Step by Step Toward Supernatural Healing Power

Tomorrow may be too late…
Lusts of life were pulling me through by the chains and herald of faith whispered, move, move, short of the life is remained and the long journey is on the way, and what you know from the truth is not but a hallucination…. If you don’t get prepared now, when will you? If you don’t cut these chains now, when will you? …..

Ghazali (greatest mystical thinker 1058-1111)

Step by Step Toward Supernatural Healing Power


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• Foreword • Introduction • Some Proof of the Divine Origin of the Koran • Mathematical Miracles of the Koran • Evaluation of Different Pathways Toward God • Islamic Mysticism • Master of Mysticism • The Supernatural Acts of Mysticism o o o Picture of Unknown Entities Around Disciple Obscure Words on Computer Screen Disappearance of Razor Blades

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• Supernatural Healing • Rules of Barakah • How to Become a Mystic o o o Repentance or Bay’a The Bay’a or Pledge of Tariqa Kasnazan Remembrance

• Metaphysical Interpretation of Bay’a and Remembrances • Effect of Mysticism on Human Creativity  

you can experience a spiritual flood which will cleanse your soul and put you in a position to gain control in your life and of your emotions. and by applying the concept to both your personal and professional life. This provides the Murid with the required ability to master their own ego and overcome mood issues mentioned above while reaching a higher state of consciousness so powerful in its ability to heal and attain peace that it transcends words. but not widely understood system (at least to western culture) called Sufism. Today there is great interest in exploring a better way of navigating life to manage depression. unhappy and hypocritical place and see themselves as its victims when things go wrong. it is not dependent on oneself only. anxiety. This path is a departure from many of the concepts and values of our modern society. . guilt. Many of us. This book is written as a primer for those who are seeking to experience such a transformation and it is based upon a practical and ancient. Everyone has his or her own theory for how to live the ideal life. have felt the futility of this way of thinking and living and have looked for better ways to perceive the world that can lead to personal transformation and inner peace. This path will lead to an experience of internal peace so rarely found in this world. . This often leads to them blaming the world or others for their misery. the healthful and peaceful ways of Islam are needed more than ever. myself included. has reached a state of absolute inner peace and unity to guide the follower (called Murid). At the same time there are many people who think the world is a chaotic. empty.4 Step by Step Toward Supernatural Healing Power Foreword In this time of great need for global healing and understanding. There are even some people who attempt to preach and teach others the way toward inner peace that they themselves are looking to achieve. but uses metaphysical power of a spiritual teacher. and anger in order to find inner peace. With this will come a new freedom and power while ridding yourself of false illusions. The reason for the effectiveness of this technique is that. A Sheikh (in a way similar to Hindu’s Guru). People also have their unique way of seeking and understanding truth. which may make some of the ideas in the book appear radical. By following the path outlined in this book (which can be considered a course in spiritual psychotherapy that is self-taught).

P. of 4. being wondered or carried away by intellectual or scientific arguments. in which I ranked the first among tens of thousands. it is in Engineering. Unlike some people who seek God when they are under times of great distress and have no other choices.0. I was using a certain type of Electron Microscope. Religion and Metaphysics. D. who were brought up like that. It means that with this instrument. you could have an image of 20 feet. I see that ego. or ignorant.. inducing a feeling of being gracious and important. Please forgive me. you are listening to someone who has come to this way due to his thirst for finding the truth and reality. But this time. or not having other opportunities. Today as I look into them. from a particle as small as the tip of a pin. to my Ph.A. and resulted in an illusive and fake way of seeing realities. which distorted my conceptions. Every day for hours I was looking at the images and was mesmerized with the intelligence embedded in such simple creatures. I am not someone of low intelligence.A. I started from a secular life of modern luxury. at the beginning I did not have any religious background. I was serving my ego. I had a self-made theory about the purpose of human life and my responsibilities in society. The same as many of you. and on the basis of logic and reasoning came up with divine realities. which had an amazingly high magnification of one to seventy thousand. hundreds of times smaller than a pin tip had an ordered structure that could blow your mind. or were clerics or those practicing their profession.Step by Step Toward Supernatural Healing Power 5 Introduction To the sincere seekers. I noticed that a particle. This made me confident that none of the theories of random generation of life is applicable to this structure and that none of the theoreticians claiming the creation of . My approach toward God started about 30 years ago. from the University of Miami in the U. where I graduated with a G. From the university entrance exam. I’m sure you have all had the experience of listening to people talking about God. in which I am very successful and worked for most of my life. Called SEM. but it is not in theology or philosophy. and self-centered attitudes were always the basis for my theories.S. I had a feeling of pleasing God and helping people. selfishness. I see that under the label of God and humanity. out of curiosity and by research and investigation. I have a doctorate degree. I have always been a top scholar in my field. but due to my pure curiosity for finding realities of the life. but today as I review my feelings. but would like to clarify that I have not come to this way because of being brought up this way. Observing corals and some marine creatures with this microscope. when I was working on a research project on marine sedimentation. Unwarranted. In this project. I do not intend to boast.

Working with the microscope. Searching for this. Given humans’ physical and mental capabilities.6 Step by Step Toward Supernatural Healing Power life to be caused by some unwanted reaction of Amino acids have ever looked at a simple particle under microscope. For example. mountain tracks and deserted places. God has always existed and created human beings for noble and specific purposes. In terms of human needs for intellectual guidance. after appointing some. Earth. my own investigation led me to certain conclusions about life. isn’t it worthwhile to spend some time to know this intelligent and magnificent creator. if it has a muscle moving the wing. there has been no need for new messengers. I came to the understanding that these people were not what I was searching for. Therefore. God has appointed some noble guides. or know him. how could it be so tiny? If it has some nerves commanding the muscle. that your life and existence in all aspects is somehow connected to Him?” Responding to that voice. . over time humans’ need for guidance has reduced. as a curious fact finder with a scientific view. This type of observation brought me to the conclusion that all of those astonishing technological complexities in nature could not be originated but from a knowledgeable and intelligent source. without of any prejudice or superstitions. Although some of the things I learned from these so-called teachers were new to me. made me accustomed to getting precise in observations. Because of intellectual development and ability to communicate. how do they receive the command from the brain? Since I was well aware of air vehicles and flight control in avionics. “if you are spending several days reading a book to understand a scientific fact. or many hours per week to watch junk TV programs. I started to look for signs of the magnificent creator and as a first step looked for the people who were claiming to be close to. by seeing a mosquito. or spending hours to know a famous person. since the creator has special interest in his special creature’s spiritual growth. known as prophets to lead them. I went through village roads. I thought how this little creature could move its wings tens of times per second. One day there seemed to be a small voice inside me which said. human beings and all the elements of existence are created by a divine and all-pervading entity named God. God. Universe. After a tiring investigation spending time with these individuals and practicing their lessons. He appointed them to be His agent on earth or vicegerent for which he is well pleased. I was really amazed by the way that little creature controlled its leveling and flight direction and adjusted the landing parameters.

but with the passage of time. You will become near and in harmony with God such that God’s wishes and your wishes become manifested. Thus. to dissolve from your life. If one is blessed to have a long life. your creator is anxiously following and guiding your life. As a human being. He has shown you one of the shortest paths to get close to Him with the least amount of effort. you will start to feel the unpleasant taste of declining age. In such research scholars have failed to find evidence of the Koran being altered since its initial revelation. This will cause the exhausting and difficult problems of stress. depression. Looking back over time. guilt. he will forgive all your errors and as a divine favor to humans. you are placed in a high position in God’s universe and are created with a will so that you may choose to follow God’s divine guidance. while other prophets performed extraordinary actions. you start to fear that you have turned into an unpleasant and boring old person with no spiritual direction. If one turns away from such a spiritual path. one will grow up in this vicious poultry farm of life. suggesting tangible evidence for it being inspired by the Creator. You will get connected to the spiritual world of the unseen and supernatural. . anxiety and fear in this world. the scriptures changed from God’s original word by both unintentional copy errors and deliberate modifications. Also. Eventually you no longer enjoy the old pleasures that used to occupy your thoughts and activities when you were younger. such as eating and sex. called miracles. The interested reader is encouraged to study the history of the Old and New Testaments along with the Koran and historical literature. Similar to an incubator with hundreds of chickens. life can become a torturous prison of illusions and pain.Step by Step Toward Supernatural Healing Power 7 Every prophet over time nurtured the spiritual development of humans through divine guidance from the Creator. All of the major religions had a scripture. Some prophecies resulted in written scriptures as evidence for their divine claims. Perhaps when you were younger you believed that following a spiritual path would not make you the attractive and interesting person you wanted to be. Proximity to God will release you from the prison of distorted and illusory perceptions and allow you to breathe in freedom and experience the miracle of love. and wants you to get closer to Him. In every moment of your life. if you ask. where after eating and growing they will face the gloom of certain extinction as food for mass consumption. you become like the prophets and messengers of God from the past where you will be a source of divine miracles and supernatural events. physical weakness prevails. and seeing the wrinkles on your face and the white hair on your head.

. On the other hand when we follow the path of truth. we will move into the glorious and magnificent eternal life. behind the outside walls are vicious predators and on the inside is the slaughtering knife with death being the only certainty for this kind of life. reaching our merciful Creator and being embraced with pure love. our small and humble room in life will be turned into a palace of light and joy and after leaving this life.8 Step by Step Toward Supernatural Healing Power Like the hundreds of chickens on the poultry farm of life.

most misunderstood) religious scriptures in the Western world. In this book. does not present the same mathematical relations as is seen in the Koran. the evidence is consistent with the Koran being a direct communication from the Creator and therefore listening to it is listening attentively to God. which is the basis of a new theory in Cosmic Physics. Scientists (from the Jerusalem Hebrew University. and the validity and authenticity of such data should be evaluated. Studying the Koran. among others). or creation of the universe from a unit object of continuous form. for the challenges in life. and this faith regards the Koran as the divinely revealed word of God. With investigation. with one fifth of the world's population embracing it. it offers a message of guidance to the individual believer. Instead. The so-called Bible code. “Islam”. titled “The Bible Code” and a sequel. I did not find comparable relations in other holy books. the Koran is not focused on the personal life of the Prophet. which is so simple that if one is capable of counting and adding numbers. I found that it was a different type of book from the other holy texts. The Koran is one of the least-read (and. I provide evidence to support this argument. as explained in chapter 51verse 47. I was truly amazed. inspiring. have proven that the Bible . published in 2002. For example. When I came across the mathematical relations in the Koran. which relates to one of the new theories in earth crust movement. Both reached bestseller status. and important pieces of Arabic literature.Step by Step Toward Supernatural Healing Power 9 Some Proof of the Divine Origin of the Koran The Koran is the holy book of the last Divine Religion. In this chapter I will provide evidence that is consistent with the argument that the Koran is the word of God and could not easily have been composed by humans In other words. It was first popularized by a book published in 1997. as well as all of humanity. which is of the new scientific founding in the creation of the universe. nor is it about the scientific and natural arguments. “The Bible Code II”. or creation of the universe from a mass of smoke type. The Koran is universally regarded as one of the most beautiful. also known as the Torah code. The Bible code is based on the claim that a series of messages exist within the Bible text. named BIG BANG. The evidence presented here is about the Mathematical Miracle of the Koran. which demonstrate foreknowledge and prophecy. the Australian National University. perhaps. Islam means "submission” (to the will of God). Unlike the Torah. or numerous other complex scientific arguments. one can easily understand. as explained in chapter 21-verse 30. movement of mountains as explained in chapter 27-verse 88. but the evidence presented here is not about the beauty of the wording. it does not describe the history of the Jewish people and in contrast with the Gospels.

the originals) were inspired? We don’t have the originals. verse 23-24. besides God. evidently thousands of ways.. We have only error ridden copies. In chapter 2. A Koran now in the Topkapi Palace in Istanbul is said to be one of these original copies. if your . and the vast majority of these are centuries removed from the originals and different from them. the third caliph Othman made five copies of the original Koran. Equally problematic as pointed out by noted religious studies scholar. they could not produce the like thereof. The present day Bibles were not written by Jesus nor were they even written by the apostles. it was done without any previous notice or preparation and seemed as if he had memorized it. present one chapter comparable to it and call all your supporters. without doubt sent down the Message. The text was written by some followers on pieces of wood or camel bone. even if they backed up each other with help and support”. Chapter 17-verse 88. but were written by other people who referred to the apostles. The Koran has 114 chapters. : but sometimes (many times) incorrectly? What good is it to say that the autographs (i. and We will assuredly guard it (from corruption)”. Bart Ehrman in his book: “Misquoting Jesus: The story behind who changed the Bible and why: (Harper San Francisco. which states:” We have. states: “If the whole of mankind and Jinns were to gather together to produce the like of this Koran.e. Along similar lines the Prophet Muhammad (P) is considered to be the last prophet with the Koran being the final revelation as noted in chapter 33-verse 40.” The ability of the Koran to have remained intact over time has been attributed to divine intervention by God. 2005): “I kept reverting to my basic question: how does it help us to say that the Bible is the inerrant word of God if in fact we don’t have the words that God inerrantly inspired but only the words copied by scribes-sometimes correctly. See the Koran chapter 15-verse 9. It should be mentioned that when text of the Koran was dictated by Prophet Muhammad (P). some of them are long and some only consist of a few sentences. it states: “Should you have any doubt about what we have revealed to Our servant. and sent it to important capitals of Islamic empire.10 Step by Step Toward Supernatural Healing Power code does not rest on solid scientific ground and some seemingly meaningful bunches of words which were the basis of all the claims could come out of any large block of text. After Prophet Muhammad (P). In the Koran it is also claimed that during this time nobody would ever be capable of producing a book similar to the Koran. or he read it from his heart.

but none succeeded. they would surely have found therein much discrepancy.com/articles/3642/> “Jamse Farrell. I was reading my soul and it felt good. and sound truly humble in comparison to the Koranic statements. Of course. If you refer to history. This was not the Arab thing I was taught to think was dirty. In my opinion. A man who used to hate Muslims. Famous Pop Star Cat Stevens is one of these people whose quotes . you will notice that there have been numerous efforts by the rich pagan. by reading the translation of the Koran confesses: “I read his introduction. “ There are numerous people who have accepted Islam.” (4:82) It should be noted that the Koran was revealed over time. then guard yourselves against the fire whose fuel will be people and stones. or in any era. Russian novelist. living word of God and therefore. and is prepared for those who hide the Truth. If you do not produce such a chapter. In addition to the above. and explicitly states that this cannot be accomplished. unfair criticisms have been made of the Koran taking phases out of context and based upon some narrow point of view. without any discrepancies in the 600 pages of its text. and I began to cry like a baby. just by reading the Koran. had to rewrite the book “War and Peace”. Translators of the Koran or people writing commentaries to that believe that any attempt to translate or write even an entry-level commentary to the Koran is a humbling experience. and written down. but regretful. Even exceptional writers can never make such a claim. For example. Some of the chapters made by these people exist now. Ex Catholic. the Koran challenges to all humans during that time. until it came to its final version. I just knew in my heart how magical it was. who were threatened by Islam. I cried and cried and I couldn't help myself. the first three pages. Here is an excerpt: “Do they not consider the Qur'an? Had it been from any other than Allah. memorized. This was not the Islam I knew. This is because wording of the Koran is regarded as the sacred. Leo Tolstoy. there are other statements in the Koran in which an enduring challenge to the opponents is proposed. This book is a revelation whose every word is regarded as divine in nature and has a mysterious effect on the reader (even for the translations).Step by Step Toward Supernatural Healing Power 11 claim is true.islamreligion. the best way to understand the Koran is to read it in its entirety. I knew that this was what I was looking for and I wanted to beat myself to death for not finding it earlier. it ceases to be the Koran the moment it is translated. twenty times.” <http://www. to bring even a small chapter similar to it. Every page told my life.” In this statement. This was my life wrapped up in a few pages. and you never will. to invite selective scholars to challenge this article.

and it is important to realize the obligation to rid ourselves of all illusions and to make our lives a preparation for the next life.com explains his attitudes: Interview of Yusuf Islam (formerly Cat Stevens) with IslamCam. "Well. but we know that every child is born in his original nature . because it says in Koran Majeed that when man is brought to account. I was given this religion (Christianity) and thought this way. the message of the Prophet (Sallallahu alaihi wa sallam) as given by God . I more or less believed it. we make a promise. "O Lord. because I had to have respect for the faith of my parents. this world was their God. I started making songs. He has a lot of money. they were just stones with no life. (It says in the Koran. "If I send you back you will do the same.php?t=5732&pag e=3> All I have to say is all what you know already.it is only his parents that turn him to this or that religion. And when they said that God is three. a feeling that if I became rich I would help the needy. and perhaps I thought this was my God. I had an uncle who had a beautiful car. but there was no direct contact with God. so we had to make contact with Him through Jesus . I started making music. Man is created to be God's deputy on earth. I was taught that God exists.com/forums/showthread. I looked at some of the statues of Jesus. This was more or less accepted by me. All those things I saw in the films and on the media took hold of me. I wanted to be a big star. "he has it made." The people around me influenced me to think that this was it. have a 'great life.12 Step by Step Toward Supernatural Healing Power on IslamCan.com <http://www. I was puzzled even more but could not argue. Anybody who misses this chance is not likely to be given another. we want to hold onto it and become greedy. the goal of making money.he was in fact the door to God.) . As human beings we are given a consciousness and a duty that has placed us at the top of creation. but when we make something. to be brought back again and again.' Now my examples were the pop stars." My Early Religious Upbringing I was brought up in the modern world of all the luxury and the high life of show business. Pop Star Gradually I became alienated from this religious upbringing. I decided then that this was the life for me.aussiemuslims. he will say. to make a lot of money." I said. but deep down I had a feeling for humanity. send us back and give us another chance. to confirm what you already know." The Lord will say. I was born in a Christian home.the Religion of Truth. but I did not swallow it all.

and the first thing I began to become aware of was death. numerology. I wish I knew what makes the Heaven. tarot cards and astrology. In Hospital After a year of financial success and 'high' living. what I regarded as a miracle occurred.' This made me think of a saying that the body is like a donkey. I really had a difficult time because I was getting rich and famous. so I wanted to live larger than life and the only way to do that was to be intoxicated (with liquor and drugs). I felt I was taking the road to bliss and high accomplishment. Then I realized I had a will. and then." I became even more famous in the world of music. I started meditating and even became a vegetarian. an atmosphere of peace and tranquility prevailed. contracted TB and had to be hospitalized. I was too attached to the world and was not prepared to become a monk and to isolate myself from society. One day when I was walking and I was caught in the rain. This awareness came to me at the hospital. my name and photo were splashed in all the media. my body is getting wet. it does not stop. a God-given gift: follow the will of God.' and this was the general trend. Do I get to know You in my bed or some dusty cell while others reach the big hotel?" and I knew I was on the Path. By now I was fed up with Christianity. and at the same time. my body is telling me I am getting wet. I remember the lyric of one of my songs. I became very ill. Otherwise. It was then that I started to think: What was to happen to me? Was I just a body. and it has to be trained where it has to go. 'Wait a minute. I was still a teenager. I was sincerely searching for the Truth. They made me larger than life. I began running to the shelter and then I realized. I tried to look back into the Bible and could not find anything. It goes like this: "I wish I knew. what makes the Hell. My brother had visited the mosque in Jerusalem and was greatly impressed that while on the one hand it throbbed with life (unlike the churches and synagogues which were empty). and that the soul moves on."Why am I here? Why am I in bed?" and I started looking for some of the answers. the donkey will lead you where it wants to go. and my goal in life was merely to satisfy this body? I realized now that this calamity was a blessing given to me by Allah. I tried Zen and Ching. I also wrote another song. on the other hand. I now believed in 'peace and flower power. but I was not ready to leave the world. "The Way to Find God Out. Then I came to a stage where I decided that Buddhism is all right and noble.Step by Step Toward Supernatural Healing Power 13 So what happened was that I became very famous. But what I did believe in particular was that I was not just a body. I began reading. At this time I did not know anything about Islam. At that time there was great interest in the Eastern mysticism. . a chance to open my eyes . I started making music again and this time I started reflecting my own thoughts. I was fascinated by the new terminology I was learning in the Eastern religion.

