary Beneficiaries WW and their families Name of Contact Person Daw Myo Myo Email Year of Establishment 2007 6 LOCAL NGO DIRECTORY . Condom distribution. Health Education. Ar Man Thit. Vision/Mission To promote the life of peers. SHG aims to help peers in care and support services. Lashio Township Tel : C/O 08223456 Name of Leader Daw Myo Myo Background Ar Man Thit SHG was established with 10 members in October 2007. Ward 10. to have a place for SHG Main Goal WW will stand their own and to promote the quality of life among WW Main Activities Home base Care. Counseling.Ar Man Thit( New Power) C/O Nya 4/18 KyauK Sein Street.

com Website Year of Establishment LOCAL NGO DIRECTORY 7 .Child development in Yangon. 0973015143 Name of Leader U Cin Khan Lian (Director) Name of Contact Person U Cin Khan Lian (Director) Background Provided Emergency Humanitarian assistance to Disaster proned area during Nargis in Yangon and Delta region. Primary Beneficiaries The most needy people in the target area Email aryoneooinfo@gmail. level 3. Yangon . Alone Township . Myanmar Tel : 95-1-218234 . After emergency period expanded activities to include livelihood recovery and Development works Main Goal Working together with the beneficiaries for their sustainable development Main Activities Livelihood recovery activities in Delta Area and Magwe Region. Lower Kyemyin daing Road . Food security activities in Chin State.Ar Yone Oo (AYO) No 142 / A. After emergency period expanded activities to include livelihood recovery and Development works Vision/Mission Provided Emergency Humanitarian assistance to Disaster proned area during Nargis in Yangon and Delta region.

Farming Activities for affected Area (Nargis) Primary Beneficiaries People of emergency affected area Name of Contact Person U Hpone Maw Swe Year of Establishment 8 LOCAL NGO DIRECTORY . Kitchen. Botahtaung Township. Railway Officer Avenue.95-9-5034576. WASH. Health Care. Education. Corner of Kanner Road & Thein Phyu Road. Houses. Hygiene Main Activities Emergency Food. Myanmar Tel : 95-9-5043895. Yangon .Ayae Mya Myitta ( AMMT) Room (7).95-1-200852 Name of Leader U Hpone Maw Swe Background Relife and recreation for affected Area Vision/Mission Respect each other / To promote goodenviroment in any sectors Main Goal To provide basic need E-mail hponemawswe@ gmail.

BadeiDha Moe CSO has commitment to strengthen local capacity. Yankin Tsp. or strengthening the capacity of youth and local organizations to influence development processes. We are emphasizing partnerships with local organizations and deemphasizing direct delivery of goods and Year of Establishment 2010 LOCAL NGO DIRECTORY 9 . Vision/Mission Promote gender equality & empower women. (Former Place of 'Window' Library) Tel : 95-973169981 Name of Leader Wai Wai Lwin Background BadeiDha Moe CSO was formed from the time of December.CSO@ gmail. the capacity of youth and local organizations to influence development processes Building up advocacy practices by means of local communities for their issues Main Goal To open spaces and open minds Main Activities Networking and leadership training CBO strengthening. ethnic groups. is one of BadeiDha Moe CSO's most important priorities. 2010 for networking and sharing among friends from INGOs (active young generation) through humanitarian library. aware citizenship and partnership for development Partnership and Networking with local organizations Strengthening civil society. migrants. dis able and landless worker Name of Contact Person Zaw Htet Aung Email BadeiDhaMoe. The focus of our work has evolved from providing direct services to working more through partners.BadeiDha Moe ..Civil Society Organization Pizzimaryone Monastery. We are sharing information also to other community-based and civil society organizations for more networking and awareness-raising. women. extensive sustainability. Strengthening civil society. urban. Yangon. capacity building and Livelihood Primary Beneficiaries Rural.

Kan Street. economic and spiritual sector by taking the role of facilitator. Main Objectives . Hlaing Myint Mo Housing. Myanmar. Yangon. BPG is committed to help people in difficult circumstances to fulfill their needs and solve their difficulties in social. 29/20.Provide Life skills training to youths with the technical support of United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) since 2008 . social actions and mental actions. Tin Htut (Consultant) Background BPG is a non profit organization born out of a dream to help the most vulnerables ection of the society move away from difficulties in social.Emergency response Main Goal To promote the more favorable options for the people in need of thegood counsel in health actions.economic and spiritualsector. 2009. Vision/Mission To create the better community that can improve the quality of life for the most vaulnerable and disadvantaged population in society. Primary beneficiaries Rural/Urban people Young people (Non gender discrimination) Out of school children DU/IDUs Orphan Women Name of Contact Person Sai Phong Kham (Coordinator) E-mail bpg. Hlaing Tsp. Lin Aung Swe (President) Dr.Beneficial Partner Group No. Win Naing (Vice President) Dr.Health education (HIV/AIDS. Tel : (+95) 9 5084598 Name of Leader Dr.Reproductive Health.myanmar@gmail. com 10 LOCAL NGO DIRECTORY .Provide non ]formal education to out of school children . Anti ] Narcotic and Hygiene promotion) . Est ablished as a self help group begin with eight members in 1st June. Kyaw Swa Oo (Secretary) Dr.

.Better and Undisruptive Delivery Support (BUD) 158 (D). BUD has observed the social and economic difficulties being faced by HIV infected and non?infected pregnant women and has committed to provide organized support to alleviate health problems and psychosocial stress of he affected women. Main Activities a. Background BUD was established in October 2007. International. Health Education (Mother and Child Health care) d. Ward (8). Hlaing Thar Yar Towhship.To alleviate suffering and social consequences of HIV infection through psycho?social support. Establish small?scale business/small income generation LOCAL NGO DIRECTORY 11 . Counseling c.. b. Main Objective a. Htee Hlaing Shin Housing. Provide assistant for safe delivery b. To reduce the medical risks for mother and the new born at the time of delivery. Create the peer network e.To alleviate economic consequences of HIV infection through income generation projects. BUD also provides economic assistance to HIV positive women and their households with low interest microfinance loans to estabish small?scale business. as well as for providing effective good health practices and to transfer clients to medical facilities.Todecrease the risk of transmission from mother to child of HIV and other sexually transmissible infetions. Vision/Mission We will strive for the prevention of mother?to?child transmission of HIV and for the safe delivery of the for effective counseling. BUD has put together and organized approach to provide assistance for safe delivery. Htee Hlaing Shin Lane (1). Its members are staff of a number of UN. d.sundeway@ gmail. Local organizations and professionals working in the private sector in Myanmar who are involved in providing maternal and chil healthcare assistance. Tel : 0950 78 454 Name of Leader Nay Myo Aung (Director) Name of Contact Person Nay Myo Aung (Director) Email budgroup@gmail .

Better and Undisruptive Delivery Support (BUD) 158 (D). Htee Hlaing Shin Lane (1). Pregnant women who cannot afford delivery in health care facility. HIV infected pregnant women b. Hlaing Thar Yar Towhship. HIV infected women and their children 12 LOCAL NGO DIRECTORY . c. Htee Hlaing Shin Housing. Ward (8). Tel : 0950 78 454 Primary beneficiaries a.

we aim to those who are vulnerable to reach to basic need and development and we aim people to be able to answer their own needs and problems and manage those by using their own resources. capacity and skills that could make people to make the right decision on the activities that impact on their lives and that can lead them to have Better Life. 09-6710150. Building 4 (A). About Better Life Better Life organization is Local non-governmental organizations in Myanmar. 09-73152017. Freedom from Servitude and Sustainability. Better Life’s primary concern is to resource and empowers people within their community so that they are able to actively engage in decision making on activities that clearly impact on their lives and to assist people to get more knowledge. Sectors Livelihood WASH Community Development Civil Society Development Emergency Response Name of Contact Person U Han Zar Maung Website http:// betterlifemyanmar.Better Life Organization (BLO) No.Mayangone Township. 3. 09-49348745. skills. 09-49348746 Name of Leader Daw Lay Thida (Director & Founder) U Han Zar Maung (Governance and Program Director & Founder) Our Values Self Esteem Freedom from Servitude Sustainability Our Mission By focusing on our three main values. Self Esteem. org LOCAL NGO DIRECTORY 13 . Second Floor. decision making and management to acquire a better life Our Vision: The world living with Better Life E-mail info@blomm. Pyan Hlwar Parami Road. Yangon Tel : 09-73034732.

Malaria and HIV/AIDS Eradication 14 LOCAL NGO DIRECTORY .Body Guard Foundation 175. Water Supply. Wai Bargi Myothit. Name of Contact Person Email mmchelscofield@ gmail. Life skill training and support for women livelihood. etc. Health. Transportation. Yangon Tel : 01 691 266 Name of Leader U Yaine Lone Main Activities Education. Pond Construction. 2 Block. Health care services for women and children. Nawarat Road. North Okkalarpa. Resource mobilization for monastic education school.

Sein Lei Yeik Thar.Restoration of old drinking water ponds and digging of new drinking water ponds and artesian wells Technical supply for water sanitation Provision of shelter for the poor households Primary Beneficiaries . Education . Health . Main Activities 1. Wash . New University Avenue Road. Bahan Township. Vision/Mission to help develop social and economic status of the national races residing in border and rural areas. Yangon Tel : LOCAL NGO DIRECTORY 15 .Provision of farming equipments and seeds Support for livestock breeding Training and supervision for income generating programmes 4.Bursary and scholarship for the poor pupils Vocational training for the children on the street EXCEL project for the out of school children 2. Main Goal to help advance capacity building and raise the standard of living of national races. 557538 Fax : 542349 Name of Leader U Maung Maung Soe Tint (Chairman) Background founded to contribute and participate in national and international programmes related to border and rural areas development and eradication of opium and other related drugs. Agriculture and income generating programmes .people who live in border and rural areas of Myanmar Name of Contact Person U Maung Maung Soe Tint (Chairman) Email bdamyanmar @gmail.Border Areas Development Association A 2.Medical trips to states and divisions Village health clinics 3.

No. In July Competent individuals and organizations are working together and contributing enthusiastically their capacity for the development of Myanmar. Tower B. net. CBI was reformed as Local NGO and has applied for registration. cbiinfo@ myanmar. 95 9 5408067 Name of Leader U Ngwe Thein Background After recognizing the needs for the development of human resources in Myanmar. Diamond Condo. Pyay Road. International NGOs which are working in the development sectors started Capacity Building activities for their staff. In January 2001. Mission CBI is a nationally recognized organization providing quality training. org Year of Establishment 16 LOCAL NGO DIRECTORY .cbiinmyanmar. Yangon Tel : 95 1 501379. facilitation and consultancy services to individuals and organizations working for the development of Myanmar Main Goal Main Activities Competent Trainings and Workshops for Capacity Building . 523675. com. Vision Email cbi@baganmail. Professional Consultancy Services. 497. Kamayut Proficient Facilitation Services Primary Beneficiaries staff and members from Non-Government Organizations and individuals who are interested in social works Name of Contact Person Ma Kay Khine Oo Website www. CBI was launched as a Project.Capacity Building Initiative (CBI) Room 201-202. Capacity Building Project.

3 floor.Through that Association.Center for Vocational Training/CVT 42. organizations and many individuals substantially support to CVT. Main Goal To train young people to become skillful junior professional Main Activities Center for Vocational Training / CVT is now opening for the following classes: LOCAL NGO DIRECTORY 17 Name of Contact Person Daw Yin Yin Aye Address (SubOffices) . train them (normally during a few weeks' mission once a year) throughout the first term of the profession concerned. Pin Lone Main Road. (CVT's workshop) Email cvtygn@ goldenland. Botataung Township Tel : 383 676.cvt-myanmar. Mayangone Township (E4Y) .mm Website www. Donors and supporters were founded the establishment of the VETA Myanmar and Swiss Supporter Association in 2002. Now in 2009. Myanmar. North Dagon Township. All those sponsors and donors come from Switzerland. (MRCS Building) Strand Road. its advantages and better prospects for the future. Kyike Wine Pagoda Road. 09 7310 4683 Name of Leader Daw Yin Yin Aye Background CVT Board for Vocational Educational &Training is officially registered in Switzerland as a Non Profit Making Organization and doing vocational education and social services. documents. To increase public awareness of the importance of vocational skill training in general and the interest in the dual apprenticeship model in particular. Specialists from Switzerland support and assist their Myanmar colleagues in the out-lining of the curricula and establishing of teaching documents and accompany.674. corporations. 09 4305 0926. specialists. org Year of Establishment . Vision/Mission To raise interest and knowledge about the dual form of vocational skill training and the ways of itsimplementation among the youngsters and the business/industrial community in CVT is pilot project of CVT Board and CVT Supporter Association seat in Switzerland and the Vocational Education project in Yangon. That has been running Center for Vocational Training / CVT School at the Myanmar Red Cross Head Office. The Swiss Supporter Association include private foundations. 09 7316 6206. Kyike Wine Boy's Center. 36 Quarter. VETA Myanmar is changed the name to CVT Board but the objectives are the same. VETA Myanmar/CVT Board receives a substantial backing in terms of curricula. institutions. financial assistance etc.

Hotel & Gastronomy Assistant 5. there are. 09 7316 6206. Electrician 3. 1. 09 4305 0926. Apprenticeship. Furniture Maker 4. It includes three parts and they are. (MRCS Building) Strand Road. Botataung Township Tel : 383 676. Metal Worker Primary Beneficiaries The entry-age 18 LOCAL NGO DIRECTORY . 09 7310 4683 (a) Vocational Orientation Program for 'Out-of-School' Youngsters (b)Dual Apprenticeship model (Combination of Theory & Practical).) (b) Practical Training Course (practical training conducted by CVT) (c) Theoretical Course (One day in a week at CVT) Currently the Vocational Basic Education & Training Program offers five different professions. In this Vocational Training Program.Center for Vocational Training/CVT 42. Vocational Basic Education & Training. Commercial Assistant 2. (a) Training company (A company sends a person to CVT as an apprentice. 3 floor.

Bandoola Condo (beside of east point Ocean shooping centre. diseases and conservation of environment. domestic and international entrepreneurs. 2005 LOCAL NGO DIRECTORY . and donor institutions in development programmes. leadership. (5) To co-operate with the government. Buidling Website www. 8th Floor. (3) To create education opportunities for non-formal school students and monastic school students. it aims to participate in the development of the Year of Establishment November. It also intends to team up with other youth charity groups across the country for Myanmar youths who are in lack of finance to learn advanced technologies. (4) To protect every status of people by protecting. during and after natural disasters and pandemics that prevent against human's growth.Charity Organization Management (COM) # 802. Millennium Development Goals (MDG). In 2007. Vision/Mission To contribute the social activities to the needy and wanting people regardless of any boundary. Yangon. standing itself to import the education on modern technologies. namely: (1) To develop children and youths and share knowledge to them by opening technically based charity courses across the country such as Pizimaryone Charity Computer centre in terms of cost-sharing base. Since 2005. Main Goal Charity-Oriented Myanmar is an unselfish non-profit-making organization laying down the following seven goals. prevention of natural hazards. 19 Name of Contact Person Nway Nway Tun (Assistant Program Coordinator) Win Shwe Yee Htet (Information and communication staff ) Email comcharity@gmail. (2) To create education opportunities for children and youth by opening learning centers for children and youths of any age. Tel : 09 430 29212 Name of Leader U Chan Nyein Aung (President. tp2011@ gmail. holding talk shows for local people and teaching basic to advanced subjects in states and divisions. CEO) Background Charity-Oriented Myanmar is an organization for community development established by locally-based youths. according to the UN's development programme. computer training and international languages from base to advanced level for every Myanmars. Pazundaung Township.comcharity. com. it applied for the establishment of association as an official non-political and profit organization to develop Myanmar like other global nations with domestic forces. teaching and helping them before.

Tamwe Township. Tel : 95-1-559332 (6) To work in cooperation with local people for developing qualified young leader generations for Myanmar.Charity Organization Management (COM) No.Conducting Fundamental Health knowledge Training Courses for prevention and treatment of First Aid to HIV/AIDS and human trafficking. Ayetharyar Street.Child All-round Education Development Programmes (Yangon. (the whole country) Primary Beneficiaries Needy and wanting people in Myanmar regardless of race. Manaung Quarter.Project for the development of education and living standard of the students from Monastic Education. age and gender. religious.250.Conducting Leadership and Awareness Training courses for national youths and personnel from ethnics and minority groups across the nation by means of Generation and leadership skill upgrading courses. Yangon) . Main Activities . 20 LOCAL NGO DIRECTORY . (Ayarwaddy Division) .Reconstructing the houses and schools destroyed by the natural disasters. Yangon) .Building the infrastructure for rural development. Myanmar. (Yangon Division) . Ayarwaddy Division and Mon State) . Tamwe Township. Pazundaung Township. Yangon.Establishing a library (Window Library.Conducting technologies and other vocational training courses for the skill development of youths. (7) To be transparent and equal nationwide between the relevant cooperative network and the stakeholders. (Pizimaryone Development Training Center. (Yangon Division and Mon State) . (Yangon and Ayarwaddy Division) .

Vision/Mission The purpose of the Community Development Association (CDA) is to utilize community capacities to implement basic community developmental interventions through effective involvement of existing support services and technical assistance.Community Association was formed with CDTT members on 2004 and able to officially register as local NGO in 2005.5.The CDTT has been re-formed as Community Development Association (CDA) in 2003 and the registration as local NGO in 2005.2003-2005. Pyi Thar Yar 10th Street. Kayin State.Ltd. Year of Establishment 1998 LOCAL NGO DIRECTORY .YawmingyiWard. (2) No. Khin Maung Win ( President/Program Coordinator) Email communitydevelop@ gmail. and to promote sustainable community capacity building. CDA has understanding to technical cooperative services with Latter-Day Saint Charities for implementing humanitarian assistance projects. Mandalay Division. Aung Nan.17-2. participation and contribution. has implemented many clean water supply projects for schools. Khin Maung Win ( President/Program Coordinator) Background On the beginning CDA was formed in 1998 as Community Development Technology team (CDTT) under HW International Co. 1st street.UN Agencies and INGOs.Yangon Tel : 01-393250 Name of the leader Dr.Pha-an Township. and to enhance capacity building and mobilize the community participation and contribution.Aung-Gayhar. CDTT was providing technical Address (Sub-offices) (1) No.1.Pyawbwel Township. with the supports of CCDAC and LDSC. including clean water supply and community health promotions Main Goal The purpose of the Community Development Association (CDA) is to implement community developmental elementary interventions with effective involvement of existing support services and technical assistance.has implementing humanitarian assistance projects. institutions and communities.CDA has with the supports of CCDAC and LDSC. U Okktama Street.Yakhine .Kyaukpyu Township. (3) No. CDA has signed MoU with Department of health and LatterDay Saint Charities on Vision and Neonatal Resuscition Trainings and Clean Water for Hospitals and Rural Health Centers.88. Nawadae Street..The CDA has a deep interest in participating in the arena of social mobilization 21 Name of the contact person (1) Dr. which was a self-financing non-profit consulting firm.Community Development Association No. The CDA has a deep interest in participating in the arena of social mobilization and community developmental work and has undertaken challenges in community development activities wherever and whenever demand and feasibility is favourable.Dagon and trainings to UN projects. mobilization. CDA.

drugs control.Health. harm reduction and HIV prevention.Dagon Township. Main Activities 1.YawmingyiWard. Nawadae Street.Livelihood Primary Beneficiaries Schools. community health promotions.17-2.Yangon Tel : 01-393250 and community development work and has undertaken challenges in community development activities wherever and whenever demand and feasibility is favorable including clean water supply.WASH 2. 3.Aung-Gayhar.Disable and 4.Community Development Association No. Institutions and Communities in need 22 LOCAL NGO DIRECTORY .

