The Kinesiology Tape

A lot of people in Asia, Western Europe and the U.S. working in the healthcare industry (doctors and physiotherapists) are using kinesio tape to treat their patients. Medical Taping’s revolutionary techniques have become the standard in elastic therapeutic taping, having been identified as a highly effective way to treat muscular disorders and lymphedema. Olympics athletes have been wearing Kinesio Tape amid claims the Japanese product boosts performance and aids in the healing of injuries. But experts say the adhesive is not any better than other types of tape.

Kinesio Tape became a craze during the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games, when sumo wrestlers were seen wearing the adhesive, It was also worn on the shoulder of women's volleyball gold medalist Kerri Walsh-Jennings during the 2008 games. The tape has about the same elasticity and thickness as the human skin. The relation between the tape’s the skin is thought to create a lifting effect on the epidermis. Due to this lifting effect more space is created in the subcutis, where receptors, blood and lymph vessels are located. By using different taping techniques several other effects can be achieved as well.
 The hypoallergenic, porous, skin friendly properties of the tape make it possible to wear the tape for many days, making a 24 hour a day treatment possible. To many professional Healthcare practitioners Medical Taping has become an essential additional method in their practice.

Carpal-Tunnel-Syndrome. Influences Range Of Motion. Chondromalacie Patellae. Protects Joints. Reduces Lymph Oedema.In contrast to conventional taping methods. the new kind of taping effects a different result. Etc. Reduce Inflammation. Effects: Influence Muscle Function Protects Muscles Against Overexertion. Improves Proprioception. Uses: Acute Shoulder Injury. Bursitis Olecrani. Corrects Fascia. Alleviates Pain. Corrects Posture. Reduces Haematoma. which often effect a disturbance of the joints and the course of movement because using of non-elastic materials. .

Impingement Syndrome. 2. The discharge of liquid leads to an increase of pressure. the now following swelling shortens the space between skin and muscle and interferes with the lymph flow. stiffness and an increase of tonus as a result then.Coxarthrosis. the Medical Taping Concept helps to reduce pressure and to remedy lymph congestions. Rib Fracture. The pressure and pain sensors. Hallux Valgus. Neck Pain. The Results at a Glance: 1. pain. being irritated by the discharge of liquid into the space between the tissue. . Epicondylitis. The Medical Taping Concept is a sensible therapeutic means here as well as with other problems (e. post-operative muscle hypotonia). Here. Neuralgia. Improves muscle function 
Damages of the human musculature also might lead to ruptures inside the connective tissue of the muscles. Herniating Lumbar Disc. Lower Limb Instability. Gonarthrosis. Etc. show swellings. Activates circulation (blood and lymph)
A constriction of the lymph circulation often is caused by an inflammation of damaged tissue.g. Frozen Shoulder.

C. .
B. BB tape being applied directly to the skin.Because of the stimulation of the proprioception a new balance is found within the muscle groups and a better kinaesthesia with a positive effect on the joint functions is gained. when the signals of irritated noci sensors (thin non-myelinized A-Delta/C-Fibres) reach the cortex by passing the posterior horn. proprio-septic stimulation
The Medical Taping Concept takes influence on the muscle tonus (see above). Supports joints by means of:
A. pain cushioning
The pain cushioning resulting from taping makes the re-establishing of the functions possible and quickens the healing process. which are influenced by the thick-fibred system. the Medical Taping Concept cares for a better passive stability of the joints. At the same time a normal course of movement becomes possible. which helps the tissue getting back its original power processing. 4. here the tape is stretched up to its maximum.3. see neuro-physiology) supraspinally: inhibition because of efferent neurones from the foramatio reticularis. primarily irritates thick myelinized A-Beta-Fibres. The so gained cushioning effect of pain can be explained as follows: 1. passive and mechanic support
By using so called ligament techniques. spinally: direct inhibition of the pain entrance to the switch cells on spinal level (Gate Control Theory by Melzack and Wall. Relieves pain
The human being feels pain. influencing central nervous system. 2.

12. As the tape has to be removed at some point. rub it thoroughly for optimal adhesion. The skin under the tape can start itching.TIPS TO APPLY KINESIO TAPE 1. therefore be careful when applying heat to areas of skin with tape. Removing the tape from the paper is easiest if you keep the cut piece of tape with the cotton side towards you and go with the tip of your finger across the upper edge.When the tape is removed carelessly the skin may become irritated and harmed. 7. 4. 8. 9. 11. This is not a problem unless it lasts more than half an hour. In this case the tape must be removed. 2. dry and free from oil. because this may cause blisters. It is always advisable to put the tape on the bare skin.The tape can only be used lengthwise. 10. If need be soak the tape in water first. 3. creams or dirt. it is recommended to remove hair beforehand.The tape must be removed carefully. See to it that there are no folds in the tape or in the skin under the tape. Round of the ends of the tape to reduce peeling or curling. Always apply the base and the tape’s anchor’s without using stretch. On x hairy skin the tape does not stick as well and it peels off sooner. In the case of children thinner strips should be cut. 5. The tape sticks better if the material becomes warm. Always see to it that the skin to be taped is clean. Remark: The skin should be free of oils and creams to get optimal . It is also possible to tear the paper first (for some techniques this is advisable). Stretch the skin and roll the tape off parallel to itself. 6. When the tape has been applied.

adhesion. one should be careful as some oils cause skin irritation and for certain oils can be contraindicated. . The tape sticks even better with this oil. pure essential oils from the aroma therapy however are the exception. However.