because hereto I had thought the reason I was here was because of my own greatness. and the whole purpose of my being here was to submit to the teaching that has been perfected by the religion we know as Al-Islam. I was not a fanatic. And when I received the book. We must follow the will of God. The first thing I wanted to do now was to be a Muslim. On reading the Koran. what was the reality and what would be the reality. religion not in the sense the West understands it. what was the purpose of life. I realized that everything belongs to God. which he gave to me. and I kept it a secret. But the Koran also speaks on different levels. and God had sent it to me. Do you realize how different the sun is from the moon? They are at varying distances from the earth. at times one seems to overlap the other. When I read the Koran further. . At this point I began to lose the pride in me. yet appear the same size to us. but he felt something in this religion. kindness and charity. He created everything. Everything made so much sense. I was at first confused between the body and the soul. This is the beauty of the Koran. The Koran asks man to reflect upon the sun and moon and God's creation in general.who I was. not the type for only your old age. He did not become a Muslim. But I realized that I did not create myself. In the West. whoever wishes to embrace a religion and make it his only way of life is deemed a fanatic. Even when many of the astronauts go to space. Then I realized that the body and soul are not apart and you don't have to go to the mountain to be religious. Even the Christians misunderstand God's Word and called Jesus the son of God. but I felt that the only answer for me was the Koran. it asks you to reflect and reason. At this point I started discovering my faith. they see the insignificant size of the earth and vastness of space. They become very religious. and not to worship the sun or moon but the One Who has created everything. I was not a Muslim yet. and where I came from . Why then were the Jews and Christians different? I know now how the Jews did not accept Jesus as the Messiah and that they had changed His Word. I began to understand it on another level. that slumber does not overtake Him. where the Koran says. because they have seen the Signs of Allah." Thus at this point I wished to meet my Muslim brothers. and thought I might find something in it also. Then we can rise higher than the angels.I realized that this was the true religion. I now realized that all the Prophets sent by God brought the same message. "Those who believe do not take disbelievers for friends and the believers are brothers. a guidance that would explain everything to me . I felt I was a Muslim. it talked about prayer.14 Step by Step Toward Supernatural Healing Power The Koran When he came to London he brought back a translation of the Koran.

we use these objects (idols) to merely concentrate. Ishmael. I went to the mosque and sat down. I told him I was a Muslim. one has to create associates. he is accorded a special place of honor in Islam. and arrange the whole thing as a spectacle. The only thing that moves the believers from the disbelievers is the salat. I would like to stress that I did not come into contact with any Muslim before I embraced Islam. A man asked me what I wanted. is acknowledged as a Prophet of God." (2:136) .Step by Step Toward Supernatural Healing Power 15 Conversion Then I decided to journey to Jerusalem (as my brother had done). and if we imitate the conduct of the Holy Prophet (Sallallahu alayhi wa sallam) we will be successful. and face one direction. John the Baptist. Looking from Islam’s point of view. though not so successfully. This is the process of purification. I told her I wanted to embrace Islam and she directed me to the New Regent Mosque. Finally I wish to say that everything I do is for the pleasure of Allah and pray that you gain some inspirations from my experiences. We believe in one God. In the Koran. until I was shown the Koran. you get to like Jesus more. and the Prophets from their Lord. This was in 1977. "You don't understand the Hindus. after Jummah' I went to the Imam and declared my faith (the Kalimah) at this hands. no matter how hard I tried. Furthermore. So on a Friday. I then joined the prayer. You have before you someone who had achieved fame and fortune." He was confused. Jesus is acknowledged as one of God's Prophets. too. knowing that he was a human who suffered because of Man not a God or son of a God who knew that he was going to die. But guidance was something that eluded me. get rid of Iblis. I read the Koran first and realized that no person is perfect. May Allah give us guidance to follow the path of the ummah of Muhammad (Sallallahu alayhi wa sallam). Ameen! Reading the Koran. Now I realize I can get in direct contact with God." What she was saying was that in order to reach God. Jesus. "Stevens. and what was revealed to Moses. Muslims believe in this verse of the Koran which states: "We believe in God and what He has revealed to us and to Abraham. as some Christians suppose. about one and a half years after I received the Koran. As one Hindu lady told me. Isaac. far from being denigrated. that are idols for the purpose. unlike Christianity or any other religion. At Jerusalem. I met a sister called Nafisa. Islam is perfect. Back in London. But Islam removes all these barriers. He asked what was my name. Cat Stevens realized that all the Prophets of God brought the same message and Christians misunderstand God's Word by calling Jesus the son of God. I told him. We make no distinction among them and to God we have submitted ourselves. and their descendants. Now I realized that I must get rid of my pride.

the word Shaytan is used for those who obey Satan’s command. the one in this “world” (Arabic word. is the same as that of Adam”. and the other in the “hereafter” (Arabic word. It considers him to be a great prophet. yewm) is used 365 times which is equal to the number of days/year. which is equal to the number of months/year. The word “Prayer” (Arabic word. it is 11 x 8) and the word “devil” (Arabic word. Iblis). 2 + 5 + 4 = 11 The word “angels” (Arabic word. which clearly correlates with the command for daily worship 5 times. Salavat) is used five times. The term “seven heavens” is used seven times (In the Koran. it may be interesting for you to know that in the Koran: • • • • The word “day” (Arabic word. Shaytan) is used 88 times. but human in nature. The word “Satan” (Arabic word. World and Hereafter: The Koran speaks of two lives. The 59th verse of the third chapter of the Koran. To emphasize the similarity between Adam and Jesus. The word “month” is mentioned twelve times. Adam and Jesus: the Koran denies Jesus is God or the son of God. is mentioned eleven times and the number of times that words with a meaning of resorting to God from Satan is used (Arabic words. A'akherat) which is infinite. which is 11 x 7 September 11 is day number 254 of the calendar year. are mentioned in equal numbers. but the word Satan is used for the Prince of Darkness. each 115 times. It should be mentioned that in the Koran.16 Step by Step Toward Supernatural Healing Power Before getting back into mathematical miracles of the Koran. the number of times the • • • • . states: “The example of Jesus. it is told that the heavens are created in seven layers). which is finite. I read an article claiming that the September11 attack in the United States was a satanic act based on the following: The tragedy was on September 11 New York is the 11th state New York City has 11 letters The first plane crashing against the Twin Towers was flight number 11 The second plane was flight number 77. Dunya). The relation between these words in the Koran is very clear. It also emphasizes that he is born from a virtuous mother without any father and considers his creation similar to Adam. Malaika) is used eighty-eight times (interesting!. These two words which are used sometimes together in a verse and sometimes separately. Aooz and Estaez) 11 times. as far as GOD is concerned.

this book was recorded as it was revealed. After some investigation. according to their chronological revelation. Doesn’t it seem amazing that all of these numbers are sorted in a fourteen hundred year old book? A 600 page book which was written on pieces of leather and cloth and was collected several years after its completion. It also should be noted that most of the people dealing with this scripture at the time of revelation. Verse 48 of chapter 20 states: “You have not read a book before and have not written any words with your hand. which is a tiny robot used in medicine. people who make practical application of science and technology to build spacecraft. due to its astonishing complexity. As historians say. because if so. who has worshiped . were illiterate and did not have any knowledge of reading and writing. or compose a polymeric compound in the chemical industry. I saw a TV program on which a Japanese Professor was trying to build a Micro Robot. Some years ago. and the prophet of Islam. 25 times each.Step by Step Toward Supernatural Healing Power 17 names of these two prophets are cited in the Koran is equal. in fragments which were separated in both time and place. speaks without such insight. If the Koran is a book revealed by God. Using this model. speaks with special respect. Since the order of revelation is different from the order of final position. Using micro surgery. who dictated this book to the writers. An aeronautical engineer. he was so humble and respectful that I thought no cleric. and if the argument of creation of Humans by the will of God is true. moved the legs. those who look to invalidate your prophecy would have real doubts”. This professor looked into natural models for his work and found the human body to be inadequate. and positioned like the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle into the final scripture. would not judge so superficially about such complex creation is originating from random reactions. he found the roach to be the best model because it had the simplest brain. two consecutive verses of this book may be separated by as much as two years and a distance of 300 miles. because he or she is aware of the complexities involved in this plane. When this scientist was explaining the complexities involved in the creation of a simple roach. but a philosopher who has just heard the name of this plane. This verse emphasizes that the prophet was illiterate. speaking about an F16 fighter. he connected some micro wires to the nerves of a roach and by sending numerical signals through a computer. he built a robot which could duplicate some of the simple movements of a roach. then what are the arguments raised by some scientists who consider life as some form of undetermined and random reaction of amino acids? In my opinion.

with a weight of several hundredths of a gram. have no sense of such item. honey bee. familiar with the polymeric product of Kevlar as produced in gigantic and complex plants. you should be an aeronautical engineer to appreciates the way that an air vehicle. Talking of spiders.18 Step by Step Toward Supernatural Healing Power God for years. Spider. To understand the complexity of a simple mosquito. “The people who believe that mixing some chemical compounds in the laboratory could generate intelligence. has such a sense of God’s greatness as this robotic professor has. you should be a chemical engineer.” . has such an amazing maneuvering capability using different sensors for adjusting angular balance and landing parameters. which can produce a web made of a material stronger than Kevlar. this nomination is another proof of the Koran’s divinity. and ant are some of these creatures. Alternately. Considering the fact that these complexities are new scientific findings. it should be noted that some chapters of the Koran are named after creatures which later were found to be sophisticated. I think I elaborated enough on the technical matters. to appreciate the complexity of the spider. My reason for doing this was to reach the conclusion that.

4. 7. The first revelation is at the beginning of Chapter 96. we have placed none but angels as guardians of the Fire. which is 19 x 16. 5. Most Merciful" consists of 19 Arabic letters. . Chapter 96." Why is nineteen such an important number in the Koran? Verses of 30-31 of chapter 74 of the Koran. The Canadian Council on the Study of Religion. based on multiplications of 19: 1. which is 19 x 142. which is equivalent to: "In the name of God. which is 19 x 6. The very first revelation that was given to the prophet of Islam. Every word in the Arabic equivalent of the above statement occurs throughout the Koran a number of times which is a multiple of 19. and its first verse is 19 letters. The first statement of the Koran. `Allah. Here is a small sample of the so-called numerical network of the Koran. We have placed such a number (19) merely as a test for those who disbelieve. The total number of letters making up the 19 words of the first revelation is 76.” These verses explicitly state that there are some features related to number 19 in the Koran. states: "Over it there are 19. 6.. and so the ones who have been given the Book as well as believers may not doubt. 9. a university professor in the united states. such that any modification to the original form of the book could blemish the numerical structure. or 19 x 2. Most Gracious.Step by Step Toward Supernatural Healing Power 19 Mathematical Miracles of the Koran In 1976. through computer decoding. In other words. came as 19 words.' occurs in the Koran 2698 times. an extremely intricate 19-based numerical structure has been woven into the the text of the Koran. to convince the ones who have been given the Book. which is 19 x 334. Dr. Rashad Khalifa.. 8. 3. which heads the last 19 chapters. consists of 304 Arabic letters. God's name in Arabic. The total number of verses in the Koran is 6346. 10. There are 114 chapters in the Koran. The last chapter revealed (Chapter 110) has 19 words. reported in its QUARTERLY REVIEW of April 1983 that the code Khalifa discovered is "an authenticating proof of the divine origin of the Koran. which is 19 x 4. . 11. The word `Koran' occurs in 38 different chapters. 2. while those who believe may be increased in [their] faith. discovered that the Koran is mathematically coded throughout and is the only book known to beguarded by an invisible complex network of numbers.

Chapter number 1 2 3 4 5 … … 113 114 Sum of chapters: 6555 + + + + + + + Number of verses 7 286 200 176 120 … … 5 6 Sum of verses: 6236 = = = = = = = Sum (odd) Sum (even) 8 288 203 180 125 … … … … 118 120 Sum of odds: 6555 Sum of evens: 6236 . which are two by two equal to each other. which is 19 x 3. you come up with four 4-digit numbers (four numbers at the bottom of each column). The total number of times `the Koran' is mentioned is 57. In recent years. another important and astonishing mathematical relationship between the number of verses in each chapter and the chapter number has been revealed. This relation will no longer be valid if we change the number of verses of the Koran. If you add up the number of each chapter with the number of its verses in the following manner. Anyone can confirm it with a small calculator. This is another proof that the Koran is authentic and of the divine origin.20 Step by Step Toward Supernatural Healing Power 12. or if we change the order of chapters.

The information stated here is just a small sample of mathematical miracles in the Koran. can be found on sites such as: <http://www. number 38 results. Other miracles are shown on the site: <http://www. Adding the sum of the evens is equal to the sum of the verses. . More detailed studies. If the sum of 6555 is added to the sum of 6236. 2. 3. The number of evens is 57 and the number of odds is also 57.Step by Step Toward Supernatural Healing Power 21 The figures in the above table are remarkable and from a probability point of view. Adding the sum of the odds is equal to the sum of the chapters. 6555.eHolyQuran.com>. introducing more than 200 different mathematical relationships. 6236. which itself is a multiple of 19.miraclesofthequran.com>. 4. can be considered a mathematical miracle: 1.

After years of preparation and practice. Know that Allah (God) is Mighty. He kept on his track. Suddenly his feet slipped and he started to move down a steep slope…. " He replied: "Have you no faith?" He said "Yes. He started his trip at the time of sun set and due to his eagerness. his rope had wrapped around his body and had saved him from the fall. A deadly silence prevailed. and cut their bodies to pieces. "Take four birds. During his fall. nothing came to his mind but divine belief. draw them to you. After a long silence. Scatter them over the mountain-tops. instead of setting up the tent and staying overnight. What about you? Do you really believe in what you think is real? Have you ever tested your belief and faith? Let me share the following short story with you: A climber was willing to ascend the highest mountains. on a cold winter day. take your knife and cut the rope to which you are holding. he replied. Even though they sense there is something more than what they think. He was lucky. how You will raise the dead. then call them back. but just to reassure my heart. no movement occurred but a stronger grip on the rope…… .. You are the only one who can save me.. He whispered: “My Lord. Do you really think that I can save you? Yes! You can.22 Step by Step Toward Supernatural Healing Power Evaluation of Different Pathways Toward God The only way for people to obtain a peaceful and steady life is to reach a state of certainty about their belief. even the moon was hidden behind the clouds and no stars were observable…. continued his ascent.. Lord. getting close to the peak. Even the divine prophets of God needed assurance of their belief." Allah (God) said." (2:260) Most people are confused about what is real. It is stated in the Koran: When Abraham said: "Show me. He kept moving until absolute darkness prevailed. which he relied on for most of his life…. all the good and bad memories of his life flashed back in his mind…. I need you……” After a short time. a determined sound from the sky replied: “what do you want from me?”. They will come swiftly to you. when he was thinking of how close he was to his death. If you want to be released. he started the trip to his dreamed of peak. “Save my life”. they attempt to settle for a reality based on feedback from their physical senses. he felt the pressure of a rope around his belly and instantly started to swing like a pendulum in the air…. Wise.

and some who are. by Allah's permission. It labels one of these groups as “the Companion of the Right Hand”. Another group. they will lead you astray from God's way. they will meet mercy angels. Chapter 56 of the Koran is titled “AL-WAQIA” (The Event. It is said in the Koran: “If you obey most of those on earth. has permission to get near to the King. but even criminals and mass murderers have an illusion of following what they think is right. welcoming them to the promised Garden of Heaven. Another group disobeys the orders. some who follow a middle course.Step by Step Toward Supernatural Healing Power 23 The next day a group of climbers arrived and were astonished to observe a frozen man. With what you have in mind. which is part of the monarch family. That is why most people have no certainty and leave themselves to the string of life and get pushed away by small currents. If we believe that 1400 years ago (when sinful acts were much less than today) most of the people. It states: “There are among them some who wrong their own souls.” (35:32) According to these verses. that is the highest Grace. 70 percent. people are divided into three groups. foremost in good deeds. According to this verse. from which some are good people who do not violate the rules and obey the King’s orders. who are good people. these three groups are explained. are the wicked. most people’s image of the truth is nothing but their false conjectures of life. are the only people near to God. The third group has blood ties and a personal . let’s review our lives and see if what we believe in as the truth is the real thing. distorted by Egos and false illusions. Not only ordinary people. Most suicidal bombings are carried out by people who think that by pushing the detonation key. were off the right path. named “the Companion of the Left Hand”. they follow but conjecture and they only lie. based on their experiences of life. (6:116)”. again. what percentage should we expect to be on the right path for the present time? Based on God’s standards as explained in the Koran. The Inevitable) and explains the incidents of the Day of Judgment. by His permission. consider God to be a great king with servants. the Foremost get near to God and receive the highest Grace. clinging to a rope with his feet some inches from the ground. from the three groups. In another verse. are the most noble people who according to the Koran. In order to understand these three categories. The third group. have come to a unique way of living and think of it as the right way. Most people. and the third group named the Foremost (in faith).

How to become a Foremost and get into the realm of God is the subject of this book. something which is indescribable. becomes Mystic to me ('arif of Allah’. but is not enough. in which God shows the pathway toward Him. but loving deals with the heart. Advancing more. if you go to a man and tell him lots of fascinating things about a woman and then ask him to fall in love with her. he only knows that there is something there. Now let’s see who a Mystic is. falls in love with me. a love relationship with God has been the foundation of all divine religions. In Persian literature. One who finds me.24 Step by Step Toward Supernatural Healing Power relationship with the King and obeys His command. revealed by Prophet Muhammad (P). It does not recognize any limits and standards. Real love deals with connection in the heart. I fall in love with “. some profiteers came up with self-made bureaucratic regulations and lead people astray. This is something which brings you to a personal relationship with God. finds me. Being a Mystic is not absolute and has different degrees. It happens because it is bound to happen. etc. Talking and thinking deals with the mind. imagine someone in a desert who sees a black spot from a far distance. According to this saying. If he goes forward. he will doubt your intelligence. One who falls in love with me. Therefore. Since the beginning of history. This is the most exciting. Most people never forget the feeling. he sees that there are leaves on the branches and by even closer he notices that there are things hanging from the tree and realizes that the tree bears fruit. the people who want to fall in love with God must become a Mystic. he sees that the body has different branches and is a tree. and life changing event that can help one overcome life's problems. refers to someone who knows God by the heart). For example. But along the way. thrilling. . When he gets closer. by which you become content and all your desires are fulfilled. Although in the beginning this relationship seems insecure. The same degrees of Mysticism will appear for one who takes the course of knowing God. This might be necessary. It cannot come by explanation and reasoning. but knowing God is not an absolute matter. mysticism means “knowing God.” Thus a Mystic is one who knows God. For example. One who becomes Mystic to me. There is a sacred hadith (saying of God). not for the greed or wealth (Earthly comfort) or dread of punishment (Hellish torment). But how can we become a Foremost and get into a love relationship with God? Many people think that reading holy books and attending religious ceremonies will bring them to such a relationship. At the beginning. he sees that the thing has a long body. it does not mean that he has reached a perfect stage of knowing which others are absolutely deprived of. after some time a feeling of comfort and admiration comes. when someone is called a Mystic. It says “one who asks for me.

we would say that a Philosopher has a full mind and an empty heart. In later chapters. Lama for Tibetan Buddhist schools. The reason for having a true master is that in all the authentic Mystic schools. I will not be able to bear the amazing . a Sufi has an empty mind and a full heart and a Mystic has a full mind and a full heart. just gathering a band of disciples and reading a book for them does not result in successful Mystical training (exactly like trying to fall in love by reading a book). the master is someone who has a spiritual power. Sheikh for Islamic Schools. But in different texts. There are different names for the Master in different schools. As we explained. they started to utilize their own experimental techniques. and therefore different schools of Mysticism were formed in which no unity exists. Islamic Mysticism has profound foundations. the only existing book of God. being a Mystic is not absolute and has different degrees. etc. who have been the source of inspiration in the world and especially in western culture. the nature of a true master’s supernatural power and methods of transformation of the disciple will be described. Hafiz(1320) has been a source of fascination to Wolfgang Goethe (1832). Therefore. The Great Persian Mystic. the most important writer in the German language and one of the most important thinkers in western culture. If I do not immediately start composing poetry. Sorcerer for American Indian schools. there are some minor differences between a Mystic and a Sufi. but to be exact.Step by Step Toward Supernatural Healing Power 25 When people could not find their answers in traditional religions. When Goethe became acquainted with Hafiz he wrote: “Suddenly I came face to face with the celestial perfume of the East and invigorating breeze of Eternity that was being blown from the plains and the wastelands of Persia. through which the master can spiritually help develop students.” In the late summer of the same year he wrote: “I am getting mad. Numerous Mystics have come out of this school. they use them with similar meaning. Therefore becoming a Sufi is a prerequisite for becoming a Mystic. The practical way of reaching Mysticism in Islamic creed is called Sufism. and I came to know an extraordinary man whose personality completely fascinated me. Guru is the name for Asian Indian Hindu schools. a Sufi and a Mystic. If we want to roughly describe the difference between a Philosopher. based on the direct instructions from God as documented in the Koran. The requirement for having a spiritual teacher named Master was the only common element between all the Mystic schools.