Consultancy Works(M&E. Diamond Condo. NGO staff and Year of Establishment LOCAL NGO DIRECTORY 23 .To encourage community members to learn the basic concepts of development and practice sustainable development activities. Staff capacity building). . 2nd FL. Yangon. Main Goal . CDEC will provide capacity building and enrich the existing knowledge and skills of CSOs.To build up capacity & skills necessary for the NGO staff and young generations who are interested in and eager to become development actors.To strengthen CDCE Alumni Network to narrow the gaps in the curious development sectors that they are currently engaged in. Kamaryut Tsp. Kaythi ( Program Director) Background Comprehensive Development Education Center (CDEC) has been opened an office in Myanmar for education and training services for youths and development actors who are interested in and have strong commitment for social change and community development. 0949 6484 25 Name of Chairman Ms. . It started with CDCE (Community Development and Civic Empowerment program) Alumni gathering and built up soft skill since the beginning of the year 2009 and officially opens the office since that time. Pyi Road. Learning and Sharing program. Youths and Development actors who are interested in and have strong commitment for social change and community development Name of Contact Person Ms. Main Activities Capacity Building trainings.Comprehensive Development Education Centre (CDEC) Room (206). in order to facilitate community empowerment and participation in community development and nation building. Facilitating CDCE Alumni Network and Supporting CDCE recruitment Primary Beneficiaries CDCE alumni.centre@ gmail. Tower (B). Kaythi ( Program Director) Aung Myo Min (Admin & outreach Officer) E-mail cdec. Vision/Mission Community groups are able to carry out their social and economic devel opment activities with self-reliance and sustainability. Myanmar (+951) 253930 ~ 37 Ext: 3206. Action researches.

Vision/Mission Creation of Self-Employment and Sustainable Development in rural regions. Hnaring village Than Tlang township. Kant Kaw Condo. Tel : 01-386565 Name of Leader Joseph Kung Za Hmung (Founder & Director) Name of Contact Person Joseph Kung Za Hmung (Founder & Director) E-mail josephwin@ gmail. Chin state. Chin Address (Sub-offices1) CAD Sub-office.Yangon. . Zeithit Quarter. Bo Ya Nyunt Road. Severe dysentery and food shortages were happened in our region.Country Agency For Rural Development Tower(A).To enhance rural transport and communication system Primary Beneficiaries Rural Communities . Myanmar.To promote food security of rural farmers with modern agricultural technology . Main Goal To Enhance Sustainable Development of with Holistic Approach Programs.To enhance human resource development of rural people .To improve the health status of rural people in remote areas . Dagon Township.To build community based organizations for sustainable development projects . Its inception is propelled by the occurrence of catastrophes from 1987 to 2002 in Lautu region (one of 5 big ethnics in Thantlang Township) where no UN agency or non-governmental organization has any development programs.To support capacity building of rural people . Main Activities . Matupi Road. 75 people died of dysentery in Hnaring village in 1987.To enhance agricultural products in rural farmers' communities . Telephone 070-21734 Year of Establishment 24 LOCAL NGO DIRECTORY Background CAD (Country Agency for Rural Development) is a local non-governmental organization. Hakha. Telephone 3332312-15 Address (Sub-offices2) cad.yangon@ gmail. 210. Room(6/F-D)..To enhance income opportunities for rural people .

. Main Activities . 1st floor(right).Yangon Tel : 01-392642 Name of Leader U Nyan Lin Background DEAR Myanmar was merely a social welfare organizations performed awareness training of natural farming system. -To reduce production cost and increase better income.Formed farmer groups and provide training of systematic farm practices such as soil management. .To provide capacity building in systematic crop production and natural farming system.Seed production and natural inputs supporting to conduct demonstration farm. systematic farm practices.DEAR Myanmar No 363.Conduct good agriculture practices (GAP) training and awareness for the fruit and vegetables producers and farmers. seed selection. . health and environmental hazard caused by excessive usage of agrochemicals Vision/Mission DEAR Myanmar has eager intention to carry out wide range of environmental friendly agriculture developments and provides humanitarian services especially for the vulnerable people inhabiting in the rural areas Main Goal . -To conduct GAP measures to enhance food security and safety crop production at Year of Establishment .Provision of livestock breeding system with animal health care and bio security method. Bo Aung Kyaw Street.Awareness training of environmental friendly agriculture to the famers. Primary Beneficiaries Rural people and farmers LOCAL NGO DIRECTORY 25 Name of Contact Person U Nyan Lin Email myanmarorganic@ gmail. -To promote and uplift the life and income of rural people by implementing development activities in the fields of basic needs and build-up sustainable agriculture. -To protect environmental deterioration and all forms of pollution. . pest and weed control and post harvest management for different crops. water management. Kyauktada Township.

Insein . 3) Awareness rising on the new approach to disability. .Disable sport program. . Occupational Therapy. (Managing Director / Secretary) Background The organization was established by U Hta Oke Vision/Mission To provide a better environment where physically and intellectually disabled children can experience love.Computer class to reinforce the lesson learn.O). . .org Year of Establishment April 2000 26 LOCAL NGO DIRECTORY .disabled peer. and intellectually disabled children 2) To help disabled children enjoy their Rights and Equal Opportunities as their non.Inclusive Education (I. . 4) To collaborate/ co.Disabled related Resource Centre Primary Beneficiaries 1. 5) To play as a resource centre in disability related field. Physically and Intellectually disabled children under 18 years. . .Outreach Program.Physical rehabilitation exercises such as Physiotherapy. Disabled people and. Hydro. Name of Contact Person Daw Lilian Gyi (Director) Email ehscygn@ mptmail. Phawkan . 2. The centre Mission Statement is to value.Yangon.Disabled Awareness Training. Main Activities .net. respect and accept disabled people especially children and support them to live with dignity and enjoy equal opportunities. .Counseling Services for disabled people and/ or their family . . Main Goal 1) To provide quality care services for physically.E).mm Website http: // www.Transportation services.Community Based Rehabilitation (CBR) Program. edencentre. .Care giver training to the care giver. . development policy and agenda.Special Education Services.Dietary supplements. 3.operate with GO as well as NGOs in promoting the quality of life of disabled people in Myanmar. family members. Tel : 95-1-640 399 Name of Leader U Hta Oke (Tha Uke). . The people who deal with disabled people and the public in general. Wa Oo 4th Street. (Aungsan P.“Social Model of Disability” and advocates disability issues in mainstream . quality care services and compassion so that they can feel and see positive side of life.Eden Centre For Disabled Children (ECDC) Formerly “Eden Handicap Service Centre (EHSC)” 56.therapy.Early Intervention Program. etc.

(98). Haling Township Yangon Division. 09 730 1 7732 Name of Leader Dr. Vision/ Mission A greener and cleaner environment is reserved for happy living of future generation EKTA will be a leading environmental organization in the region which is distributing the knowledge of environmental technologies and their applications. desalination of Seawater and Nipa Palm Plantation Primary Beneficiaries Disaster effected people. EKTA will co-operate with concerned organizations and communities for the better environment EKTA will stand in an advocacy role to encourage policy makers in developing environmental laws and enforcement in the region.myanmar @gmail. (2) Quarter. kyawnyeinaye @gmail. reduce remediation. destroying water and sanitation development. Main Goal To reduce water pollution and environmental pollution Main Activities Water and environmental conservation. village community Name of Contact Person Daw Shwe Shwe Sein Latt. Kyaw Nyein Aye E-mail ekta.Envir-Klean Technologist' Associates No. Apart from this catastrophic disaster. Thiri (4) Street. mishwelatt @gmail. water and sanitation development. Envir-Klean Technologist' Associates (EKTA) was found to solve these problem and introduce and apply the EM (Effective Microorganism) Technology for Bioremediation in the disaster Year of Establishment May 2008 LOCAL NGO DIRECTORY 27 . Then EKTA conducted pond rehabilitation. Tel : 09 503 8655. causing many deaths. desalination of Seawater and Nipa Palm Plantation for related production in Mangrove Area of Ayeyarwaddy Region. Dr. and disturbing economic activities and social conditions. Cyclone Nargis struck the coast of Myanmar and moved inland across the Ayeyarwaddy Delta and Southern Yangon Division. the cyclone left the Delta with losses of natural habitats and environmental pollution. A (2). Kyaw Nyein Aye Background On 2 and 3 May 2008. pond rehabilitation.

D candidates in environmental science Primary Beneficiaries Rural Community 28 LOCAL NGO DIRECTORY .Sc . Yangon.Rural community development .Disaster preparedness and rehabilitation . Tel : 01-243827 Name of Leader U Sein Maung Wint Background FREDA was founded in January 1996.Forest Conservation and mangrove reforestation .Human resource development of M. 288-290.Promotion of Sustainable landuse cooperation in sustainable forest management .com Year of Establishment January 1996 Vision/Mission To promote participation and partnership in forest resource and environment development. Dagon Township .Forest Resource Environment Development and Conservation Suite (707) .Disaster Risk Reduction .Forest and natural environment development and conservation .Human resource development in forestry and environment Science Main Activities: .village lighting . Main Goal: . MWEA Tower. Myanmar. by a groups of forestry professionals Name f Contact Person U Sit Bo (General Secretary Email fredamyanmar@ gmail.Wildlife protection . Shwedagon Pagoda Road. Ph.

dev@gmail. youth and women empowerment trainings.Forever (Humanitarian & Development Projects) 142. fight against the poverty and make a peaceful and greener world. com Year of Establishment 2010 LOCAL NGO DIRECTORY 29 .Together. South Okkalapa. Parami scholarships for outstanding students .help groups creation .organising vocational trainings for young adolescents . Yangon Tel : 570 189. Youth & Women Name of Contact Person Khin Hnit Thit Oo Email forever. 09 430 52916 Name of Leader Su Su Zaw & Khin Hnit Thit Oo Background: . income generation activities.running Amay Let Yar restaurant as an income generation source.granting micro-credit loans to needy families for in come generation activities .giving assistance in self . Forever is currently implementing a 'Street Children Integration Project' which intends to propose livelihood strategies to street children by providing them with vocational trainings Vision/Mission .distributing fruit trees and awareness raising posters (on home gardening & recycling) . Main Objective To uplift the living standard of the communities through the small scale development projects Main Activities: .Forever was created in 2010 by a group of volunteers (alumni of the French Institute of Myanmar) to raise the voice of needy ones and to implement small scale development projects through the creation of self-help groups. build up the capacity. a vocational training centre and a shelter for the benefit of street children Primary Beneficiaries Children.

Myangone total. Main Goal To prepare older children in order to be reintegrated successfully in to the society after 18 years of age Main Activities Child Care Primary Beneficiaries Parentless Children Name of Contact Person c/o Daw Nu Nu Win .With the support of Yadana Year of Establishment 30 LOCAL NGO DIRECTORY . 095083870 Name of Leader U AUNG THAN ( Chairman ) Background Yadana Foster Home accommodates the maximum of 90 orphans ranging from months' old to 18 years of age together with staff. 609113 . Yadana Foster was established in 2002. Vision/Mission To provide tender and loving care to all the children of Yadana Foster Home in order to get physical mental and social well-being and to develop fully in all aspects. PTTEP and MOGE. U Chan Thar Aung Email daw. Total E&P Myanmar. Tel : 660466 . in collaboration with other interested donors and contributors as well as concerned Departments. 650978.Yangon. Unocal. Sacred Tooth Relic Lake Avenue Punn Pin Gone Quarte No 5.Foster Family Association No(5).

elderly persons 7. regardless of race.To give free health care services and medical aid to needy patients .Chairman and Chief Executive Officer) Background January 2001.Beneficial and effective use of charitable contributions donors worldwide Main Activities (A) Free funeral Services Society (Yangon) 1.To offer free funeral services on request. religion and wealth . Specially prepared hearse with a glass coffin is provided especially for corpses aged under five Name of Contact Person U Kyaw Thu (Acadamy Award Winning Director and Actor. cash and kind with great humility and effective means using the charitable contributions of sympathetic and goodwill donors to persons/ (public at large) in need. North Dagon. Incurring the expenses of Cold storage for two days in the mortuary 4.Helping to ease the suffering and difficulties of destitute people in mass catastrophic siturations Main Goal . in any difficult and unusual situations.To give a helping hand in the development of socio-economic status at grass-root level . Offering the specially decorated and gilded hearses from Japan for the monks. above eighty years and to prominent or well-known persons 8. Transportation of body to mortuary from house or hospital 3.Free Funeral Services Society (Yangon) 13 (A) Bohmu Ba Htoo Street. 95-1-580 133 Name of Leader RU Kyaw Thu (Acadamy Award Winning Director and Actor. Cremation on the same day of demise 2. 48 Ward. Paid the cremation expenses on the third day 5. Offering the use of Aluminum or Glass coffins on request 6. regardless of race or religion Mission . Myanmar Tel : 95-01-581 363. Yangon. Under the guidance of Saya U Thu Kha Vision Offering to help with services.Chairman and Chief Executive Officer) Email ffssyangon@gmail. com Year of Establishment January 2001 LOCAL NGO DIRECTORY 31 .

in the name of Thukha clinic is established where out patients can be treated free of charge. Dermatology. 95-1-580 133 (B) Medical Aid Programs 1. Thungangyun Hospitals. Ophthalmology and physicians for other general ailments 3. Medical Aid in terms of partial expenses for emergency operations to needy or impoverished patients at the six general hospitals. surgeons and physicians in such fields as Pediatrics. Yangon. Incurring the cost of operation for eye surgery to more than 100 patients monthly 4.(in North and South Okalapa Hospital. Hiring of medical related equipments to out-patients free of charge Primary Beneficiaries "Bereaved family members and any impoverished persons needinghealth care' 32 LOCAL NGO DIRECTORY .Free Funeral Services Society (Yangon) 13 (A) Bohmu Ba Htoo Street. A dispensary and health care service with a laboratory to help with the diagnostics. Insein Hospital. North Dagon. Physiotherapy. Myanmar Tel : 95-01-581 363. 48 Ward. Obstetrics and Gynaecology. by the specialists. Orthopedic Surgery. East and West Yangon Hospitals) 2. Recruiting and linking the voluntary blood donors with persons needing blood transfusions 5.

Thuntone New Quarter . 2011 with friends who are interested in giving volunteer services in Education Vision/Mission Toward Main Goal To promote educated citizens and to create job opportunities within local area Main Activities To eliminate uneducated people within local area Primary Beneficiaries children & youths Name of Contact Person U Phone Myint Zaw Email phyominminthein. Mandalay city. pmt @gmail. Mandalay Division Tel : 0949278694 Name of Leader U Phone Myint Zaw Background established in January .Generosity' youths group Corner of 54 street and Myat Lay street .com Year of Establishment 2011 LOCAL NGO DIRECTORY 33 . Chan Mya Thar Si Ward .

Global Green Group
159(A), Shwedagon Pagoda Road , Dagon Post Office, Yangon, Myanmar. Tel : 95-1-374 714(Res) , 95-1-245 0211(mobile)
Name of Leader Daw Khin Swe Oo (patron) Background LNGO Vision/Mission Global Green Group is a Non-profit sharing Organization formed by a group of of volunteers. The aim and object is to promote social welfare with regard to education , health and harmonize environment protection Main Goal Strengthening the capability of creating public awareness on enviroment needs among the people Main Activities Publishing the Aung Pin Lae enviroment Magazine Primary Beneficiaries Both Public and private sectors

Name of Contact Person Daw Khin Swe Oo (patron)

Email 3g.globalgreen@

Year of Establishment



GOLD Myanmar
Nga/1098. Waziyar (8) St, North Okkalar Township, Yangon. Tel : 0973045940
Name of Leader Ma Kyi Kyi Hlaing Background GOLD Myanmar is a local NGO organized by those who are eagerly interested in implementation of community development works. It establishes to implement poverty reduction and community development activities. Vision/Mission To reduce poverty by providing livelhood opportunities, creating incoome generation, and empowering women by providing mental health, developing knowledge and skills'. Main Goal - To participate in community development activities particularly for those in need - To promote women empowerment and provide livelihood opportunities - To coordinate and cooperate with some other organizations for community interests. Main Activities - Capacity building traning , Health traning and WASH sector activities for Myaebon Township - Micro finance activity for urban poor women - Health care services by providing free mobile clinic activities in Yangon Division - Vocational trainings for women - Coordination with women working group, Myanmar NGO Network Environmental Workning Group (MEG) and Non Formal Education Working Group under Myanmar NGO Network - Cooperation with other parther organiztion : NFE Working Group, MEG Working Group, Yatana Mahal, MAA, MIDA, CDEC,BDA,RCA, Dear Myanmar, EKTA, MEET, RDS,I-32, YIDIN, AFP,CFN,FSWG Primary Beneficiaries

Name of Contact Person Ma Kyi Kyi Hlaing

Email mmgold.kk@gmail. com

Year of Establishment



Golden Eagle Action for Rural Development(GEAR)
No.445,7/10,Taw Win Street, Shwe Pyi Thar Township.Yangon. Myanmar Tel : 95-1-610698
Name of Leader Cho Naing OM Ki Background GEAR was interestingly set-up on7 July 2008 by enginner, agricuful technicarns electric techvicians, enviroment conservation techicians and representatives from thirty village in mindat. Our region is frontier area so that local people are poor.And then the transporation and communication are also not good it is the difficulty of native of a country. According to that meeting, bublic and Gear will lead enviroment conservation, make work plan and project , social upgrading and rural development ect; Vision / Mission To become,high living standard and rich the frontiers area people form poverty. - Bulding small Hydro electric power - Enviromental conservation - Building economical plantion gerden - Helping Jeep and moto cycile road Main Goal Building inter grated development and the ever green forest in remote area. Main Activities - To manage small water electricity and to implement - To share the necessary of the ferest - To make water electricity of repair and maintencance of water electricity traning - To organize women group - To take care of the widow and orphans - To share about developmentto the local people - To test wheat,paddy and other plants in that region. Primary Beneficianes - Helping student education and depletion of forest by making small water electricity. - Transpotation will be good by making jeep and motor cycle road. - The local people will be known the cost of the forest and mantaince forest by enviroment conservation work shop. - The local people will own economical garden by planting .

Name of Contact person Cho Naing OM Ki

E-mail gear.myanmar@ , cho.aungkyi@gmail. com



Tel : 09-5019309. we will meet the sustainable development (1) Enhance the capacity in the assistance of livelihood (2) Enhance the encouragement of the children to go to school with the help of their parents and elders (3) Enhance the income generation of the poor (4) Enhance the right to cultivate with their own interest of the farmers (5) Enhance the life of women who are the members of low income families (6) Enhance the knowledge to preserve the environment in the rural and urban areas Main Goal (1) To assist the poor with systematic management (2) To help the affected people in disaster (3) To contribute the basic health assistance in rural area (4) To assist the basic education in rural area (5) To assist the livelihood of low income people Main Activities Primary Beneficiaries Name of Contact Person U Tun Tun Oo E-mail gdagoldenland@ Year of Establishment 2008 LOCAL NGO DIRECTORY 37 .Goldenland Development Agency No(1173). North Okkalapa Tsp. Yangon. Vision/ Mission By enhancing the empowerment of the poor. 2nd Thudamar Street. No(2) Ward. 09-8613138 Name of Leader U Tun Tun Oo Background Colleagues who interested in contributing their energy for the emergency situation met and decided to found systematic nonprofit organization after the Tsunami and Nargis disasters.

