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The Book Of VMware - The Complete Guide To VMware Workstation (2002)

The Book Of VMware - The Complete Guide To VMware Workstation (2002)

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Published by: bmihalache_1 on Jan 23, 2013
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Printing is one of the more esoteric networking tasks. Although it’s not difficult to share printers between two
similar operating systems (say, Linux and FreeBSD, or Windows NT and 98), the task becomes much more
frustrating when two fundamentally different operating systems come into play. Because VMware is built for
running different systems simultaneously, we’ll take a look at how to translate from one printing system to

Chapter 10: Network Services


As for file sharing, SAMBA is a key part of the solution. Because Windows systems don’t particularly like to
speak foreign protocols, the burden of translation falls mainly on a Unix system’s shoulders, through

You’ll first see how to make a Linux host system’s printers available to Windows guests. Following this is a
brief example of how to do this on a Windows host. Finally, you’ll see how to use these shares on a Unix
guest system through its SAMBA installation.

Note As with SMB file sharing on Unix guests, you’ll need to retrieve and install SAMBA if your system
doesn’t come with it; VMware Workstation doesn’t include it.

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