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I-502 Legislative Timeline

The Washington State Liquor Control Board (LCB) will be approaching rule writing for I-502 in three stages. The first will be for the marijuana producer license, then the processor license, then the retail license. They project completion of the 3rd stage for the retail license in late 2013 before their final deadline of December 1st, 2013. Only the schedule for the Producer License has been released thus far:

December 5, 2012 Board files CR 101 to initiate marijuana producer rulemaking February 10, 2013 Last day for Board to accept initial public input March 6, 2013 Board files CR 102 that includes a draft marijuana producer rule April 10, 2013 1 of 2 public hearings. The seconds hearing is still to be determined. April 17, 2013 Board adopts marijuana producer rules May 18, 2013 Marijuana producer rules become effective.

Proposed Spokane Timeline: -January 9th Plan Commission meeting Council Staff presentation to Plan Commission about the year long process and conversation about what role the Commission could play. -January 21st Public Safety Committee - Council and City Staff discuss potential concerns and desired regulation of marijuana producers. This can be both desired State regulation which can be passed on to the LCB before the February 10th deadline, and desired local regulation to be passed on to the Plan Commission for Review. -January 23rd Plan Commission meeting Discuss and decide on desired State regulation which can be passed on to the LCB before the February 10th deadline. The remaining timeline will need to be shaped based on the forthcoming rule making agenda of the LCB. The Plan Commission and City Council should however, sketch out a plan, linked to the LCB schedule, for drafting and implementing local marijuana production, processing and retail regulations.