Most of the popularity of Rumi in the west is due to the translations of his books by Coleman Barks. how can anyone boast to be thy equal. Most of the beauty of Hafiz and Rumi’s work comes from the innumerable references to the Koran throughout their poetry either by direct quotation or by allusion.” Goethe calls Hafiz "Saint Hafiz" and "celestial Friend". He explains: “To thy complaint. a native born American. who has been the best-selling poet in the United States for the last thirteen years. a great interest towards Islamic Mysticism is shown in western culture. have not been shown in his translations. also called Mevlana.26 Step by Step Toward Supernatural Healing Power influence of this extraordinary personality who has suddenly entered into my life. The nick-name of “Hafiz” was given to him because he knew the Koran by heart and could read it with fourteen different traditions. is another source of fascination to the West.” and he considers the verses of Hafiz as. Therefore. Love and admiration for the Koran and the Prophet of Islam are evident throughout both Hafiz and Rumi’s works. Through introduction of Islamic Mysticism to the world..” As indicated here. who does not know Persian and has based his translations on other English translations of Rumi. just by spreading some of its fragrance. Rumi in his book “Mathnavi”. Hafiz. if like Hafiz Thou recite the Koran with the fourteen traditions. Rumi has become so popular that UNESCO designated 2007 the "Year of Rumi". vocabulary and poetic idiom from the Koran. Madonna set translations of his verses praising Allah (God) on Deepak Chopra's 1998 CD. to mark the 800th anniversary of his birth. that some people call this book “the Persian Koran. employed so much imagination. also neither spoke . In one place he compares Hafiz to a ship and himself to a humble and broken raft and exclaims: “0. love reacheth.. “a miracle of human taste and refinement and a regenerating source of perfection and beauty as well as philosophy and Mysticism. some of the divine and hidden secrets of Islamic Mysticism. who became so fascinated in Hafiz that he named his masterpiece “West-Ostlicher Diwan” after “Hafiz Diwan”.” The Great Persian Mystic.” The same as Hafiz.. Goethe.. Rumi (1273).. Donna Karan used recitations of his poetry as a background for her fashion shows and Oliver Stone wants to make a film of his life.

and heart penetrating that when read.Step by Step Toward Supernatural Healing Power 27 nor read Persian and was just inspired by a simple translation of the Hafiz’s book. This shows how much Hafiz and Rumi themselves were moved to have been able to pour out such living words. . hundreds of people are moved to tears. perfect. The original words of Hafiz and Rumi in Persian are so deep. touching.

To put it simply.28 Step by Step Toward Supernatural Healing Power Islamic Mysticism Do you know why Hafiz and Rumi have become so interesting and inspiring to billions of people throughout history? For the reason quoted by Goethe as the “celestial perfume” and “invigorating breeze of Eternity”. thousands of times stronger than the existing electron microscopes. is there anything more interesting than the color of God?” Here we want to see what this “color of God” is. as Rumi says. With the divine light of the Holy Koran. those aware of it stayed tongue-tied and left it to the people’s self-effort. the electron clouds of the outer layer of the hand hit the electron clouds of the . “This is the color of God. For example. The nucleus itself was not solid. the body will vanish. Our body is not solid matter that somehow could be considered a movement of energy in a vacuum. To start this. which have the appearance of a ball. many of our assumptions about existence are not true either. and is another set of tiny particles spinning around other particles. We cannot be an exception and for sure. It is difficult to explain. you have to get rid of your traditional beliefs about reality. something beyond our known and accustomed world. our body resembles a set of tiny mosquitoes spinning around a lamp. and throughout history lots of them have turned out to be false. The Holy Koran states. Every generation has its own assumptions about reality and existence. space and matter. and we call Islamic Mysticism. through which we could look at our body. Christianity. to feel it. This story goes on and on. If there was a hypothetical microscope. giving the appearance of a ball. It is a divine secret hidden in every human’s heart and throughout history there have been tremendous efforts by people in Judaism. we would notice some very tiny particles consisting of a dense matter called nucleus. celestial perfume of Persian Mysticism and utilization of modern science which increases our awareness of the other dimensions of existence. through lengthy efforts and kind deeds. and Islam to know and explain this secret. turn the narrow and black-white image of life into a colored panoramic picture. If the movements stop. time. we think of our body as a solid substance. I have to explain the mystical body of the human being. we will try to open a door to this secret. why can’t we pass our hands through a concrete wall? The reason is because when our hands approach the wall. If our assumption of our body as solid matter is not true and we are similar to a mosquito ball. Since it was not possible to put it in words and describe it by materialistic science. Before that. “Seventy two nations hear their secrets from us”. surrounded by some kind of fluffy clouds of electrons. This is something which will give a poetic and love dimension to peoples’ life and with its esoteric revelations.

but scientists in general assume that it is composed of some sort of hypothetical tiny. which in our view is the total existence of life. while you are reading this book! . a gigantic explosion named the Big Bang occurred and our visible part of the universe evolved from a complete vacuum. only affects the future. universe started to inflate and from a very hot and small size. Dark matter is not known to anybody. After other investigations of scientists on this mystery. As you see. The story started about 80 years ago. expanded to the size and temperature of our current universe and is still expanding and cooling. indicated that the vast majority of the universe mass. nor matter is so well known. contrary to what people think. they referred to this undetectable matter as “Dark Matter”. which might likely be floating around you and hitting your face. He found that the jumble had hundreds of times more gravitational force than it should have. while we are inside of it. is missing and should be in the form of dark matter. since they did not have any explanation. when an astrophysicist at Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory in Illinois used Einstein's famous equation "E=mc^2" (which describes the relation between energy and matter) and calculated the mass of a jumble of galaxies. in which we are traveling at a constant speed. they hypothesized that there must be some other type of matter which cannot be detected. neither time. Most of us think of time as an ever existing one way road. cannot pass through each other. our imagination of the universe. In addition. A road in which what has passed is out of our control and whatever we do now. invisible particle that is different from normal matter but exerts a gravitational force! Scientists believe there is potential for the existence of some other type of "weakly interacting massive particles".Step by Step Toward Supernatural Healing Power 29 wall and since they have the same speed of vibration. nobody really knows where or in what dimension is the missing part of the universe. far above its visible mass. Like two fans of the same speed. can easily pass between the blades. called IMPS. Further research for computing the total mass of the universe. remembering the past and having no prediction of the future. What we see in the universe is about 10 percent of what it should be and up till now. when in minuscule fractions of a second. Does it mean that one who had a high speed of vibration could pass his hand through somebody’s abdomen and remove a cancer tumor? Let us review the concept of time and matter. they cannot pass through each other. At that time. is not true. but a bullet with a speed higher than the fan’s blade. Based on present knowledge of the universe. Cosmo physicists guess that time and matter were originated about 12-17 billion years ago. about 87 percent. After initial generation.

and their separation from God. Thus. The materialistic plane is a plane in which your materialistic senses work and . which is the intersection of your mystical body with the materialistic plane. This points to the fact that when space vanishes.30 Step by Step Toward Supernatural Healing Power Very soon this book will bring you face to face with subjects which are very different from your traditional beliefs. results in diffraction and separation of people from each other. you should let your perception fly up and break the boundaries of space and time. I remember the first time I came across these subjects and observed a wound scar disappear (in a way that only a red shin similar to a mosquito bite was observed). This poem is one of the mysterious works of Rumi. consider it as a hypothetical cone. For simplicity. Only some minor parts of it have been known to you. unity prevails and all identities get fused into the essence of God. This poem of Rumi emphasizes the fact that by ascending from the shield of time (in the higher level of vibrations). This circular plate is your materialistic body. For in that side all the people are one. the intersection will be a circular flat plate. In the next line he points out that relieving from time. in order to understand these new concepts one will need to detach from the classical concept of matter. and height. in some hypothetical dimension. Rumi jumps out of the time shield and sees that all people are united and of one identity. If you intersect this cone with a plain surface. I was thinking hopelessly for two weeks to find an answer. we can return to the description of the mystical body. called mystical body. As the point of a spear glances off a shield. World without beginning and world without end are one. time disappears. he emphasizes that this cannot be understood by mental reasoning (it can only be understood by heart feeling). With this introduction. based on my classical knowledge from 22 years of education! In order to understand the supernatural events of mysticism. width. Let’s assign a shape for this body. A hundred thousand years and a moment are all one. speaks of the Theory of Relativity. I ask you to reconsider your identity as a regular person and assume that you are someone with a more complex body than the body that you are aware of. different from your known dimensions of length. one hundred thousand years and one moment became one! And finally in the last sentence. Reason finds no entrance when mind is thus lost. space and time. Here. exactly like Rumi who states: So that I jumped out of days and nights. Descent toward lower vibrations (materialistic life). which 650 years before Einstein.

If people with strong mystical senses feel good about somebody. According to Islamic mysticism. things related to the materialistic dimensions are “mind related” and things related to the mystical dimensions are “heart related”. cats.. those parts of the cone which are above or below this plane cannot be detected by your materialistic sensors. if you are a person with strong mystical senses (we will explain this later). and animals such as dogs. there are different images. Islamic Mysticism provides training and instructions to improve mystical capabilities. by every change in the viewing parameter (intelligence level) . we will show that even a wild animal. It means that all of the sounds co-exist in the air. Usually small kids. Based on this. but can be felt by another sensor. such as a dangerous snake. Above and below this plane your sensors do not work and therefore. Ordinary people are not able to see these pictures but can feel it. called “Hemmat”. is harmless to someone with advanced mystical training. exactly like receiving different songs from a single radio. it means that the person has a good looking mystical appearance (although he or she may look unattractive in physical appearance). In order to have a better understanding of the mystical body. by which you could change your viewing parameters. etc. through the implementation of his supernatural power. you have to sample it (intersect it) with its favorable frequency. If you keep changing the knob. but for revealing any particular wave. good looking. taste. This can only be accomplished by the aid of a true master. which can only be detected by people with strong mystical sensors. in addition to the “mind perception” which is based on materialistic senses ordinary people have. the picture becomes blurred and vanishes and then a new picture appears which might be unattractive and ugly.Step by Step Toward Supernatural Healing Power 31 within this plane you can see. consider your eyes to have a turning knob. If you turn the frequency knob of a radio. the more your mystical sensors or so called heart sensors become weak. Therefore. a new sound reveals. You may look at somebody with the present parameters and find him or her. when very young and their mystical sensors have not become blurred by sins and desires (will be discussed later). A Mystic master will play the role of a catalyst to change a disciple’s perception of God from a “mind conception” to a “heart conception”. by looking at someone. corresponding to different intelligence levels for each person. or feel. The more you get away from the mystical life and get attached to the materialistic life. hear. by every change in frequency. Later. you will have a “heart perception” which is based on your mystical senses. a new image appears. will like this kind of people. referred to them by classical Islamic mysticism as the “heart sensors”. If you turn the knob. .

my God is Love. a true mystical master will change a disciple’s perception of God from a “mind conception” to a “heart conception”. of myself. my Prophet is Love. who acted as his master. was a great lover of the Divine Truth. I became alive. my Father is Love. Listen to the beautiful words boiling out of his heart: If anyone wonders how Jesus raised the dead. was not successful on the mystical road. seaking of. Ours is the portal of hope. preaching. and praising Him also only . made a hundred efforts.” As it says. don't try to explain the miracle. For. and I became everlasting sovereign” Rumi.32 Step by Step Toward Supernatural Healing Power Hafiz. He said: “I was dead. known as the lover of irony. who also was a very famous jurisprudent and preacher and had hundreds of students. They're in each other all along. I am a child of Love. but could only succeed when he found a road-guide or a master. come as you are. plant not thy foot without the road-guide. and I have come only to speak of Love Coming back to the role of the master. does not lighten your heart to give you a love feeling. and it became not. Who in beggar appearance. Come. named “Attar”. Talking about a person and thinking about him or her. come! Come even if you broke your penitence a hundred times. come! Heathen. Thinking about God. come again. Lovers don't finally meet somewhere. like this. who turns copper into gold. I became laughter. The sovereignty of love appeared. I. It was through Shams that he lit his mystical candle and felt divine love. Hafiz made a tremendous amount of effort to get into the divine love. fire worshipper or idolatrous. I was tears. like this. My mother is Love. Rumi and all other mystical leaders completely acknowledged that there is no chance that one could reach a state of mysticism without the aid of a true master. he remarks: “I am slave of the divine power of that master. Kiss me on the lips. whoever you are. as it was explained. Hafiz states: “In Love’s street. knows the work of an alchemist” Rumi. Hafiz compares the master to an alchemist. until he met “Shams”.

another book “Money and the Law of Attraction: Learning to Attract Health. assume that the master is an athletic coach with a trained mystical body (those parts of the cone outside the materialistic plane). which is necessary in the first place but. through a film entitled “The Secret”. assisting the trainee to improve his mystical body. Wealth & Happiness”. According to Islamic mysticism. and physical power to act properly. In addition to regular life affairs. on the same principal. For the time being. The introduction of the law of attraction to the public was in 2006. influence chance and destination. you can come up with metaphysical changes in your life. What a master does for a disciple is very complicated and will be explained later. Based on these rare cases. when a mind concept becomes very desiring. healing can take place only if you transform mind concept into heart concept and strengthen your mystical body. and then a book of the same title in 2007. you need two items of heart concept and metaphysical power (called Hemmat). a mind perception (religious belief) does not necessarily lead to a heart perception (Divine Love). In 2008. in minor cases. which is the subject of our mystical training. . and therefore. the law of attraction principals have been used in the realm of medicine and for treatment of difficult to cure illnesses. which claimed that “love” (as I said. some people believed that the cause of their diseases was their imagination. You should know that it is your mystical body through which you can obtain your wishes and carry out supernatural activities.Step by Step Toward Supernatural Healing Power 33 gives you a mind perception. This has been criticized widely for the subjective nature of the results and lack of testability of the claims. it will change to a heart concept. The movie and the book gained widespread attention in the media and in the same year. some people have established the wrong analogy that by thinking (mind concept). There is another shortcoming associated with the law of attraction which claims that controlling thoughts will influence chance and destination. It simply states that thoughts can affect things outside the mind. Although the mind concept differs completely from the heart concept. heart concept) has led to some healing effects. “Law of attraction” is one of these cases. Similar to the physical domain in which you need two items of thought (mind concept). appeared on the New York Times Best Seller list. is this approach in complete agreement with what we explained above. in order to be capable in the metaphysical domain. Only in some cases. Following the same wrong principles. the book received the “Best Seller Book of the Year” title from the New York Times.

Understanding of mystical identity for people who are expecting to receive their response from today’s science is not easy. nor your brain cells which process image pixels. Turkish mystical poet Emre calls it someone inside of us. We are a multi-dimensional mystical creature. You are therefore without proper mystical training. The Ego cannot see beyond its own selfish and urgent interests and by the time you are under his tyranny.34 Step by Step Toward Supernatural Healing Power Even if this claim was true. ethical and philanthropic. he must shake and quake. science needs to run about 1. The Holy Koran gives great respect to the Human for his/her supernatural capabilities and states that if Humans remove their impurities (impurities of the mystical body). He says:” There is a self in me. you cannot resolve between good and evil and will always be entangled with all the unrecognized negative feelings and habits. Final destination in Islamic mystic training is to become a perfect human. is not true. Every second our brain is processing 400 billion bits of information. For becoming a perfect human. . and enjoys. which is different from becoming a person who is good. What we assume of ourselves as a physical creature. because neither your eyes which receive and transfer color signals. again proving that we are away from reality by a factor of a million. As you have this animal with you. Most of the problems viewed by you as mental diseases. and space. An important portion of what happens in our body is related to our mystical body. An obvious example of our ignorance about what happens in our body. you need to tame a cruel and brutal dragon inside of you named Ego. relates to the performance of our brain.” The person inside of you is a real part of you. within myself”. with an unknown and complex identity.5 million times more to catch up. He or she is the one who sees. time. do the act of seeing. and you will not have any chance of having controlled thinking. Hafiz explains it similarly: “I know not who resides within my heart Though I am silent. Our physical body is not separated from our mystical body and is part of that. and we are only aware of 2000 bits. even to think that you can have the explained attributes is to deceive yourself. Although the present accomplishments of science are great and admirable. they will become God’s deputies on earth or vicegerents. being able to constantly control one’s thinking in a positive direction is not possible given the presence of a strong Ego. but considering the total history of science and technology is less than 10 thousand years old and the history of the creation is about 15 billion years old. to give us an accurate view of mystical capabilities. hears. Many things are to be known about matter.

For example. while in three dimensional concept. If somebody is lifted by a helicopter from the ground. In mystical interpretations. if you fail to know this body and do not know how to save it or please it. If you again limit yourself to a two dimensional view and look at the surface of a swimming pool. while someone is diving in the water. Being a scientist. you need to spend many years of wasteful research to figure out what is going on. Therefore. you will only see shoes of people. looking from a small hole into the empire’s palace! If we diversify our sight and look at life from a mystical point of view. Most of the fear and anxiety that people have in the life is related to their unawareness of other dimensions of their lives. you would notice how simple and trivial the problem is. based on limited materialistic sensors of our physical body. if you limit yourself to a two dimensional point of view and look at the ground. at first two mysterious circles appear (by entering hands of the diver into the water). you will lose your sense of real enjoyment. you will be scared. if you want to move from the finger to the toe. you will never taste happiness.Step by Step Toward Supernatural Healing Power 35 are related to your multi-dimensional mystical body. we are ants. For the above case. and a fire flame being cold and harmless. if you think with your classical criteria. this will occur instantly. as was said. For example. many of the problems that sound mysterious and complex will become trivial and simple. it will look unreal to you seeing a healing process taking place in a short time. in this book you will face events which will look magical or unreal. Evaluation of existence. will not lead to realistic results. then strange interactions of circular shapes will appear. a snake bite being safe. while if you just add one dimension to your view. then another circle will form between the two circles (by entering head of the diver). since you would think that he has vanished. . If you cause damage to this body (by using narcotics or sinful acts) or disrupt your connections with it. it will take you some time (you have to wait until the whole body passes the water surface). The reason that I am emphasizing these items is because.

since God has no physical existence to reach. another leading mystic says. In reward. never heard by an ear and never conceived by a heart. and that He may pay them back fully their deeds and they shall not be wronged. the most important duty of a master is to utilize his supernatural power to change the “mind concept” of God for the disciple. never seen by an eye. no trash was dumped. eat. Real Islam. The nature of a master’s mission and capabilities is not fully known and no master has ever revealed the details. He helps the disciple to cultivate sound behavior and purge himself of bad habits. based on mysticism. envy. he promises the disciple will be given a state of supernatural awareness and closeness to God. because God never created a man with two hearts.36 Step by Step Toward Supernatural Healing Power Master of Mysticism Following one single master is an indispensable matter for all the Islamic and non-Islamic mystical schools. A prospective master must be briefed and guided by a well-established master who is tribally related to the Prophet Muhammad (P). There was a neighbor of the prophet who dumped rubbish on his head every morning. to a “heart concept” and elevate him to a group named “the Foremost”. The woman was sick in bed. who follows no guide. and others. which could be alive but couldn’t be fruitful”. One morning when he was walking by her house. According to the Koran. “He. "A disciple without a master is like a naturally grown tree. “And for all are degrees according to what they did. Daqaq. a leading mystic says. Master helps his disciples to approach God and shift their degree to a higher position. He must be a man of self-denial. would be lured by the Devil”. when he passed by her house. Upon seeing his compassion and care for her when she had treated him so poorly. Leading mystics believe that having multi-masters is fatal and striking. (46:19)”. no mystic would be able to achieve success. He went inside the house and mercifully asked if she was well. Abu Yazeed. When the disciple dedicates himself to the master. sleep and . everybody has a grade before God. Without a true master. This shift is not physical but is mystical and supernatural. he will learn how to endure the harms of people. In Islamic mysticism. The Prophet Muhammad (P) replied to those polytheists who harmed him “May Allah forgive them for they are ignorant of their acts”. As it was emphasized before. master is the source of inspiration to the disciple. she wept and became one of his followers. flattery. like lying. invites people towards love and forgiveness. as Gabriel was the Prophet Muhammad’s source of divine inspiration. which is the nearest to God and would receive the highest grace by Him.

