Dr. Thomas Goldstein
Postdoctoral Researcher Department of Electrical Engineering Rice University February 4 – WEB 1230 – 3:05 p.m.

“Compressive Imaging and Single-Pixel Video”
"Single-pixel cameras" are a new modality for image acquisition using compressive measurements. In contrast to conventional imaging, which relies on arrays of many photodetectors, single picture cameras obtain high resolution images using only a single detector. This is accomplished using a "coded aperture," which compresses global image information into each measurement rather than observing one pixel at a time. In this talk, we discuss the challenges of applying these new compressive imaging tools to video acquisition. Compressive video poses many challenges that imaging does not. We are no longer imaging a static scene, but rather we must explicitly model the motion of objects and exploit correlations between adjacent frames. Furthermore, real-time reconstruction of video from compressive measurements requires the use of sophisticated numerical algorithms and parallel hardware implementations.

___________________________ Biography of Thomas Goldstein Tom Goldstein is Post-Doctoral Fellow at the Rice University Department of Electrical Engineering, working with the signal processing group. He completed his PhD at UCLA in 2010, and a post-doctoral fellowship at Stanford University in 2012. Tom's research interests lie in large-scale optimization and its application to image processing and biological modeling. In recent years, he has focused on improved reconstruction models for computed tomography images, and real-time video reconstruction algorithms for coded aperture (i.e. compressive) cameras.


The public is invited

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