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About Me

About Me

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Published by: ashleyLUVS1D on Jan 23, 2013
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Aries Vasquez Period 2 1/11/13 About Me

Three things about me I like the color blue I’m 13 years old I am the middle child

Three things about my family My family is crazy My sister is a fan of Justin I have a little sister

Three things for this semester I want good grades I want to graduate I want to pass math class

About Me

My name is Aries Vasquez. I’m thirteen and I am one of the youngest one in my family. First is my older sister Debbie then it’s me and then it’s my little sister Celeste. My older sister was born in 1997 and I was born in 1999 while my little sister Celeste was born in 2001.That makes me the middle child. At my house, you can see that my family is crazy. Their just weird. There’s only five people and their weird. One of the weirdest person is my sister Debbie. I say she’s weird because she is a fan of Justin B. I don’t like him. She’s the only one. My little sister is 11 and she doesn’t like him either.

This year my goal is to get good grades. If I don’t get good grades then I might not

graduate. The class I’m worried about passing is math class. It’s so hard for me to pass. Last year it was easy, but not this year. I need to pass this class.

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