For the homeless orphans to acquire an education and be able to stand on their own feet . Primary Beneficiaries Orphans.Schooling for the children .mm amarmyatt@gmail. She started with 5 orphans and then with the support of donors and contributors. com Year of Establishment 38 LOCAL NGO DIRECTORY .Promoting the livelihood and health of the children. Administrator/ Incharge/Founder) Daw Ciecilia Po Ke‘ (President of Management Group) Email graceamar@mptmail.To demonstrate that orphans can become valuable young people if they are provided support and are cultivated . was able to establish Grace Home.children who have been abandoned by their parents and relatives. Administrator/ Incharge/Founder) Daw Ciecilia Po Ke‘ (President of Management Group) Background The executive administrator & Founder Daw Amarylla Myatt sympathized with the homeless orphans and wanted to show them love and cultivate them. U Po Khin Street. homeless children.To teach orphans who have lost their parents and are homeless. a sense of religion. 12. have sympathy for other people and acquire self-confidence and strength . Myanmar Tel : 01 220 472 Name of Leader Daw Amarylla Myatt ( skills to deal with other people and a good spirit Main Activities .To accept and help children in need without discrimination Main Goal . art. Yangon. and children rejected by society Name of Contact Person Daw Amarylla Myatt (Sr.children who are outcasts from society and children who have been through struggling and never received schooling . Kayin Amyothar Ward.To transform those children into valuable sons and daughters of the country by teaching them to have good morals.To teach them handicraft skills. net. Kyeemyintaing Township. abandoned children.Vocational training at the Home or at a school . sculpture and other professional skills so that learn to help one another.Grace Home (Orphanage) (Home for The Needy Children) No. so she started sending them to school and then found employment for them. Vision/Mission .

6D .No 60 . com . Kantgaw Housing . BoYarNyunt Street.Green Nature Group Building B .wincho1020@ gmail. Giving Train Primary Beneficiaries Local Public Name of Contact Person U Win Cho Email Year of Establishment 2008 LOCAL NGO DIRECTORY 39 . YawMinn Tel : 098033554 Name of Leader U Win Cho Background Started in 2008 May after Nargis cyclone Vision/Mission To save the Earth Main Goal To protect Environment Main Activities Distribution Pamphlets.

No. Tel : 95-1-547 405 Name of Leader Sayadaw Baddanta Kavinda (Principal) Background First established by Sayadaw Baddanta Kavinda in 1993 as primary school with 3 teachers and 30 students (Paloungs. transferred to high schools and given Job opportunities .Hman Kinn Monastic Education School Hman Kinn Pariyatti Education Monastery. 7 Monastic Education School. street children. impoverished children . and shelter.given food.given an opportunity to learn Buddhist doctrine Primary Beneficiaries Orphans. educated. impoverished children and people connected those children 40 LOCAL NGO DIRECTORY . Myanmar. Yangon. Thaketa Township.10-South (11) Ward. Shan State).To prevent conversions to other religions and their spreading .To provide care and protection as well as education to orphans.To help them in finding appropiated jobs Main Activities More than 300 students are .Perpetuation and propagation of Buddhism . clothes.To have educational opportunities for orphans and poor children Name of Contact Person Sayadaw Baddanta Kavinda (Vice Principal) Year of Establishment 1993 Main Goal . Then in 1996 with support from the Government it was upgraded to middle school Vision/Mission .

Lane-3 (south) . Maha Thukita Road. com Year of Establishment 2003 LOCAL NGO DIRECTORY 41 . Women protection. Insein Tel : 098578285 Name of Leader Susanna Hla Hla Soe Background Forming with women leaders volunteer group in 2003 Vision/Mission For the brighter future for women and children Main Goal: . Women learning centers.To promote women leadership & Empowerment Main Activities: 1. Child protection Primary Beneficiaries Women & Children Name of Contact Person Nant Thanda Aung Email kwag2003@gmail. RH .Karen Women's Action Group 410. East GyoGone.

11111. Louis Soe Lwin ( Director ) Email kmss.M 292 (A). Karuna Myanmar Social Services serves by promoting wholistic human Year of Establishment 2001 42 LOCAL NGO DIRECTORY . creed or colour.Yangon. the homeless and sick persons without ties and the rich without discrimination of class. was established in 2001 and mandated by the Catholic Bishops' Conference of Myanmar ( CBCM ).C. a faith-based social organization. To serve the needy by motivating and empowering them towards quality and dignity of life based on the Catholic Social Teachings of the Church.caritasmm@ gmail. self-reliant. Tel : ( 95 ) 01-705839 Name of Leader Bishop Raymond Sumlut Gam ( Chairman ) Background Karuna Myanmar Social services.Karuna Myanmar Social Services ( KMSS ) Karuna Myanmar Social Services ( KMSS )Catholic Bishops Conference of Myanmar ( C. Vision/ Mission Our people transformed into mature. and provision of welfare and relief services to the needy. Small Enterprise Development and Microfinance Program Child protection Program Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) Awareness Program Primary Beneficiaries The needy of different ethnics and religions from (16) Dioceses in Myanmar. Sanchaung P.B. Name of Contact Person Rev. Pyay Road. Scholarship Program Agriculture. Myanmar. the realization of justice & peace. Fr. as part of the Myanmar Catholic Social Services. Main Activities Health Care & HIV/AIDS Awareness Training Program and Water & Sanitation Program Eearly Childhood Care & Development Program. wholistically developed local communities in solidarity with the church. Main Goal To help the poor and needy.

com Website www. and working together in Church planting. Greeta Din (General Secretary) Background Kayin Baptist Churches are established in middle of 19th century and these churches united to form Associations for fellowship and cooperation.kbc1913. Main Goal Kayin Baptist Convention is the cooperating body organized with all the Kayin Baptist Churches in Myanmar. Main Activities Religious and Social activities Primary Beneficiaries Members of all the Kayin Baptist churches and associate community members of 20 Associations in Myanmar. Greeta Din (General Secretary) Email greetadin@gmail. Yangon Tel : 01-214899. Vision/Mission The vision of the Kayin Baptist Convention is to organize all the Kayin Baptist Churches in Myanmar for coordination and cooperation in holistic mission. holistic development of the church leaders and church Year of Establishment 1994 LOCAL NGO DIRECTORY 43 . fellowship and meeting. Name of Contact Person Rev. Bogyoke Road. training publishing of literature and cooperation with churches and organizations.Kayin Baptist Convention (KBC) 396. inside and outside the country. 09 507 2086 Name of Leader Rev. 01-229647. both spiritually and physically which will lead to the fullness of life with dignity through worship. Lanmadaw. The KBC is committed to strive for the oneness of the Kayin Baptist Churches. In 1913 ten Associations jointly formed Kayin Baptist Convention as a national level organization. KBC is affiliated to Myanmar Baptist Convention (MBC) and Myanmar Council of Churches (MCC).

Through these approaches. Email sonnydoh@gmail. organizations and communities of various ethnic groups.16 module one year self study course on Community Management at 14 centres nationwide . Monitoring and Planning Forums . Saw Matthew Aye (Director) Name of Contact Person Rev. com Year of Establishment 2004 44 LOCAL NGO DIRECTORY .Civic Education .Rice banks . KDN aims to contribute to the development of dedicated. confident civil society organizations that are able to explore and promote effective analysis. KBC-DYW building 396. to identify and address the priority needs in their communities and to build relationships and networks across communities. Lanmadaw. To help realize these opportunities we support local people to increase their skills and knowledge.KDN 1st Floor.Needs Assessment and Planning Workshops .Community Writer's Workshops . Vision/Mission KDN believes in the fundamental capacity of people of all ethnicities to find positive solutions. Main Activities Main Activities . to manage their own development and determine their own future. KDN has grown and currently supports initiatives in 11 States and Divisions across Myanmar with individuals.Nurse Aid trainings . Bogyoke Aung San Rd.Primary Education Support for children . Yangon Tel : 95-1-211183 Name of Leader Rev.Evaluation. including those of different ethnicity. policies and strategies to achieve equal rights and opportunities for people of all ethnic nationalities throughout Myanmar. Since then.Women's Savings and Loans . Saw Matthew Aye (Director) Background KDN was established in 2004 as a fellowship of Kayin faith based (Christian and Buddhist) social service and development organizations.Fellowship Programmes.CM alumni projects and TOT trainings . through extending our networks and partnerships.

Lanthit Foundation No(460). Main Goal Main Activities Primary Beneficiaries The people of Myanmar with indifference between sex. Awareness and inclusion of DRR activities in all aspects will lead to sustainable development. By providing the software infrastructure and hardware infrastructure in health and education. Smoothening market accesses and finding markets will raise the opportunities for vulnerable community. 1. Yangon Tel : 09-5041459 Name of Leader U Kan Aung Name of Contact Person U Kan Aung Email lanthitfoundation Year of Establishment 2010 Background To help the beneficiaries of disasters and to assist the vulnerable people. Shwe Gon Thiri Rd. religion and age LOCAL NGO DIRECTORY 45 . And it determines to serve service providing and development pavement to the vulnerable community. 3. some are scholars and some are expertise in their fields. Enhancing status of grassroots' livelihood and income generation will stimulate the desire to develop. advocate and implement the development and preservation of mangroves and forests will serve as the sustainable development of all aspects. North Dagon Tsp. Vision/ Mission LANTHIT believes that the society will reach the equity of lives by contributing the empowerment of the vulnerable community through sustainable. 6. networking. race. some were well experience in NGO works. 37th Quarter. 5. 2. the vulnerable community will meet their basic needs. 4. LANTHIT FOUNDATION includes members. Providing grassroots support services and activities to communities in the form of training. recovery and development assistance for the disaster hit areas and undeveloped regions. needs-based and participative assistances with the systematic procedure and right strategies. LANTHIT FOUNDATION was founded with the energetic idea of Founder and some members. LANTHIT FOUNDATION was founded as a strong and systematic nonprofit organization to do emergency relief. Providing aware. infrastructure developing and coordination will strengthen the community.

Website www.To improve the educational status of the village . . layeinsumingalar.To flourish faith in religion and nationality.To develop the village Objective . Maubin Township.Opening Mediation Camp for youths .LAYEINSU BUDDHIST MINGALAR ASSOCIATION (LBMA) Mingalar School. Tel : 09 Layeinsu Village.Free education on English Language and Mathematics .Establishing Library Primary Beneficiaries "Youths from Layeinsu Village and neighbor villages Name of Contact Person Daw Hay Mar Saryee Email les.leswstsr@ gmail. under the auspicious of U Dahmar Sarira.Capacity Building .com www.Examination on teaching of Virtue and Abhidhamma . the head of the Layeinsu village Year of Establishment 1979 46 LOCAL NGO DIRECTORY .haymarsaryee@ gmail. 09 8585712 Name of Leader U Wisatetha Sara Background In 15 October 1979. Ayerwaddy Region.Health Education . Ward (3).To guide Youth to be morally right and to provide high school education Main Activities .To disseminate Buddha's discourse of Mingala and Abhidhamma .Opening classes on Discourse of Mingala and Abhidhamma . Vision . LBMA was firstly founded by the village's elders (Yat Mi Yat Pha).

Health Year of Establishment October 2007 LOCAL NGO DIRECTORY 47 . Name of Contact Person Daw Than Than Sein Vision/Mission To attain Healthy Life for PLHIV Main Goal To create a job opportunities and healthy life for PLHIV Main Activities Home base Care. Funeral support. Counseling. KyauK Sein Street. c/o 09-47302178 Name of Leader Daw Than Than Sein Background Ar Man Thit SHG was established with 10 members in October 2007. Condom distribution. Ar Man Thit SHG aims to help peers in care and support services. Ward 10. Lashio Township Tel : c/o 082-26310 . Care giver service at Hospital.Light Nya /25. Nutrition support to PLHIV. Microgrant Primary Beneficiaries People living with HIV/AIDS and Orphan Venerable Children Email khinthuswelso@ gmail. Educational support to OVC (Orphan and Venerable Children).

MSM aim to belong healthy pro-long life and help peer s in care and support activities. Primary Beneficiaries MSM and their Year of Establishment 2007 48 LOCAL NGO DIRECTORY . Block(10) Lashio Tel : 09-5263233 Name of Leader U Chan Nyein Moe Background Light Lamp was established in 27/6/2007 and Vision / Mission Aim to lead and help for MSM community. Name of Contact Person U Chan Nyein Moe Email channyeinmoe@ gmail. and Blood Donation. Condom distribution.Light Lamp Nya 1/18 Kyaut Sein Street. Main Goal Objectives Main Activities Home Base Care. Referral. Income Generation. Counseling.

Going to donors' residences to collect donations in cases where the donors are unable to come to the Home. North Kandaw Galay. Mingala Taung Nyunt Township on 21 November 1898 with two ladies named Gertrude Olivero and Helen (North). Thein Byu Road. Tel : 95-1-243 983. Thein-byu Road. 243 984 Name of Leader Mother Mary Mi Mi (Superior) Background The Roman Catholic Archbishop in Yangon founded the Sisters' Home for the Aged at No 539. Main Activities Livelihood and health of the elderly. Myanmar. To enable the elderly persons to engage in their respective religious practices peacefully to prepare themselves for the transition to the next life. Vision/Mission Main Goal To provide protection and care with earnest good-will to elderly persons who genuinely have no one to turn to regardless of their race and Year of Establishment 1898 LOCAL NGO DIRECTORY 49 . Mingalar Taung Nyunt Township. Primary Beneficiaries Elderly persons without anyone to turn to Name of Contact Person Mother Clare Email lsagedcare@ myanmar.Little Sisters of the Poor Home for the Aged Poor 539. Yangon.

Salmon Business Centre.Local Resource Centre 224 A. set up the Local Resource Centre to assist local organisations. U Wi Sara Year of 50 LOCAL NGO DIRECTORY . a number of Myanmar NGOs. research and study. accountability and complaint response mechanism setup Geographic coverage Yangon-based. Name of Contact Person Hlaing Myat (Information and Communication Coordinator) Email lrcyangon@ lrcmyanmar. workshops and forums for the multilateral civil society platforms like Myanmar NGO Contingency Plan Working Group and DRR Working Group. issues are ranging from NGO Good Governance. Later on LRC moved its focus from disaster response. Third Floor. and civil society groups in their collective effort in relief and rehabilitation programmes. Bahan Township. civil society support services all over the country Background Shortly following Cyclone Nargis. LRC also sponsors and facilitates. Yangon Tel : 01-536428 Name of Leader Daw Nilar Myaing (Director) Sectors Information Management and development information services. and then adopted a more holistic approach towards the development of indigenous civil society organisations. communities. coordination and networking. Devising Advocacy Strate-gies to Asean/Regional Networking and Decentralisation and new role of civil society. Natural Resource Man-agement. in coordination with other partners. Vision/Mission Towards the development of equitable and free civil society Main Objective Empowered and accountable Civil Society Groups respectful of diversity and social inclusion Main Activities Information & Communication Programme LRC organises monthly Round Table Discussions on priority issues of civil society organisations. together with international NGOs.

developing context-appropriate quality & accountability standards and setting up accountability response mechanism. Yangon Tel : 01-536428 Name of Leader Daw Nilar Myaing (Director) Name of Contact Person Hlaing Myat (Information and Communication Coordinator) Participatory Action Research Programme LRC conducts studies on issues relevant for policy advocacy towards different decision makers. At the moment. donors. Quality and Accountability Programme Monitoring and Accountability team promotes accountability of CSOs to their constituencies and assists CSOs in the development of good governance. monastic school. Primary Beneficiary Civil society organisations. youth and civil society. partnership styles. (3) Complaint Handling & Response Mechanism and (4) Financial Accountability. including participatory action researches on village committees. LRC also provides technical assistances for the main. Third Floor. LRC has done a number of studies.Local Resource Centre 224 A. Community Based Organisations and networks Email lrcyangon@ lrcmyanmar.streaming accountability within project Year of LOCAL NGO DIRECTORY 51 . LRC is studying the space and opportunities of CSOs under current legal/working environment. including civil society organisations. public policy making bodies and businesses. LRC is providing the capacity development training series on (1) Introduction to Accountability. Salmon Business Centre. U Wi Sara Road. (2) Accountability and Selfassessment Tools. Bahan Township. CCA. leadership style of civil society organisations.

com Year of Establishment 2006 52 LOCAL NGO DIRECTORY . 09-73183028 Name of Leader U Zaw Oo (Director) Name of Contact Person U Ye Htut (Programme Coordinator) Background Loka Ahlinn is an independent civil society organization formed by a group of committed young people called core members who come from good education background. Vision/Mission Preparing various community groups and organizations through networking and capacity building for nation-wide development Main Goal To create an atmosphere integrated with skills and capacities towards knowledge based social mobilization. We have all been active in the education. academic. Kyauktada Township. Loka Ahlinn was initiated in 2004 and founded in 2006. Main Activities Education and capacity building Agriculture and livelihood Community development Emergency aid/Humanitarian assistance Primary Beneficiaries Youths CBOs Farmers/casual labours Disaster affected population Email info@lokaahlinn. corner of Mahabandoola Road and Bo Aung Kyaw Road. Olympic Tower. media. arts or community service fields. Yangon Tel : 09-73034870.Loka Ahlinn (Social Development Network) Room 1206. To strengthen community groups or organization through upgrading indigenous knowledge and empowering career opportunities which lead to community development with participatory approach. 12th floor. 09-73183027.

practices and MingalaSutta Social Development Concepts Social Development Awareness Newsletters Partner Organizations International Donors. supporting small scale business and community based development Activities 1.Social Development Awareness Teacher’s training manual based on Myanmar Culture. (45) social development awareness trainings and 1080 participants have been trained 2.Lokatta Cariya Foundation SanpyaMonastry. (1) clinic and (16) libraries 3. Mon State Publishing To publish books related to development . Domestic Business Companies LOCAL NGO DIRECTORY 53 . Construction of (1) small bridge. Ayerwaddy Region. Kayah State. Magwe Region. 100-4-6 Objectives Community based social development awareness training. Mayangone Township (Opposite of Buddhist Relic Pagoda) Tel : 09 8578285 Fax : 01 663092. Karean State. Disaster Relief in Cyclone Nargis affected area and construction (4) primary school buildings Social Development Awareness Trainings To give trainings on Buddha’s teachings (MingalaSutta. Tadarlay Junction. 653447 Name of the Leader Bhaddanta Kosala Aggamah asaddhama zotikadhaza Name of Contact Person Year of Establishment Ministry of Religious Affair approved on 21th August 2003 (the approval letter No. Discourse on Auspiciousness) from social development view to integrate and practice in the social development works Location Yangon Region.

Vocational training as sewing for PLHA Primary Beneficiaries HIV infected women.Conduct forum for self-help group . . Vision/ Mission Through support capacity building and resources necessary. To provide long term training and support to local organization and work with them in health and education project that can be serve as example of good practice in community.Meikswe Myanmar No 24.Health education . Lashio. Myaung Mya Street.Caring HIV patients. Working for a united and confident community.By supported them to hospital and clinic. . By supporting residence. to get ART treatment. there are many ways to infection people and especially women and orphans were need to get ART treatment. 09-5026001 Name of the Leader Naw Bway Khu Name of Contact Person Naw Bway Khu Background In Northern State. food. base organization and vulnerable gains needs.taw@gmail. For this reason we supported PLHA to live at residence. care and ART treatment and to live life long. Ward 1. Tel : 082-22410.Supported orphan children to attend the school. 09 49001805. E-mail praise. com Year of Establishment 54 LOCAL NGO DIRECTORY .Supported Nutrition . Main Activities . Main Objectives 1. orphan children and student from monastic school.Counseling . . around Lashio and other township. they can have place.

