Franklin Mountains

State Park
Tom Mays Unit - Entrance

• Lane expansion of Trans-Mountain (Loop 375) posses a higher safety concern for entering and exiting vehicles at the current Tom Mays Unit Entrance • TXDOT proposed six alternatives for the Tom Mays Unit entrance • TPWD experts carefully analyzed the six alternatives based on issues of concern and the agency’s mission

TPWD Issues of Concern
• Public safety – Safe ingress and egress of vehicles • Public safety and improved access – Provide a safe crossing for park users (hikers and mountain bikers) to use both south and north sections of the park • Wildlife - Establish wildlife crossing • Environmental - Minimal impacts to viewsheds • Environmental - Minimal impacts to park property and natural and cultural resources

TPWD Recommended Alternative #4
• Provides a safer ingress and egress of vehicles • Provides a safe crossing to hikers and mountain bikers connecting the trail systems on both sides • Underpass will serve as a wildlife crossing, additionally, existing culverts will be expanded • Is the alternative that creates the least impacts to park property, natural and cultural resources, and viewshed • Provides a direct access to the park from Trans-Mountain Road

TPWD Commission Meeting
• Alternative #4 requires State Park Land to be transferred to TXDOT (as do all other alternatives) • 7.7 acres are required for this alternative • TPWD Staff recommends to transfer the land to continue with the process. TPWD Commission will decide on this action during the January 24th meeting • If the land is transferred then TXDOT can start its process which will include design, public involvement, etc.

Franklin Mountains State Park

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