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Making Plans for Nigel- A Music Video

Making Plans for Nigel- A Music Video

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Published by sbpayne
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Published by: sbpayne on Jan 23, 2013
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steven payne

the track
Making Plans for Nigel – Nouvelle Vague

About the Track •  Performed by Nouvelle Vague, a French cover band, who use bossanova style arrangements to perform covers of Punk Rock, Post-Punk and New Wave songs •  Originally performed by English New Wave band, XTC

analysis and interpretation
General Analysis •  1960’s, bossa-nova arrangement •  Gentle rhythm with a somewhat disconcerting undertone Themes Interpreted •  A life led through the guidance and suggestion of others •  Being spoken for and masking of emotions ("if your Nigel says he's happy, he must be happy") •  Having decisions made for you •  Ultimately restricted in your life choices (an illusion of choice) •  Treated as a puppet, every action you take and every decision you make is the choice of somebody pulling your strings

the concept
In response to the analysis of the track, I aim to create a music video that questions Consumerism and the ways in which the reality of everyday life is influenced by and emulates lifestyles displayed to the Consumer in advertisements and commercial art. Taking direct influence from the track’s 1960’s feel, I will be using commercial art from the era as the general stylistic direction, making use of the burnt colours and bold lettering to stage miniature narratives, starting off with a sense of naivety that transforms over the duration of the song, resulting in an outcome that is considerably more sinister and reflective of the true nature of Consumerism and corporate manipulation.

visual influences

visual influences

video structure
Note A music video, not an animation that somewhat relates or fits the music
•  Two or Three Miniature Narratives (To be Finalised), Layered and Cut Together So That The Events and Conclusions are Resolved at the Same Time •  They are Simple Narratives, Restricted in their Complexity for Both Stylistic and Economic Reasons (Fixed Cameras to Reflect Commercial Advertisements and to Limit the Assets to be Modelled/ Rendered/Textured etc) •  A Combination of 2D (After Effects) and 3D, to Both Reflect the Style of Commercial Artwork and to Make Production More Economic

To emulate the method in which music videos are created, I am going to have to work somewhat differently to how I normally would when creating an animated short 1.  The Miniature Narratives are Created in Maya 2.  A Number of Different Cameras are Set Up, From a Number of Different Angles 3.  Each of The Cameras are Playblasted, and the Footage is Cut Together as Pre-Viz as it is Intended to be Viewed, Allowing for a More Expressive, More Spontaneous Editing Process 4.  Only The Cameras That are Used in the Final Edit are Rendered 5.  Additional Compositing Can Take Place 6.  Finished Music Video

objectives for the pitch
•  Miniature Narratives Clearly Defined
–  Narratives Currently in Mind Include, –  Consumer Becoming Literal Puppet of Corporate Manipulation –  Domestic Breakdown, Transition from Domestic Bliss to Domestic Hell, Defined Through Ever Changing Satirical Advertisement Taglines –  Rhythmic, Simplified Shots of Stages of Manufacture, Such as Conveyor Belts, Product Assembly etc

•  Concept Screenshots of Each Narrative
–  Rendered In Maya, For Demonstration Purposes Only

•  Short, Proof-of-Concept Pre-Viz
–  To See If It Will Actually Work

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