ASking for a software What I have now • http://www.mauriennais.


You can see pictures of groups identified people on groups • • This picture is on joomla page On which I can put information and history If I take my picture on that o COLLET jean (1rst on the list) o You can see a page on me with the list of pictures on which I am o The opening of a page for picture and a page for tagged person should be easy

My wish 1) Make the tagging easier From pictures on jomsocial Or from pictures on Picasaweb As easy as on Facebook or JOMSOCIAL or PICASAWEB I want to be free to tag anybody This tagging can be done bay register members 2) Basic picture is now 650px It could be up to 800px 3) The selection si done with seblod It should be simplified so that a non specialist could do that 4) This software should be independent and I could put several softaware on the same JOOMLA site 1 for a town 1 for another town and so on To see how it works now You can go on you register Name Mauriennais password Mauriennais


63 Promenade des Anglais 06000 NICE Skype Phone 33 954542300 .

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