Scandinavian Government and Politics, Summer 2012

Course Plan and Syllabus
Course Code: ISSSV 1850 Course Name: Scandinavian Government and Politics Course Leader: Jeff Lugowe ( Time: 8:15-10:00, M-F Guide to abbreviations: C = compendium/course pack; D = digital article accessible on course website Course description: This course critically analyzes the Norwegian political system in a comparative Scandinavian perspective. The course takes up the following themes: the development of the Norwegian and Scandinavian multiparty system; nation-building and evolving national identity in Norway; the Scandinavian welfare state; globalization and European integration as experienced from Norway; and the challenges and opportunities presented by migration to Norway and Scandinavia and the increasing cultural and ethnic diversity it has brought. Course requirements: The course will comprise a mixture of lectures, group work, class discussions, student presentations, films and excursions. All students are expected to: Attend class regularly - This is an intensive course that meets daily over six weeks. Because of its fast-paced nature, daily class attendance and participation in all excursions is mandatory. Participate actively - Students are expected to come to class having completed the assigned readings and prepared to contribute to class discussion. Take the final exam - Students are required to sit the written final examination, which will be held during the last week of classes. Admission to the exam is contingent on students having attended at least 75% of class sessions during the term. • • • • Assessment criteria: Final exam: 75% Participation in class discussions, class exercises and contribution to the “Long Road to 2013” group project: 25% Students are graded according to the UiO scale (A, B, C, D, E, F)

Course readings: A compendium containing most of the required readings will be distributed on the first day of classes. All remaining course readings are accessible online via TalisAspire.

Date Week 1 June 25

Topic/ Readings/ Lecturer Introduction to the course and each other Themes of the course and required readings Overview of semester schedule Course requirements and assessment Getting to know each other Nation-building in the case of Norway Hilson, Mary. "Introduction: The Historical Meanings of Scandinavia." 11-24 (C1) Heidar, Knut. "Chapter 1: Small-Scaled, Egalitarian, and Territorially Based." 1-9 (C1)

Optional Readings

June 26

Halvorsen, Knut and Steinar Stjernø (2008). "Chapter 1: From Poverty to a Welfare State." 9-24 (C1)

June 27

Hylland Eriksen, Thomas. "Being Norwegian in a Shrinking World: Reflections on Norwegian Identity." 1137 (D) The development of the Norwegian and Scandinavian Molin, Karl. "Historical party systems Orientation" (excerpts). xvii-xxviii (C1) Hilson, Mary. "Chapter 1: Consensual Democracies? The Nordic Political Model" (excerpts). 25-46 (C1) Heidar, Knut. "Chapter 2: People, Society and History." 11-31 (C1) Wittrock, Björn. "The Making of Sweden" (excerpts). 5263 (D) Viby Mogensen, Gunnar. "Danes and their Politicians" (excerpts). 14-19 (C1)

June 28

Norwegian politics, I. Heidar, Knut. "Chapter 4: Political forces and political participation" (excerpts). 61-70 Arter, David. "The Scandinavian party system(s) since 1970: less uni-dimensional and less distinctive?" 46-62.

June 29

Norwegian politics, II. The Economist. “Norway’s election: rich but worried.” Film: Folk flest bor i Kina / Utopia: Nobody is perfect in a perfect country (NO)

Rokkan, Stein. "Chapter 3: Norway - numerical democracy and corporate pluralism." 70-115

Week 2 July 02

Social democracy in Scandinavia Eriksen, Erik Oddvar. "Norwegian social democracy and political governance." 131-148 (C1) Therborn, Göran. "A unique chapter in the history of democracy: the Social Democrats in Sweden." 1-33 Meyer, Henning. "European Social Democracy in Crisis." 67-69 (D) The Economist. "The strange death of social-democratic Sweden." 1-3 (D)

Tilton, Tim. "The role of ideology in Social Democratic politics." 409427 (C2)

July 03

New social cleavages and the expansion of the Scandinavian party spectrum Hilson, Mary. "Chapter 1: Consensual Democracies? The Nordic Political Model" (excerpts). 46-55 (C1) Arter, David. “Chapter 5: The ‘earthquake elections’ of 1970-73 and the emergence of new party types.” 103-32

July 04

The populist/far-right in Scandinavia Albertazzi, Danielle and Duncan McDonnell. “Introduction: the sceptre and the spectre.” 1-11 Bjørklund, Tor and Jørgen Goul Andersen. “Scandinavia and the far right.” Hagelund, Anniken. “The Progress Party and the problem of culture: immigration politics and right-wing populism in Norway.” 147-163 Rydgren, Jens. “Sweden: the Scandinavian exception.” 135-150 The Economist. “The far right in northern Europe: on the march.” The Economist. “The Sweden Democrats: living with the far right.” Guest lecturer: Tim Szlachetko, Barne- og likestillingsdepartementet / Department of Children and Equality

July 05

Is this Norway? Exploring Oslo’s “ghettos” Bangstad, Sindre. “The Morality Police are coming! Muslims in Norway’s media discourses.” (4 pages) Excursion: semi-structured walk around a neighborhood with a high concentration of non-ethnic Norwegians

July 06

The Nordic welfare state model Hilson, Mary. "Chapter 3: The Nordic model of welfare" 87-115 Manow, Philip. "Electoral rules, class coalitions and welfare state regimes, or how to explain Esping-Andersen with Stein Rokkan." 101-121 Esping-Anderson, Gøsta. "Chapter 1: The three political economies of the welfare state." 161-184