Northern Shan State.Myitkyina 1. org Year of Establishment 2000 Main Activities Primary Beneficiaries LOCAL NGO DIRECTORY 55 . To assist in humatarian work. The primary objectives of Metta is the evolution of self-reliant and peaceful societies through social and economic growth.Yea Aye Kwin Quarter.Room assist communities in Myanmar recover from the devastating consequences of conflict and humanitarian emergency. To continue maintaining and preserving of cultural traditions. To preserve and restore the natural environment of those communities and to increase their capacity to do so. -Lashio Office Yonegyi Street. -Myaung Mya.Myitkyina Office .Hlaing Website www. 2.No68.Nay Chi Street.The driving force behind Metta is the concept the very word embodies-that of "loving kindness".The Metta Development Foundation is a non-governmental organization. Name of Contact Person U Myint Han (Secretary) Address (Sub-offices) . 4.metta-myanmar.Myemyint Quarter.Ayerwady Division. -Taunggyi Office No-42/10.11st street . Taunggyi. Tel : 01-522266 Fax : 95-1-526 153 Name of Leader U Than Oo (President) Background Vision/Mission . 3..545(B).Metta Development Foundation Parami Condominium Housing. 16quarter.Building 12+1A.Lashio. established in 1998.Myaung Mya.5 quarter. To create a framework to support self-help initiatives. Email ygn. Main Goal 1.

kant kaw street. Ayeyarwaddy Tel : 0949768108 Name of Leader U Ko Ko Myint Name of Contact Person U Ko Ko Myint Background 9.9.2007 Vision\Mission To develop our society Main Goal To Be strong society by giving volunteer service Email thirimay11@gmail.Moe Kant Kaw No ( 2 ) . com Main Activities: To help general public and give knowledge Primary Beneficiaries regional public Year of Establishment 9.9. Ingapore .2007 56 LOCAL NGO DIRECTORY .

People of Rural Areas in Myanmar .Myanmar Agro Action (MAA) No.Environmental conservation Main Goal .ngo26@gmail.Room (502) .Poverty alleviation .(9/11) . Min Aung Background MAA is a non-political. Nyaung Shwe) (081-209415) Email maa.To obtain sustainable agriculture & environ mental friendly agriculture .Sustainable Agriculture & Environmental Friendly Agriculture .Environmental Conservation Primary Beneficiaries . 2010 with well experienced professionals who worked at the agriculture sector & environmental conservation sector Vision/Mission . Latha Township. non-profit. Aung Chan Thar Qr.Community in the Project Area Name of Contact Person Daw San San Yee Address (Sub-Office) U Than Tun Aung (No-294.Development of Rural Community . Yangon Tel : 09 5035668 Name of Leader Dr. com Year of Establishment 2005 LOCAL NGO DIRECTORY 57 .To improve capacity building of the community of grass root level .Livelihood Activities in Project Area .Capacity Building Training .To provide services in environmental conservation through community participation and Main Activities .Development of the sustainable agriculture .Promotion of capacity building . 18th street. and local non-government organization in Myanmar and initiated with capacity building training by agriculture since 2005 and that was founded in February.

Block ( 1/H).mm Year of Establishment 1994 58 LOCAL NGO DIRECTORY .net. mm.1994 and Registered in October of the same year. Kyun Taw Street.users in Myanmar by Demand and harm reduction Main Activities Demand Reduction Harm Reduction Collaboration M&E and Research Human Resource Management & Planning Primary Beneficiaries Drug .manaygn@ yangon.Registered Number is ( 1770 ) Vision/Mission Myamar Drug Free Society Main Goal: To improve the quality of life of drug .( 37/G).502893 Fax : (+95-1) 532229 Name of Leader U San Thein President Background MANA was established as a NGO on 26 June.users Linked Spouses / Partners / Families and their associated communities Name of Contact Person U Saw Ngwe Secretary Email manacentral@ mptmail.Myanmar Anti-Narcotics Association ( MANA ) No. Tel :(+95-1)

Adonian Judson were the first Baptist Missionary couple to Myanmar who arrived in 1813. 95-1-223 231. Vision/Mission: To spread and propagate the gospel of Jesus Christ and labour for the ministry and the growth of the church in Myanmar and throughout the Year of Establishment 1865 LOCAL NGO DIRECTORY 59 .cssdd@gmail. Main Goal . . com Website www.Providing awareness training on HIV / AIDS in border areas .Providing material contribution to people in remote areas and those working for opium substitution. Primary Beneficiaries All Baptist believers and communities of non-Christians and other denominations Name of Contact Person Rev.Myanmar Baptist Convention (MBC) 143.Organizing trainings on capacity building and development project. Dr.mbc.To serve human society in terms of peace and prosperity . Tu Lum(General Secretary) Email MBC@mptmail. Dr. Tel :95-1. Lanmadaw Township. Yangon. 95-1-221 466. K. income generation .net. 951-221 465. 95-1-202 501 Fax : 95-1-221465 Name of Leader Rev.223 096. mbc. Myanmar.1813.Provide technical assistance (SALT) by which will be supporting for conservation of forest . After years of labour and effort of past missionaries.To seek the Will Of God in terms of peace justice human value and dignity Main Activities . and Mrs. Since the word Burma is changed to Myanmar today BBC is known as Myanmar Baptist Convention. Sang Awr (President) Background Rev. The name changed to BBC in 1954. D.Participating in community development activities such as water and sanitation. mm. Burma Baptist Missionary Convention was organized and formed on the 15th October 1865.Providing financial contribution to emergency relief and rehabilitation activities for natural disasters . Min Ye Kyawswa Road.Baptist Churches to be revived and renewed with their holistic incentives .

Bahan Township Email mbconaids@gmail. Kamayut Township Project Office -54(G). FMI Center.2-To mobilize & assist individual businesses and business communities in achieving their social goals and fulfilling their CSR Main Activities: 13. with technical assistance from the Thailand Business Coalition on AIDS and seeding funds from AusAID .1-MBCA’s strategy is to mobilize the private sector into becoming involved in the HIV business response. Co-ordination between service agencies and companies. Peer Education Training. capacity building of healthcare services in businesses. business associations -Workers. Human Resource Managers’ Workshops. registered. Initiated in 2001 & received official registration in 2002.Myanmar Business Coalition on AIDS No.MBCA . granted by the Ministry of Home Affairs & also had the permission from MOH to implement in all States & Division. sustainable and reliable solutions utilizing simple and effective concepts based on humanitarian spirit of the private sector Main Goal 12. Fax (95-1)514598 Name of Leader Mr. local. as a business coalition is an organization established by the business for the business and as such would respond to any call from the business sector and assist with their social responses.1-MBCA’s regular services are designed to assist businesses and communities in their HIV response: Executive Briefings. fighting stigma and Website http://mbconaids. 13.380. Staff training. Martin Pun (Vice Chair of SPA & Chairman of Myanmar Business Coalition on AIDS Board of Govenor) Background MBCA is an independent. counseling and consultation services. providing a forum and network for businesses and implementing partners to share and coordinate with each other Year of Establishment 60 LOCAL NGO DIRECTORY . non-profit organization. Project Office (95-1)510 460 Head Office (95-1)240363. protecting its own workforce from HIV and its impact. assistance in development of workplace policies. development and implementation of HIV workplace programs.Golden Valley.A-Inya Road. 12. 10th floor.2-To assist business to form business coalitions and assist in their social Primary Beneficiaries -Individual businesses. com khinayeaye@ mbconaid. Train the Trainers.Khin Aye Aye (Exceutive Director) Address (Sub-Offices) Executive Office 116. Vision/ Mission A better society through socially responsible private sector coalitions To bring significant change to people’s lives through innovative. Bogyoke Aung San Road. their families and the community Name of Contact Person Dr. Pabedan Township Tel : Executive Office (95-1)514598.

Daydaye and Kyaik Latt township of Ayarwaddy Delta. Sanchaung Township .Erecting school latrines with septic tanks will improve sanitation and promote hygieni conditions for students and teachers Name of Leader U Myin Maung Htun ( chairman) Name of Contact Person Daw Lynn LynnTin Htun(Secretary) Email mbeproject@gmail. earthquake resistant buildings to villagers or more than 40 villages tracts. Fishing support loan. No. Myanmar. . Yangon .538316 Background Myanmar Business Executives is founded by MBA graduated creation of better livers. MBE Network also involves in microcredit works for both Yangon sub-urban and Delta villages by providing the funding and building the capacity of microifnance business knowledge.MBE Network has been lending out Farming support loan.Beneficient village communities can use these school building as shelters against storms adn floods.8 Pan Chan Tower. Myanmar Business Executive has received an official registration in March 2011 from government of Myanmar as an Association. The reconstruction of schools under the emergency relief project is coming to end by the year 2011.Sufficient drinking water supply for students and teachers will be ensured with the installation of 5000 gallons RWCTs as necessary at each targeted village. The total project value is 5.Since year 2008 beginning. Tel : (95 1)505972. Livelihood loan.9 million USD during three years. Coner of Bargayar Road and Dhammazedi Road. . com Website Year of Establishment LOCAL NGO DIRECTORY 61 . Primary Beneficiaries -A total of ( 7660 ) students from 35 targeted village will enjoy studyibg in a safer and higher quality of building infrastructure which is also cyclone and earthquake resistance. After the cyclone Nargis destroyed lives and livelihood of restore the livelihood and infrastructure of villages in the Delta and further more contribution in reconstructing 35 school building as the implementing partner of Caritas Switzerland in Phyar Pon.Myanmar Business Executives Room 401. Small Business Start-up loan in some of those villages. of which will provide not only as the school building but also as the cyclone resistant.MBE Network has set up a Business Traning Centre called BCB Centre to providing business traning facilities in developig business capacity at the individual and organizationl level. . In particulars.

Demo plot with organic fertilizer 13. which started as far back as 5th Century AD. ceramic historian were less interest in Myanmar due to the scarcity of ancient Kiln-sites and glazed wares. MCS traced and discovered nearly a thousand number of old-Kiln-sites in Myanmar and rightly declared the position of Myanmar Ceramics. After Nargis.Daw Mya Ye Background In Myanmar. Yangon. Pan Hlaing Quarter. potters and their family 62 LOCAL NGO DIRECTORY Email myotyn@gmail. Organized talk show for Public Health awareness 8.3.95-1-509 301. the earthenware pottery.Myanmar Ceramis Society Room 21. Welfare fund for oldage 12. Tel : 95-1-224 052. Shelter. Vision/Mission To raise the life of grass-root level community especially potter's families by integrating culture and glaze art . without using potter's wheel was produced since 11000 years ago. Infrastructure 14. In 1987. Identification and displaying of ancient kiln-sites 6. Produce solvolite for ceramic filter 5. Kyeemyindine Township. Although the ancient glazed artifacts were found in Bagan which was built in 9th Century AD. Revolving Fund Year of Establishment .Pan Hlaing Housing. Pond rehabilitation 9. Building No. Providing Vocational Training 3. Plantation for substitution of fuel wood usage Primary Beneficiaries Grass-root level community. Providing trainings on Traditional and modern ceramic making technology 4. Main Goal: To encourage the research on the history of Myanmar Ceramics To enhance the development of present pottery-industry Main Activities 1.Daw Mya Ye Name of Contact Person Dr. Support medical benefit fund 11. Construction of latrine 10. Myanmar. IEC material for education 2. 95-9-500 6860 Name of Leader Dr.FoodSecurity.

165.Missionary Primary Beneficiaries LOCAL NGO DIRECTORY 63 . Mayan Gone Township. and Providing Educational Materials .Providing teaching programs on formal education and craftsmanship .Myanmar Christian Fellowship of Blind No. Audio Texts and Magazines. Yangon. Name of Leader U Jonny Background In 1975. Tel : 95 1 661689.admin@gmail. Vision . MCFB was firstly established by (14) blind persons and the association was registered to Myanmar Christian Convention. (2) Ward.Providing job opportunities and job trainings .com Year of Establishment 1975 Main Activities . In 1979. 95 1 662034. No.mcfblind.To be able to adapt normal living Name of Contact Person U Thein Lwin Email mcfb.To be able from disable. with the coordination of Kayin Baptist Convention.To improve the education level of the Blind . MCFB was able to start her programs successfully.Publishing Braille Texts. Baho Street. in other word. Website www. to have a normal life even Vision Loss Main Goal .To be able to live on their own . com.

distributing health materials . U Tin Shwe (President) Name of Contact Person Dr.Performing out health education and information activities .Myanmar Christian Health Workers' Services Association No. 391 076 Name of Leader Dr. In 1962 the hospitals were closed and until 1982. Yangon. mental and spiritual well-being of human beings may be maintained. giving Bible training courses) . the Association combined with Nurses Christian Fellowship and became the present Myanmar Christian Health Workers’ Services Association. a new executive committee was formed with new members but the name of the Association was retained.Practice of reading the Bible.Implementing fund-raising activities Primary Beneficiaries The public Website Year of Establishment 64 LOCAL NGO DIRECTORY .mm Background The Association was established by doctors in 1951 under the name of Burma Christian Medical Relief Society.Friendship and unity among Christian health workers .Performing out spiritual development affairs (such as holding prayer services for health workers.. At present the membership includes all categories of Christian Health Workers.Providing capacity building training courses . net. Myanmar Tel : 95-1-525 880. 537 957 (Ext.. promotion of health care and medical treatment. 513 579. Pyay Road. mental and spiritual restoration to the greatest possible extent after the illnesses have been cured Main Activities .Carrying out emergency health relief activities jointly with MCC..Prevention of diseases in order that physical. forming friendships. 444 (Clinic)) Fax: 95-1-526 982. the Association carried out only religious activities. mm drtinshwe@mptmail.Establishing clinics to provide medical and praying leading to a contemplation of God’s words and a strengthening of religious faith .' (John 10:10) Main Goal . In 1983. U Tin Shwe (President) Email oikom@yangon. In 1992.more abundantly. Vision For everyone to have abundant life 'I am come that they might have life . speedy recuperation and physical.Kamayut Township... offering training courses for holistic development in health related matters ..

to provide assistance to the disabled and to serve them showing love in the name of Christ regardless of race. religion and social status.Myanmar Christian Leprosy Mission 263. Tel : 95-9-508 2129. Mahabandoola Street. Yangon YMCA.Workshop on leprosy work groups .To provide treatment and cure to PALs. Vision . Myanmar Christian Leprosy Mission was formed incorporating the leprosy missions of all denominations in Myanmar. and reintegrate them into society.To become an effective national body which can provide leadership to leprosy missions in Myanmar Main Activities . Fax: 95-1-296 848 Name of Leader Rev.Educational Support & Nutritional support program .Information and communication programme . Myanmar.Spiritual Nurturing Primary Beneficiaries PALs and their families Website Year of Establishment LOCAL NGO DIRECTORY 65 .Fund raising programme for leprosy missions . .To perform rehabilitation activities for the uplifting of living conditions for PALs and thei families . Botataung Towship. Then on 25 September 1984.Leprosy Sabbath day programme .Technical support training .Socio-economic support programme .To provide support and assistance as required by the work committees of regional leprosy missions . Yangon. 95-1-294 128.Physical Rehabilitation (Outreach Clinic) . After the departure of foreign missionaries the leprosy mission was carried on under the supervision of the Myanmar Baptist Convention.Support for regional leprosy missions . U Saw Crainer (President) Name of Contact Person Saya Saw George Shey (General Secretary) Email Background Baptist missionaries arrived in Myanmar and launched a leprosy mission and left in 1964. 95-1-294 109.To serve persons affected by leprosy (PALs) Main Goal .

com Year of Establishment 1914 66 LOCAL NGO DIRECTORY . Kamayut Township. Churches Name of Contact Person Rev. 601. Yangon. Saw Shwe Lin (General Secretary) Email oikom@yangon. Tel : 95-1-513579. net.Myanmar Council of Churches Ecumenical Sharing Centre Myanmar. oikom.mcc @gmail. 95-1-537957 Name of Leader Daw Yin Yin Maw (President) Background Established by foreign missionary organizations Vision/Mission Main Goal To unify all the Christian Churches in Myanmar To have better understanding and friendship among the Churches To have mutual trust and recognition of one another's practices among Churches To cooperate in Church affairs where coordination and cooperation are appropriate To work toward the ultimate goal of having a unified Church Main Activities Mission and Ecumenism Service and Development Education and Communications Youth University Christian Work Women Primary Beneficiaries Member. Pyay Road.

Myanmar Enhancement to Empower Tribals ( MEET ) No . agriculture and social assets. Provide education. com Year of Establishment 1958 Main Goal To help build the economic and social infrastructures for the Tribals in Myanmar. It is local non-governmental and non-profitable organization aiming to enhance remote tribal vilages. Tawwin st . rehabilitation and development assistance. Support community initiative for Tribal People. Main Activities - Primary Beneficiaries Shelter. yangon Tel : 0973092562 .tribal@gmail. and giging hope for orphans and physically handicapped children in Yangon. 453 .Shwepyitha . relief. 097318982 Name of Leader U Aung Din Background MEET is founded in 2008. To increase the local food production to sustain food security to create job opportunities for the Tribals in Myanmar in the areas of education. Vision/Mission Creating self employment and sustainable development among Myanmar Tribes. MEET is also supporting widows supported relief program for rat infestation victims in Paletwa township in 2008. rehabilitation and development programs for Myanmar Tribes Name of Contact Person U Aung Din Address (Sub-Offices) Paletwa ( chin ) Kampetlet (chin)and Myebon ( Rakhine ) Email meet. Agriculture LOCAL NGO DIRECTORY 67 . which are situated in southern part of Chin state. 7th ward . Since then MEET has been working for remot tribal villages in two townships (Kanpetlet and Paletwa). relief.

The President of the Association and the CEC members are elected by majority of vote. 6. especially in unreached areas. 3.Myanmar Health Assistant Association ( MHAA ) TB Hospital Road. Tel : 95-1-645722. com Year of Establishment 68 LOCAL NGO DIRECTORY . 4.central@gmail. It has over 200 townships branch associations networking the whole country and over 3000 registered male and female members. President Background MHAA is a professional organization of Health Assistants initiated as early as 1954 for social support of members. Health Assistants work in the Rural Health Centers (RHC) and within rural community. In Myanmar under public health system. 5. To promote health knowledge of communities. Vision/ Mission Health Assistants will unite to strengthen the force of strive for communities to having a better access to coordinated. To network and collaborate with stakeholders involved in health and related programs. Aung San. Be it in the area of provision or dissemination of health messages. Promote primary health care interventions. surveillance of locally endemic diseases. Insein Township. 2. 09-73001222. To promote and increase the knowledge and practice of hygiene and sanitation. Yangon. MHAA reorganized and registered under Ministry of Home Affairs (R.The Association is headed by the Central Executive Committee (CEC). effective and comprehensive health care services for their well being. coordinate. MHAA was unable to function as a professional association. state/region. provision of health services to unreached areas. Bridging the gap of health care services provided by Government and agencies. MHAA organized at four levels. No 1754) as a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO). However from 1964 onwards.Then in 1994.09-5066106 Fax : 95-1-645722 Name of Leader U Aung Khin. collaborate and cooperate with agencies working for provision of health care delivery and activities related to health and community development and enhancement. central. Primary Beneficiaries Rural population Name of Contact Person U Aung Khin Email mhaa. To raise health awareness among vulnerable communities. 7. district and township. To work for the improvement of the health of disadvantaged communities. To prevent and control incidence of communicable diseases. Main Goals 1.

