Angels are often depicted wearing wings, wings with feathers, like those of birds, possibly because birds are the creatures capable to fly, least feared or loathed by men, liked more than bats, locusts, bees and flies, even more than cockroaches or butterflies, all beings able to fly using wings, but not feathered , So, when asked to visualize a being deemed to be not material and attracted by mass, rejected by the solid planet and forced to float when near , the artist feels compelled to make his nature visual by drawing what seems to make movement of living creatures consciously possible in air, tools angels would need to walk on earth, not pushed away by gravity; like wings, needed to fly by birds, because otherwise, they would be pulled back to earth, being material, thus attracted by the mass of the planet birds need wings in order not to fall, angels get wings to be able to walk and to be present amongst us all (DPI 2012)

all able to fly but not feathered s

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