Questions 1. What is OM – state the key types of decisions of be made in OM? 2. The nature of OM in specific organization? Eg- school, hospital?

Nature of operation decisions? 3. Internationalization of operations - what are the factors that rendered internationalization? Relate the answer to manufacturing management? 4. General principles that underline a product design and how they change in international market? 5. What is service design? 6. Service offerings have much character – list them and illuminate with an example? 7. How the term quality differs between prod and services? Compare and contrast the quality criteria? 8. Service product bundle (service package)? Learn to design service packages? Specify the service package for different kinds of services with example? 9. Mass customization, focused operations are terms being prominent in international operation? What are they and what implications they hold? What has given rise to these notions? 10. Supply chain?? How is a supply chain constructed? Eg – publisher, business school? 11. Is the notion of supply chain appropriate for service operations? Eg - Transportation Company? 12. The notion of inputs and outputs in service operation is said to be nebulas? 13. Transformation process – diff between services and products?? 14. Which is more rather prone to take on global operations – manufacturer or 15. Which is more amenable for international operations – state your stand citing relevant examples? 16. Management challenges differ between a running a service enterprise and a manufacturing entity? How? 17. Citing the case of - a fitness center and an organization manufacturing shoes? What are the management challenges? 18. MRP – material resource planning? 19. Internet - ICT has had a significant effect on SCM? Illustrate how? Qualities and limitations of internet – EDI? 20. What is GPS? 21. Technology is being increasingly involved in provision of services? Illustrate this trend taking the example of – airlines, vending, postal, juke boxes? 22. Automation of services – why is it happening? 23. Bull whip effect – consequences, how can it be minimizes?

What is mass customization and what have rendered it feasible? 31.24. Can service operations be objectivized the way goods manufacturer is? What is the motivation and how is that sort to be accomplished? 28. Notion of inputs and outputs for manufacturing and services? Peculiarity? Explain with examples? 26. Contrast the objectivity of a goods manufacturer and the subjectivity of service rendering? Explain? 27. Efficiency and effectiveness are two . Quality gaps? Draw the model and elucidate it with an example? Eg – taxi service? 29. Techno being increasingly deployed in provision of services. why this trend. Services are not a single activity it’s a package – explain? 30.of operation management? How they work out in and differ in manufacturing and service performance? 25. illustrate this trend taking example of library services? .

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