A Large Scale Water Filtering System By Anthony Faber, Phd. Perpetual (C)Copyright (2012 C.E.) By Anthony J.

Fejfar and Neothomism P.C. (PA) For large scale water production this Sand Water Filtering System is a reasonable approach to take. This could work well in producing drinking water with salt water, ocean water as well.

You may have to run the water through several different Sand Water Filtering Tanks in order to eliminate most of the salt from the water. This Sand Water Filtering System can also be used to filter particulates and contaminates out of lake water and river water in an effort to produce quality drinking water. Here is how the Sand Water Filtering System works. First you get a large tank. This may

be a water tower type tank, or an oblong tank, a new container tank, or various plastic tanks. You fill the tank with sand and put the water input pipe on the bottom of the tank on one side and the water output pipe on the top of the tank on the opposite side of the tank. You then put a cotton wadding filter in the output line to remove any of the sand. The result should be quality drinking water. You must change the cotton wadding filter periodically, at least weekly. You

must also change the sand periodically, depending on the quantity and quality of the water that is being inputted. The sand should be changed every month or two, at least. Take that soiled, used, filtering sand out about 1,000 miles and dump it in the nearest ocean, the Pacific or Atlantic. This Sand Water System performs the task that nature has done in the Nebraska

Ogalalla underground Aquifer, for example, where the drinking water that comes from the Ashland water well fields has been some of the best drinking water in the world. Every municipal drinking water system in America and world wide should use this Sand Water Filtering System to

increase the quality of the municipal drinking water which is piped into homes, businesses, etc. Also, this Sand Water Filtering System should be very affordable for municipalities and other water suppliers. The EPA and the FDA should require this water filtering treatment for all Bottled Water should be regulated by

municipal water supplies and also for all bottled water. the FDA as a food beverage.

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