09-73136687. 09-73075956. Department of Myanmar Education Research Bureau Compound. Kamayut Township. ACCU and UNESCO. Vision/Mission To promote the literacy activities in Myanmar Main Goal To develop innovative literacy materials To act as the Training Centre for NFE personnel To serve as a centre for sharing information and resources on NFE through appropriate network systems Name of Contact Person U Myint Han. Yangon Tel : 01-526153. University Estate.Myanmar has been launching actively literacy programs since 1990 as part of the National Plan for Year of Establishment 1900 Main Activities Non-formal Education Primary Beneficiaries Out-of-school children. Secretary/ Director Email education. As result of concerted efforts made by DMERB (Myanmar). Illiterate people LOCAL NGO DIRECTORY 69 . launched the Program for the Establishment of LRCs in Asia and the Pacific in 1994. 09-73075957 Fax: 95-1-526153 Name of Leader U Than Oo.lynn@ gmail. the ACCU (Japan) in cooperation with UNESCO and UNESCO Member States.Myanmar Literacy Resource Centre 426. Pyay Road.Myanmar Literacy Resource Centre (MLRC) was established in March 2000. Chairman Background In recognition of the significant role of the NGOs for literacy promotion activities.

Aung Ko Myint Email mnab@myanmar. 09-5111969 Name of Leader Mr. Main Objectives To uplift the welfare system aimed for more convenient lives of visually Impaired Persons Main Activities Organizing. Aung Ko Myint Background Vision /Mission Raise . Maynagone 70 LOCAL NGO DIRECTORY .mm Website http://www.Myanmar National Association of the Blind No. Primary Beneficiaries Visually Impaired persons in Myanmar Sector Name of Contact Person Mr. 165.up the living standard of the Visually Impaired Persons and attain equal rights in society. Ward II. Yangon. networking and capacity building among Visually Impaired Persons in Myanmar. mnabmyanmar. Tel : 09-5102118. Baho Road. com.

emergency mnacentral@gmail. The MNMA operates the Community Home-Based Care (CHBC) since 2001 to help improving the continuum of prevention. No. com Background MNMA is an independent.Nang Htawn Hla (President) President 09 509 3765 . Aye Yeik Nyein 95 1 591328 Name of Leader Prof. Near the Motor Registration Department. Vision/Mission The Myanmar Nurse and Midwife Association will contribute the most enthusiastic effort to bring up the best nurses who take compassion and empathy into their services and lives and the way they deal with people. educational. including the Licensed Nurses. Thaketa Township.Myanmar. sports and fitness and active involvement in social support networking inside and outside the organization. Yangon. working for nursing and midwifery profession and the improvement of health services in the country.The Association is a member of the International Council of Nurse (ICN). In collaboration with other NGOs. There are 216 association branches throughout the country with a membership of 18026 Nurses. Aye Yeik Mon (3). The MNMA also provides a maternity shelter for women those who cannot afford to delivery at a private clinic. Myanmar. The MNMA provides various services such as conveying updated nursing education.To support and assist in order to raise the social. South of Dagon Myothit T/S.Myanmar Nurse and Midwife Association Yadanapon 2nd Street. Midwives and Lady Health Visitors.64 Quarter. Industrial Zone (1) Road. Name of Contact Person U Khin Maung Win (JointSecretary) Address (Sub-Offices) Aye Yeik Nyein. District and Township Nurse and Midwife Association. 71 Year of Establishment 1948 LOCAL NGO DIRECTORY . Ministry of Health and the Department of Health and State/Division. Email mnacentral@mptmail. the women have to pay very little to the MNMA for its services. there are 30 to 50 delivery mothers monthly at maternity shelter of MNMA. net.Yangon Region.To organize nurses in nursing to participate actively in health care and works in accordance with the policy relating to health laid down by the state . Tel : Head Office 95 1 388631.Dr. nursing care standards and emergency requirements from time to time by the state. the MNMA implements Community Home-Based Care Project (CHBC) through the guidance and support of the authorities. helping people carefully and honestly in all their commitments regardless of any discrimination Main Goal . 10/North Ward. non-governmental association founded in 1948. treatment and care available to those who are in need. it is also one of the professional organizations.

. and post natal mothers. .Provide health education and awareness raising to the public through pamphlet and health talk. . . . in the establishment of health care. Financial assistance (a certain amount) for retired nurses when in need at home or hospital. (Reproductive Ages) People living with HIV /AIDs and their families 72 LOCAL NGO DIRECTORY . .A yearly get together of the retired nurses. Main Activities . Myanmar. .To improve the status in the career of the nurse. . Young adult and Adulth peoples. Aye Yeik Nyein 95 1 591328 President 09 509 3765 .Building capacity of nursing staff and community field workers to enable them to apply knowledge within community context. Save the Children (Food Security) . Aye Yeik Mon (3).Conduct Continuing Nursing Education Workshops throughout the country for the professional nurse who works at the community and in Institutions.Incorporation with MSI provide Sexual and reproductive Health in (7) Townships Primary Beneficiaries Nursing Professions.Conduct annual meeting where Central committee members are met and issues are discussed.Operate Projects activities sponsored by different United Nation Agency Such as. 10/North Ward.To bring further involvement of nurses at grass-root levels in communities. Thaketa Township. . .Produce yearly Journals.To work with International Non-Government Organizations and Local Non-Government Organization towards the care to those at home. delivery.Nursing Conferences are held fourth yearly where branch associations convene at the conference and new central committee members and Executive committee members are elected. Consortium for HIV / AIDS.Myanmar Nurse and Midwife Association Yadanapon 2nd Street. Tel : Head Office 95 1 388631. by obtaining the people's recognition on the expertise of the nurses in nursing. . Women including Pregnant Mothers.Provide maternity shelter for service to antenatal and delivery mothers. Yangon. Magazines and Calendar.

com Website Year of Establishment 1995 LOCAL NGO DIRECTORY 73 . Dagon Township. .300. . MWEA Tower. . .To participate in and promote activities to raise the social economic life of Myanmar women and to encourage environmentfriendly/ culturally sensitive businesses.Myanmar Women Entrepreneurs' Association (MWEA ) 288-290.To facilitate communications and discussions and to promote friendship and co-operative efforts among women entrepreneurs. Vision/Mission To organize the energies and enterprise of the Myanmar women into a sisterhood with awareness and mission for social and self .A artesian wells for supply of safe drinking water.A building for an affiliated village middle school.A village Health Clinic building for community . Myanmar Tel : 95-1-254 400. economists. the role and capabilities of Myanmar women as entrepreneurs.Establish a model village at Kayin Seik in Thanlyin Township and initiate development activities. Yangon. . especially following an integrated approach after a Rapid Appraisal with MBA interns' at MWEA : it included . First president was Daw Sein Sein . 389 380 Fax: 95-1-254 566 Name of Leader Daw Wah Wah Htun (President) Background Initiated and organized by Prof. 4th Floor. Main Activities -Participation in certain development activities of related government departments and the Union of Myanmar Chamber of Commerce and industry. .000 donated by 25 MWEA members ) Name of Contact Person Daw Hnin Wai (Secretary) Email mwea2008@gmail. Daw Yi Yi Myint in 1995 in order to raise awareness of the role and capabilities of Myanmar women who are leading and doing business in the new economy with social responsibility . .based health -care( costing K-3.development and with national and international focus and vision Main Objective .To promote and encourage relationships with national and international women associations. professionals and business academia.To unite and bring into focus and world attention.

. Myanmar Tel : 95-1-254 400. Name of Contact Person Daw Hnin Wai (Secretary) Email mwea2008@gmail. MWEA Tower.Based on the appraisal finding that paddy growing is virtually the only source of income generation for the village . ASEAN Youth activities gender related and information technology international Conferences. Dagon Township. education. eliminating social ill related to illiteracy and lack of knowledge.Participation of MWEA member in international trade promotion events. MWEA decided on agriculture credit extension in 2005 which has successfully expanded since to alternate cropping to pulses and beans.Safe water supply. 389 380 Fax: 95-1-254 566 Name of Leader Daw Wah Wah Htun (President) .Myanmar Women Entrepreneurs' Association (MWEA ) 288-290.Self-development of MWEA members from involvement in the process of social and economic development at the grass-root level . Primary beneficiaries . Yangon.Literacy of young girls. 4th Floor. access to telephone communication.A Radio Telephone in the charge of the village monastery for communication Access. . electrical supply in the rural area. . com Website Year of Establishment 1995 74 LOCAL NGO DIRECTORY .Continuing entrepreneurship development and business studies training abroad leading to MBA for selected members of MWEA. . .Rural development partners and villagers in income generation health.

relatives and guardians are so socially deprived as to send them to the Association.Yangon. Winkabar Road. com Year of Establishment 1947 LOCAL NGO DIRECTORY 75 .Myanmar Women's Development Association No. and acquisition of vocational skills for their livelihood. Main Activities Giving care and protection to orphans and girls who need protection Services.Bahan Township. their basic education. women whose parents. To protect and cultivate women without parents. Main Goals To utilize women's physical and intellectual powers in national development activities To accept and cultivate socially underdeveloped women belonging to nationalities living in border areas based on national unity regardless of race or religious belief. opening a nursery. Myanmar. Tel : 95-1-542925 Name of Leader Daw Nyunt Nyunt Khin (President) Name of Contact Person Daw Yin Kyi (Secretary Background The Association started with Wunna Kyaw Htin Daw Khin Hla's work to protect and care for orphan girls and homeless girls in September 1947. making snacks Primary Beneficiaries Young women under the care of the Association Email mhaa. and homeless women To promote the morality of women under the care of the Association. relatives or guardians.central@gmail. 17. sewing activities.

Cooperate and partnership with other organizations and community for rural development. To do the Long Term and Sustainable development for community through water and sanitation activities. Dagon Township. info Background Myanmar's Heart Development Organization is one of the local NGO in Myanmar which has founded in June. Phayar Road. 3. Thikhaung Village Website www.To improve the performance of decentralized water treatment systems. Pyi Road (East) Quarter. 09-49641582 4) Thayet Sub-Office Anyeint Street. Laputta District. West Quarter. To assist the community by infrastructures so that to meet their socio-economic needs. 4.This organization is based on love and peace for everyone in Myanmar community by empowering them to perform work effectively and efficiently as a good citizenship. 09-8575939 (Head Office) Name of Leader Daw Naw Em Htoo (President) Name of Contact Person U Aung Zaw Win (General Secretary) Address (Sub Office) 1) Laputta Sub-Office gmail. 09-49742548 3) Kyauk Phyu SubOffice No. 3. Shan State. Kyauk Phyu Township. Zay Road. Vision/ Mission Every Myanmar Citizen has greater capacity and living in developed society with Love and Peace.Myanmar's Heart Development Organization (MHDO) Room 2C. thereby providing better protection of public health and water resources. Nawaratt Condo. Support basic health awareness and vocational training for every Myanmar Citizen to get higher capacity in livelihood. 2. 2. Shwe Bon Thar Ward. 2006 by eight volunteers.79. 1. Provide basic infrastructure for livelihood to create the developed society. Main Activities 1) WASH 2) Livelihood (Farmer Field School) 3) Personal & Community Hygiene and DRR Training Primary Poor and Vulnerable in the Communities 76 LOCAL NGO DIRECTORY . 09-49744748 2) Kalaw Sub-Office Paw Pae Village. 22/24.myanmarheart. Ayeyarwaddy Division. base on love and peace. Thayet Township. To assist the community in the realization of their specific needs in terms of education to cope their life by self-reliance basis. 5 Ward. 0949744833 Email myanmarheart. Kalaw Township. Tel : 09-73050913. Yangon.131. Sa Mone Street. Main Goal 1.

Providing foods -To provide foods for the children we depend on the almes food of the samgha and novices who go around for their alms food in the township orderly.Ashin Pannacara (Patron&Principal) Email mtmocdc@gmail.On 7 July 2005 Sayardaw Venerable Ashin Pannacara increased the school into Child Development Centre and registered it in the Social Welfare Department. Tel : (01) 563351.11 and university students.intellect and moral. (a) To provide needs of the children sufficiently and take care of them warmly . Government of the Union of Myanmar. education and medical care to twenty five poor orphans from remote border areas. (f ) To be able to stand by themselves by teaching and tranning the facts needed to know for their lives. Name of Contact Person Ven.After Sayardaw Kusala rest in peace.095045114 Fax: (01) 569403 Name of Leader Ven.Students from grade(1) to (9) are learning in our Monastic Education Middle school.East Division of Yangon. shelters.etc (c) To acknowledge traditional culture and protect their their Website http://www.Ashin Pannacara (Patron&Principal) Background On June 1993 former Sayardaw Venerable Kusala registered the Monastic Education School(Basic)with the Department of promotion and propagation of the Sasana. org Year of Establishment 1993 LOCAL NGO DIRECTORY 77 . Main Activities Education . (e) To obey the moral and morality of the human being according to their ages. as prescribe and started providing clothes . 14/2 Block.Myin Thar Myo Oo Child Development & Monastic Education School The corner of Phoegaung Street and Thitsar Road.the present Sayardaw Venerable Ashin Pannacara continues this school.states and divisions. and the funds of the Child Development Centre donated by the members and altruistic persons. we set in order to continue their study in the suitable schools.569403. In 1995-1996 academic year the school was elevated to Monastic Education Midddle School(Basic). South ashinpannacara@ gamil. (b) To cultivate all round development of the children such as physical. and for grade 10. Ministry of Religious Affairs. Vision/Mission To nurse and bring up the poor and parentless children all over the country till they can depend themselves.mtmocdc.

Tel : (01) 563351.they are taken care by the volunteer nurses and NGOs for their persnal hygiene.A vlunteer physician and a traditional medicine practitioner are taking care of children's health. General Knowledge .To get general knowledge.Invite technicians from the various fields to give speechs and traning to the children. Sometime we make arrangements for excursion by the help of philanthropists.we arrange to get care of clinics and hospitals.Also.Myin Thar Myo Oo Child Development & Monastic Education School The corner of Phoegaung Street and Thitsar Road.East Division of Yangon. 78 LOCAL NGO DIRECTORY . Sports and games . Primary Beneficiaries All the poor and parentless children all over the country. we set up a library to obtain reading habit and development of knowledge for the children.569403. South Okkalapa. we arrange to practise physical exercise . 14/2 Block.095045114 Fax: (01) 569403 Health . sports and games by the guidance of volunteer teachers.To get physical and mental fitness for the children.

com Year of Establishment LOCAL NGO DIRECTORY 79 . 609113. 650978.Myimttamon 134. 095083870 Name of Leader U Zaw Myint Background HIV/AIDS counseling service/Prevention /Beheaviours Changes Main Goal Child Protection & Development Main Activities -Relief & Development Primary Beneficiaries Poorest family Name of Contact Person Daw Aye Aye San Email mtmayeayesan@ gmail. Mingalartaungnyunt Towns Tel : 660466. upper Pazumtaung Road .

To get on relation well with other people.Metta Wadi (Parahita)Youth Development Center 16 Block Malarmying 10th road and Baho Rd Corner. 09-73013050 Name of Leader BadDanDa Thi Lar Nan Da Background Metta Wadi (Parahita) Monastery was built in 1985 by Sayadaw BadDamDa Sandawbarta with (60) native of country. To accept the children who are five year old and to make them pass from the pirmary education to Institute graduate. Main Activities Training the children to improve their life. opening the library and clinic. knowledge and technology for the children.Traing the car driving. myittawardiparahita. Main Goal To improve the standard of Website www. other lanaguages. Primary Beneficiaries For all students in the monastery Name of Contact Person BadDanDa Thi Lar Nan Da E-mail maikyawzaw2010@ gmail. Vision/Mission To takecare monks and children who are living in the myittawarde parahita monastery. Teaching the computer. Hlaing TownshipYangon. Tel : 01-522364. Teaching the handiwork and mechanical. com Year of Establishment 1985 80 LOCAL NGO DIRECTORY .

Yangon . And then NFE supported by learnt elders Vision/Mission To be critigue children Main Goal To educate 50 children each year Main Activities Primary 6 classes for the children Name of Contact Person U Win Naing Address (Rakhaine office) Room 3A. Ward 1 . 479 .com Year of Establishment 2007 Primary 50 children LOCAL NGO DIRECTORY 81 . Mayangone . Email hsw2005@gmail. Yangon Tel : 096804230 Name of Leader U Win Naing Background Started from 2007 . mainly for food by sayadaw . 7th street Thamine . 7th street Thamine. Ward.Myo Oo Kat Kyaw Free Education Room 3A. Mayangone. 479.

Main Goal . Vision/ Missions The children who can build of their life to become highly develop and will be became the brightly star for the country.Mainly target is to be developing for the children life that is poor or orphan. Main Activities .The families who are stay in project Area. Myanmar Tel : 95-1-653288 . Name of Contact Person Daw Khin Khin Soe (President) U Han Min Aung (Warden) Email nanooparahita @ gmail.The children who are arrive to Nan Oo's School and attend Nan Oo's school students.To be develop of the vulnerability family's livelihood.Nan Oo Education & Parahita School Ward(5).Doing the livelihood Activity Year of Establishment 2006 Primary Beneficiaries . North Kyauk Yetwin.Yangyiaung Road. . .com Website http://Raven. Yangon. Mayangone Township. 82 LOCAL NGO DIRECTORY . Education and others for the children who arrive to Nan Oo's Monastery. ngoinmyanmar. 09-8619156 Name of Leader Sayadaw Baddanta Dhamma Thehta (Nayak Sadayadaw) Background Established by Sayadaw Baddanta Dhamma Thehta in 1958 as monastic education school and only on 30th April 2001 became the registration of education and parahita school from government .Providing of food. clothes. .

