Microwave Antenna Alignment

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for Radio configuration and RSL check  Engineering Order Wire handset  Spanner (Wrench)  Binoscopic HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO. Page 2 .. 2 for each site  Multimeter: 2pcs.Tools and Resources for antenna Alignment  Riggers for antenna alignment: 4person. LTD. one for each site  Laptop: 1.

LTD.Antenna Radial Profile >15dB Simplified to HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO.. Page 3 .

During panning. HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO. If the difference between RSL with objective is less than 15dB. it means the main beam already touched. Page 4 . LTD. Just do the fine-tuning.Antenna Radial Pattern Envelope (RPE) Top or side View of the antenna (RPE) Main Beam 1st Side Lobe The theoretic difference of the gains between main beam with 1st side lobe: 15 to 20dB..

LTD.. Page 5 .Antenna Radiation Patterns Envelope (RPE) 1st Side Lobe Main beam Boresight View HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO.

LTD. Page 6 .Antenna Radiation Patterns Envelope (RPE) Main beam Main beam HPBW Side View Boresight View 1st Side Lobe Main beam Top View FNBW: First Null BeamWidth HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO..

Antenna Alignment Pan the antenna by Multi-meter & LCT +3. LTD.. Page 7 .45V ODU Multi-Meter RSSI or AGC Voltage IF CABLE RSSI/VAGC 1st Side Lobe Main beam Azimuth IDU HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO.

Antenna panning (Horizontal) Top View Main beam Main beam 1st Side Lobe HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO.. LTD. Page 8 .

. LTD.Antenna Panning (Vertical) Main beam Main beam Side View 1st Side Lobe HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO. Page 9 .

.Antenna Alignment (Horizontal) Misaligned Proper Aligned HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO. Page 10 . LTD.

HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO. Page 11 . The main beam is at point 2.. and the first side lobe at points 1 and 3. LTD.Antenna Alignment Boresight View of Azimuth Tracking Paths for Different Elevations Signal Levels for Each Track Line A-A represents the azimuth tracking path of a properly aligned antenna.

Antenna Alignment (Up and Down) Up and Down Misaligned Reflecting Ground or Specular Plane Reflecting Ground or Specular Plane HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO.. LTD. Page 12 .

. Page 13 .Antenna Alignment (Up and Down) Aligned properly Reflecting Ground or Specular Plane HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO. LTD.

5 degree. LTD..35 to 0.Special alignment to mitigate specular reflection multipath fading for extremely long haul Proper Aligned Reflecting Ground or Specular Plane A little up-tilt (0. Page 14 . depending on the FNBW) of the antennas so as to mitigate major ground specular refelection which result in multi-path fading at long haul link which over water-body HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO.

. LTD. HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO.Steps for MW Installation  Check RFT (Ready for Telecom)  Safety check  Antenna and Outdoor works first under good weather condition  IF cabling or Elliptical waveguide laying  Indoor works (even in bad weather or night time)  Labelling all the cables and links  Grounding  Premises Cleaning after the works  Power Tapping  etc. Page 15 .

achieve the peak RSL (or RSSI) also. then by up/down (or Vertically).e..Steps for antennas panning  Pointing both side antennas to each other by azimuth  Power on both sides¶ radio  Panning by multi-meters as well as Laptop with LCT  Keep one antenna. LTD. fix it temporary  Panning antenna #01 with the same way as above. i. achieve RSL(or RSSI) peak. Page 16 . then fix it  Panning both sides antennas alternately till to achieve expected RSL HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO. Antenna #01 immobility (fixed temporary)  Panning antenna #02 (coordinate antenna) at azimuth first(Horizental).

Thank You www. LTD.com HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO.huawei.. Page 17 .

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