Medical Inventions and Discoveries

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Invention Adding Machine Aeroplane Ballpoint Pen Barometer Bicycle Rubber (Vulcanized) Rubber (Waterproof) Safety Lamp Safety Pin Sewing Machine Scooter Ship (Steam) Ship (Turbine) Shorthand (Modern) Spinning Frame Steam Engine (Piston) Steam Engine Stainless Steel Submarine Tank Telegraph Code Telephone Telescope Television (Successful Demonstration) Terylene Thermometer Tractor Transistor Typewriter Radio Valve Watch X-ray Zip Fastener

Inventor(s) Pascal Wright Brothers C. Biro E. Torricelli K. Macmillan Charles Goodyear Charles Macintosh Sir Humphry Davy W. Hunt B. Thimmonnier G. Bradshaw J.C. Perier Sir Charles Parsons Sir Isaac Pitman Sir Richard Arkwright Thomas Newcomen James Watt Harry Brearley D. Bushnell Sir Ernest Swington Samuel F. B. Morse Alexander Graham Bell Hans Lippershey John Logie Baird J. Whinfield and J. Dickson Galileo Galilee Benjamin Holt Bardeen, Shockley and Brattain C. Sholes Sir J.A. Fleming A. L Breguet Wilhelm Roentgen W. L. Judson

Country France US Hungary Italy Scotland US Scotland England US France England France England England England England Scotland England US England US US The Netherlands Scotland England Italy US US US Britain France Germany US

Year 1624 1903 1888 1643 1839 1839 1823 1816 1849 1830 1919 1775 1894 1894 1769 1705 1782 1913 1776 1914 1837 1876 1608 1926 1941 1593 1900 1947 1867 1904 1791 1895 1891

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