Week 3 July 09

The welfare state under fire Huntford, Roland. "Introduction" and "Welfare as an instrument of control." 7-13, 182-203 Callaghan, John. The Retreat of Social Democracy (excerpts). 122-127, 143-149 Esping-Anderson, Gøsta. "Towards the good society, once again?" 1-25 Goul Andersen, Jørgen. "The Danish Welfare State as ‘Politics for Markets’: Combining Equality and Competitiveness in a Global Economy." 71-78 The Economist. "The Swedish model: Admire the best, forget the rest." 1-7 Film: Den brysomme mannen /The Bothersome Man (NO)

July 10

Parliamentary government and elections in Scandinavia, I. Heidar, Knut. "Chapter 4: Political forces and political participation" (excerpts). 70-85 Heidar, Knut. "Chapter 3: Political institutions." 33-59 TV show screening: Borgen (DK)

van der Eijk, Cees and Mark N. Franklin. "Studying elections, parties and voters" (excerpts). 27-46

July 11

Parliamentary government and elections in Scandinavia, II. Heidar, Knut. "Norwegian parties and the party system: steadfast and changing." 807-833 Class exercise: forming a coalition government

July 12 July 13

No Classes: Long Weekend No Classes: Long Weekend

Week 4 July 16

Is Norway a multicultural country? Brochmann, Grete and Knut Kjeldstadli. "Newcomers in the era of the nation state, 1814 to 1940," "Postwar growth and open borders” and "Immigration and immigrants in the 1970s" (excerpts). 87-109, 192-212 Hylland Eriksen, Thomas. "The Pakistani Norwegians." 12 Hylland Eriksen, Thomas. "The Norwegians who don't exist." 1-2 Kymlicka, Will. "The rise and fall of multiculturalism? New debates on inclusion and accomodation in diverse societies." 32-49 Modood, Tariq (2007). “Chapter 1: Is Multiculturalism Appropriate for the 21st century?,” in Multiculturalism: a civic idea, Polity Press, Cambridge. 1-20

July 17

Norwegian politics up close Excursion: Stortinget (Parliament) Please note: excursion organized together with Contemporary Norwegian Society (ISSSV 1753) from 13pm today. Class will NOT be held in the morning.

July 18

Norwegian politics on the big screen Film: Oljeberget / The Rich Country (NO) Please note: film screening organized together with Contemporary Norwegian Society (ISSSV 1753) from 13pm today. Class will NOT be held in the morning.

July 19

Debates about diversity in Scandinavia: the Mohammed caricatures case study

Mouritsen, Per. "Chapter 5: The particular Hedetoft, Ulf. "Denmark versus multiculturalism." 111-129 universalism of a Nordic civic nation. Common Levey Brahm, Geoffrey and Tariq Modood. "Chapter 10: values, state religion and Liberal democracy, multicultural citizenship and the Islam in Danish political Danish cartoon controversy." 216-243 culture." 70-89

July 20

Who gets to be Norwegian? Debating national identity in an era of growing diversity Gullestad, Marianne. "Imagined kinship: the role of descent in the rearticulation of Norwegian ethnonationalism" in Neo-Nationalism in Europe and Beyond. 69-87 Hylland Eriksen, Thomas. “Diversity versus difference: Neo-liberalism in the minority debate.” 13-36 Please note: class today to be held jointly with Contemporary Norwegian Society from 1-3pm. Class will NOT be held in the morning.

Week 5 July 23

The politics of asylum in Scandinavia Excursion: IMDi (Integrering- og Mangfoldsdirektoratet / Directorate for Integration and Diversity) Brekke, Jan Paul and Monica Five Aarset. “Why Norway? Understanding asylum destinations” (excerpts). 9-14, 3748, 89-98 Hervik, Peter. “The emergence of neo-nationalism in Denmark.” 92-106

July 24

The Long March to 2013 Group presentations on the political parties and the 2013 elections to the Stortinget.

July 25

Norwegian political culture Case studies: gender equality and the environment Lister, Ruth. “Gender, citizenship, and social justice in the Nordic countries: the views from the outside.” 215-221 Skjeie, Hege and Birte Siim. “Scandinavian feminist debates on citizenship.” 345-360 Selle, Per. “Environmentalism between state and local community: why Greenpeace has failed in Norway.” 391407

July 26

The European Union: to join or not to join? Part I Pettersen, Per Arnt, et. al. "The 1994 E.U. referendum in Norway: continuity and change." 257-81 Lindström, Ulf. "Breaking the impasse, part I: Social democracy finding a social democratic Europe? in EuroConsent, Euro-Contract, or Euro-Coercion? 81-97

Cini, Michelle (2007). ‘Chapter 1: Introduction’

July 27

The European Union: to join or not to join? Part II The Economist. “Jens Stoltenberg, Norway’s cautious prime minister.” The Economist. “To opt in or not to opt in.”

Week 6 July 30

Contemporary political debates in Denmark and Sweden. Klingemann, Hans-Dieter. “Appendix I: Parties, elections and politics” (excerpts). 267-269, 272-274. March, Luke. “Modern democratic socialists or old-style social democrats?” (excerpts) 102-107. The Economist. “The Swedish model: admire the best, forget the rest.” The Economist. “The Swedish election: moderate and happy.” The Economist. “Sweden’s general election: stalemate in Sweden.” The Economist. “Sweden’s Social Democrats: fading charms.” The Economist. “Swedish Social Democrats: in the dumps.” The Economist. “Danish politics: to vote, or not to vote?” The Economist. “Denmark’s election: a left turn for Denmark.” The Economist. “Danish politics: Helle’s horrid honeymoon.”

July 31 August 1 August 2 August 3

Exam review Final written exam

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