"(Koran 2:51) Forty was the number of days that Prophet Ilyas (P) spent in the wilderness before God appeared to him in a cave on Mount Sinai (also known as Mount Horeb) Hafiz also took a 40 night vigil at a cave. Becoming a master is not a matter of chance. . He must be patient. Rumi states that there are thousands of points in becoming a true master and not everyone who calls himself a master can accomplish the mission: “Here. during which he fasted and engaged in worship and prayer. confident. he got a sense of mystical awareness about which he states: Yesterday at dawn I was freed from my grief. eyes become unveiled and incredible supernatural capabilities become accessible. "And when We appointed (a period of) forty nights with Moses. During this period. Prophet Jesus (P) for forty days walked the desert and fasted in the wilderness.Step by Step Toward Supernatural Healing Power 37 speak moderately and must be fully dedicated to the worship of God. faithful and modest. At the last night of this period. It is a God given gift and nobody can obtain it through only worship and training. he must be in a fasting stage. who have been the mystical masters of their era. the wellsprings of wisdom shall appear from his heart to his tongue. one enters a remote and quiet place for forty days and stays quiet throughout the entire period. In the practice of vigil. the Prophet Muhammad (P) states: “Whoever wholly dedicates to God 40 days. The reason Vigil has been practiced by all the prophets and mystical masters is because it is a technique for opening the mystical barriers. Vigil is one of these practices. Prophet Moses (P) spent 40 days on Mount Sinai where he received the 10 commandments." Effectiveness of Vigil in the course of supernatural training is an inevitable fact and most of the prophets of God. are a thousand points: Not everyone who shaves his head the work of a bully knows” There are many mysterious and difficult trainings and practices involved in the submission of a new master. thankful. which is most often used by the mystical masters and very seldom by leading mystics. using a very limited amount of food and maintain a constant order of God’s remembrance. generous. And in the darkness of the night I was given the elixir of life. finer than a hair. or metaphysical locks of a human. In this case physical and metaphysical senses get connected to each other. Some cases are as follows: • • • • • God revealed to the Prophet Muhammad (P) to keep away 40 days from people. have taken Vigil. In approval of Vigil. before receiving the first message of God.

Bay’a will be explained in detail in the future chapters. instead of the hand. people had to rub two pieces of wood together for many hours. Going back to the main subject. After completion of the Bay’a. then the one who is willing to pledge. Scientists noticed that if they come to a procedure to open the lock of a cell. this simple operation of Bay’a in Islamic . except the red blood. This is the reason that stomach cells. The first cloned animal produced in the lab was a sheep. about 90 percent of the DNA which was the reproduction instruction of the cell was locked and every cell. conveys many spiritual secrets. some magical things happen and locks get opened and a cell with limited application. it is equipped with a lighter named Bay’a (pledge). which could easily turn on the divine light in anybody’s heart. according to its place in the body. the divine light will start shining in the disciple’s heart. the fire would light. Years of research was carried out until a scientist discovered that if a cell be isolated and left in a state of rest without feeding. born in 1996 in Scotland. can only produce a stomach and do not produce an eye or an ear.38 Step by Step Toward Supernatural Healing Power What is done in Vigil is very similar to the technique used for opening the genetic locks of a cell in the cloning operation. will change to a versatile cell which is capable of generating a complete creature. reads the text related to Bay’a sentence by sentence after the master or Caliph. Modern techniques take advantage of an electric lighter. puts his hand in a state of shaking in the right hand of the master or his deputy. This text is a kind of repentance from sins and bad habits and is a request for supernatural connection with the master and a chain of passed away saints. after an exhausting operation. has a copy of the complete set of information required for the production of a complete animal. she holds the beads of the master or the Caliph. Cloning started at the time scientists noticed that every mammal’s cell. In the case of offering Bay’a to a woman. it is a simple operation where a man who wants to follow the pledge. Bay’a. every cell could produce the whole mammal. till close to starvation. egg and sperm cells. starting with the Prophet Muhammad (P). Cloning is a technique for generation of an organism that is an exact genetic copy of another. which can be used to light the fire with the least amount of work and without any risk. According to many interviews done with the people who have experienced other mystical schools. In the old ages. called Caliph. The only problem for producing a complete animal from a single cell was that according to the type of cell. but to describe it briefly here. could only produce a similar cell with its specific applications. although it seems quick and simple. Since Islamic mysticism is the latest documented (by the Koran) technique introduced by God. If weather was not humid and desirable wind was blowing. for lighting a fire. the most important duty of a master is to light the fire of Divine Love inside the disciple’s heart.

Al-Tabarani narrated from the prophet Muhammad (P) that he said: “If somebody of you needs something or he wants an aid whilst he is in a place inwhich there are no dwellers. Solomon wishes to transfer the throne of Belgheis to his palace. One who had the knowledge of the Book said: I will bring it to you in the twinkling of an eye. A true master must be aware of the things happening far away. which gives him a sense of awareness of the disciple’s activity in the metaphysical domain. Belgheis. The analogy described here is not hypothetical and I have proof of its details. whilst you cannot see them. All the data of which the mystical body of the master is aware cannot be transferred to his memory (it is so large that it could blow anybody’s mind). notifies the physical senses of the master. (said to be a deputy of Solomon named Asef). in the cases which require. (27:40)”. and most surely I am strong (and) trusty for it.Step by Step Toward Supernatural Healing Power 39 mysticism is more effective than many years of exhausting training imposed on the disciples in other mystical schools. To show his sovereignty. If a master interrogates his mystical mind about a subject. let him say: Oh worshippers of God help me. This property does not have anything to do with physical abilities and relates only to the mystical capacities of a master. This is the most important property of the masters. When he asks his disciples to do so. and related to a large number of disciples. based on his unique capability gets related to the disciple. which is consistent with our description of “Ghause”. based on many practical cases that have happened for myself and my close mystic friends. the master. he said: This is of the grace of my Lord. whilst God has unseen worshippers”. Then when he saw it settled beside him. something similar to a server linked to several terminals in a computer networking system. “One audacious among the jinn said: I will bring it to you before you rise up from your place. which refers to a power through which one can perform duties or help others without physical presence! There is a story in the Koran. As it is said. a man with the capacity of “Ghause”. This is the reason that a master has the capability to be aware of. which can be assumed as God’s prohibition) the matter. then the related data gets transferred to his mind and his physical body becomes aware of (unless a masking operation happens. In the story of Prophet Solomon (P) with the Queen of Sheba. . The mystical body of the master which is aware of all incidents. without seeing the throne was aware of its place and could transfer it to the palace of Solomon in the glance of an eye. This sacred speech indicates that God has people who are aware of you and can help you. By doing Bay’a. called the power of being a “Ghause”.

Whenever he wants to make people aware of a prophecy. This gives a triangle of 356 people. friend. Whenever he performs a supernatural . which for the top rank grants new life. According to my experience with the present master. but to elite. This refers to someone who has a powerful mystical body which is linked to his physical body in a way that can transfer data with it. but only to Almighty God. Those with good natures will be liberated. Actually a true master has some disciples who. 40 “Abdal”. which lights the path for the disciple. The lesser saint is like his reflection. with 300 people at the bottom and one person at the top. He does not expose himself to ordinary people. The master has other capabilities which make him head of other Ghauses. But those with frail hearts will be devastated. known as the “Pious of Harat” states that at all times there are 300 “Olia”. This light is a new life for the truth seekers but for the squint-eyed is nothing but a pain. because they will honor him as God or would consider him to be Son of God or etc.” Rumi states that the master has a divine wisdom. less bright. Rumi states: “There is a saint for every era. He states: "The God which I have worshipped all my life appeared to me today in human form. have reached to the “Ghause” level. This continues till the resurrection day. he is also very careful not to make himself glorified by people. he’s the light. he quotes it from someone else. Famous mystic Abdullah Ansari (1006). 5 “Noghaba”. He also mentions that other saints are reflections of the master’s light and if the master turns off. That light. 7 “Otad”. Being a “Ghause” is not limited to the master. glorified him as God.40 Step by Step Toward Supernatural Healing Power As explained. by following a master’s training. Sheikh Muhammad Kasnazan. Ghaus of the Era is a super human and has incredible power in his possession. there is a unique master who is “Ghaus of the Era” and is head of all the Ghauses. and is assumed to be the deputy of the Prophet Muhammad (P) on Earth. Islamic Mysticism believes that at all times. To the squint-eyed brings only pain and strife. because Human’s heart belongs to no human." Masters believe that conquering people’s hearts is some sort of competing with God. saints also have different degrees. they will lose their light. one of the capacities that a mystical master must have is to be a “Ghause”. With wisdom as his Gabriel. The same as ordinary people who have degrees before God. 3 “Mokhtar” and one “Ghaus” (Ghaus of the Era). Rumi also when he first met his master “Shams”.

This universal energy field does not act upon itself and is organized and conscious. 4. Ma’aona: Is an act done by a common person who receives such capability through a votary or master. done by a corrupted person to pervert people from God’s way. Karama: It is a supernatural act related to the realm of Miracle done by a votary (righteous man) as a sign for the respectable position he holds before God . Masters and people with strong mystical properties can influence this intelligence and therefore. whom he or she is connected to. They have dominance in the domain of human. Ibn Arabi (1165) reveals the first time that his eyes became unveiled: “When I was performing the sunset prayer. I was like a ball having no specific destination. The way they apply their command is through the information package of a matter. he pretends that he is just wishing it and is not certain about its happening. 2. Contrary to these. animal and matter. I myself and some leading mystics close to me. Whenever he himself gets ill. Istidraj: It is an act assisted by satanic forces. have observed some incredible acts from the present master.” My friend gets so ashamed that he hides himself behind the column.Step by Step Toward Supernatural Healing Power 41 healing. . Supernatural abilities are embodied in different manifestations. Einstein showed that the material world is nothing but energy and that everything in existence is part of this universal field of energy. who works for the present master.” I have several experiences indicating the truth of this saying. which has made us assured of the fact that the Ghaus of the Era is the vicegerent of God. Miracle: Miracle is a supernatural act carried out by someone who is claiming to be prophet of God. Leading mystic. suddenly I saw some sweeping pure light that enabled me to see everything around me. through their mystical power can influence anything and everything in existence through their supernatural power. It is not associated with Prophecy. 3. My friend thinks it would be good if the master could arrange for a good wife for him. has been leaning against a column behind the master. A friend of mine. this guy leaning against the column is asking me for a wife. This energy stores memories. Masters have other incredible properties. he pretends that he is an ordinary person and needs to be treated by a physician. Suddenly the master halts his speech and without turning his face. points his finger to my friend and says: “With all the problems that we have. vibrating at different frequencies and intensities. Some of the more important are described as: 1. View of the masters and leading mystics from the world is different from ordinary people. while he has been preaching for a large number of disciples. learns and evolves.

which states the story of prophet Abraham (P). His Command is “Be” and it is. The Al-Mighty says in the Koran: “When He intends a thing. they are just means for accomplishment of an act. but God does it. What was said by Sheikh Geylani is consistent with the Koran. he blinded him. I was thinking of the story of Abraham (P) as a tale told by the Koran to strengthen people’s belief. Fire never burns. who spit in the eye of a man to cure him. (We said. The power of the master is categorized as Karama. (21:69) Years ago. who had gone into a fire of 20 ft. when I was new to mysticism. flame. One day in a small mountain village in Kurdistan. If He had just ordered the fire to be cold. which is proof of the righteousness of his claims. but by the will of God. . through the sword.42 Step by Step Toward Supernatural Healing Power 5. “O fire! Be thou cool and (a means of) safely for Abraham”). These powers are limitless and setting a limit for them is thinking humble of the power of God. Sheikh Geylani said: "Objects by themselves cannot do the act. I met an old mystic named Aref. who was thrown into the fire by pagans. Mystics believe that miracles of the prophets and Karama of the votaries are based on the power endowed to them by God." For example. and God brought the fire to a standstill for him. instead. “The fire was not hot! It was so cold that I was shivering to death while I was in it. (36:82)” Grand deceased master of mysticism. before a crowd of over 300 people. Like the fake prophet Mosayleme. I interviewed this man to see how he felt when he was in the fire. I had to push the flames under my armpits to feel some warmth!” Expressions of this man about the fire are completely consistent with the Koran’s which states that God ordered the fire to be cold and healthy to Abraham. sword does not cut by itself. Ihan’a (offence): An act happens for a corrupted person to refute his claims. then Abraham would have been frozen to death. He said.

With such God based spiritual power supporting you. but only by giving a pledge to the master in a ten minute operation. in order to convince and guide people to the right way of virtue. God. Every person can do these acts. and the world of the supernatural. On the contrary. such acts are a means not an end. The power of supernatural acts is a gift given by the master to his disciples for assuring them of the validity of his claim. without any special preparations. Therefore. According to the present master. which will be explained later. associate these supernatural things with magic and devilish acts. Early on the path I felt uncomfortable in my first experience with supernatural acts because they seemed cruel and frightening. called Bay’a. Such an approach is in dramatic contrast to only preaching to people as a means of bringing them to God. to reevaluate their beliefs about God. . and were mostly dealing with self-induced injuries to the human body. Supernatural acts have no relationship to devilish acts. It should be mentioned that disciples are not obligated to do such practices and in the path toward God.Step by Step Toward Supernatural Healing Power 43 The Supernatural Acts of Mysticism There are incredible acts done by mystics categorized as Ma’aona. are carried out by ordinary people. These acts are very different from magic and as explained. it is not permissible for the disciples to do such practices for other reasons. The people who do these acts prove their righteousness by risking their lives and showing that there is a spiritual power controlling all these unusual events. they are used to keep people away from evil. which are done by common people who receive such incredible ability through the master. I noticed that there was no true mutilation of the body and that these acts work effectively and challenge people who have lost their faith. by strengthening their belief and bringing them closer to God. Such supernatural acts are not that dissimilar to the healing work of Jesus. the supernatural events done by his disciples are an extension of the Miracles of the Prophet Muhammad (P) to show the ability and the oneness of God and thus to guide those unbelievers to the road of faith and devotion. After some time. Some people. All of these acts are done through the spiritual support and intervention of the master based upon ancient spiritual principles which operate differently from psychological mechanisms or magical effects. fire does not burn you and a knife cut does . as a way to get people to reevaluate their belief systems about healing. The power of doing supernatural acts is transferred to the disciple. unfamiliar with mysticism.

many who are reading this book may feel uncomfortable with some of the acts described in it due to fears. indicating their true devotion and sound courage. when my family was living in the city of . This feeling will change. or other parts of the body to the bite of poisonous snakes and scorpions. • It is clear that the people who conduct these potentially fatal acts show a high degree of sacrifice. The parts of the body subject to such practice are (cheeks. • Exposing of the body to electric shock for minutes. what we thought and used to believe could hurt us now does not. and as we have known in the field of psychosomatic medicine. Sharp blades are also swallowed by ordinary disciples. insecurity. wherever and whenever it seems needed. which allows the disciple the capability of doing these acts. My first experience with the supernatural acts of mysticism was at the time that I was eleven years old. It also shows that our belief system about the body and our world operates along different principles than we used to believe. Sometimes a lamp is used to show the passage of an electric current from the body. • Swallowing fire emitted form a source of fire or holding a highly heated iron piece by heads or teeth. and uncertainty regarding the outcomes. when you become sure about the logic behind these acts and the divine science that underlies them. • Exposing of the hand. Such replicability exceeds all the limits of parapsychology. tongue. the outer cover of the ear. The uniqueness of such practices lies in their replicability (a basic principle of western science). Witnessing the dramatic and potentially deadly nature of these acts can shake the hearts and beliefs of hard-hearted people and convert them to repent and move to the right path. • Chewing and swallowing glass in various forms and shapes regardless of the danger inherent in the poisonous material out of which such objects are made. breast muscles. tongue. the arm. what is physically harmless can cause damage to our body through our imagination. the lower part of the mouth. Some of the supernatural acts done by disciples are as follows: Injecting sharp tools (swords or knives) in various parts of the body: such tools are used without being medically cleaned. At the same time. • Daggers are inserted in various parts of the skull and the shoulder by the use of a hammer.44 Step by Step Toward Supernatural Healing Power not cause injury to you. the abdomen and the back). For example.

there is a supernatural power of the master who has control over the entire event. Instantly the snake bit his tongue. whose father was an officer in the Ministry of Agriculture. Hasan’s father had a huge and rude driver who was always picking on people and beating them for no reason. I learned that in all paranormal acts of mysticism. scorpion. but on the way. At that time I was not familiar with the secrets of mysticism. . The driver laughed at the mystics and claimed that he knew that the snake was not poisonous. With severe spasms.Step by Step Toward Supernatural Healing Power 45 Sanandaj in west Iran. the driver had gone to a mystical ceremony with his father. Later. even the punishment of the hostile driver. In spite of people’s opposition. The following picture shows a disciple who has exposed his tongue to the bite of a poisonous snake. but I was always curious to know how one could be so unlucky as to be simultaneously bitten by a snake and suffer broken bones while traveling in an ambulance. in which a young man inserted his tongue into a poisonous snake’s mouth and exposed it to its bite. One day Hasan informed me that the night before. and other animals during demonstrations is a true ability of Kasnazani mystics. Immunity to the bite of a poisonous snake. he was put in an ambulance. In a short while his body started to swell and other snake bite symptoms began to appear. named Hasan. I had a neighbor friend my age. the ambulance turned over and the poor guy suffered several broken bones. the driver pulled the snake off the man’s hand and inserted his tongue into its mouth.


