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The Sticky Addiction

The Sticky Addiction

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Published by gnwosisi
serial killer
serial killer

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Published by: gnwosisi on Jan 23, 2013
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Character Bio

Nathan Bromley
A 26 year old young man who works at a glue factory. As a little boy Nathan liked sticking tings together to create something, there was a time he created a plate with bombs stuck to the bottom. Nathan had a step mum who didn’t treat him as nice and he always wishes that one day he could lock her in a room and glue the door. Nathan was named to have a bit of a problem as he creativity was getting out of hands. He finished University, found a job and lived on his own, then something devastating happened at he's work place triggering he’s mental illness.




The story is about a character named Nathan and he’s job is to create glue from horse hoofs. Whilst at work he’s mask fell off allowing him to smell the glue. In doing this it turned him crazy, getting him high making him addicted to the smell of glue as a drug. he's objective is to create an animal that pollutes the atmosphere with the saint of glue.


Step Outline
Scene one Nathan at the lab creating glue, he’s mast falls off allowing him to sniff the glue (he loved it). Scene two He gets home in a state, missing the smell of the glue, sits down to think/research – came up with an idea of creating an animal that pollutes the air with the glue saint when u feed it humans. Scene three A checklist is shown of what Nathan needs to create this creature e.g. Females head (tick), Horse legs (tick). Scene three This scene shows on the checklist Nathan has one more thing to get which is in the zoo.


Step Outline
Scene Four Nathan driving to the zoo, breaking a fence of the zoo with he’s car, kills the animal and takes it home (here I would have a shot of Nathan on the road, fence being broken, shoots the animal and hold its heart). Scene Five Here the police are waiting outside the door of Nathan (the camera cuts to what's going on inside) as Nathan hears a heart beat the police breaks in opening fire at the creature.


Scene Six Nathan gets arrested and named the Stick Sink Pr*ck.

Creative Partnership
For documenting our Creative Partnership, me and Akinbiyi Babarinde decided to start making video documentaries, documenting the whole process showing how we got from ideas to fully formed short film concepts, we do have some footage but aren’t done editing, it’ll be ready for the end of the project. Akinbiyi Babarinde to George Nwosisi I like you're second idea, I think a way you could show his past could be little spinets showing him killing humans/animals, as the main animation is happening. I think you should also think of how his confusion of animals and humans could be shown, would we see him save humans? then have them rip him from limb to limb? and then have a reveal at the end that they were in fact wild animals

Akinbiyi Babarinde to George Nwosisi I love the direction this is going, the point when the kid looses control of the gun has a lot of comical potential, maybe a little bit more could be done at the ending, something that links the beginning to the end somehow. Out of the three ideas you've posted so far this has the most potential, working on the beginning and the ending could do a lot for what you have going on here


- Thanks Kinbi i will come up with something for the ending.

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