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BSACET MATHURA Class Test - I1st MBA II SEMESTER EXAMINATION, 2009-10 Subject Name: MHR Subject code: MBA

028 Time: 1.5 Hrs Total marks: 30

Part I
Q.1 True / False I. Executive development is guided self development. II. Development is needed for only top level executives. III. Performance appraisal is a continuous process. IV. Executive pay is not based on individual performance measure but on organizational performance. V. Performance appraisal may be formal or informal. VI. Long term incentives are often reserved for senior executives. Marks (61=6)

Part II

Marks (16=6)

Analyses the need for executive development programmers in Indian companies . Do you think the executive development programmers now followed in Indian industries are adequate.

Part III
Attempt any Three Questions Marks (36=18)

1. What is Performance appraisal? Explain the importance of Performance appraisal in human resource management. 2. What do you understand by job evaluation system? Bring out the differences between job evaluation and Performance appraisal. 3. Differentiate between minimum wage, fair wage and living wage. 4. What do you mean by fringe benefits? What are the objectives of fringe Benefits ? 5. What are individual incentive plans? Explain it brief.