Fom last few years an epidemic use to erupt in pakistan , it is the epidemic of ‘long march’.

usually it is middle class which is most affected ,symptoms are ‘ tabdeeli ‘ , ‘inqilaab inqilaab ‘ ‘change ‘ some one chanting these words and one gets vigilant ‘poor soul is suffering from this disease. It last for some days and then some ‘sage’ from the backchannels exorcise the curse and the epidemic cease in a peaceful manner . From the long marches of nawaz shareef , imran khan and now tahir ul qadri. All started with the promises of revolution , change and ‘inqilaab’ . middle classes looked towards them as saviours . media projected them as revolutionaries and at the end it all bought abject disappointment . the promises of ‘new world ‘ and ‘new pakistan’ never came true , recently such a long march was carried out by tahir ul qadri , a cleric famous for his fierce oratory who knows how to mesmerize his audience ,self proclaimed ‘sheikh ul islam’ who called his long march parallel of world famous long march of chairman mao zedong , who made his followers believe that they are fighting for the same cause as that of imam hussain, who called the present government of Pakistan people party ‘yazeedies’ and call Islamabad (a green chilly capital) ‘kerbala’ (a hot barren land where hussain was mercilessly butchered by the yazeedi army ). Well media gave a huge coverage to this façade of revolution but no one as far as I know bother to present some parallel to the long march of chairman mao (which qadri was quoting again and again) .

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