Yangon Tel : 095-1-296434. most of the YMCA programs were to serve the British communities. Switzerland. uprooted people and oppressed ymcaofmyanmar Year of Establishment 1993 LOCAL NGO DIRECTORY . Working for equal opportunity for both men and women and to work for the development of the whole person in all p rograms and agendas. 3. Advocating for and promoting the Right of Women and upholding the Right of Children.263. Only people who could afford attended the YMCA educational classes. The early part of the YMCA movement was based on YMCA traditional programs such as hostel programs. is a Voluntary. The hostel programs cre-ated a lot of legal problems and could not serve the urban young people as intended. YMCAs have been established in twenty-seven countries and territories in Asia and Pacific under the umbrella of the Asia and Pacific Alliance of YMCAs. As it was started during the British regime. Today. there are YMCAs in 128 countries and they are united under the World Alliance of YMCAs that has its headquarters in Geneva. Then Pyin Oo Lwin YMCA and Myitkyina YMCA followed.facebook. Ecumenical movement that strives to reflect the cultural identity of the Nation in which it exists and serves.National Council of YMCAs of Myanmar No.PO Box 722. Mandalay and 2. First started in London by a group of young men.The National Leadership started around 1940s before Website www. Almost all the leaders at that time were European. The Mandalay YMCA and Taunggyi YMCA were also established. The National Council of YMCAs was started in 1951 with leaders from Taunggyi. Fostering dialogue and partnership between people of different faiths and ideologies and recognizing the cultural identities of people and promoting cultural renewal. especially young people and women to take increased responsibility and assume leadership at all levels and working toward an equitable society. One of the local YMCAs was totally disintegrated as it was empha-sizing too much on western culture. 83 Name f Contact Person U Maung Maung Win Address (Sub Office) 14 Local YMCAs and 13 Associate in 14 states and Divisions E-mail natymca@mptmail. 5. the office of which is located in Hong Kong. The YMCAs in Myanmar started as early as 1897 in Rangoon. the YMCA concept spread rapidly to every continent of the world. Pyin Oo Lwin. Maha Bandoola Street. Empowering all. Committing to work in solidarity with the poor. sports and recreation programs and educational programs. religious and ethnic minorities. Christian. 380856. Some of the early YMCAs were too much westernized and eventually strayed away from the local communities. International. Botataung Township. Sports and recreation pro-grams served only a minority. 4. Mission 1. Yangon. 293121 Fax: 095-1-298644 Name of Leader U Tin Aung Swe Background The YMCA. net. dispossessed. Young Men's Christian Association. jwpssa@ mptmail.

to bring these churches closer together. among all desire to enter the fellowship and activities of the Young Men's Christian Association. 7.National Council of YMCAs of Myanmar No. and to participate in effort to realize the Church Universal. Vision Sustainable Development and Empowerment of Youth. 380856. Property and Personnel Department Primary Beneficiaries 1.PO Box 722. nationally and internationally. Finance. (b) To assist the promotion of Christian principles in social conduct and relations. understanding. Community Development Department 3. Seeking to be mediators and reconcilers in situations of conflict and working for meaningful participation and advancement of people for their own self-determination. 293121 Fax: 095-1-298644 6. Youth Department 4. nationally and internationally. mutual respect and cooperation. in the service of youth (g) To maintain the membership of Myanmar in the Asia and Pacific Alliance and World Alliance of the Young Men's Christian Associations. Maha Bandoola Street.263. Yangon. Tel : 095-1-296434. (d) To promote the extension of the Young Men's Christian Associations to new fields. Botataung Township. Human Resources Development Department 2. Young people and women in the communities 84 LOCAL NGO DIRECTORY . The National Council has three major Departments: 1. The YMCA envisions a more justice and peaceful world where individual and community development is sustained and youth are empowered to become responsible citizens. (f ) To cooperate with other organizations locally. Main Goal (a) to serve as an organization through which Member Associations can achieve their purpose as a national movement by collective action in a manner which would not be possible through separate actions of the member Associations. Defending God's creation against all that would destroy it and preserving and protecting the earth's resources for coming generations. (h)To be an active co-operating body of the Myanmar Council of Churches. Main Activities The National Council is serving its local YMCAs and local people as much as possible. (c) To encourage members of the Young Men's Christian Associations to participate loyally in the functions and activities of their respective churches. (e) To develop sympathy.

socio-economic status and gender . Year of Establishment LOCAL NGO DIRECTORY 85 . Myanmar (ECLOF.To defend and be eternal "the Creation" .National Ecumenical Church Fund.Micro-credit . political belief. Pya Road.Capacity Building Primary Beneficiaries The poor and members or people who somehow related to Ecumenical Church Name of Contact Person Daw May Aye Shwe Email myeclof@gmail. Rebecca Khin Myo Aung Vision . Myanmar) No.To empower the outcasts and poor to participate in decision making process .To respect Human Rights and Dignity regardless of ethnicity.Livelihood .To improve the livelihoods of the people to be able to achieve the better life Programs . religion. Yangon Tel : 01 512868 Name of Leader Dr. Kamaryaut Township.

creating economic opportunities. NAG focuses on the Governance Approach. the main approaches of NAG are building the capacity of the people and community-based and civil society organizations. and promoting good governance in target issue areas. Vision/Mission NAG vision is a society which is peaceful. In fostering the visions of sustainable development. build capacity of CSOs and civil society actors. By so doing. org Website www. Later. Fax: +95(1) 372252 Name of Leader U Bobby Background Network Activities Group (NAG) has started relief and recovery efforts.nagmyanmar. committed to the sustainable development efforts not only in Delta. approaching to policy advocacy based of the evidence-based research. by the name of Nargis Action Group. NAG has become a registered with the Ministry of Home Affairs. org Year of Establishment 86 LOCAL NGO DIRECTORY .Network Activities Group (NAG) No. and community-based organizations. important decisions and effective implementations towards sustainable development of poor and vulnerable people are expected to be achieved. 375205. Yaw Min Gyi Street. creating and strengthening networks among CSOs. Main Goal Our Objective is dedicatedly working for the emergence of a society of Myanmar people which is sustainably developed and prosperous. women. CSOs. Main Activities The Main activities are: Promoting and building good governance within community. Yangon. 70. Name of Contact Person U Bobby Email admin@nagmyanmar. but also in regions which has been facing food and livelihood insecurity. Room 403. small-scale producers and CBOs. prosperous and sustainably developed. Myanmar. Tel : +95(1) 372252. Primary Beneficiaries the poor and vulnerable people. In so doing. promoting community-led activities. intending to necessary changes of various stakeholders and existing practices towards good governance which is essential and core for the sustainable development and win-win solutions for all stakeholders. Yaw Min Gyi Condo. Dagon Township. promoting market opportunities for underprivileged people. supporting livelihoods and income generations of small-scale producers. 382036.

Poorest children and orphanages . Shwepyithar Township .Sui Leng Email elansnow000@gmail.Reconstruction .To save their lives and to lift up education for poorest children and Orphanages . Myanmar Tel : 092302304 . Name of Contact Person Daw Mai .Cultivators .NFE Free tuition .To implement the rural area development .New Generation Social Development Organization No.095(1)611290 Name of Leader U Bawi Thang Background New Generation Social Development Organization which has been formed on 1 st May. Yangon. com Year of Establishment 1997 Main Activities .To establish demo. It has been legally recognized by Ministry 0f Social Welfare Relief and Resettlement on February 18.Tawwin Road.2009.cultivation .To increase food security and livelihood . 3/16/701.To maintain the environmental .Social support . 1997 with 25 members.Disaster affected Areas LOCAL NGO DIRECTORY 87 .Fund Raising and Awareness Primary Beneficiaries . Vision/Mission To prevent Childs from lose human.rights and to promote them to be effective future leaders. Main Goal .To set up small holding regarding with agriculture and livestock so on.T.

157 / 169 36th street ( middle ).New Myanmar Foundation F 7 . org Year of Establishment 2007 88 LOCAL NGO DIRECTORY . foundation @gmail.myanmar.Kyuktada Tsp . 8210 80606249 Name of Leader U Zaw Moe Aung Background started in 2007 January in Yangon Institute of Economics Vision/Mission To build a strong foundation for our socity Main Goal Main Activities Giving volunteer services in Education & Humanitarian Work Primary Beneficiaries Local Public Name of Contact Person Daw Mya Nandar Thin Email new.newmyanmar. Yangon Tel : 0973023795 .com Website www.

To enhance the capacity of CBO/LNGO/FBO for gender mainstreaming. To advocate NGO/FBO/CBO in Myanmar to contribute towards gender responsive society 2. com Website Year of Establishment 2000 LOCAL NGO DIRECTORY 89 .NGO Gender Group (NGO GG) 9/B. Sanchaung Township. CEDAW awareness. and seminar on Gender and HIV. May May Pyone (Executive Director) Name of the contact person Ms. gender and good governance. capacity building initiative and network with multiple organizations especially NGOs. mm. celebrate the International Women's maypyon@gmail. FBOs and CBOS engaged in development and humanitarian programs in Myanmar and direct project intervention activities. To strengthen the NGO GG to become sustainable organization 3. NGO GG was established in late 2003. Since that time NGO GG is having regular monthly gathering and sharing experiences on gender related issues. 0950 96935. gender and interfaith. Media and Gender workshop. conducting Gender Action Research Learning Process with partner NGOs. 16 days activism. gender mainstreaming in MDGs. Main objective 1. gender and climate change.scm@gmail. gender related research studies. gender trainer's and gender focal person workshops. facilitation. To network with multiple organization in land and abroad for gender and development issues in Myanmar 4. Gender and Media Email ggmya@mail4u.Action Research Learning Program: Series of workshop organized for partners to do gender action research . 0949 319660 Name of the leader Ms. Mai Kaythi Min Din (Steering Committee) Background NGO GG was informally formed in 2000 with the initiated from international expatriate and national gender concerns person. gender audit. Yangon Tel : 95-1-504 692. capacity building. Myanmar Women's Day. organize gender related workshops and implementing the Gender sensitive livelihood intervention in Bogalay township.Facilitate gender related trainings/workshops: gender awareness training. Vision/Mission Envision NGO GG as a change agent for mainstreaming gender equality in Myanmar Society NGO Gender Group is a national formed group to promote gender equality in Myanmar through collaboration. Main activities . Myaynigone Plaza. com maikthi. With the support from the international organizations from inland and abroad. May May Pyone (Executive Director) Ms. gender analysis training. mainstreaming gender in Reproductive Health.

NGO staff. 0949 319660 . Yangon Tel : 95-1-504 692. Sanchaung Township. 0950 96935.Gender Training of Trainers . elderly women. and community based organizations and private sectors 90 LOCAL NGO DIRECTORY . widows. at NGO GG offices. Myaynigone Plaza.NGO Gender Group (NGO GG) 9/B. 2:30-4:30 p. development workers and humanitarian workers from NGO communities.Monthly sharing meeting: regular meeting organizes every first Thursday of the month.m. faith based organizations. young women children and men. Sharing and learning program for NGO GG members. Primary beneficiaries Community members especially single mothers.

Myay Nu Website Background Shalom Foundation was established by Reverend Dr. No. Myanmar Tel : 01-523650. Ja Nan. is composed of community and religious leaders from different ethnic nationalities. Myitkyina. Saboi Jum Name of Contact Person Daw L.To promote individuals to be socially responsible people and thus to fulfill their human dignity Main Activities . 523548 Ext: 902. Assistant Director (program and International Relations) Sub-Office Address Penthouse . The foundation is officially registered as a local NGO. Kachin State. The Advisory Board. Kayah.Development Program Primary Beneficiaries (1) Local community leaders (2) Religious Leaders (3) Ethnic Mediators (4) Ethnic Armed Groups (5) Youth and women (6) Community social and development workers (7) Teachers (8)Those who are actively involved in peace and development works LOCAL NGO DIRECTORY 91 . Lamai Condo.Peace Program (Peace Education and Social Integration) . 074-23944 (Myitkyina) Name of Chairman Rev. to play an important role in advising and evaluating the activities of the foundation helping with international support and networking. 99-B.Peace Program (Dialogue and Governance) . policy guiding body.Mediation Program . San Chaung Township. and four regional coordinating offices in Karen.To support individuals to become agents of positive change in their communities and nation .Nyein (Shalom) Foundation GD 89.B.To support the peaceful means in achieving the desired goals of ethnic armed groups . Chin and Mon States. Shata Pru. "Friends of Shalom" has also been informally established with international friends.To support in establishing trust between all levels of society . Dr. It head office is situated in Myitkyina. Kachin State. 536692 Fax : 01-536692. Yangon E-mail shalommyanmar@ gmail. Saboi Jum. Vision/Mission A stable and just society for all people in Myanmar Main Goal . a Liaison office in Yangon.

. Myanmar. Yangon.. abandoned children and people connected in some way to those children. Tel : 95-1-651249 Name of Leader Sayadaw Baddanta Pawara (Nayaka Sayadaw) Background Established by Sayadaw Baddanta Pawara Main Goal To provide care and protection as well as education to impoerished children. Mayanggone Tsp. orphans. protection and accommodation. children who cannot afford an education Main Activities About 700 students (Include 100 from remote area) are: .given schooling and transferred to State middle and high schools Primary Beneficiaries Impoverished children.given meals.Patauk Shwewar Monastic Primary School Patauk Shwewar Monastery Ward (5).given care. Name of Contact Person Sayadaw Baddanta Pawara Email Year of Establishment 92 LOCAL NGO DIRECTORY . North Kyauk Yetwin. .

providing social business Year of Establishment 1915 Background Phan Tee Eain was founded in July 24th 2009 to support and facilitate the capacity development of youths and women and students from monastic education school by a group of women and youths. to improve income of vulnerable and poor women through social business . organization development. to strengthen the networking activities Main Activities: capacity building. social and technical support to Htein Soon Primary Monastic Education School at Hmawbe Township since 2009. Hlaing Township. and strengthening the networks. consultancy services. networking Primary Beneficiaries Vulnerable and poor women and youths 93 LOCAL NGO DIRECTORY . research. PTE started social business services in the beginning of 2011 with the cooperation of women lead CBOs. Since 2009. Thiri (4) Street. PTE has been providing financial. Main Goal To enhance knowledge and capacity of women. Tel : 09 730 1 7732 Name of Leader Daw Shwe Shwe Sein Latt Name of Contact Person Daw Shwe Shwe Sein Latt Email Phanteeeain. Vision Women improve in all aspects of their life and they are actively participating and leading in the important sectors for nation's development Mission Phan tee Eain will support and facilitate to develop the life of women by enhancing knowledge and capacity. Moreover PTE has been working for women development together with other women organizations and network within country and region. Quarter(2). social business. 98 . PTE has also been providing capacity development and organization development services to women organizations and individuals since 2011. PTE has been supporting the capacity development of youths and women and doing network among them through its own funding. Then it initiated civic education programme with youths and women in 2010 and has been implementing in many places.Phan Tee Eain (PTE) (Creative Home) No. A2. myanmar @gmail.

leaders of PLH from Thazin Clinics by MSF (Holland) organized several discussions and then.Building or Renovating shelters . economic.Providing technical knowledge and skills . Khyan Sit Thar Lane (1).Taking care of the patients who have no family members or anyone at Mingalar Hospital and Tharkaytha Hospital . (8) Ward.Assisting the social. Htee Hlaing Shin Website www. economic and education difficulties . and health 94 LOCAL NGO DIRECTORY . Hlaing Tharyar Township.Enrolling the children for school .People living with HIV and their family members Name of Contact Person U Thiha Kyin Email phoenixassociation @gmail. Vision/ Mission To enable the needy people of Myanmar to fulfill basic social.Creating businesses to increase income .To encourage and consult PLH to live with constructive attitude . . decided to form an organization to help each other more efficiently. phoenixmyanmar.Phoenix Association No.To enable PLH to earn their own Main Activity . and to stand on their own Regardless of nationality and religion.Mental support to PLH .Creating jobs for higher income Primary Beneficiaries .Creating networks among stake holders Main goal . 158/D. Yangon Tel : 09 73119050 Name of Leader U Thiha Khyin Background During 2005.

Yangon.Precious Stones 827E. Mayangone .9 Mile. Tel : 651165.Ocean Center. Vision/Mission Email precston@gmail.Ext:2827 Name of Leader Name of Contact Person Daw Cho Cho Aye Background Precious Stones started on 15-8-2006 with three persons to urban people who came to work here for cash work with self -helpsaving-group.Women and youth empowerment Primary beneficiaries .com Main Goal .women and youth Year of Establishment 2006 LOCAL NGO DIRECTORY 95 . Main Activities . prioritizing their participation and their communities.Precious Stones exists to holistic development of local people.

com Year of Establishment 2011 96 LOCAL NGO DIRECTORY .(16). Sangyiwa Quarter.nmf@ gmail. Vision/Mission To do humanitarian works Main Goal To help in funerals for poor families Main Activities Giving free volunteer services for funerals Primary Beneficiaries local people Name of Contact Person U Kyaw Kyaw Thet & U Zaw Win Tun Email ukhinelatt. Mingalardon Tel : 09 731 49442 ? 09 511 7700 Name of Leader U Kyaw Kyaw Thet Background January 29? 2011. Lanthit Street.PuNyakaRi Free Funeral Service Society No.

children Name of Contact Person Daw New Zin Win Email nwezinwin@ Year of Establishment 1997 LOCAL NGO DIRECTORY 97 . yankin Garden Housing. care and support .org chairperson@ pkgmyanmar. SW . Mobile . ovc Primary Beneficiaries Youth . with 7 members. Main Goal To prevent from HIV for women and children Main Activities HIV prevention .Pyi Gyi Khin No 305 . 01-400261 Name of Leader Daw Than Than Nu Background 1997 .PLHA . MSM . Sipine 1 lane. Yankin Tsp. Tel : 8551510 .

mainly for food and then education Vision/Mission To be a critigue person. Yangon Email hsw2005@gmail. Mayangone.Pyin nya Beikman Education service YWA Bo QR . 7th street Thamine . Main Goal for 200 children to be primary education on each year Main Activities Teaching Non formal education Primary Beneficiaries 200 children each year Year of Establishment 2005 98 LOCAL NGO DIRECTORY .com Background Started in 2005 . 479 . Ward 1. YESAGYO . Tel : 062-30755 Fax: 062-30755 Name of Leader U Tin Aung Name of Contact Person U Tin Aung (Sub office) Room 3A.

radanarayar. Livelihoods and Food gmail. Educational affairs and livelihoods in line with their human dignity and quality of life. 09731-72619 Fax: (95) 45-45242 Name of Leader Thein Aung (President) Background Vision We want the world that free form poverty and hunger with equal opportunities to rural peoples in basic rights of Health care services.RADANAR AYAR Association for the Rural Development in Myanmar No-40. webs.ayar. Bogalay 10231.radanar. Name of Contact Person Thura Aung (Director of Programme) Email info.45673. Myanmar. Bogyoke Aung Sann Year of Establishment 1992 Main Goal Main Activities Primary Beneficiaries LOCAL NGO DIRECTORY 99 . Mission Our Mission is to alleviate human suffering that free form hunger and extreme poverty that equal opportunity with rural and urban lives in basic areas of Health Education. Tel : (95) -45. By integrating our programmes with local and national systems we further ensure that short-term interventions become long-term Website www. Ward-5.

mountain forest.freshwater and marine Dr.Geographic position of the Rakhaine Yoma mountain range is strongly influence upon weather condition of Myanmar. Main Goal To conserve lowerland forest.Mayangon Township. RCA will participate in social.Conduct education and awareness raising programme among the local populace .mountain forests.Rakhaine Costal Region Conservation Association No. mangroves.Establishment of Community forests and agroforestry for shifting cultivators .wetlands and marine environments. h e a l t h .RCA has been formed with 7 Cental Executive Committee members and 18 Executive members.Baho Lane. mangroves.economy and environmental aspects of Rakhaine coastal region activities and promote the livelihood of the local people by raising awareness and poverty reduction.5th Quarter.Nature disaster prevention works .473. Rakhaine State.Lowerland and mountain reforestation . Elephant Sanctuary.Myanmar Year of Establishment 1987 Primary Beneficiaries Local wildlife and local communities 100 LOCAL NGO DIRECTORY . NGO and INGO to study the fauna and flora of Rakaine Yoma forests.Maung Maung Kyi Name of Contact Person U Maung Maung Thein Pe (Vice President) Daw Zarchi Htet (CEC Member) (Sub.Natural conservation . e c o n o m y a n d development activities .Promote livelihoods of local community .livelihood of the people will also be affected and some wildlife and wildplants can be extinct. EC and members are volunteers.Participate in local education.Mangrove conservaion and reforestation . Main Activities . scientist. Yangon Myanmar Tel : 09 731 32658 Name of Leader Background The RCA was established in 1987 by plantation of a 50-hactre forest near Kyeintali town. Consequently.Kyeintali Township.Office) Kyauktawyaug Conservation Park. RCA has been involving in nature and public activities in Rakhaine State with more than 700 members.Collaborate and cooperate with local and international researchers.Participate in emergency relief and rehabilitation programmes for the natural disaster affected areas in Rakaine State . At present. rivers.Protect wild elephant and illegal wildlife poaching and killing in Rakhaine Yoma Elephant Sanctuary . Rakhaine State. All CEC . Vision/ Mission Rakhaine coastal area is rich in both terrestrial and marine enviroment natural resources.

