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The Book Of VMware - The Complete Guide To VMware Workstation (2002)

The Book Of VMware - The Complete Guide To VMware Workstation (2002)

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There’s nothing particularly special about the OpenBSD installation under VMware Workstation. Keep the
following in mind:

Choose FreeBSD as your guest operating system (among other things, this gives you an IDE virtual

When you set up a new virtual disk, the easiest way to make OpenBSD happy is to give the OpenBSD
installer use of the whole disk and accept the default partitioning scheme. If you really want to create
your own scheme, make certain that your partitions are at an offset above 63. You can damage the
disk’s MBR if you don’t do this, and you’ll have to reinstall the operating system until you get it

You shouldn’t have to worry about disabling xdm, unless you’re using a preexisting installation.

The main system configuration file is /etc/rc.conf.

Important Don’t try to install OpenBSD 2.8 under VMware Workstation. The Ethernet driver may cause
VMware to abort. Try version 2.9 or later.

Chapter 8: Other Guest Operating Systems


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