Let’s Begin
Hi, my name is Seungyoon. I’m normal student in South Korea. I want to everyone knows about right thing. So, From now on, I introduce Korea History.
Introducing Magazine Author Profile Name -Lee Seungyoon
Age - 18 years old (korean) Dream -History Teacher

Publish No. 1

Why did you do this? Well, I want to introduce Korean History to worldwide people. And for my dream,

Where do you talk? Twitter @Sycode1 Following please! but, maybe korean....

When is publish date?

Is it magazine?

Actually, I can’t I want to publish it claim that this is the magazine. But, every week, but, I can’t recall about my personal schedule can force this paper. me that I don’t It maybe just club write this paper i think...... magazine.

Korean Bakdu Mt. Tiger

Main Story

What is the Go-Chosun?
Ok, Let’s Begin! We are talking about GoChosun. This country is 1st country in Korea History. GoChosun establish B.C. 2333. ‘Dangun Wang-gum’ is the progenitor of Korean people. In korea, many people call him, ‘Dangun Grandfather’ (in korean, ‘단군 할아버지’). This country grew in Yodong (Liaoning in China) area. And extended to north area of Korea Peninsula.
Korea, Beautiful, Wonderful and A Warm Heart Country

Feature of Go-Chosun
In korea, there is a myth of GoChosun. That story will be talked in sequel maybe.........;; 1st - People in Go-Chosun, believed themselves offspring of god. Well, this is the common thinking in worldwide. 2nd - They were agrarian society. so, they lived in hilly districts. 3rd - There had private property and class society. This means they had “Boss” !

Dangun Grandfather (Korean 단군할아버지)

4th - Their Boss’s ruling idea was Humanitarianism. 5th - They have law, name is “8 Law” (in Korea, 8조법) .
Thank you, Everyone. I will do it best. And promote this to your family, and friend please.

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