Step by Step Toward Supernatural Healing Power

Several years after the episode of the doomed driver, I myself joined mysticism through a young caliph, who was a relative of one of my personnel. At that time, I was director of our family shipyard in the city of Babolsar in the north of Iran. Contrary to my perception, joining mysticism was not difficult. I made my repentance, or Bay’a, in twenty minutes. Then made an ablution, which is something similar to an ordinary shower, but in a specified manner. After ablution, I did an inauguration prayer, similar to the ordinary Muslim Morning Prayer, fasted for three days and started the remembrances, words from the Koran which are said in a repeated manner,

Step by Step Toward Supernatural Healing Power


similar to an Indian mantra. Remembrances are some of the most important parts of mysticism and have mysterious effects purifying disciple’s heart and providing metaphysical abilities. Contrary to most of the mystical schools, Islamic mysticism has defined and documented rules and is not hard to follow. Every day it has five prayer rituals (ordinary Islamic Prayer); each taking only 5 to 10 minutes. It also has daily remembrances, starting from a minimum of 30 minutes per day, up to any spare time that one can spend. Before joining mysticism, in spite of my amazing experiences, I was not sure that the repentance and related instructions could lead to any immediate result. Contrary to this idea, even during the act of repentance (Bay'a), I received a warm feeling in my heart, similar to the feeling of pain in the final stages of healing under the influence of a strong tranquilizer. Another expression for this is to consider your heart as an old pot which is in the process of being cleaned of many layers of burned food with a strong dishwashing agent. During the act of Bay’a, an invisible connection is made between master and disciple, through the caliph. In this process the caliph is acting as a connecting wire, which leads the electricity (the divine light) from an electrical source (master) to a consuming unit (disciple). I have given Bay’a to many people who have become unconscious under its effect. In one instance, I was giving Bay’a to a lady who had a Ph.D. in philosophy. This woman did not believe in mysticism, but for the sake of curiosity took the Bay’a. In a short while, she became unconsciousness and, similar to a tranquilized person, started to explain what was around her of divine souls and angels of mercy. Going back to the previous subject, several days after me, my wife also made the pledge through the same caliph and we worked together in our spare time to promote our mystical capabilities. After several months of practice, since the young caliph who gave us the pledge was not experienced, I invited an expert mystic named Khalid from another city in the west of Iran to come to advance our training. Khalid brought some of his young disciples with him. They performed supernatural acts during the ceremonies to which we invited our friends. They stood in circle and after some recitation which was accompanied by tambourine, started their acts. In their first operation, in front of more than sixty visitors, Khalid inserted a long poke of half an inch diameter, from inside the mouth, into the lower jaw of a young boy and pushed it out from a point close to the throat. After pulling out, no blood was observed and there was no sign of pain. After that, a young disciple grabbed two knives, stuck out his tongue, and continuously cut his tongue with the knives. Suddenly my elder son Babak, who was a whiz-kid and was studying in an


Step by Step Toward Supernatural Healing Power

exceptional student’s school went to Khalid and asked him for permission to do a similar act. I was shocked! Babak was a conservative person and as a child was afraid of going to a physician, having a phobia of injection. Khalid looked at me for my opinion; I nodded my head as approval. I didn’t know why I did this. I think Babak and I were both mesmerized! Khalid handed two daggers to Babak, and the same as the young disciple, he started to cut his tongue with knives. My wife and I were scared to death. I obviously noticed that every time the knife was slicing his tongue, a cut became apparent. After several times doing this, blood began to run from his tongue,. Khalid took the daggers from his hands. I went to him and desperately asked him to show me his tongue. What I saw was unbelievable. There were no scars or sign of cutting detectable! You cannot imagine my mixed feelings, both happy because my son was not hurt, and unhappy because what I had witnessed shook the very foundations of my scientific view of the world. I felt lost like someone desperately trying to find a normal scientific explanation for all of this, and save my faith in traditional Western science which has worked so well for me all of my life. Another strange thing associated with my son’s act was that when they took snap shots and video of him, the image became dark and nothing was observable. Blackening of pictures happened for two more instances during that day and the following day. One of them happened when Khalid hammered a knife into Babak’s head and the second time was when a young disciple (this man had been fasting for four years, from the time that he had joined the mysticism) inserted three spikes into his eye. In all the three instances, the faces of Babak and the young disciple had been lunar white and you could obviously observe the light emitting from their faces. Khalid and his young mystics repeated the same operations the following day. This day, a larger crowd was attending; some of them had joined mysticism the previous day, due to observation of unbelievable acts. This day, my son Babak again did a strange thing by asking Khalid to hammer a dagger into his head. This time Khalid did not ask for my approval, and did it while my wife and I were watching the scene fearfully. After removing the knife from his head, I went to my son and asked him if he was ok. He said, “I felt no pain. After a brief whistle sound in my ears, I just could hear the hammering sound of the dagger”. After Babak, my second son Ali asked for my permission to do similar acts. I had no option but to agree. After hammering the dagger and removing it, just like Babak, he reported hearing the strange sound of a whistle and then just the hammering sound, without any pain. Some months later, when I experienced the same practice, I also heard the same strange whistle and the hammering, without any pain. Another extraordinary thing during Khalid’s visit was the swallowing of sharp objects such as razor blades and nails by the disciples. They were

I met a woman who had a strong snake phobia. (“Now do throw your staff" But when he saw it moving (of its own accord) as if it had been a snake. putting them in their mouths. in a way that she could not even look at a snake’s picture. They were so distant that I doubt they could even hear my voice. Everybody was touched. I was worried about Ali’s health. The birds were so far away from us that I was not even aware of their presence. my son and the young disciple. in their mouths and you could see the pieces while they were swallowing it. as soon as I started the statement of the Bay’a. when I was giving Bay’a to two women. The owner of the house stated that those birds had been quite from the morning of that day. I asked him if he needed medical attention.Step by Step Toward Supernatural Healing Power 49 taking brand new shaving blades from their wrapper. After giving Bay’a to her. I heard the strong and continuous singing of Canary Birds. one at a time into their mouths and swallowed them. lost his fear. the people who were doing these dangerous supernatural acts had no special capabilities. and the singing terminated at the moment I finished the Bay’a. He simply said. In a short time. . he said that he was feeling very well. when he was afraid of snakes and by the will of God. They were not even braver than the usual person. each put four big nails of at least three inches. I even asked him the next day to see if he had discharged the nails. and it was his first experience. who has the property of a Ghause. They were singing joyfully and vigorously. Every time. “We just put the end of the nail inside our mouth and swallow it”. Later. Later I was informed that the young man who showed this to Ali had never swallowed sharp things before. Even if they could. like a potato chip. Two weeks ago. chewing and swallowing them. In my evaluation. The next day my second son Ali asked a young disciple about the way they eat nails. Bay’a and supernatural acts are governed by the divine supernatural power of the master. the simple statements of Bay’a that I was saying was not so stimulating as to make the birds become so wild and crazy. when I became a caliph. It was hard to believe that a steel blade which was flexible and hard to break was broken into pieces. he said he did not notice anything while going to the bathroom. As I explained. explains the story of prophet Moses (P). The bravery and power for doing the acts were endowed to them in the metaphysical domain. After leaving Khalid. and before my astonished eyes. and several times during that day and the next day. she became so brave as to claim that she can even hold a snake in her hand! Verse 10 of chapter 27 of the Koran. and retraced not his steps: “O Moses! Fear not! the emissaries fear not in My presence” ). Ali brought a small container in which we were keeping our nails and screws. I was trying to understand how my children had become so stupidly fearless as to carry out such dangerous acts. by the master of mysticism. he turned back in retreat.

he could extract it. some of them physicians. signs of an invisible entity called master or Ghaus is evident. and scientifically looking. Later. was prostrate for several minutes continuously during the time that some people were taking Bay’a. one after the other.50 Step by Step Toward Supernatural Healing Power Several years ago. with the highest possible coefficient of friction. my friend told me when he showed a movie in which they could not retract the dagger from a mystic’s head to this man. A friend of mine grabbed a big guy’s hand. . the maintaining force could not be so significant. in a similar experience. who tried to pull the dagger out. brought him to the center and asked him to extract the knife. In a gathering in which physicians were present. Six strong men. Supernatural abilities of mysticism are beyond the dimensions of space and time. The last man was the first to repent. It was a real “sword in the rock” phenomenon. Eighty people. a small dog who was kept in the yard of my friend’s apartment. Some other pictures of the same operation which I was attending are shown here. he called it fake and claimed that if a dagger with such a shallow penetration was even inserted in a rock. and highly educated people joined mysticism. In all of the events. I hammered a dagger into a young disciple’s skull (next picture). only a small part of the dagger is inside the bone. He also could not do it. engineers. As it is shown in the bottom pictures. could not succeed.

Step by Step Toward Supernatural Healing Power 51 .

due to my curiosity. while the man was reciting his Remembrances. he sent pictures taken. Perhaps it is some kind of divine mysticism. she noticed some traces of mysterious entities in the picture that no one had observed. floating around him. with Arabic dress and head fillet (Arabic head band) is visible in the upper right area of the picture. A couple of days later.52 Step by Step Toward Supernatural Healing Power Picture of Unknown Entities Around Disciple Some time ago. or metaphysical conditions at the time the picture was taken. . he called again and told me the old man was seeing human like entities with white cloths. The pictures are shown below with lines drawn around them. a caliph friend. The reason these entities and person are in the pictures is not known. to help you identify them. informed me he had given Bay’a to an exceptionally noble and virtuous old man. If you look carefully. or a living or late Ghaus). One of pictures showed a mysterious luminous light above his head. When shown to my wife who was following the story. in addition to the white-garbed people-like entities (considered angels). while he was saying his Remembrances. Later. the dark trace of a person (considered a departed mystic.

Step by Step Toward Supernatural Healing Power 53 .

Several days later. is evident. and the audience did not take it seriously. The log-on time indicated the incident occurred sometime during the middle of the previous night. as the owner and technical manager of the company was the only person who had the key to the room and knew the network password.54 Step by Step Toward Supernatural Healing Power Obscure Words on Computer Screen Our Sufi group was invited by a mystic friend who owns a publishing company. but the subject was not presented properly. For example. everyone was amazed at what had happened. They made fun of my friend and called him nuts. in the second line. This method of character generation is very difficult and time consuming and would require an expert. A caliph friend attended the gathering and explained mysticism and its related supernatural capabilities. Since my friend. the incident was repeated but this time. to have a gathering in his office to introduce mysticism to his personnel. An image of the writing is shown below. Computer experts would notice the indicated characters are not in standard computer fonts and are generated by a matrix of pixels. going into the office they noticed the computer terminals were on and someone had bypassed the locked door of the computer room and entered the password to log onto the company’s network. The next morning. . This amazing event made most of the people in the office believe in mysticism and over twenty of them made the pledge (Bay’a) and joined mysticism. three lines made of strange characters were found on the computer terminal in the server room. There are some propositions about the meaning of these words which relate them to supernatural acts of mysticism.) ﻣﺤﻤﺪ‬which is both the name of the prophet of Islam and the present master of mysticism. the Arabic word “Muhammad” (‫ .

One night three dentists attended our weekly gathering and after adjourning the ceremony. but for the reasons explained earlier. . The doctors were led to a quiet room.Step by Step Toward Supernatural Healing Power 55 Screen print of the obscure words Disappearance of Razor Blades In the city of Babolsar. but the young disciple had apparently left some minutes before he could be invited to see or participate in any demonstrations. such acts are only done in special cases so the pupil had to wait. asked me to perform super acts for them so they could evaluate them from a scientific point of view. a young pupil wanted to witness supernatural acts.

one could only see a colorless sticky liquid. approached me and led me to the center. I noticed that she was mad about my shaving equipment being spread on the floor of the sitting room. like blood plasma. but no blood was observed. one of them volunteered for the experiment. with his face white as a fluorescent lamp. The next morning. like a potato chip. On the spike. Although I had seen this sort of activity in the movies. came to me and informed me of the following incident that happened the same night he missed the supernatural event: “Two nights ago. He handed me three razor blades and asked me to eat them. I saw the drawer turned over on the floor. I fearfully took the first blade off its paper and started to chew on it. I noticed that three of the paper covers were empty and no blade was inside of them!” . together with some reciting mystics in white dress. which felt soft and crispy. After several minutes of discussion and exchange of medical opinions. When I went to the sitting room. Two days after this demonstration. The drawer was also so heavy that there was no way our four year child could open it. but not a single red blood cell was apparent. A tall and big caliph. I heard my wife blaming me for being irresponsible and reckless and not caring for the safety of our child. I dreamed of being in a circle. who was standing at the center. The spike was pushed through the man’s face and after a couple of minutes. because I knew that I had put my equipment back in the drawer. took the other two off the cover and chewed and swallowed them. Next. they acknowledged that it was a supernatural act and declared their willingness to take Bay’a. When I was collecting the blades from the floor. removed. I was fearful to do it. He seemed mesmerized.56 Step by Step Toward Supernatural Healing Power The doctors first carefully examined a spike to ensure it was real. Then. when I got up. the young disciple who had missed the event. with all the blades spread all over the place. All the dentists examined the colorless liquid carefully and two of them examined their friend’s face from inside and outside of the mouth. I was amazed.

Such a negative person would be naïve to expect a family to support him. nor tries to nullify the effect of medicine. According to the Koran. This healing method has been practiced by Kasnazani mystics for centuries. you must seek remedy from medicine. "Yes. The supernatural healing process rejuvenates the body’s life forces. is similar to someone who has forced himself into a family and is trying to do harm against the father of the family. Therefore. After such healing.Step by Step Toward Supernatural Healing Power 57 Supernatural Healing Supernatural manifestations of mysticism can be extended to the field of health and healing without any deliberately caused bodily damage. where one’s body becomes a battlefield of negative forces instead of a temple of peace. to praise and serve God. one who is not obedient and has a distant relationship with the creator. to emulate His divine attributes. The basic principle in Supernatural healing is that the health seeker. This negative person would be unaware that not only are all the family members supportive of the father and resistant to such destructive plans. but instead believes that everything that exists belongs to the creator. because whatever disease God has created in this . with constant praise and remembrances. Thus. love. but also the entire community would react strongly to limit such destructive actions. and calmness. a mystical orchestrated harmonic healing process will counter illness. Such a negative destructive relationship with the creator causes many people to suffer mental or physical disorders. Since we have renewed our pledge to our creator. through a connection to a supernatural being called a Ghaus or master. balance all the parts of our body. receives the mercy of healing from God. the supreme life goal of the seeker is to serve and obey God. which has always been part of the golden heritage and lineage of mystical traditions. all living creatures are closely connected to the creator at their time of birth and they make their pledge to their creator. He said. resulting in the relief of pain and the healing of the diseased areas of the entire body. This is based on experiences and divine knowledge of the predecessors in this noble field of healing. Researching ancient supernatural healing methods may help to further advance the current state of modern medicine. and spread this divine light to people. Mysticism neither dissuades people from going to physicians. The Prophet Muhammad (P) was once curing someone supernaturally when he was asked whether or not remedies should be sought from medicines. Mysticism rejects the idea that our body belongs to us. all the parts of our body will restore its harmony.

cleanse the lepers. they can consult mysticism. supernatural healing prevails. and it is (2:117). there are no differences between the messengers and prophets of God or as noted: “…We make no distinction between one and another of His messengers. and greater works than these shall he do. Jesus Christ himself testified that the gift given to him is also available to all and healing is a sacred spiritual work: "Verily. The master of mysticism recommends that people go to physicians. This relation will provide you with an unlimited ability for healing." (Matt. The Master acknowledges the Divine as The Highest Source of Healing and he acts as . which is old age. raise the dead. According to the Koran. 10:8) Islamic mysticism utilizes esoteric scientific principles embodied in the method that God endowed to His latest prophet by a rapid and supernatural direct connection through Bay’a and mystical instructions. and when He decrees an affair. the works that I do shall he do also. in the context of heartcentered faith. generated by purification and omnipresent consciousness of the master along with sacred words of remembrance. Supernatural healing as discussed here is different from so-called spiritual healing. who generates a mutual eternal love relation between you and the everlasting supreme power which has ultimate power over everything and everyone. verily.58 Step by Step Toward Supernatural Healing Power world. but if such treatment fails. considered one of the greatest messengers in the Koran. which involves the energy field around the body. is an example of a supernatural healer. This energy is known by different names. cast out devils…. His Prophetic mission embodied deep supernatural healing work. Be. he that believeth on me. I say unto you.. since there is no limitation of the power of the Creator. It is called Ki in Japanese." (John 14:12) "Heal the sick." Supernatural healing is a gift bestowed upon people who are proclaiming the same universal message from God. He has also created its remedy as well. Supernatural healing incorporates holy power. It is said in the Koran: "Wonderful Originator of the heavens and the earth." Supernatural treatments are considered to be complementary (to orthodox medical) treatment and in some cases in which orthodox medicine fails." (2:285) Jesus Christ. Chi in Chinese and Prana in Hindi. He only says to it. Supernatural mystical healing occurs through a real and present mediator called a Ghaus or master. But there is one disease for which He has not created any remedy..

They had to accept what they had been told in the first place. perceptual distortion. ear lobe. and consciousness. arms and legs for five to fifteen seconds. The word "supernatural" in the context of supernatural healing refers to the divine nature of the power. this power is bestowed on followers at the time they initiate into the order of mysticism. The researchers called this instant healing Super Reaction (SR). In every case observed by the researchers. They laid burning objects against their faces. in rare instances a blood line of a few centimeters long appeared. Usually a few drops of blood initially covered the wound. The healing power from This Source is available to everybody who joins this mystical relationship. multiple sclerosis and even psychiatric conditions such as hypochondria. neck. Before. There have been clinical efforts to show the supernatural healing power of mysticism in the form of self-induced wounds that heal instantly and painlessly. tongue. and showed no loss of control. which comes from One Invisible. No infections followed. chest and abdomen.. The mystics shoved unsterilized metal skewers and spikes through their cheeks. and the DCBD healed and disappeared in a few seconds. . called Deliberately Caused Bodily Damage (DCBD). lower mouth. In 1988.Step by Step Toward Supernatural Healing Power 59 a conduit between that Source of Healing and the one who needs healing. and exposed their tongues to the bites of poisonous snakes and scorpions. They were in complete command of their bodies. arms. The self-healing power of the mystics had been given to them during their initiation into mysticism. and then disappeared. and after their performances the volunteers remained entirely alert and able to respond consciously and promptly to external stimuli in the surrounding environment. or any other indication or shift in their normal consciousness. senses. After months of intense analysis. As was discussed. the researchers found that the healing effects were not within the normal self-healing ability of the human body. A wider range of physiological measurements taken in these experiments showed no deviation from normality. a series of 50 experiments were carried out by Jamal Hussein. the scientists observed no changes in the frequencies of the EEG of the subjects. A large number of people who have followed this mystical path have been cured of chronic illnesses such as cancer. They hammered daggers into the sides of their skulls and just below their eyes. on 28 mystics. Notably. schizophrenia. even though unsterilized instruments had been used. Ph. Unseen All Intelligent Source. placed red-hot plates between their hands and their teeth. insomnia. and many other mental health illnesses. during. They chewed and swallowed glass and sharp razor blades.D. suggeting that they were in a trance state. the mystics never felt pain.

some kind of intelligent healing power that was qualitatively different from anything observed by science up to that time. EEG recording the brainwaves activity of the mystics performing DCBD feats showed no deviations from the normal alpha rhythm. Similarly. The experiments of Jamal Hussein for the rapid wound healing of the DCBDs. Hall was an outgrowth of his academic specialization in medical hypnosis. researchers at Tubingen University. motivation.60 Step by Step Toward Supernatural Healing Power According to the conclusion derived from these experiments. whether they were in a good state of health or a bad one.D. . It was fascinating to him. Hall’s primary introduction to DCBDs was through photographs he received from Kasnazani mystics. neck and abdomen showed a different theta wave pattern than normal during his demonstration. a clinical psychologist. he wanted to know if hypnosis was involved. Psy. which he teaches and practices at Case Western Reserve School of Medicine. When he saw the photos. but he was also training professionals in hypnosis. Very soon in his research he noticed that the supernatural ability of mystics had no relation with hypnosis. Hall reflected the absence of a meditative state during DCBD. whether they believed in the powers or not. altered states of consciousness. found that the EEG of a man who was able to stick un-sterilized spikes into his tongue. the mystic volunteers could not heal themselves if they had suffered an injury in the normal manner. belief or need. The research carried out by Dr. In the 1970s. in Cleveland.D. . Ohio. were later examined by Howard Hall. Ph.. According to the scientists. because not only he was doing hypnosis clinically. Germany. The researchers observed that the mystics were able to perform the DCBD feats equally well whether they had become a mystic one minute or 20 years previously. or trance states such as relaxation or meditation. The fact that no changes whatsoever took place in the brain wave patterns of the performing mystics was an indication that they were in the grip of a force from outside of their body. the EEG recordings of Brazilian trance surgeons (healermediums engaged in quasisurgical practices) confirmed that they were not in a meditative state but demonstrated brain activity that reflected hyper arousal. Dr. Electroencephalographic (EEG) recordings done by Dr. and whether or not they had any need to perform them.. the performance of the feats had nothing to do with psychological and personal components such as knowledge and understanding of the DCBD process.

only appearing as a pin point. and electroencephalograph (EEG) recordings were taken before and after the insertion. to think about that for a few moments. Hall experienced deliberate wounding and rapid healing. Radiological and axial computerized tomography images documented the presence of the metal skewer through the cheeks. Radiological. it was necessary to connect with the Sheikh for his protection and energy. negentropy or increased complexity and order. There was a trend toward REG non-randomness and. he can be elsewhere. He was observed by the scientists and was interviewed after about three minutes regarding how he was feeling with the object through his cheek. the practitioner inserted an unsterilized metal skewer through one side of the cheek area of the face (lateral buccal) and out through the other side. therefore. he pulled the skewer out. Hall.” One minute after connecting with the master for energy. immunological. personally. Dr. At an international conference of the Chinesse QiGong healing method in November 2002. The insertion was observed by Western scientists. consequently. where a large number of leading scientists in the field of energy healing from different associations and affiliations were present. the piercing was not associated with subjective pain. Yet his spiritual presence can transcend distance. He explains his experience as follows: “When I was ready. Dr. Later he invited a DCDB practitioner to Cleveland and arranged some demonstrations. so that is how he was able to afford me the connection.Step by Step Toward Supernatural Healing Power 61 For a thorough investigation Dr. A random event generator (REG) was also run during the demonstration. In the demonstrations arranged by Dr. which may be associated with the reestablishment of tissue integrity. This led to the publication of the first of many research papers in the U. EEG findings were inconclusive. The Sheikh does not have to be physically present. and through him. . The left facial puncture healed within two minutes. Hall pushed a skewer through his cheek. the right facial puncture was three quarters healed after 8 hours. There were only a few drops of blood. Hall made a journey to Baghdad. where he met the master of mysticism. Following the interview. Sheikh Muhammad Kasnazan. and. Immunological recordings showed no alterations. According to the practitioner. the energy and protection. he experienced DCBD’s for himself and joined the school of mysticism.S. which stopped in about one minute and about 10 minutes later the wound could hardly be found.

