5399 Lindell Blvd. St. Louis, Mo. 63112

Dear St. Louis County bar owner, St. Louis County Councilman Mike O’Mara has just introduced an ordinance that strips your bar of its voter-approved smoking ban exemption from the St. Louis County smoking ban. In the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Councilman O’Mara’s said he plans to “give business owners a chance to come in and plead their cases” for continued exemption from the County smoking ban. Please immediately contact Councilman O’Mara and ask him to exempt your establishment from his new ordinance: Mike O’Mara Phone: (314) 615-5439 E-mail: Please also immediately contact the rest of the Councilmen and ask them to vote NO on any law that removes the exemption County voters approved for your bar. Pat Dolan: (314) 615-5441 E-mail: Hazel Erby: (314) 615-5436 E-mail: Steve Stenger: (314) 615-5442 E-mail: Kathleen Burkett: (314) 615-5437 E-mail: Colleen Wasinger: (314) 615-5438 E-mail: Greg Quinn: (314) 615-5443 E-mail: Please attend the County Council meetings: 6 PM every Tuesday at the Council Chamber of the Lawrence K. Roos County Administration Building, 41 S. Central Avenue Clayton, MO 63105. Arrive a few minutes early to sign a card allowing you to address the Council. Owners, staff and patrons concerned about this possible theft of their freedom and property rights are very welcome to make a statement to the Council. St. Louis County bar owner, if you, your patrons and your staff protest the theft of your exemption, the chances are very good that Councilman O’Mara will restore your bar’s exemption to his ordinance and the Council will vote down any law that does not exempt your establishment. Please contact me any time for more information: (314) 315-3779 Sincerely,

Bill Hannegan