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1) How nature influences their personality, growth and so on: a. Parents i.

Inherited / Inborn characteristics

Thondike claimed the main determining factor of personality and growth of a man is heredity. He believes that interacting influences that shape personality of a child is genes. This genes is the basic units of heredity and are made up of DNA. How genes can affect a child personality? It affects the behaviour through an infants developing brain and nervous system. In addition, parents also influences the child on religion, their idea of masculinity and feminity, skills and values. An upbringing of a child during their childhood is vital because it shapes their behaviour, views and values. For example, a parents that implement sex before marriage doesnt bring any benefit or its wrong based on their religion. Hence, the boy or girl would grow up believing that it is wrong to have sex before marriage. A child also inherits DNA from parents such as colour of hair, eyes and their face. The parents also is a role model towards their children. The inborn characteristic such as compassion, patience and loving towards others is shown inherited from the parents. For example, showing affections towards a cat.