Ward 3. Primary Beneficiaries 30 selected poor villages out of 5 poor cluster villages. com Year of Establishment 2007 LOCAL NGO DIRECTORY 101 . South Oakklarpa T/S. Main Activities Awareness Raising of the poor and backward communities about the possiblity of their self-development. Southern Rakhine State and reach out to the similar areas in the Thandway District and Mon State. Water & Sanitation. Myanmar. Adequate and Safe Drinking Water and sanitation. Kyauk Pyu District. Hnin Si Street.Development of SelfHelp Women Groups(SHG) by the initiation of Micro Finance activities.To initiate the community development in the Southern Rakhine State poor communities where no other INGO or LNGO has initiated any such kind of development activities before. Ngwe Kyar Yan Reikthar. Rambre Township Email thartunoo@gmail. depending upon the increased budget and technical experties. Vision/Mission Social and Economic Development. Yangon Tel : 095 153358 Name of Leader U Thar Tun Oo Name of Contact Person U Thar Tun Oo Background Formed in 2007 with the initial grant from the ActionAid International. as a Local NGO. Women Empowerment.Ranmarwaddy Rural Development Services (RRDS) No 6. Food Security first by the initiation of Rice Banks and improving the agriculture of the poor farmers. Environment Development Main Goal To initiate the above activities in the Rambre Island. Poverty Alleviation. Agriculture Development.

RATANA METTA ORGANISATION (RMO) No. Funding was mainly provided by 3D Fund. free medical treatment including ARV drugs. snacks and lunch were provided at the gathering. one in Pazundaung and the other in Tarmwe. The project also provides LOCAL NGO DIRECTORY Name of Contact Person U Myint Swe (President) Ratana Metta Organisation Email ratanametta 2004@ gmail. Presently.Pazundaung Township.promote awareness of Child Rights and Child Protection and care and support for orphans and vulnerable children . school support for the children and micro finance for income generation of the families. RMO is implementing Community based Child Care and Child Protection Project with UNICEF funding. Alilance Myanmar and UNAIDS. RMO is operating two clinics in Yangon. Coffee.. Main Goals . nutrition support. The gathering of PLHAs and their families were held monthly where they were given psychological support. nutrition support and opened 6 Child Friendly Space for the children.prevention.alleviate poverty by providing livelihood support for livestock breeding and micro finance for income generation Main Activities (1) HIV/AIDS RMO started its activities with prevention of HIV/AIDS by conducting advocacy talks. moral lessons and meditation session. It was founded in 2004 and registered with the Ministry of Home affairs (Registration No:……1948……. Lower Pazundaung Road. treatment. RMO conducted 23 workshops for awareness of Child Rights and Child Protection in 5 Townships in Nargis Cyclone affected areas of the Delta Region. RMO has been raising funds from local donors for free distribution of ARV drugs. 406. health talks. Community talks on Child Rights and Child Protection have been conducted in 5 townships in Yangon Region. MYANMAR.).com Year of Establishment 1951 102 . (2) Child Rights and Child Protection In 2008. RMO also provided school support. care and support for people living with HIV/AIDS (PLHA) . Presently. Yangon. Tel : 09-730-24794 Fax : 95-1-296 898 Name of Leader Background Ratana Metta is a local NGO. They provide basic counseling service. training of trainers (TOT) and multiplier trainings to raise awareness of HIV/AIDS in communities. free hospital referral and funeral service. non-profit and non-political organization.

Ayeyawady Region. (5)NetworkRMO has been expanding its network by organizing members from different backgrounds including doctors. Gathering of children and families were held every month where they were given health talks. They were given personal hygiene (wash and clean). Yangon. Funding for Yangon DIC was provided by Sonne International (Austria) and Pathein DIC by Marie Stopes International (MSI) where the families of street children were given reproductive health knowledge. pigs) for breeding. Livelihood and Food Security Trust Fund (LIFT) and (Action Aid). Tel : 09-730-24794 Fax : 95-1-296 898 for nutrition support. hair cutting /stylist. school support and basic healthcare. micro finance for income generation. health talks. president of Myanmar NGOs Network (MNN) and a member of Myanmar Country Coordinating Mechanism (MCCM) of the Ministry of Health and Myanmar Interfaith Network (MINA). The project activities include provision of livestock (eg.RATANA METTA ORGANISATION (RMO) No.Pazundaung Township. Vocational training was provided for selected children with potential for learning. writers. media and businessman. nutritious breakfast and lunch. It also expands its network with other national and international organizations engaged in HIV/AIDS. light entertainment and meals. care and support for orphans and vulnerable children. (3) Drop-in-Centre (DIC) Drop-in-Centre for street children has been opened in Yangon and Pathein. moral lessons and TV/Video information and entertainment. LOCAL NGO DIRECTORY 103 . school support and micro finance for income generation of their families. Lower Pazundaung Road. Some grownup children were given vocational training in sewing. The president of RMO is also holding the posts of the president of National NGOs Network HIV/AIDS (3N). moral support.The children and their families were given awareness on Child Rights and Child Protection. uniforms and stationary. mechanic. There are about 40 children who regularly come to the Centres. During the day they were given non-formal education. Their families were provided with nutrition support and micro finance for income generation. nutrition support. (4)Livelihood Activities RMO has been implementing livelihood projects funded by European Union (EU). MYANMAR. 406. . The main donors for Child Protection and Child Care were UNICEF and Save the Children. Some children who wish to go to school were also given school fees.

7th Street . War(2). com Year of Establishment 104 LOCAL NGO DIRECTORY .17(A). Yangon .kyaw@gmail. Myanmar Tel : 098742982 Name of Leader Kyaw Than Tun Background Started to do child protection Vision/Mission To develop each child to become good citizen Main Goal Survival and development of every child Main Activities Child Protection Primary Beneficiaries Children and Women Name of Contact Person Kyaw Than Tun Email ratna.Ratna Mahal Education Care Group No. Hlaing Township .

ream@gmail. 4. Collection and dissemination of RET in formations Primary beneficiaries 1. Research scholars & inventors. To solve energy problem by RET 2. Myanmar (CC Office) Tel : 223 405. Personnel who responsible for energy and environmental problems. Conduct rural development functions by RET. 2. To protect natural resources and environment by RET 3. Yangon. To achieve rural development by RET Year of Establishment 1993 Main Activities 1. Email am. LOCAL NGO DIRECTORY 105 . Building(2) Ahnawrahtar Housing Estate. Pazundaung Township. Ahlone Township. Explore appropriate RET for Myanmar. 2nd Thiri Website Main Objective 1.Renewable Energy Association Myanmar (REAM) 160. 292012 Name of Leader U Aung Khin (Chairman) Background Start organized with people who has special interest on renewable energy for the development of rural people Name of Contact Person U Aung Myint (General Secretary) Vision/Mission Rural development and Environmental Conservation by Renewable Energy Technology (RET). Yangon (Project Office)Room(8). 5th floor (right). 3. 212486. 3. Conservation of natural resources and environment by RET. rural population. 2.

flowering and fruit decoration course for the rural femaleadults. meeting minutes and record. LOCAL NGO DIRECTORY Name of Contact Person (1)U Khin Maung Win (Chairman) (2)U Tin Aye (Director) (3)Daw Aye Aye Mu (Director) (4)Daw La Min Ein (Member) (5)U Kyaw Thuya Win (Member) (6)U Chit Ko Ko (Member) (7)Dr. taking out and storing from other groups and distributing and keeping the records systematically. religion.La Yaung Soe (Member) Email 106 . religion. pamphlets and hygienic materials and giving speech.Rural Development Services No . Finance and Logistic Department which is the one being it is a department. stimulating. South Okkalapa Tel : 01-577891. lending money with cheap interest. digging the wells and ponds in order to get the drinking water and water for domestic use. 09-5370760 Name of Leader U Khin Maung Win (Chairman) Background Established by the three educated Buddhist young men. seeking for vocational livelihoods. Dr. buying and filling the requirements for the project. U Maung Gyi with the inspiration of patriotism and stood for the protection and development of education. building the sanitation. culture. supporting capital money.14/2. (c)Livelihood. we decide to participate either by ourselves or by the donors' goodwill/effort to be effective to our country and nation. Education and Aged Care Department participates in giving training livelihoods such as sewing machine course. Vision/Mission Development and Propagation of nationalism. U Ba Phe. and economics of Myanmar people. and education Main Goal (1)Our services is established with the firm purpose of being freed of the social alleviation of rural people. and serving the hygienic / health education to the rural persons who are hardly in touch with updated information. social welfare. recording and calculation A/C statement. (2)We aim at distributing the livelihoods education in order to get rid of the social alleviation of rural public and to possess healthy and happy family life with higher education. 14 Ward. renovating and building the wells. (b)Clean water and sanitation Department takes part in distributing the purified water. Ba Yin. providing the educational knowledge to raise the social morale. (4)Our motto is "One for All". (3)In accordance with our firm belief on these aims. Zinyaw St.This is in charge of administration procedures such as employment of staffs. Main Activities (a)Administration. report and presentation. documentation.preparing project. looking after the aged and giving the glasses. 01-73000851. organizing and spreading out the educational journals.

Food and household kit distribution for cyclone response and rehabilitation . we founded the organization aim to aid the community to alleviate the impact of disaster suffering. Vision/Mission To develop the social status of community regarding food. Yangon Division Tel : 09 86 16491 Name of Leader Sandi Sayardaw Ahshin Taik Kha Nyar Na (Founder) Background After Nargis. education and economy Main Objective To be developed village and to promote the social status of Kyauk Tan area with proper road. Kyauk Tan Township. communication.Road and bridge renovation .Health care at emergency response time .Supporting for dead person and childbirth case .Distribution electricity . health.Sandi Development Organization Sandi gmail.Distribution Rice bags for revolving fund activity Primary beneficiaries Vulnerable community in Kyauk Tan Area Name of Contact Person (1) Ahshin Taik Kha Nyar Na (Founder/ Leader) (2) Daw Ohmar Yee (Treasurer) (3) Daw Tin Tin Hla (Accountant) Email sandisayadaw. advanced education and economy Main Activities .com Website LOCAL NGO DIRECTORY 107 .Fencing and Distributing water . clothing. shelter.Microfinance/ Revolving fund activity for fertilizer .

Tel : 09 8570600 Name of Leader U Wai Yan Tin Maung Win Name of Contact Person U Toe Lay Naing Email bogale. pre and during development period To enhance the ability and effectiveness of the community by collaborating the local knowledge of the community and outside assistance Program I. providing foods. Recovery 1. resettling. com. Emergency Relief 1. Pre-development Period 1. nnini2006@gmail. 238/4. Emergency Food 2. Share Mercy would involve in various disasters relief programs wherever the disaster hits. Drinking Water and Water Source re-sanitation support III. Share Mercy is implementing all humanitarians programs with full accountability to her beneficiaries as well as her donors. It is organized by a group of volunteers who are well informed in humanitarian works and it intends to provide humanitarian assistances the poor and the vulnerable to improve their life. Reconstructing roads and transportation 3. Vision/Mission To promote Global Development Care and Share Towards Peaceful world To mitigate risks and vulnerability of the communities at every phases of Efficiency of Drinking Water 108 LOCAL NGO DIRECTORY . Temporary Shelter II. com Website Background Share Mercy is a non-profit. Clothing and Household Utilities 4. such as. Moreover.Share Mercy Psycho. Reestablishing Livelihood 2. 36th Street. and non-religious organization established in 2011 at Bogale Township. non-government. Water. postimmediate relief period. laserkln@gmail. post-immediate emergency period. providing drinking water in drought area. recovery period. Sanitation and Hygiene 4. Kyauttadar Township. and reuniting family members.

Environmental Awareness Trainings 3. Western and Southern part of Bogale Township Sector Civil Society Development Focus Area Recent Future : Bogale Township : Tarlay ????. Water Storage Tank. Environmental Protection 6. Livelihood for the vulnerable people 5. Distribution of newsletters. building networks. Educational materials for students 5. Pump 2. Capacity Building Training for Civil Society Organizations LOCAL NGO DIRECTORY 109 . 238/4. Artificial Eye-lash production 4.Share Mercy No. Income generating jobs for women. Reforestation 7. Kyauttadar Township. 36th Street. Kungyangon Achievement 1. and sharing information and funding sources Beneficiaries Villages from Eastern. Tel : 09 8570600 2. Disaster risk protection IV. Educational materials for outside school education programs 3. Tube Well. Dedaye. Reducing unemployment 4. pamphlets on Disaster 6. Normal Situation To develop the capacity of the local civil society organizations through capacity building trainings.

Main Objective To hold the novice monks examination annually. have them to practise for their daily lives towards their goals. Vipasana Course 4.Shin Thar Ma Ne Dhamma Beikman Thar Tha Na Wun Saung Association Shin Thar Ma Ne Dhamma Beikman Arzarni Road. both young and old. Myanmar. Tel : 01 556 338 Name of Leader U Aung (president) Background The original Shin Thar Ma Ne Examination Group Donated the building and the present Thar Tha Na Wun Saung Association was formed. Youth Traning Name of Contact Person U Kyi Twe (secretary) Email ARCHITECT2 @mptmail. Vision/Mission To promote Theravada Buddhism for the benefit of all living creatures. To promote Buddha's Teaching to all levels. Main Activities Website Year of establishment 1991 Primary beneficiaries For all human beings 110 LOCAL NGO DIRECTORY . East Gate of Shwe Da Gon Pagoda. Bahan Township. Yangon. Holding Mingala Bhuha Shin Tharmane Examination for the novice Teaching of Buddhists literature 3. 2.

95-9-5103725 Fax : 95-1-222923 Name of Leader U Myat Thu Winn Background In mayanmar. Myanmar ) Room B/104.Bogyoke Street.NGOs and INGOs. Vision/Mission Inclusive Enviroment.Inclusive Development.Shwe Minn Thar smtcoltd93@gmail.Bld No.95-1-229087. Yangon.(corner of Wardan Street). com Website Year of establishment LOCAL NGO DIRECTORY 111 . net. Main Objective To improve the quality of life for PWDs.Myanmar (SMTF.CBR activities developing are really need and to stand from the PWD's side.Myanmar Tel : 95-1-215939.797.Also cooperation with others GOs. Main Activities Community base rehabilitation activities for people with disabilities (PWDs) Primary beneficiaries People with Disabilities (PWDs) Name of Contact Person U Myat Thu Winn Email smtcoltd@mptmail. Lanmadaw Township.

Tin Hlaing.Providing health care . 80.Holding fun fairs .Following the suggestions and instruction from Minister for Home Affairs Col.Yangon. Kwan-aut-thar-minn-thar Road. Dagon Myothit (Seikkan) Township. Vision/Mission - Name of Contact Person Daw Khin San Win (Administrator) Email Year of Establishment 1999 Main Goal . Main Activities: .Inviting monks so that the elderly persons are able to keep Sabbath on Sabbath days during Lent Primary Beneficiaries -Elderly persons without anyone to turn to 112 LOCAL NGO DIRECTORY . Myanmar. moral and social development of resident elderly persons and bring about secular and religious benefits. and the Thadingyut Light Festival .Shwe Than Lwin Home for the Aged No.Arranging funerals .Providing care and protection to elderly persons .To make arrangements for the physical. Tel : 95-1-592 126 Name of Leader U Aung Win (President) Background .Holding Waso and Kathina Robe Offering Ceremonies. It was named in honour of the contribution from Shwe Than Lwin Construction Co. the Director-General of Department of Human Settlement and Housing Development U Ant Kyaw initiated to open a Home for the Aged with the objective of ensuring that there are no homeless elderly people begging their living in Yangon and that the capital Yangon has the proper characteristics of world capitals. which donated 7 buildings and 3 motor vehicles. mental.To offer shelter and care to elderly persons without anywhere to go .

September Vision/Mission . Sartaikwine. giving training and volunteer services Primary Beneficiaries Public Year of Establishment 1997 LOCAL NGO DIRECTORY 113 .Social Actors Form 13th Street. Magwe division Tel : 0943046096 Name of Leader U Aung Hlaing Than Background -1997.To give and share knowledge (public awareness) to public Main Goal -. Aung Lan city . Name of Contact Person U Aung Hlaing Than Email aungnaingthan@ Main Activities: Open libraries.

health care training. Corner of Awayar St and 3rd St. child health. hygiene awareness. non-formal education for out-of-school children. . Magway Tel : 09 73167106 Name of Leader Aung Htike Min. youth health and safety issues such as HIV.Youth takes the leadership role in various public affairs at different levels" Main Goal 1) Youth takes action for youth's physical. focal point between patients and donors.ahmscvg@tiged. library and etc. improving child participation. increasing role of youth in communities while respecting role of others Main Activities: Youth Empowerment Program 1) Member-based Youth Experiential learning (member-driven social activism. forming and strengthening child-led groups) Name of Contact Person Aung Htike Min Email scvginmagway@ gmail. Aung Sayatanar Ward. local CSO strengthening. internship. adolescent health. mental and social wellbeing and development 2) Youth takes action for social problems in communities. condom & IECs distribution. VCT/STI referral and etc. outreach activities.socialcarevg.Established in 2007 in Magway by Aung Htike Min with a group of like-minded youth. capacity building activities. Htun Myo Maung. sustaining preventive behavior for safe blood donors and referral of unsafe blood donors to relevant clinics) Community Change Program 1) Child right and health promotion (child right youth members are taking the lead in youth capacity building and experiential learning through membership approach.Social Care Volunteer Group (SCVG) Magway B/191. then widen the scope to other youth-led community change programs .) Youth Health and Safety Program 1) HIV prevention among youth (youth-friendly education. child rights and child-led CSO strengthening and other issues based on the perceived needs Vision/ Mission . Swe Linn Maung Background .com Year of Establishment 1997 114 LOCAL NGO DIRECTORY . Website www.Initially focused on HIV prevention among youths.) 2) Blood donation network (supporting blood donors with vitamin supplement.Youth is the powerful and reliable taskforce in Myanmar National Development" .

Magway Tel : 09 73167106 2) Non-formal Education (among out-of-school children and adolescents) 3) Local CSO strengthening (social activists training. Corner of Awayar St and 3rd St. networking and partnership) Primary Beneficiaries . Children LOCAL NGO DIRECTORY 115 .Social Care Volunteer Group (SCVG) Magway B/191. Aung Sayatanar Ward.Youth .

Social Development Initiative (SDi)
No. 9. Aung Zaya lane, High Land Avenue, 7 mile, Mayangone Township, Yangon. Tel : 09 86 31884, 01 651 059 Fax : 01 662 971
Name of Leader U Min Zaw Background -Social Development Initiative (SDI) is a non non-religious, neutral and independent organization. It was founded on 15th January 2010 with six executive committee members who are interested in working with communities for the development. All members have been working together with communities for development and have extensive experience and skills in supporting the socio economic development of Myanmar. The network of SDI covers all the areas of Myanmar. Vision/ Mission An organization which could bring individuals, in contact with Social Development Initiative, in the community to participate meaningfully in socio economic development of Myanmar Community based support groups are formed and active with the support from the regional and local administration and development related departments of government of the Union of Myanmar in carrying out the achievement of millennium development goals Main Goal - To increase the capacity of individuals to participate in the economic development of Myanmar - To establish the community based development group to sustain and protect their livelihood system by equipping with skills and knowledge - To develop a system of cooperation and coordination between community and the regional and local government in response, rehabilitation and mitigation of disaster risk reduction. Main Activities: - Capacity Building of Local Communities in different sectors of intervention - Advocacy with different level of authority for the interest of the community - To transfer appropriate and sustainable technology to the local community in consultation with the community - To link available external resources into the existing resources of the community Primary Beneficiaries Vulnerable community especially to Women, Children, Disable, Elderly people

Name of Contact Person U Min Zaw Address (Sub office) 480, Yuzana ward, Myitkyina, Kachin state.

