My Thoughts on The Second Amendment and Gun Ownership by The Rossadillo Report on Tuesday, January 15, 2013 at 8:39pm · Stating

the right to defend yourself against a Tyranny can make for a messy conversation at what point do you consider your government to be a Tyrant? A point i will not go into here or now. I have no interest in picking up a gun unless someone comes forcibly into my home without stated reasons and appropriate papers signed by a judge. I believe when people speak of our Second Amendment being to keep us safe from those who govern us it also means if they create a situation where things become unstable. In a time of Martial Law if food and water become scarce people will turn on each other and protecting what little you have may mean life or death and in that type of situation. It happened in Louisiana during Katrina and it was something that unless you were there you may not fully understand. I guess it should come as no surprise that both of my parents were at the 1968 Democratic Convention when it turned into a riot and Martial Law was declared. So these types of events are just perhaps a little more real to me. My point is who knows what will happen next? And if the shit really hits the fan how ready are you to protect your family from whoever decides they want what you have? I believe the best way to change things is to go about things in a civil fashion by means of peaceful protest and petitions. I still hold on to hope that the checks and balances work. My stance on guns comes from following trends in history and we can ban them but it’s a case of the horse already left the barn. It doesn't mean we cant close the barn door but i have seen Martial Law in effect during Hurricane Katrina and being unarmed in a situation like that made it very clear that when the system falls apart you are on your own no one is coming to help you. I see things from the point of someone who has been shot at on several occasions two of them at point blank range. My dad had a nice saying and regardless of safety statistics i still believe i would "Rather be caught alive with a gun then dead without one"-RR

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