He then asked him to increase his engery field.net/2186/ksl:howardhall The flawed evaluation of DCBD by the National Geographic program viewed it as a ‘pain-control’ phenomenon. With the new computer the GOV revealed a major increase in Dr.62 Step by Step Toward Supernatural Healing Power It should be mentioned that Dr. a poor evaluation of supernatural claims was presented.handle. Hall was evaluated by Dr. Dr. Petersburg State Technical University in Russia. a "god man" astrologer. the simple cheek penetration test of Dr. Konstantin Korotkov. professor of physics at St. I describe an incident which happened to my wife. placing redhot plates between hands and teeth and exposure to the bites of poisonous snakes and scorpions. She was a middle-aged faithful -Muslim. who had a problem . who was ripping off his clients for curing their psychic ailments. and the shaving cut was more noticeable than the piercing after the demonstration. Finally the narrator of the program tried to compare the no-pain property of mystic acts to the simple case of a man with high pain tolerance. Instead of discussing unbelievable acts of mystics such as hammering daggers into skulls. In 2005. which encouraged a negative predisposition from the viewer. This part of the program was presented right after an episode of an Indian charlatan. we had a housekeeper named Maryam. Dr. Hall had cut himself shaving the day before. control of infection and a complex process of fast wound healing. The next day after the demonstration Dr. Hall's energy field. It involves control of bleeding. swallowing glass and sharp razor blades. Hall's energy field from his fingers and displayed the results on a screen for the audience. in a National Geographic movie entitled “IS IT REAL? Superhuman Powers”. Hall was the focus of an investigation of all the claims. The computer malfunctioned after that and another one had to be brought in. Korotkov first took a baseline measure of Dr. Dr. To give insight into the power and complexity of the supernatural healing power of mysticism. This does injustice to phenomena which certainly include unusual abilities other than the control of pain. Hall has presented a more balanced view of this program at the following Case Western Reserve University link: http://hdl. When my family was living in Babolsar. The part related to the supernatural claims of mystics in this program was quite biased and unfair. There was no mention that the mystics who perform supernatural acts are ordinary people without any special traits. on his Gas Discharge Visualization technique (GOV) which measures human energy fields similar to Kirlian photography. Hall made an unplanned request to the unseen master and mentally requested supernatural healing energy. after a quick request of energy from the master.

One night when I went home. When she removed the spike. who was furious and challenged. she grabbed a red charcoal from the barbecue brazier and held it in her hand. two daughters. My wife strongly disagreed. With this introduction I go to the main episode. Maryam. my wife was not experienced and it had been a short time since she had become a Caliph). Everybody was shocked since it was the first time any of them had seen a woman do a DCBD. her daughters. joined mysticism. The bleeding was intense and any tissue which was placed on the wound was saturated instantly and started to drip. son and husband. and claimed that they were fraudulent. our housekeeper. and it seemed that somebody else was doing it for her. who was now enthusiastic about supernatural acts. she decided to try it on herself. After Arezoo. (at that time. as the mystic men do. objected to them and after a long dispute. one of the women named Arezoo. Maryam who was very faithful in her way. it is a ceremony of recitation. Arezoo told my wife that whenever her father has a problem stopping the bleeding in DCBD acts. After some time. One day at her home. all members of her family. and following divine dreams she had. In spite of my wife’s disagreement. he places a cloth sanctified by the master of mysticism on the wound. when she noticed drastic changes in our family behavior and relations. I noticed my wife and some women who were gathered for collective remembrance (as will explained later. whose father was an experienced Caliph. She passed the spike through her own cheek. my wife was urged to do the same act on another mystic. My wife placed a piece of green satin cloth given to her by Arezoo. in an instant. were weeping and seemed in an emotional state. Everybody tried desperately to stop the bloodshed without success. She examined the cloth and no evidence of blood was on . asked my wife to let them do DCBD feats. both university students. The bleeding stopped instantly. she joined the mysticism. Arezoo humbly stated that she had done it without control. took a spike and passed it through her cheek. blood ran off her face. playing frame drum) in our house. her daughters asked her if they were real. The daughters cried out and asked her to release it. and not having supervision (supernatural acts are to be supervised by an experienced mystic). Not the slightest sign of burning was on her hand. then did a crazy thing. but since she did not have any experience. Seeing this. made fun of supernatural acts. Arezoo withdrew the spike from her face without the slightest bloodshed. why she could not do them. After several minutes of stress and anxiety among the observers. when making barbecue. Maryam. Without any experience. My wife protested her doing such a dangerous act. without feeling any pain or numbness. on her wound. I was told that before ending the recitation.Step by Step Toward Supernatural Healing Power 63 accepting mysticism.

The skin was just slightly red. similar to the sign of a mosquito bite. “There is no sign of wound on your face”. and no bruise or sign of injury was detectable.64 Step by Step Toward Supernatural Healing Power it. . I examined the site of the wound on my wife’s face. there is no blood mark on the cloth!” screamed my wife. “Look. It was amazing that in several seconds the scar had totally vanished. other women screamed.

A person who has "baraka" is said to be able to emerge unscathed from dangerous situations. so that they could avoid planting it and steer clear of his unfortunate results. the larger the fallout will be. but is a curable mystical disease that has a supernatural origin. Understanding Barakah and its governing rules is an important factor in mysticism. Mysticism is an effective method of helping such unfortunate people. Being unfortunate is not a random event. Unlucky people always wonder why bad things in this world always happen to them. spiritual gifts or protection transmitted from God. People usually shy away from these people. If they have an important meeting. the alarm clock will not work. As a consequence. Most of the occurrences in our material lives are images or reflections of more complicated spiritual phenomena occurring in our mystical lives. Baraka is used in contemporary French as a synonym for "luck". particularly. Understanding Barakah and its rules will make us familiar . Charisma or divine grace. The deeper the ditch. It is a supernatural energy or power with which the mystical body is imbued and is the result of phenomena that are explained below. and in Christianity. Successful business people have a gut feeling around them and often avoid business relationships or partnerships with such individuals. anything falling will hit them. If a brick falls from a building. it will hit their car. before planting season. etc. Because of its divine foundation. Several months ago. The parallel Jewish term is Berakhah. they have spiritually dug themselves into a dark hole where they remain. If their boss wants to blame someone for problems at work. they will be the target. To explain the reason underlying these mystical effects. They were sure that planting similar crops would result in loss and misery for them. but also acquire financial wealth. Barakah is an Arabic term meaning blessing. I use the term ‘Barakah’ and its governing rules.Step by Step Toward Supernatural Healing Power 65 Rules of Barakah There are some people who are called unfortunate or unlucky. I am happy to report that it worked for him. The answer is simple. the neighboring farmers came to him to find out what type of crops he was planting. The word Barakah is not known to most people. I promised this man that by utilizing mysticism he not only could solve this problem. a farmer came to me and sadly stated that he was so unlucky that every year. this method can elevate one onto a hill of joy and peace causing unfortunate people to become lucky and prosperous.

Some people go to churches. places. mosques. as if having been sitting in the sun for a long time. When such people get exposed to this light. In simple terms. tears run from their eyes. whose supernatural sensors have not been tarnished by sins and dependency on materialism. etc. Animals also have good senses for supernatural effects. and they start to yawn.). which means “the Light”. but can be felt by mystics and those who are not sinful and are not materialistically dependent (on items such as money. loose and numb. Barakah is considered to be a divine light in a metaphysical domain. in addition to the typical sense of comfort. but they fade away during the primary stages of life. An-Noor (chapter 24). Hafiz calls this “the divine light of love”. we should not go to some places. It is not recognized by ordinary people but by mystics with an enhanced supernatural ability for detecting it. should avoid some actions. Since most people are not aware of their need for such spiritual food. He says: The radiance of your goodness manifested in eternity Love appeared and set fire to the mountain. Barakah can exist in different forms such as people. In verse 35 of this chapter. should not eat some foods. etc. they will run into strange and complicated problems. We will understand that if we provide our family with money or food which does not have Barakah. which is much more important than its natural taste.66 Step by Step Toward Supernatural Healing Power with phenomena which have a direct effect upon our lives. God implicitly states that He is the light of the skies and earth. fear. and not deal with some people. people. a large number of people are starving supernaturally. anxiety. Barakah is a type of supernatural energy. or other places of worship in order to experience these relaxed feelings. depression. Small children. stress. having symptoms of unluckiness. Most of the supernatural senses are innate in humans at birth. due to generation of a supernatural veil caused by sins and dependency on materialism. could rate that place based on its Barakah. earth and sea . Barakah is the required food for our supernatural element. are more sensitive to detecting Barakah than adults. there is a chapter. This light is not visible. If we consider ourselves to be composed of both natural and supernatural elements. In the Koran. A person with advanced mystical training can identify whether a person has Barakah or not and can rate a food dish based upon its Barakah. According to these rules. their body gets relaxed. A mystic staying in a place. typically referred to as unluckiness. and lack of love and affection. foods.

the oil whereof almost gives light though fire touch it not-. you will become more cheerful and shiny than the sun of the sky”. and filled me with love.Allah guides to His light whom He pleases. and Allah sets forth parables for men. divine light. Mystics refer to this cheerfulness as drinking the sacred wine (of love) of God.light upon light-. and Allah is Cognizant of all things. It took me from myself. a likeness of His light is as a niche in which is a lamp. God states that the heart of a human is like a lamp. Therefore. All that is left of me is a name. Hafiz states: “If the light of love hits your heart. by absorbing Barakah. ..Step by Step Toward Supernatural Healing Power 67 This is the light which makes dead hearts alive. if from every tongue it drips? In the chapter of “the Light” of the Koran. When you become pure light. love. derived from a blessed olive tree. the divine light of love fills every vein and particle of your body and turns you into a shining light. This is the way that God describes it: “Allah is the light of the skies and the earth. and the glass is as it were a brightly shining star. what came was many hardships. lit from a blessed olive-tree. the lamp is in a glass (this glass is the heart of the virtuous). The rest is all Him. Rumi explains: Love came. and Barakah have similar meanings. and now I am in bad repute How can a secret remain veiled. filled with an olive oil (used as fuel in ancient times). even if the flame does not touch it. This fuel is so flammable that it may burn.” (24:35) According to mysticism. you can pass all the boundaries of space and time (Einstein’s Relativity Theory) and can reach a state of unity with God and all His creations. Rumi describes this phenomenon with the following magnificent wording (previously described in the chapter of “Islamic Mysticism): So that I jumped out of days and nights. neither eastern nor western.. bring forth the cup and put it to my lips Path of love seemed easy at first. I followed my own path of love. These are some of Hafiz writings about this: O beautiful wine-bearer. which is not from the earth (neither eastern nor western). the blood in my veins and body dried up.

which the thirsty man deems to be water. Becoming blind to the divine light leads people to chase after mirages instead of water. hatred. of the Koran refers to people who do not have light (love) as those who go after a mirage. lies. For in that side all the people are one. Therefore. someone who does not have this light needs to gain it. because they have blocked their hearts to the light with veils of sins.” (24:40) Hafiz puts the above verse into the following words: . fearfulness and depression some people have is due to their lack of Barakah or divine light. Verse 39 of chapter. anxiety.. people without Barakah are referred to as those who are lost in a stormy sea in the darkness. A hundred thousand years and a moment are all one. so He pays back to him his reckoning in full. World without beginning and world without end are one. etc. In chapter. warns them on their path. and God is quick in reckoning. and to whomsoever God does not give light. one over another. (layers of) utter darkness one above another.68 Step by Step Toward Supernatural Healing Power As the point of a spear glances off a shield. stress. and are not able to see the realities of life.” (24:39) Having Barakah or divine light (love). God. until they reach the end (of the life) and shamefully try to repent. is the only factor which brings people to joy and satisfaction. of the Koran. “the Light”. Reason finds no entrance when mind is thus lost. but face the reckoning of God: ”And (as for) those who disbelieve. when he holds out his hand. The Koran says: “Or like utter darkness in the deep sea: there covers it a wave above which is another wave. not attempt to numb their spiritual sense of light by using alcohol or narcotics. They do not see the cause of their ups and downs (what they call unluckiness). They go up and down and since the clouds. above which is a cloud. and there he finds God. he is almost unable to see it. in search of water. have covered the light. until when he comes to it he finds it to be naught. such as selfishness. As explained earlier. due to His mercy. but they do not listen. “the Light”. their deeds are like the mirage in a desert. he has no light.

. Sinful talk and speeches which promote lying. God explicitly states that He is the only real source of divine light (love or Barakah). On the other hand. Practicing these acts provides mental calmness and imbues the heart with a sense of love and affection. Preaching and inviting people to righteousness. One way to recognize Barakahless people is through mystical training. This type of darkness is different from skin’s normal color and is hard to describe. those who go lightly along the shore? In the above verse. As with a piece of steel that gets magnetized by being exposed to a magnet. which needs training to identify. approaching people without Barakah and staying in Barkatless places. if you expose yourself (physically or mentally) to Barakahful people and socialize with them. and all other sources are nothing but a mirage. spoils your Barakah. With this statement we go back to the rules of Barakah. Wording and sound are other sources of Barakah. With barakahful people there is a quality of clearness and shine of the skin. or conspiracy and any wording which drives people away from righteousness. and penetrative appearance of their eyes. fasting. recitations. dull and vague eyes and their faces are matte and dark. Religions and divine sects refer to Barakah generating acts as ‘rewarding acts’ such as praying. remembrances.Step by Step Toward Supernatural Healing Power 69 The dark night. how can they know of our state. To get a feeling for the transfer mechanism of Barakah. Barakahful people are usually kind and humble and have warm hearts. the fear of waves. Unhappy the hearts that candle of love barricade. destroy Barakah. gossiping. any music which arise the ego and provoke sinfulness. Hafiz states: Unfortunate the eyes that can’t shed tears of love. Barakahless people usually have dry. also like Barakahful people. One way of generating Barakah is through our acts. you absorb Barakah. produce Barakah. and also by the luminance and shine of their faces. and music which arouses a sense of divine love. Ordinary people may also detect Barakahful people through the wetness. Some acts generate Barakah and others spoil it. the terrifying whirlpool. shine. or stay in Barakahful places. you could compare it with a sort of electromagnetic energy. Small kids and domestic animals such as dogs and cats. giving away beloved things to the needy.

then hasten to the remembrance of Allah and leave off trading. There are special properties attributed to collective prayers. and the objects they have contact with. If you take part in a collective Barakahfull act. Similar to magnetic energy. one light will spread over him or her. If two people do the act simultaneously. Collective acts are amplifiers of Barakah. for them has God prepared forgiveness and great reward” (33:35). when one person is praying or making a Barakahful act.70 Step by Step Toward Supernatural Healing Power Leading mystics usually avoid Barakahless people (except for guidance). and fear. each of them will receive two lights. you will get amplified Barakah. Partnership in life or business with Barakahless people is not recommended and may lead to undesired results. There is an efficient method in mysticism for healing such a place by arranging a collective remembrance ceremony in it. and can be reversed by acts such as praying and reciting remembrances. It may have occurred to you who have moved to a new place and have become unfortunate and had symptoms of depression. which needs light to grow and thrive. These are indications of the place being Barakahless. If compelled to shake hands with them. And in another verse: “O you who believe! When the call is made for prayer on Friday (the day of assembly). Places where sinful acts happen become Barakahless. and collective remembrances are of the most ‘Barakah generating’ rituals. In this ceremony mystics gather in circle and recite remembrances as will be explained later. if you know” (62:9). such as sinful parties. for several hours they sense a bad smell on their hand. that is better for you. Being close to some of these people is so bothering to them that they feel like they are near a smelly carcass. Mystics can identify Barakahless places. or her own and the other due to the other’s act. the dress they wear. For Barakahful people. the place they stay. Sessions of collective remembrance of mystics are one of the most important Barakah generating rituals. To them such a place is similar to an unpleasant dead swamp under populated with trees. . gains Barakah. If we consider Barakah as a light. you will lose your Barakah in an amplified manner. Barakah can be stored in places and objects. one due to his. In the same way. It is said in the Koran: “For men and women who engage much in God’s remembrance. anxiety. if you take part in collective Barakahless acts.