Email socdev.initiative01

Year of Establishment



Social Vision Services Association
Bldg (8/10), Room (C/D), South Horse Race Course,Tamwe Gyee(Kha) Ward,Tamwe Township, Yangon, Myanmar. Tel : + ( 95 ) 01-401446, 401447, 09-8524210,09-8524207 Fax : ( 95 ) 01-401447
Name of Leader U Su Tin Background -The Social Vision Services (SVS) was established in June 2008 aiming own goals to ensure Communities' development in social knowledge. SVS has the capacity to perform the social knowledge services relating in the following main focus sectors on WASH, livelihoods, environment, and sub-sectors: education, health, society, culture, and agriculture and child protection. SVS has developed specific IEC materials tailored to the specific needs of beneficiaries. SVS specializes in disaster risk reduction and disaster preparedness as well as psycho-social support in the aftermath of disasters. Vision/ Mission - Development of Morals and Ethics leads to the development of state and citizens. -Social Vision Services focus on social vision improvement for social, economic and sustainable development through the effective use of IEC activities and materials worldwide.

Name of Contact Person Daw Khin Thet Maw (Operation Director) Daw Yi Yi Win (Programme Director) U Ko Ko Win (Senior Technical Advisor) Address Sub-Office Thu Htay Gone Village, Satsan Village Tract , Bogalay Township. (2) Sub-Office No-3 Ward , Maung Phyu Gyi Gwa Sone (near football play ground) Bu Thi Taung Township, Southern Rakhine State. (3) Sub-Office Bo Gyoke Street, Ta Yoke Tan Wards, MyaePon Township, Northern Rakhine State . Email s.v.s.myanmarngo@ Website www. socialvisionservices. org.

Main Goal - To develop Morals and Ethics

Main Activities - Information, Education, Communication Primary Beneficiaries SVS focus on community development through family development within the community by supporting vulnerable persons especially women and children including disable persons while strengthening civil society.



Spectrum (Sustainable Development Knowledge Network)
Room C, 9th Floor, Myaynigone Plaza, Sanchaung Township, Yangon, Myanmar Tel : 01-516 941
Name of Leader Naw Ei Ei Min Background -Spectrum is a local non-profit organization which started establishing in 2007 May. The Spectrum - Sustainable Development Knowledge Network is a local initiative which seeks through constructive dialogue, knowledge dissemination and resource sharing, to support and encourage behavior change in environmental practice improvement and sustainable development, as a means of enhancing National Development in Myanmar. Vision/Mission - Establishing mechanisms to enhance the framework for "National Development" in Myanmar, via constructive engagement on environment, sustainable development and natural resource management matters. Main Goal - Establishing mechanisms to enhance the framework for "National Development" in Myanmar, via constructive engagement on environment, sustainable development and natural resource management matters. Main Activities: 1) Delivering youth training 2) Training on environmental issues 3) Improved mapping, understanding of land use and helping community land registration 4) Supporting local environmental journals and strengthening young journalists 5) Pilot carbon offset study work 6) Engagement on promotion of natural resource development 7) Networking and Advocacy on natural resource management issues 8) Translation and publication of environmentally relevant IEC materials 9) Promote Community Knowledge Based Research 10) Seed fund and small grant funding Primary Beneficiaries - Youth groups, LNGO, INGO, Faith Based Organization, CBO, CSO

Name of Contact Person Maw Htun Aung

Email spectrum.operation@ spectrum.program@

Year of Establishment



Substance Abuse Research Association(SARA)
No 237, Room2,Bargayar Road, Kyundaw South Ward, Sanchaung Township, Yangon, Myanmar. Tel : 01-682094,0973040097 Fax : 01-682094
Name of Leader Dr.Gyaw Htet Doe Dr.Mg Kyaw Background Substance Abuse Research Association (SARA) is a local NGO founded in 1991. SARA is in collaboration with Ministry of Health , Central Committee for Drug Abuse Control,Department of Social Welfare, UNODC,MANA and BI.SARA had worked with UNODCMyanmar and act as focal point for Global Youth Network-Myanmar in South East Asia Region.SARA is also participating as National Trainer in Treatnet II project,a regional UNODC Project.SARA has conducted several surveys and research activity which was focused on drug abuse and completed projects on Parenting Skills, Family based approches in Drug Abuse prevention, and piloted hospital based outreach activities for Harm Reduction intervention. Vision/Mission - To take the lead in introducing the research tools to conduct scientific research in the field of drug abuse and drug abuse-related HIV in Myanmar and advocate for evidence based approaches in conducting prevention programmers. Main Goal - a) To conduct drug abuse research in the fields of epidemiology,prevention intervention research, with the aim of teneration information for health policy makers. b) To set-up community based infrastructures for conducting drug abuse research and prevention activities . Main Activities: 1) Epidemiological Research and Harm Reduction Programs 2) Family based Harm Reduction approaches in Kachin State (6 townships) 3) Incidence Study in Lashio Township 4) Primary Prevention of HIV/AIDS and Drug Abuse for at risk population. Primary Beneficiaries People Who Inject Drugs, People Who use Drugs, Migrants/ Mobile Population Working Women and their partners and Youths

Name of Contact Person Dr.Nyein Zaw Htet Doe

Project Office No-18-A, Grandamar Road, Thirimon Housing, Near Bayintnaung Junction, Mayangone Township, Myanmar. Phone 95-1-682094, 95-973040097

Email saracentral@mail4u., saraentral@ Website www.saramyanmar. org Year of Establishment



North Dangon . Swedaw Street . Yangon Tel : 095131643 Name of Leader Ma Cho Cho Aung Background 2011 January Name of Contact Person Ma Shwe Yi Lin Email heaven986@gmail. 41 Quater ." To have skills in knowledge and Tedchnology to follow up international level " Main Goal -" To raise Education for public " Year of Establishment 2011 Main Activities To give trainings in civic education Primary Beneficiaries Public 120 LOCAL NGO DIRECTORY .Sunshine Youth Group 1060 . com Vision/Mission .

New University Avenue Road.swanyee. Tel : 09-73040433. and work toward the development of long term solutions.01-541854 Name of Leader U Zaw Min Sein ( Founder-President ) Name of Contact Person 1) Naw Emily Win ( Communication Officer ) 2) U Cho Maung Oo ( Public Relations Officer ) Background . Sayar San Quarter. 2.138 (B-1).SWANYEE DEVELOPMENT FOUNDATION (Swanyee) is National NGO founded in June 2006. and the other necessary assistances to cope their lives by self reliance basic. and are developing in a sustainable way by self reliant basis. 4. Vision/ Mission -Enhanced the communities with the basic socio-economic infrastructures and the resilient capacities for disasters. a Email swanyee@swanyee.Myanmar. Assist in crisis or chronic distress. Main Activities: Primary Beneficiaries People in the target groups and areas LOCAL NGO DIRECTORY 121 .Swanyee Development Foundation Room (A-8). Provide the equitable assistances and equity of gender involvement to the community for the balanced improvements of their livelihoods.Yangon. Work with equitable partnerships to achieve sustainable development in communities. 3. Advocate for and assist in community capacities to care for and manage natural resources and climate change adaptation. org Website www. Year of Establishment Main Goal -. 5. Building. Assisting communities especially for the poor and the vulnerable by providing soft and hard infrastructures as the basic needs. Bahan Township.

Crops and Vegetables Seeds Distribution. faiths. and solidarity between and among the diverse ethnic and religious groups in the target communities. The word explains the work of the organization as a whole. Labutta. poverty and suffering of the poor will not end without directly addressing the ethnic and religious tensions that divide communities throughout Myanmar. (near Junction 8'). Tel : 01 . loss of life. displacement. armed conflict. Irrwaddy Dadaye.Irrwaddy Setsan (Bogale).Swe Tha Har. Swe Tha Har recognizes that underdevelopment. Vision/Mission The goalof the organization is to promote mutual trust. Irrwaddy Background . cooperation. and environment.Swe Tha Har Social Services (Swe Tha Har) 18 (D-3). Training. and to promote human development by responding to manmade and /or natural disaster/emergencies Main Activities: Income Generation. Swe Tha Har is governed by a Board of Directors of five and its projects and activities currently managed by a Management Team with an initial workforce of three full time staff. in English means "friendship".667286/665713. John Jeffry Seng (09 86 411 91) Address (Sub-Offices) 1/5. 09 86 41191. Yangon. engage/link/network with other who have similar or complementary work. 8 Mile. exploitation. Main Goal The organization commits to implement programs and activities that promote peace and solidarity among the diverse people in the country. Mayangone Township. Rehabilitation-Community Infrastructure & Facility Primary Beneficiaries The most vulnerable people in the community Email 122 LOCAL NGO DIRECTORY . It has a vision of mature and responsible individuals and communities enjoying peace and fullness in life. It is a network of peace volunteers and workers who share a common interest in building peaceful relationships among and between people from various ethnic and religious traditions. Agricultural Alternative Development and Construction & Rehabilitation -Water Facility. Agriculture Water Recourses. discrimination. Rice. provide support to members in their community development work. 09 86 127 80 Name of Leader U Myint Soe Name of Contact Person U Di Di (09 86 127 80). Shwe Yadanar Lane. to promote good relationship among and between the diverse religious and ethnic tribes in the country.

girls and children from all works of life. Main Activities .Volunteer Home Based Care for Elderly persons.Build up the capacity of young women for their leadership development . creed. . . . . It has now 10 local associations.Development and Protection of Street and working children ( Drop in Centres). . . World YWCA established women empowerment programmes since 1855.Spiritual Programmes for Christian members.Advocate and cooperate with other local YWCAs and other organizations to develop the policies of women. Primary Beneficiaries The nation's women. 95-1-245680. No. Based on the faith of Christian and with the prayer and service of Christian women. Botataung Township. irrespective of their religion background. . National YWCA will . ethnicity or their economic status.Microfinance. Rebecca Tapa (President) Name of Contact Person Daw Aye Kywe (General Secretary) Background Yangon YWCA has been active in the country since 1900.The National Young Women's Christian Association of Myanmar.Community based development programmes. Email LOCAL NGO DIRECTORY 123 . .Organize livelihood and vocational training programmes .Implement the project of skill and awareness programmes for all-round social development. Bogalayzay Street. Main Goal In building capacity of women to stand on their own.Investing in Young Women's Leadership. Vision/Mission All qualified women participate in all-round social development activities. Yangon. Name of Leader Dr. The National YWCA of Myanmar was established in July 1951 after 6 local associations had been formed.Women's Health and Environment.119.Skills Trainings for income generation. Tel : 95-1-256990. . culture.

Thingaha Organization Building-A(6/2). com Website Vision /Mission Toward Gender Equality in Myanmar Society. Email new. Pyay Road.Indentified the Gender Issues . 2003 by gender interested staff from some partner organizations of Swissaid (Myanmar) program and freelancers who wanted to learn on gender. Kamaryut Tsp.Empower women through livelihood activities . facilitating. providing technical support to individual and organizations in order to have gender equality and social justice in Myanmar society. 09 731 90882 Name of Leader U Billy Kan Myat (Program Coordinator) Name of Contact Person Daw Nyunt Theingi Htwe (Admin Officer) Background Thingaha Organization was founded on February 25. the members met bi monthly for sharing and leaning on gender with facilitation of Gender coordinator from Swissaid (Myanmar).Networking Primary Beneficiaries Youth(Young Women and Young Men). through the initiative of Swissaid (Myanmar) by called "Thingaha Gender Working Group"." To engage gender and strengthen women and men by capacity building. Main Goal To have mutual respect and cooperation between women and men practicing gender equality in Myanmar society Year of Establishment Main Activities:Gender Awareness Training . Tel : 01-502182. Now we integrate gender into development program and activities. Before it was stood as a formal group. "Thingaha Organization" was named on January 2011. Yangon.Capacity Building for local Partner Organizations . Community Leaders and Development Workers from targeted areas of partner organizations 124 LOCAL NGO DIRECTORY .thingaha@gmail. Hledan. Anawrahta Housing.

the school was successfully registered to the authority and started the primary education classes for 20112012 year. Vision All the children who are at their school age are able to access education Main Goal To provide free education to children . the school opened the classes for computer application.Assistance to the Youths who are studying Vocational Education Primary Beneficiaries The children who are not able to access government schools and their parents LOCAL NGO DIRECTORY 125 . the school extended the scope of work to providing free education on English and Buddha's teachings to the children from the Wards. Bahen Township. Yangon Region Tel : 01 380097 Name of Leader Background The school was founded in 2000 and started with providing education to young monks who were from various places and financially unable to attend government schools. Myoma Ward. during the summer.Thone Htat Monastic Education School Thone Htat Monastery. Then. Main Activities Opening primary education classes for the children and street kids . Besides the formal education. Kabar Aye Pagoda Road. In 2011. the school opened the classes for the street kids. Moreover.

Awaiyar Road . June Vision/Mission To be a modern . Tamwe Township (Near Tamwe Court ) Tel : 0973070286 Name of Leader Khun Zaw Htut Name of Contact Person Khun Zaw Htut Background 2010 .504 D.7@ gmail. Main Activities: giving training and taking part in social works Year of Establishment 2010 Primary Beneficiaries Public 126 LOCAL NGO DIRECTORY . develop and discipline country Email Website Main Goal To be modern and develop in hilly region .Top Youth No .

Care giver service at Hospital. KyauK Sein Street. July 2008) White Brothers SHG aims to help peers in care and support services.ILHIV and their family Care giver. Migrant. Health Education. Venerable Children who Dead HIV/AIDS and IDU/DU Year of Establishment 2008 LOCAL NGO DIRECTORY 127 . com Website Vision/Mission To attain Healthy Life for ILHA&PLHIV. Condom distribution.. Lashio Township Tel : c/o 082-23456 . Main Activities: Home base Care. Counseling. Email pwkyaw. R To express role model for Current Drug Users . Referral Primary Beneficiaries People living with HIV/AIDS and Orphan.White Brothers Nya /25. Ward 10. c/o 082-30024 Name of Leader U Phyo Wai Kyaw Name of Contact Person U Phyo Wai Kyaw Background White Brothers SHG was established with 6 members in (5. Main Goal To create a job opportunities and healthy life for PLHIV.

Khwar Nyo Website Primary Beneficiaries Orphanage and poor children Year of Establishment 2009 Main Activities: Supporting stationaries and giving traning 128 LOCAL NGO DIRECTORY .Wisdom Banner 292 . Tel : 0973131539 . 0949256987 Name of Leader U Htein Win Background June. 2009 Name of Contact Person U Nyi Nyi Min Vision/Mission " To protect child Rights " Main Goal " To give education for primary and secondary level Email eduguidingstar@ gmail. South Dagon Yangon. 18 A.

Mayangone Township. Vision/Mission To provide a happy environment of primary and high school education to impoverished children from different states and divisions.Teaching up to Grade-7 to 370 school age children from all states. complete their education. accommodation and health care to them. Yangon. To upgrade the school as a middle school that can provide children schooling up to Grade-9 Email eduguidingstar@ gmail.Providing food. Year of Establishment 2000 Primary Beneficiaries Impoverished children who cannot afford an education LOCAL NGO DIRECTORY 129 . . 5 Ward.Yadana Beikman Parahita Monastic Education School Bayinnaung Road. Tel : 95-1-650 997 Name of Leader Egga Mahar Thaddhama Jawtika Dhaza Buddanda Sandawbartha (Principal) Name of Contact Person Egga Mahar Thaddhama Jawtika Dhaza Buddanda Sandawbartha (Principal) Background The School was first established in 1962 as Monastic Education (afiliated) Primary School and recognized as a prahita home for children of different nationalities in 2000. Main Goal To enable children who cannot go to school due to various Website Main Activities: .

Tel : 95-1-571 841 Name of Leader Sayadaw U Mar Gainda (Head Master) Name of Contact Person Sayadaw U Mar Gainda (Head Master) Background Founded with the sponsorship of the Ministry of Religious Affairs to enable children all over the country to have access to education.Giving children an education. clothing. 1. Website .Yadanapon Yeik Nyein No.Fulfilling their spiritual and material needs. Yangon. shelter and health care to the children. Primary Beneficiaries Impoverished children who cannot afford an education Year of Establishment 1992 130 LOCAL NGO DIRECTORY . Thingangyun Township. Myanmar. Main Goal -To enable children to become educated.Providing food. Corner of Thumingala Road and Yadanar Road. . Western Kyaikkasan Quarter. Monestic Education School. to pass the tenth standard and to become graduates Main Activities Email . (Yadanapon Yeik Nyein).

yangon@ gmail.Yangon Young Women Christian Association ( YWCA ) No . Bogalayzay Street .com Website Background Hostel ForY oung Women established for their Security and welfare Vision/Mission To development women and children's life Main Goal To development women and children's life Main Activities To give training and to support needy person Primary Beneficiaries Poor and needy person Year of Establishment LOCAL NGO DIRECTORY 131 . 01-392470 Name of Leader Daw Thynn Aye Po (General Secretary) Name of Contact Person Daw Thynn Aye Po (General Secretary) Email 111ywca. Yangon Tel : 01-245869 . Botahtaung Township .119.

Over the years. Mandalay.To assist and network with interested organizations . but also child stimulation.24. Main Goal . early learning and psycho social development Main Activities: . 30th street. foundation@gmail. Yaw Min Gyee Street.To establish two local resource centers: one in Yangon and one in Mandalay Year of Establishment 132 LOCAL NGO DIRECTORY .To develop ECCD teaching learning materials and Information Education Communication (IEC) materials . because there was so much demand for its services.To serve all those in Myanmar who are supporting the development of young children.Yinthway Foundation No. between 65 and 66 street. Email yinthway.To promote and support the holistic development of children in communities in Myanmar not only health and Background Yinthway Foundation is a local NGO which originally began in 1999 with the name Network Early Childhood Resource Center (NECRC). this local group expanded and reorganized itself as a local non-government organization (LNGO). changing its name to Yinthway (which means 'our beloved little children') Foundation. Tel : 01-246636. Dagon Township.yinthway.To support ECCD trainers technically . Yangon. com Website www. 385882 Name of Leader DawNweNweAung Name of Contact Person DawNweNweAung Address (Sub-Office) B-4. Vision/Mission .

Yangon Tel : 01-388188 Name of Leader U MIN SWE Name of Contact Person DAW KHIN YI Address (Sub-Office) Zewaka trading & Myanma Nawarat Co-op: 211 middle myanmanawarat. Kyi Myin Dine Township.Foreign Trade. social development Vision/Mission To help them in physical and mental Main Goal To fulfil the basic needs of humanitarian manners Main Activities Legalization. Yangon Background To help the foundatwn of who wish to solve their crisis/problem in Co-opprivate co. Audit & Accounting . Pyay Road Hlaing Township. Pabedan Township Shwe Pabe Dan Year of Establishment LOCAL NGO DIRECTORY 133 . com Website www. 6 ½ miles. Bldge 6.ZEWAKA FOUNDATION Room 25. Shwe Bon Tha St. Syndicate 32 B. development Primary Beneficiaries Myanma Citizen especially disaster vulnerable people actions Email minswe. Pann Hlaing Housing .