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School Handbook 2013-2014

School Handbook 2013-2014

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Published by: knoxacademy on Jan 22, 2013
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Policy under review.

Bullying is defined as:

“the misuse of power by one or more people intentionally to harm hurt or adversely affect the rights,
needs and feelings of another, or others.”

General Aims

It is a primary aim of the school that we should combine high personal and social standards with a
friendly atmosphere and mutual tolerance in which all boys and girls of all ethnic and cultural
backgrounds, of all religious persuasions and of varying levels of ability are welcome.

Pupils of Knox Academy have the right to attend school without being harassed in any form. The aim
is for a caring ethos in which everyone can learn and develop in a safe environment. The school
strives to create and maintain the climate within which pupils feel valued, secure and happy.

The school has an Anti-Bullying Policy as part of East Lothian Council’s policy and procedures.
Incidents of bullying are recorded as part of that policy. The school aims to create an ethos where
Bullying is eliminated by using pro-active strategies e.g. buddying, peer support, social skills training.

The Anti-Bullying Co-ordinator in the school is Mr D Simpson, Depute Headteacher.

A.B.E.L (Anti-Bullying East Lothian) is an East Lothian organisation that offers support for parents
and pupils. This is located at Brunton Hall, Musselburgh. Tel 0131 653 4525.

We wish to stress that instances of bullying are not common in our school, but it would be complacent
of us not to acknowledge that it can and does occur. By acknowledging bullying, and by confronting
it in our School Assemblies, Social Education programme, and in the classroom itself, we hope to deal
with the problem more effectively and thereby make school life more enjoyable for all.

Pupils are asked to look for help from someone they can trust (a teacher, friend or relative), whenever
they feel others are harassing them in any way. We also encourage pupils to share any worries and
fears they may have with you.

Bullying in school can best be tackled if parents, teachers and pupils all work together to find a
solution. Please do not hesitate to contact the appropriate Guidance Teacher or Depute Headteacher
with any concerns.

A full copy of the Knox Academy Anti-Bullying Policy is available from the school office and on the
School Website.


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