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Huawei LTE Planning

Huawei LTE Planning


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Path: [Explorer / Operation/ LTE Frequency Planning /]

Activate the frequency planning function through the following Tab

The available Polygon or traffc area will appear for selection


Before running the allocation, ensure the band and channel index shown below are selected

I. Channel Index

Path: [Explorer / Network/ Transceiver / Cell /Normal Parameter]

Value of Channel Index will determine the frequency reuse pattern. Under Single frequency reuse (1x1), all cells will be

labeled as using Channel 0 only. With multiple frequency reuse (U-Net only support 1x3 currently), user can select N

Channel index (N = 3 under 1x3) and frequency planning function will allocate different Channel to different cell.


In U-Net, the frst step is to select the frequency Reuse pattern, then select the Channel index that can be used for

frequency planning before “running” the allocation. Upon completion, the frequencies will be allocated according to

the table below. An example output is shown based on 1x3 selection where Channel 0 -2 are chosen.

II. Edge Frequency Style

The style corresponds to the frequency pattern chosen and only applicable to (1x1). Basically, it shows which 1/3 part

of the frequency has been chosen by Automatic frequency plan for the downlink and uplink of a particular sector. A

graphically representation of style for downlink is shown below.

III. ICIC Switch

Path: [Explorer / Network/ Transceiver / Cell /Advanced Parameter]

ICIC function for Uplink and Downlink can be enabled separately for simulation.


Various settings in Edge frequency Style, ICIC switch and Channel index will not affect the prediction results as these are mainly used for traffc


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