24/01/2013   Room  No.  151     Dear  Martin  Kuba,   Mingalabar!!!  Greetings  from  Aureum  Palace  Hotel-­‐Resort……..   A   very   warm   welcome   to   Aureum   Palace-­‐NPT.   It   is   indeed   a   pleasure   to   have   you  staying  with  us.     The   Management   and   staff   are   pleased   to   be   your   hosts.   I   look   forward   to   demonstrating  services  and  skills  distinctive  and  special  to  Aureum  Palace-­‐NPT,   which  is  fully  equipped  with  fine  dining,  swimming  pool,  SPA,  fitness  center  and   business    facilities  to  cater  to  our  guests.     Our   well   trained   staffs   eagerly   await   to   serve   and   provide   you   with   a   truly   memorable  stay  at  our  hotel.   Being    a  VIP  delegation  entitles  you  to  be  recognized  as  our  important  guest  and   we   want   to   ensure   that   the   service   you   receive   is   as   you   deserve.   Hence,   should   you  require  any  assistance,  please  do  not  hesitate  to  ask,  as  it  will  always  be  a   pleasure  to  be  service  to  you.   May   I   take   this   opportunity   to   thank   you   for   having   chosen  Aureum   Palace-­‐NPT   for  your  current  stay  at  Nay  Pyi  Taw  the  administratative  capital  of  Myanmar.         Yours  sincerely,         Win  Thant  Zaw   Dy  General  Manager   Hotel  Business  Unit  
  Aureum  Palace  Hotel-­‐Resort   Hotel  No  1.  Hotel  Zone  Yazathinga  Road,  Dakhina  Thiri  Township     Nay  Pyi  Taw,  Myanmar   T  +  95  67  420746~751,  F  +  95  67  420745   W:  www.aureumpalacehotelresort.com    



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