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Prophet Muhammad (P) said: “If you pass by the meadows of Heaven, enjoy yourself “. Followers asked: “What is the meadows of Heaven? “ The Prophet answered: “It is the session of remembrance”. Tekyas (similar to a mosque in which mystics do their rituals), mosques, churches, etc., due to collective ceremonies are Barakahful places. In Islamic faith, due to the amplifying property of collective acts, collective prayer and the collective pilgrimage of Hajj are strongly emphasized. Hajj is the largest pilgrimage in the world. There millions of Muslims gather in Mecca and worship God, which has an unbelievably high Barakah amplification for the attendee. Food is another source of Barakah transfer. As with athletes who watch calories, concerned mystics also watch the Barakah of their food. They only eat Halal food The general idea of Halal food forbids pork and all its products, animals improperly slaughtered, alcoholic drinks including all forms of intoxicants, carnivorous animals, birds of prey and any food contaminated with any of these products. Mystics do not eat at unfamiliar places or where they are not sure of the source of attainment of the food, which may be provided by dirty money, gained by theft, deceit, or bribery. They do not eat food which has been stored in Barakahless places. In advanced training, they do not consume food which is touched or cooked by Barakahless and sinful people. At this level, the mystic can obviously detect Barakah of the food. Barakahless foods smell bad to him. A leading mystic friend of mine claimed that his eye had become foolish when he had cataract laser surgery! Recall the description presented in the chapter of this book on ‘Islamic Mysticism’ regarding the contemplation of your mystical body as a hypothetical cone. In this chapter we will improve the previous description, by imagining your mystical body as a balloon, with its opening placed on the surface of a table; the ‘materialistic plane’. This is a hypothetical plane, in which materialistic senses work and it is only within this plane that you can see, hear, taste, or feel. It is from this plane that you would be able to inflate your balloon. What inflates the figurative balloon is not air, but Barakah. You can expand the balloon by providing Barakah and can puncture it by sins. The size of this balloon during life and afterwards is the yardstick for evaluation of a human before God. Therefore, mending this balloon and inflating it is to


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be considered the most important duty of a human during life. All the divine religions and creeds through their training and rituals have described this duty. Mysticism, through its divine training has an effective method for mending this balloon which is called repentance or Bay’a. Utilizing Bay’a, the punctured balloons get repaired and re-inflated by Barakah, proportional to their damage. The more damaged balloons get more inflated, since they are more prone to leakage. The following verse of the Koran supports this theory. "Except him who repents and believes and does a good deed; so these are they of whom God changes the evil deeds to good ones; and God is Forgiving, Merciful” (25:70). It is stated here that all sins of people who repent are converted to good deeds. Therefore, if people who are extremely sinful repent, preserve their Barakah, and do not backslide , they will become righteous persons. This is the reason a large number of saints and virtuous people in history have actually had sinful pasts. For a sinful person, maintaining repentance is more difficult than that of an ordinary person. For example, one who is addicted to alcohol, narcotics or adultery needs more effort and zeal to maintain repentance than an ordinary person. Unfortunate people, who suffer Barakah deficiency, can repent and make the Bay’a, to convert to a positive person. The more unlucky they were, the more fortunate they will become. In mystical training, repentance or Bay’a is considered to be the most important step. There are two phenomena occurring simultaneously during this act. One phenomenon is the act of repentance, in which the balloon of the disciple gets mended and proportionally filled with Barakah. The second phenomenon, which is of more importance, is generating a mystical bond or connection between disciple and master. This is the essence of mysticism and is analogous to a hose connection between the balloon of the disciple and the balloon of the master. The master controls the flow of Barakah to the disciple’s balloon. A more diligent disciple will get more Barakah. Since the size of the master’s balloon compared to the disciple’s is similar to a mountain compared to a small rock, a simple glance from the master will improve the disciple as much as years of self- endeavor.

Step by Step Toward Supernatural Healing Power


The Barakah which passes from master to disciple is proportional to the heart’s desire or attraction of the heart of the disciple and the disciple’s efforts in observing the master’s commands. Some commands which are important in generating desire or attraction of the heart are as follows: • Fasting is a unique moral and spiritual characteristic of Islam. It means to abstain completely from food, drink, sexual intercourse and smoking, before the break of the dawn till sunset. Ordinary Muslims fast during the month of Ramadan, the ninth month of the Islamic year. Some mystics take two extra days of voluntary fasting on Monday and Thursday of each week during the rest of the year beyond Ramadan. By fasting the desire for eating and drinking, etc., is suppressed. This will cause the attraction of Barakah to the heart, flowing from master to the disciple. Donating what you love. When you give away what you love in your heart, creates a Barakah attraction to your heart. It is expressed in the Koran as, ”By no means shall you attain to righteousness until you spend (benevolently) out of what you love; and whatever thing you spend, Allah surely knows it.” (3:92) Constant battling your ego or lower self. If you fill your heart with whatever your ego wishes, there won’t be any attraction of Barakah. In order to achieve the required ability to master your ego and overcome mood issues, at the primary stages of mysticism, you have to battle with your ego or lower self constantly. This is the true meaning of the concept of peaceful Jihad (- 23:1-11). “The Believeres must win through those who humble themselves in their prayers; who avoid vain talk; who are active in deeds of charity; who abstain from sex except with those joined to them in the marriage bond…” 23:1-6) “Those who faithfully observe their trusts and covenants and who guard their prayers- their will be the heirs who will inherit Paradise; they will dwell therein (forever)” (23:811). For example, on a hot day, if you are yearning for a cold drink, have a glass of warm- water; if a fruit cake is beckoning you at a party, have a cup of bitter coffee instead. In addition to mystical improvements, these practices have numerous indirect benefits, such as treating narcotic addictions, obesity, managing blood sugar, and other undesired habits.

Becoming emotionally invloved with a Barakahless person is another way of losing Barakah. For example, a love relationship between a male and female causes a build up of heart desire or attraction between the two.

This was the reason that God ordered Abraham (P) to kill his only son Isaac (P). Staring into the eyes of wicked people can result in a rapid discharge of Barakah. and not to get enticed by wicked people. If the man is sinful and wicked. you can imagine how much Barakah a woman will lose at a party. no matter how hard they work. especially the master of mysticism. and actions. in mysticism. Eyeing is a common source of loss of Barakah. try to exhaust their heart of everything but God. the love of Barkahless people (even for objects) will spoil one’s Barakah and cause harm to it (in other words. Most cultures support this idea. who reach a profound mutual love relation with God. On the other hand. his feeling toward the woman will deplete the Barkah of the woman. and looking into the eyes of Barakahful people will give you a jump in Barakah level. with the notion of Murphy’s Law’ which states: “. in Islam.” It means that if you love a costly carpet. remain Barakahless.74 Step by Step Toward Supernatural Healing Power In the metaphysical domain.dangerous if one becomes emotionally obsessed with another person to the exclusion of God in their hearts. insecure. If the man is at a higher level of Barakah. whereas according to the Islamic tradition the sacrificed was Ishmael. sad and fearful the day after such a party. Instead they should seek the attraction of a votary and righteous person. To prevent this. if by provocative dress and seductive acts. this act is similar to making a hose-like connection between the mystical balloons of man and woman. In addition. From this analogy. Since having feelings for Barkahless people reduces the Barakah level. but this can be. the bread will fall on it on the buttered side.Jews and Christians say that the sacrificed was Isaac. she attracts a lot of attention and desire from lustful or Barakahless people. Usually those who stare at others. because love of Isaac was competing with love of God in the heart of Abraham. This is the reason why many people feel depressed. so as not to arouse sexual feelings. make one unlucky). mouth. ears. Leading mystics. the Barakah of the man will flow down to the woman. with a punctured or torn balloon. . being loved by a righteous person is fortunate and causes luckiness and prosperity.The chance of the bread falling with the buttered side down on a carpet is directly proportional to the cost of the carpet. They believe that God is zealous and cannot see anything compete with Him in the heart of His beloved. dressing and behavior of both men and women should follow specific standards. trainees are asked to watch their eyes.

while I have little but am keeping it in my heart”. consumed one and donated the other. sinful and Barakahless people are supposed to be unfortunate. These people are the most miserable and unblessed. some creeds prescribe that followers isolate themselvers from wealth and spouses and retreat to deserted places. due to His mercy makes a small ditch in the path to stop the car. People who get undesirable results from their sinful acts are in a better situation than individuals who have fortunate outcomse because the former are not completely out of God’s favor and still have some chance of salvation. The tire breaks and the car stops. An example of the above two cases: Consider a thoughtless person. the votary man replied: “when you go back to my friend. the man wept severely and said: “My friend said the truth. but there are some sinful and wicked people who get fruitful results from their acts and look prosperous and thriving to common people. This time. a bigger ditch appears as . he has too much wealth but has removed it from his heart and is keeping it in his hands. He changes the tire and without examining the road to see the danger ahead. God.Step by Step Toward Supernatural Healing Power 75 In order to avoid this. Getting back to the previous argument. The disciple arrived at the city and searched for the pious man’s friend. who was traveling to another city. driving recklessly down a slope leading to a dreadful valley. Once he told one of his disciples. The following story describes this: There was a pious man who was living simply and getting his food from the sea. When he went back to the pious man and told him about his friend’s reply. Islamic mysticism believes that you should be rich and affluent. The driver gets out of the car and blames God and his destiny for being so unlucky. ask him why he is so preoccupied with life and why he doesn’t stop his whims and needs” The disciple found this quite amazing. gets in the car and speeds up again. When he asked for the advice. Islamic mysticism completely disagrees with this idea and has methods to overcome this problem. Every day he caught two fish. but your wealth should be in your hands instead of your heart. He found him in a very luxurious dress and place surrounded by servants. according to the Koran and their success is transient and superficial. to give his greetings to his friend who was a righteous person and ask him for advice.

in order that they may (repent and) return. in the midst of their enjoyment of Our gifts. the harder is the impact. until. We opened to them the gates of all (good) things. Such a person is like a melon which is being smashed on the floor. We called them to account. God’s policy changes. on a sudden. don’t envy. removes the obstacles and removes all the ditches ahead so the ignorant driver can reach his doom with the maximum speed he desires. The higher the rise of the melon. This person is in an alarming situation and sooner or later will have the bitter taste of misery. whenever you see someone who receives fruitful results from wickedness. The above analogy is supported by the following two verses of the Koran: ”And indeed We will make them taste of the Penalty of this (life) prior to the supreme Penalty. but when the driver ignores all the warnings and shows his willingness for falling off the slope. The scenario continues several times to make the driver aware of the risk. This time He clears the path.76 Step by Step Toward Supernatural Healing Power the second warning.”(32:21) “But when they forgot the warning they had received. . when lo! they were plunged in despair!” (6:44) Therefore.

” (36:21). but as a universal (Messenger) to all the men as a bearer of good news and as a Warner. The most important characteristic of a leader in Islamic mysticism is keeping to spiritual guidance. Throughout history women in Islamic countries have achieved the highest level of political status with many becoming heads of state (Woman Muslim Leaders throughout the times: http://www. but also all religions. There is no distinction between one Muslim and another because of race or language. It is said in the Koran: “We have not sent thee.guide2womenleaders.may not expect any type of financial or other reward. Instead. Mysticism in Islam is also a comprehensive bridge to other religious and spiritual traditions. There is also no renunciation of life’s pleasures. Contrary to many mystical traditions that might deal with intriguing manuscripts or complicated and exhausting rites and traditions. As it is emphasized in the Koran: “Follow him who does not ask you for reward. and they are the followers of the right course. a straight way (1:6) to Barakah (blessings/Grace). but most men do not know” (34:28). but as a mercy for all creatures” (21:107).”We sent thee not. but is a practical path for individuals and society that does not prescribe isolation from life or family (57:27). as well as scholars of religious and esoteric studies and others following spiritual paths.com/Muslim_Leaders. but only on the basis of one’s righteousness. Women hold a place of reverence in Islam given their unique status as mothers and wives (4:1) and Islam condemns the pre-Islamic practice of female infanticide (81:8-9). Islamic mysticism is not only open to all races. Masters.Step by Step Toward Supernatural Healing Power 77 How to Become a Mystic Mysticism is the cure for diseases of the heart and is the foundation and soul of Islam. It teaches harmony with humanitarian values and emphasizes that Islam is the religion of love. it provides a guide for how to find balance and harmony in this world.htm). It is said in the Koran: “verily the most honored of you in the sight of Allah is (he who is) the most righteous of you” (49:13). Islamic mysticism provides a vehicle for those engaged in spiritual practices. - . Mysticism does not discriminate between men and women and both can reach the highest levels of spiritual growth based upon their degree of righteousness and chastity. teachers and other people who help those on this path . This mysticism is not abstract or theoretical material. Islam since its beginnings has been open to all races and nations.

They continued on this course until Imam Ali. however. Kasnazani mysticism is not a religious sect or political movement. such as Remembrances and prayer. it does not allow the disciple to have alternatives in the choice of fundamental instructions. It is geared to the general population with ordinary capabilities and since Islamic mysticism is claimed to be the shortest path to God. Contrary to some new schools of thought. It contained many religious devotees who clung to the Koran and took the Prophet Muhammad (P) as their model in spirituality. Later. between the Remembrance in Islamic mysticism and the others is that Islamic Remembrances are not unique or secret. . and pious companions. Sheikh Muhammad Kasnazan. through a chain of Masters. never ever to be revealed. one does not need to become vegetarian nor get involved in inefficient mental gymnastics. mastership successively transferred from one master or sheikh to another until it reached the time of the King of the Patrons. whose master. the closest and the dearest person to the Prophet became the second master of mysticism. After Imam Ali. One difference. It is the practical and spiritual application of the Koranic text. his household.78 Step by Step Toward Supernatural Healing Power It should be noted that the mystical traditions of Islam were not influenced by philosophy. Islamic mysticism is based on drawing close to the divine and supernatural power of God following the spiritual guidance of the Koran. Sheikh Abdul Qadir Geylani. Mysticism was the original foundation of Islamic law and Abrahamic religions with its worship of one God (monotheism) and opposition to any form of idolatry. He established a school which was unique in his time and enjoyed very wide fame. Similar to other Abrahamian schools. Sheikh Abdul Karim Kasnazan (Kasnazan is an Arabic–Kurdish name that means “the way of secret that is known to no one”) became a center of mysticism. such as Remembrances (called mantra in the aforementioned schools). Kasnazani is one of the most prominent schools of mysticism in the world. but had origins from the Holy Koran and the course of the prophet Muhammad (P). through which many people from distant parts of the world found guidance. The first school of Islamic mysticism appeared in the city of Medina. There are some common features between Islamic mysticism with some Hindu or Buddhist schools. traces his origin back to the Prophet Muhammad (P). guiding a large number of people to the way of righteousness.

It is advised to complete each of the first and second remembrances in a period of less than 20 days (an average of . This is an extremely important tenet of Islam and has been enjoined with great emphasis in the Koran (how to perform Salat is described on Islamic sites). drink. 2. The five-time prayers become obligatory from the moment a person embraces mysticism. sexual intercourse and smoking from before dawn till sunset.Step by Step Toward Supernatural Healing Power 79 Kasnazani mysticism involves conventional Islamic practices. 4. Muslims usually fast during the entire month of Ramadan. followed by 17 additional Remembrances. Those who are not aware of mysticism may think that performing Remambrances and other instructions for a mystic in general is “full of hardships”. in the way explained here. This remembrance is to be repeated one hundred thousand times. similar to the Dawn Prayer (refer to Islamic sites). and some prohibitions. the ninth month of the Islamic year. After finishing it. which is washing the entire body with water in a special order (how to perform Ghusl can be found on most Islamic sites) 3. . But in general the burden that a pupil encounters is for sure within his or her ability. At one’s inauguration into mysticism. As explained earlier. fasting is another spiritual characteristic of Islam during which one abstains completely from food.Fast for three consecutive days. In order to become a mystic.Take Bay’a or pledge. one (Muslim or non-Muslim) can take the following steps: 1.Perform Ghusl. the second Remembrance (Allah) should be started. It causes a direct contact or link between the worshipper and God. Contact or link prayer is the name for the obligatory prayers which are performed five times daily by Muslims. It is said in the Koran: “… no burden do We place on any soul but that which it can bear …” (6:152) We will describe repentance and Remembrances in further detail. the mystic should start the first of nineteen continuous Remembrances. such as daily prayer.5000 repetitions every day. fasting. as follows: “There is no Lord but Allah”.Start the Remembrances After performing the contact prayer. This purges all bad deeds from the disciple. three days of fasting is sufficient. These practices have spiritual purposes and also positive health implications.Perform two units of contact prayer. plus additional duties such as frequent Remembrance and fasting which will be explained later. 5. which will take about one hour to perform).

Therefore whoever breaks (his faith). Imam Ali inherited the spiritual touch and the succession of the Caliphate of mysticism. It is said in the Koran: “Surely those who swear allegiance to you do but swear allegiance to Allah. women and adolescent as well. after being misguided by the Devil. Since mysticism is the way which leads to God. Islamic mysticism is equipped with an efficient method. Bay’a with the present master is Bay’a or a pledge with the Prophet. . It is for men. Shaking the hand means the confession and witness of Muhammad's prophecy. God considers the Bay'a with the prophet as Bay’a with Him. who is spiritually connected to the chain of masters who preceded him. He will grant him a mighty reward”(48:10). by this light can be turned on with the least amount of effort. It is a simple operation where a man who wants to follow the pledge. if they repent and do not back-slide. it conveys many spiritual secrets. Prophet Muhammad (P) says: “who died while having no Bay'a. a Caliph. and whoever fulfills what he has covenanted with Allah. According to the Koran. all their sins are converted to good deeds. anyone who has insight should take the Bay'a from the master who is the prophet's heir and acts as his representative. his death is like that of the pre-Islamic people”. Repentance is a spark that enlightens peoples’ hearts by the will of God and his blessings. Bay’a. and the promise through hands to cling to the rules of Islam. anyone who is extremely sinful will become a righteous person.. then.80 Step by Step Toward Supernatural Healing Power Repentance or Bay’a Repentance entails a refrain from committing bad deeds that violate God’s will. leading to the Prophet Muhammad (P). For the people who repent. As was explained in the chapter. the hand of Allah is above their hands. In the case of a woman. According to the Koran. No human is free from the Devil’s temptations or illusions. Therefore. Although Bay’a appears simple. the most important duty of a master is to light the Divine Love inside the disciple’s heart. It is described as being a spiritual touch through which the disciple’s soul is connected to that of the master of mysticism. repentance is obligatory for all people and many chapters of the Koran refer to this obligation. Bay’a happened at the time of the prophet of Islam and after he was dead. instead of the hand. he breaks it only to the injury of his own soul. Therefore. Anyone who wants to follow the course of mysticism must take Bay’a. she holds the beads of the Caliph. Bay'a is not restricted to men. Prophet Muhammad (P) said: “Who shakes my hand or the hand of those who hold me till the Day of Judgment go into the paradise”. puts his -hand in the right hand of the master or his deputy. ‘Master of Mysticism’.

is decreed by Allah. I repent and pledge allegiance to Al-Imam Ali. do you accept?” . I ask Allah the Great for forgiveness for every sin. the Lord of the worlds. May Allah be pleased with him. and to cling to the master’s commands. I repent and pledge allegiance to Al-Sheikh Abdul Qadir Al-Geylani. I ask Allah the Great for forgiveness for every sin. I repent and promise Al-Sheikh Abdul Karim Al-Kasnazani. I bear witness there is no God but Allah. I ask Allah the Great for forgiveness for every sin. Oh Allah I ask for forgiveness for every sin. I repent and pledge allegiance to Allah. to work sincerely. I repent and pledge allegiance to Al-Sheikh Hussein Al-Kasnazani. I repent and pledge allegiance to our Master. who I accept as my teacher and guide in this life and the hereafter and Allah is the witness on my promise. the Prophet Muhammad. Following is the text of the repentance. I repent and pledge allegiance to Al-Sheikh Abdul Karim Al-Kasnazani. I believe in Allah. I bear witness that Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah (P). This text is also a request for supernatural connection with the master. I repent and pledge allegiance to Al-Sheikh Muhammad Al-Kasnazani. peace be upon him. I repent and pledge allegiance to Al-Sheikh Ismael Al-Weliani. I ask Allah the Great for forgiveness for every sin. The Bay’a or Pledge of Tariqa Kasnazani In the name of Allah. May Allah be pleased with him. in Resurrection after death and in Tariqa. in His Prophets. good or not.Step by Step Toward Supernatural Healing Power 81 The content of the pledge which the disciple reads indicates that the highest duty of the disciple is to stop committing sins. I ask Allah the Great for forgiveness for every sin. I ask Allah the Great for forgiveness for every sin. in His angles. I ask Allah the Great for forgiveness for every sin. which He revealed to our Master Muhammad (P) who is the seal of the prophets and the Master of messengers. I repent and pledge allegiance to Al-Sheikh Abdul Qadir Al-Kasnazani. I ask Allah the Great for forgiveness for every sin. mighty and sublime be He. I ask Allah the Great for forgiveness for every sin. which must be repeated by the disciple sentence by sentence after the Caliph. in His Holy books. our present master. I ask Allah’s pardon for each sin. I ask Allah the Great for forgiveness for every sin. the Merciful and compassionate. After completion of the pledge. . in the day of Judgement. the caliph says: “On behalf of AlSheikh Muhammad Al-Kasnazani I give you this Bay’a. I repent and pledge allegiance to Al-Imam Al-Hussein. in destiny.

