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Farm Ville Hawaii Heaven Sport Guide

Farm Ville Hawaii Heaven Sport Guide

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Published by: ebooker97 on Jan 23, 2013
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Farm Ville Hawaii Heaven Sport Guide

The common the game of farmville online game on zynga has broadened once more with just one more farm , this particular new farm take gamers for the traditional island destinations while offering a number of new hands per hour options. The 1st distinction within this online game is really a new currency exchange called "coconuts." gamers pick plant life as well as trees to get coconuts hanging around. One more new add-on for the the game of farmville online game will be the ability to pick sea food plant life in the normal water. The action play continues to be simply the very same an individual farm , accumulate plant life as well as construct different items on your own farm by amassing pieces via zynga friends. The online game offers several new plant life for your traditional growth. This particular list does not include any kind of farm income items. Ladies wide selection of new trees however these aren't listed. nEw plant life : • Royal Taro : pick in 4 hours (gain sixty seven cash , fifty six coconuts) cost 14 coconuts • Taro : pick in 4 hours (gain 52 cash , forty four coconuts) cost 10 coconuts • Yellow Hibiscus - pick in six hours (gain 102 cash , ninety coconuts) cost fityfive coconuts • Kona Coffee : pick in 10 hours (gain seventy six cash , sixty four coconuts) cost something like 20 coconuts • Yam - pick in 14 hours (gain 140 cash , 119 coconuts) cost 70 coconuts • Hilo pineapple -Harvest in 18 hours (gain 150 cash , one hundred and twenty-seven coconuts) cost 70 coconuts • Lilikoi - pick in of sixteen hours (gain 255 cash , 216 coconuts) cost one hundred seventy coconuts • Double Pikake : pick in 18 hours (gain 355 cash , 301 coconuts) cost 70 coconuts • Golden sugar Cane : pick in 1 day (gain one-hundred-twenty cash , 102 coconuts) cost thirty five coconuts • Hawaiian ginger root - pick in 2 days (gain 245 cash , 208 coconuts) cost a hundred and ten coconuts • Hawaiian Orchid - pick in three days (gain 465 cash , 395coconuts) cost 230 coconuts New within the traditional growth are sea food plant life an individual pick in the water. That they operate exactly like regular plant life hanging around : • Oyster - pick in 4 hours (gain 58 cash , 1949 coconuts) cost 13 coconuts • Mussel - pick in 8-10 hours (gain one hundred and twenty-seven cash , 107 coconuts) cost 69 coconuts • Kelp - pick in 14 hours (gain 245 cash , 208 coconuts) cost 160 coconuts • Shrimp : pick in fifteen hours (gain hundred cash , 85 coconuts) cost twenty five coconuts • Rock Crab -Harvest in 1 day (gain 240 plus cash , 204 coconuts) cost 150 coconuts • Yellow udemrket Tuna -Harvest in 1 day (gain 190 cash , 161 coconuts) cost hundred coconuts • Ono : pick in 2 days (gain three hundred and sixty cash , 306 coconuts) cost 231 coconuts You also can pick additional sea creatues hanging around which includes :

• Aloha Dolphin • Lion Fish • Seahorse • Bottle nostril Dolphin • Big blue Tang Fish • Manta Ray • Nurse Shark • Whiptail Stingray • Blue Whale

On the area you will find different treasure spots around the normal water and also on property. You will require large and small crowbars for your property treasure. You can find these kind of via zynga friends. For your sea treasure you will have to find angling nets via zynga friends.there is an aquarium tank around the normal water you'll be able to complete by collecting parts. Volcano Reef By doing the particular volcano deep sea you'll get returns each day the higher the level of the particular deep sea. You'll get items including bushels, pieces , along with other items for your traditional somewhere warm in Farmville Use your own bushels to generate beautiful hawaii crafted dinners including Poi as well as seaweed soups within the Tiki pub situated on your own island. Upgrade this for you to open new tested recipes.the action also feature the identical constructions since the additional expansions just with a new traditional identify including island Zoo as well as island puppy operate. Pertaining to 2million coconuts you can purchase the area estate. games spot forum

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