Prophet Muhammad (P) said: “devil is exhausted by this Remembrance just like a camel exhausted by overloads“. because of the intimacy. Therefore. but he who does not remember his God is like the dead”. In the preliminary stages of mysticism. It is considered to be a sword in the hands of the disciple for fighting the enemies of the jinni and the man. one is Remembrance by tongue (speech) and the other Remembrance by heart. is himself dead. I do”. Prophet Muhammad (P) said: “these hearts are to be rusted. states that stiff hearts may not be smashed but by the force of collective Remembrance. one of the greatest Islamic mystical thinkers. Remembrance is moved from the tongue to the heart when the mystic repeats with enjoyment till it becomes a warm cure to the heart. both by heart and speech. It entails glorification of God and repetition of His name with great concentration. By Remembrance of God hearts are revitalized. Remembrance Remembrance is for putting everything out of one's mind except God. which is referred to as collective Remembrance. Sheikh Geylani said: “The real Remembrance is done by the heart. It revitalizes the heart like a barren land saved by rains. is considered better than individual. Ghazali (1058-1111). cooperation. but by reading the Holly Koran and attending the sessions of Remembrance these hearts are to be revitalized”. Then Sura Al-Fatiha (first chapter of the Koran) is read. . to be an intimate companion to him” (43:36).82 Step by Step Toward Supernatural Healing Power ”Yes. and amplifying properties of the collective acts. More than thirty verses of the Koran emphasize Remembrances. See for example. Prophet Muhammad (P) said: “It is the living who remembers his God. The real Remembrance is that in which the true believer remembers his creator by his heart. By Remembrance the devil is defeated. and he whose heart is lively is living and he whose heart is dead. in the Kasnazani School of mysticism. tongue is but a slave of the heart”. worship is mostly in the collective pattern. we appoint for him an evil. “If anyone withdraws himself from Remembrance of God. it gets converted to Remembrance by heart. Remembrance is practiced mostly by speech. Mystic Remembrances have many utilities for cleansing the disciple’s heart of every bad thing which God forbids. and for helping him walk on the right spiritual path. the disciple replies. Remembrance is practiced individually or in group. Remembrance has two components. but in the advanced stages. Group Remembrance.

without any time boundaries. you may refer to <http://www. Continuous or daily Remembrances include 19 collects which should be said individually. 8. 3.Step by Step Toward Supernatural Healing Power 83 There are rules of morality during the Remembrance by which a true mystic must abide: 1. When the disciple finishes the nineteenth remembrance. ‘Continuous Remembrances’. which are to be performed on Monday and Thursday.com/content/ablution-cleansing-of-the-bodyand-spirit-a133280>. In addition to the individual Remembrances. since God loves to see his servant’s heart solely occupied by Him. Perform an Ablution before the start of Remembrance since it is mandated by the Koran that every Muslim should do so. are to be performed continuously. Ablution is washing with clean water before performing prayer. Individual remembrances are divided into two groups. Ask God for forgiveness from every sin in the heart 3 to 7 times or more. For a complete listing and description of Remembrances. Through this process of intuitive spiritual guidance one comes to the understanding that what he or she is learning from the master. is coming from God through the Prophet Muhammad (P). after the evening prayer. Each one is to be repeated one hundred thousand times. 6. collective remembrances are required. 7. Allow the heart to become absent from everything except God. as Remembrance creates excitement and eagerness that will be brought to a standstill by cold drinks.suite101. 2. referred to as the ‘Daily Remembrances’. Do not consume cold drinks after Remembrance. until you experience a feeling of peace and absence of all negative thoughts. 5. Be humble after reaching this spiritual state and do not boast about this inner state of joy and delight. One group. Attach spiritually with the master in order to communicate through one's soul with God. The other group.kasnazan. 4. How to make ablution is shown on Islamic sites such as: <http://www. is performed after the five prayers. . he goes back again to the first one and this continues for life. Sit quietly in a state of tranquility at a clean place as if to pray. Close the eyes in order to gradually shut out all apparent senses and to open the heart.com>.

Rashad Khalifa in 1976. 3. None to be aimed at but Allah. 2. 7. Ya Hu (O He) (Puts fixedly the light of faith inside you and elevates you to the rank of knowing). Allah (leads you to Allah's mercy). 16. 14. Al-Mubeen. the honest and trusted prophet. There is no Lord but Allah. 11. None to be wanted but Allah. None to be but Allah. Ya-Rahman (O the Gracious) (rescues you from grief and sadness in this life and the other life). 9. 19. 15. Muhammad is Allah's prophet. there is no Lord but Allah and Allah is great (gives you the reward of one hundred pilgrimages of Hajj). Al-Malik. Ya-Wahid (O the One) (removes the veil between the servant and Lord). . 12. The following is a list of the nineteen continuous Remembrances: 1. 13. 6. there is no power but that of Allah the great and sublime (Allah cures you from diseases). and this is the number which was proven by Dr. through computer decoding. Oh Allah! May you pray on our master Muhammad and on his family and companion (saves you from all problems). May Allah have His pray on you. 18.84 Step by Step Toward Supernatural Healing Power An important proof of the divinity of these Remembrances is that they are nineteen in number. opens supernatural hearing and insight). Ya-Hay (O the Ever living) (removes all the dirty collects from your heart). to be the magical number of the Koran. There is no Lord but Allah (this collect purges you from all bad deeds). 5. Ya-Raheem (O the Merciful) (makes you enter into God’s mercy). Praise be to Allah. In the name of Allah the compassionate and merciful. None to be existent but Allah. 17. 8. 4. Al-Haq. Prophet of Allah. Ya-Wadud (O the Loving) (for a faithful disciple. Sura Al-Ikhlas (chapter 112 of the Koran) (Allah forgives you and your parents). 10. Ya-Azeez (O the Invincible) (saves you from the self's and devil's wickedness).

Since all the pests are devilish and from negative forces. but ‘what is yet more hidden’ refers to something that is hidden inside of you and you. The Prophet said: “secret is what you have hidden inside of you and are aware of. a benefit was described for each of the Remembrances. or light of love. Pests like parasites are nesting inside the sludge. In order to clean your pool and remove the nasty creatures living in it. gloom.Step by Step Toward Supernatural Healing Power 85 Metaphysical Interpretation of Bay’a and Remembrances A human being can be thought of as an old swampy pool. greed. with a layer of thick sludge underneath. Other mystical schools try to settle the suspended sludge with techniques such as Meditation. But the slightest agitation disrupts the sludge. When the mud is allowed to settle it just causes all the obnoxious creatures to fall to the bottom of the pool with the accompanying transient feelings of calmness. Many . destroying the good feelings of calmness. although the wording may be slightly different. Every now and then. at the first sign of the reoccurrence of agitation in the pool. In the last chapter about continuous Remembrances. the exterminating agent must be of divine light. and many others. it was claimed that it would rescue you from grief and sadness. for the fourth Remembrance (Ya-Hay). it was indicated that it would remove all the dirty collects from your heart. yourself. each designed for a certain group of creatures. causing the clever suspended creatures to become dispersed throughout the pool. In order to destroy the negative impact of the vicious creatures. due to the following verse of the Koran: “there has come to you ‘light’ and a clear Book from Allah” (15:5). previously described as the light of God. some type of pest shows up that we have never seen before. and ‘what is yet more hidden’ ” (20:7). all of the fierce creatures again become active. At the time of Prophet Muhammad (P). they share the nature of light. For example. and for the eighth Remembrance (Ya-Rahman). Islamic mysticism is equipped with a group of nineteen pesticides. are not aware of it”. When there is no agitation or disturbing agent in the pool. making us do things that we would never imagine. The following verse of the Koran underscores the above analogy: “then surely He knows the ‘secret’. followers asked about the difference between the ‘secret’ and ‘what is yet more hidden’. The nineteen continuous Remembrances of mysticism are from the Holy Koran. Islamic mysticism has established a well-tested method. However. fear. the sludge settles and one may experience a feeling of calmness. with names such as deceitfulness. grief.

with nineteen heads (according to the Koran. This property of the Remembrance is another proof of its Divinity. making life miserable for you. instead of removing the dirty collects. they become sad and depressed. the disciple can get trained for fighting and also get an opportunity to cut at least two of the dragon heads by completing the first and the second Remembrances (each in 20 days). After some calculation. you need to keep the following points in mind: 1. the eighth head makes you sad and depressed by its attacks. . When you are feeling happy and expanded. or by starting the eighth remembrance. I will use a similitude: Imagine you are captured by the vicious ‘dragon of darkness’. to start safely. directed to the master (Ghaus of the Era). Each of the malignant heads of this dragon has a certain symptom. all the dirty things rush into their minds. It is the divine light of Allah. the assaulted head fights you back and charges you for the period of Remembrance. when they start the fourth Remembrance. and so on. but it awakens and starts its attack . the fourth head attacks you and gives you a dirty and sinful feeling. you may feel an opposite effect which diminishes gradually during the completion of the Remembrance. but to use them effectively. and a chain of late masters.If you start to fight with the first head. When the dragon is at rest. In this time. there are nineteen Hell Angels. eighteen other heads attack you.86 Step by Step Toward Supernatural Healing Power disciples complain when they start these Remembrances. Recently. For example. you need an initiative blow of light. This is why at the start of each of the Remembrances. appointed as the guardians of Hell). Bay’a is the initiative blow of light. they experience a completely opposite result than what is written in the description. Nineteen continuous Remembrances of mysticism are swords. In order to explain this phenomenon. you enjoy your life and have a peaceful time. 2. she said it was the fortieth night afterwards that she had the bad dream.When you start your fight. I asked her if she had dreams of a black snake before. Forty days have been proven to me to be true through numerous practical cases. which is supposed to rescue them from grief and sadness. with which you can fight the nineteen heads of the ‘dragon of darkness’. with the first hit. whenever you are in a divine mood and have a loving and innocent feeling. through Prophet Muhammad (P). Bay’a floods a disciple’s heart with light and causes the vicious dragon of darkness to be unconscious for a period of forty days. I asked her to give me the exact time of her Bay’a. For example. a newly pledged lady told me that she had a nightmare of being attacked by a black python (usually interpreted as demon) the night before. which is transmitted to the recipient in the act of Repentance. Therefore.

not from the middle. Another case was a young girl who had nightmares of being buried alive. you have to cut the Dragon’s heads from the side. 6. this feeling will disappear in forty days if instructions are not followed. last night was the first time that it reappeared”. but after a short while experienced the described adverse effects of negativity and bad temper. 3. you will get surrounded by the heads on the side. Each session of collective Remembrance. otherwise the uncut heads attack you again. she responded. The condition of this girl was so critical that she was getting a strong tranquilizer injection before sleep. even without saying the remembrances. but a big book. 5. Unless sustained by the Master. on Monday and Thursday. I know of many people who have tried this. These bad dreams also passed away after the first night of her Bay’a. I would not recommend doing this even if you are doubtful about my claim. has a guaranteed stunning effect of 3-4 days. 7. have a temporary feeling of divine light. If you attack the middle heads. lost their basic faith and even ceased to practice their ordinary prayers. you need other blows of divine light to help you.Step by Step Toward Supernatural Healing Power 87 “I was seeing a black python in my dreams quite often but after taking Bay’a.Without Bay’a. she saw in her dream that the serpent came to her. I personally have experienced numerous cases of acute mental disease which have been healed with a simple Bay’a. together with a reduction of negativity. Another woman had the frequent nightmare of being crushed by a black serpent. In other words. In addition to these. This is the reason that the collective Remembrances are performed twice a week. it is not recommended to start the Remembrances. made a barrier and the serpent rolled around the book and disappeared. . After taking Bay’a. This is because for each person. some of the so-called dragon heads are weak and could be easily cut. 4. Collective Remembrances serve this purpose.Usually the people who take Bay’a. after the evening prayer. but certain Remembrances are more difficult to say.Remembrances should be practiced in order.Some of the Remembrances are easy to say in a way that the disciple easily completes them. seemingly the Koran.After beginning to slay some of the heads of the dragon with the stunning effect of Bay’a. but some heads are immensely powerful and would require a difficult battle.

Mystics who complete their continuous Remembrances get much more Barakah during the prayer and Remembrances and have better senses of the supernatural phenomena during observation. otherwise. would open your door to the secret world of mysticism. refers to the nineteen continuous Remembrances as nineteen teeth of a key. They became shapeless and tangled. and took a covenant from them. Now imagine that every hair set. Over time. no styling would result. which gives you metaphysical reception capacity in its corresponding frequency band. the reason it gets styled is due to the fact that the teeth of the comb are compatible with the form of your hair. in addition to its explained property. When you comb your hair. The reason each Remembrance gets completed one hundred thousand times before you move to the next Remembrance. and made them bear witness against their own souls: Am I not your Lord? They said: Yes! we bear witness. we need one hundred thousand brush strokes for each of them. Master of mysticism. dreams. By saying the Remembrances you are only renewing something which is already inside you. etc. in order to style and reshape them. This statement is described by the following verse of the Holy Koran: “And when your Lord brought forth from the children of Adam.88 Step by Step Toward Supernatural Healing Power Although some beginners complain about the large number (one hundred thousand) of repetitions of a Remembrance. which upon engagement. no matter how many times you try. Sheikh Muhammad Kasnazan. they should be aware that each Remembrance. no combing effect would occur. Lest you should say on the day of resurrection: Surely we were heedless of this”. then He extracted from him all of his descendants who would be born until the end of the world. have been engrained in you at the time of creation. Let’s use the same analogy to justify the effectiveness of continuous Remembrances. after reshaping rises up and converts to an antenna. has other divine effects as explained through this similitude: Let’s use our imagination again and assume that we have nineteen sets of hair (eighteen sets in addition to what we have). For example. (7:172) . if you pull a comb one hundred thousand times through a pile of sand. and has to be kept as a covenant that you gave to your creator at the time of creation! Prophet Muhammad (P) related that when God created Adam. their descendants. is that these Remembrances. we dealt carelessly and with them and left them unguarded. all combed and styled at the time of birth. which are mostly divine names of God. Therefore. He took a covenant from him. generation after generation. from their backs.

how could you preserve the previous effect? For example. . after a while. continuous Remembrances will lose their effectiveness. you renew your covenant for that stage. on a daily basis. otherwise. Daily Remembrances which are performed after the five prayers simulate this act and the disciples are required to take these collects seriously. by completing a hair set and moving to the next.Step by Step Toward Supernatural Healing Power 89 By completing each of the nineteen Remembrances. but after moving to the next Remembrance. how could you prevent the previous hair from disarray? An obvious solution is to comb all of the hair sets a few times.

like him whose likeness is that of one in utter darkness whence he cannot come forth?” (6:122) As described earlier. Accordingly. and enables us to commune with our Creator. allows us to attain the supremacy God intended us to have. it is a reflection of God’s image in him or her flowing out. writes a book. Through starting mystical training. as in Christianity that God formed man from the dust and gave him life by sharing His eternal breath. They are metaphysical entities . Mysticism transcends the emotional. through the divine light of God. It is through this latter life that you can have an immense capacity for perception and receiving of messages from other dimensions and open the reception channels of which you are not aware. There is a story about a mystic complaining to his master of not being creative. When he asked about the relation.90 Step by Step Toward Supernatural Healing Power Effect of Mysticism on Human Creativity Prophet David asked the Almighty God: “why did you make the creation?” God responded: “I was a Treasure unknown then I desired to be known so I created a creation to which I made Myself known. versus the larger life that is infinite and through which you can communication with the immensity of God and the truth of the universe. Bay’a and Remembrances are effective tools in mysticism which can clear and burnish the heart. intellectual. This is something which sets us apart from the animal world. This light shines only over the virtuous and innocent lands and cannot be received by malignant and wicked ones.” It is believed in Islam. you will separate yourself into two different grades of being. Mysticism believes that we are images of God and if we clear and still the pools of our heart. anytime someone paints a landscape. A narrower and limited life that is finite and can never transcend itself. or conducts a symphony. and volitional life of ordinary people and gives them a sense of power to see into eternity. man is unique among all God’s creations and is made to resemble God. The Koran says: “Is he who was dead then We raised him to life and made for him a light by which he walks among the people. It is believed by mystics that creativity originates from the divine light of God. and such light would not land over a sinful heart. The master recommended that he repent and not to commit any more sins. his master told him that creativity is the divine light of Allah. This noble light fertilizes human capabilities and converts an incompetent and barren person into a lively and creative one. invents a machine. Therefore. These Remembrances are not only a group of sound vibrations. we would be able to mirror God’s loving reflection in our existence.

By mystic training and practicing Remembrances. Then creativity is allowed to flow willingly. Since art is more bonded with feeling than with thought. or inventor. Practice reciting Remembrances enhances concentration. you can quiet both intellect and will inside yourself and make them passive to the expressions . “I have noticed that when one paints one should think of nothing: everything then comes better.Step by Step Toward Supernatural Healing Power 91 from the Koran which generate Barakah and enhance supernatural properties of humans. Ordinary people. When this light rouses activity. and drive to the depths of true being. and allow God to work and manifest inside you. which helps relax the muscles and effectively reduces stress and its effects. adding positive impressions to it. permitting it to become mighty and free through the gift of spiritual love. The young Raphael says to Leonardo da Vinci. receiving their energy from Barakah. composer. anger. and jealousy . as a painter. this effect appears to be a tremendous benefit for enhanced artistic ability. bringing home the ‘fresh food of creation’. and logical thinking. Mysticism lifts the heavy yoke from the metaphysical (mystical) body and releases the transcendental sense from its prison. there is a confluence of interior and exterior forces in the unity and bonds of Divine love. in moments of deep concentration and enlightement. A mystic. which is a requirement for an artistic genius. memory. are able to experience such moments and let those submerged powers bring up messages from another dimension. It also has a soothing effect on the nervous system. or brilliant arguments. but the whole being of the mystic goes into action and plunges into the truth of things. not to see any kind of vision. When God speaks to men and women in their sub consciousness. only in very rare states of mind. writer. According to the Koran. can transcend the veil of productiveness and touch the divine light inside. you become still and silent. This is something that ordinary people fail to do. it would fall down. In a true mystic. broken asunder (59:21). Remembrances affect the subconscious mind by changing thinking patterns and removing negative impressions such as fear. not merely the mind. or artist receives a sudden rush of intuition or ideas. supernatural senses get into full action. if these words descend over a mountain. “. composer. and refreshingly. Entering the world of mysticism. Remembrances rescue humans from the control of the Ego. This is the reason that persons of mystical genius remove their metaphysical eye from the embryo stage and develop it. gently. bursting open the doors of creativity. but to understand and comprehend supernatural things. even if spending hours on the most scientific investigations. where no one without divine light can see. This is the moment that creativity showers from beyond the control of the self and an inventor.

have practiced it numerous times with success. empty. through the influence of divine inspiration. together with many other mystics. I feel the enjoyment of light. start my mystic Remembrances. I have come up with three ideas. . and with the most penetrating insight. and receptive. get outside the boundaries of space and time. so original that they were patented and at the present time one of them is on the market. pour forth and give me ideas which solve my problem.92 Step by Step Toward Supernatural Healing Power of the materialistic word. This result in me becoming quiet. This is the time that mystical hearing. I wake up before dawn and after two units of contact prayer (similar to the Dawn Prayer). This is the moment that ideas. seeing and speaking starts inside you. After a short while. I make contact with the master by imagining his picture and through him connecting with the divine light of the Prophet Muhammad and Allah. Using this technique. This is not a theoretical concept and I. For developing a novel solution whenever I run into a problem. in a mysterious and clear manner.

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