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If a company must dispose of waste fluids or drill cuttings, they will often use: Choose one answer a.

Monobore completions b. Flowing Wells c. Injection Wells d. Multilateral completions In directional drilling, which piece of equipment rotates the drill bit in the build section of the well? Choose one answer b. Drill Pipe c. Mud Motor d. Navigation Sub How is the radial flow equation used in production forecasting? Choose one answer estimate flow into a wellbore b. It helps measure the areal extent c. It adjusts for the fluid volume difference 65 degrees Celsius is the minimum temperature for the formation of: b. Intermediate Kerogen c. Oil d. Igneous rock Which country is the largest oil producer in the world? b. Saudi Arabia c. USA d. Venezuala Hydraulically Propped fracture stability does not depend upon (Choose one answer): Fracture width b. Proppant grain size c. Fracture Length d. Drawdown For the given system, calculate the bubble pressure of the reservoir. Pressure at GOC - 1564 psi Oil Gradient 0.35 psi/ft a. a. Russia a. Gas a. It helps a. Drill Collar

Gas Gradient 0.07 psi/ft Water Gradient 0.45 psi/fts b. 1564 psi c. 1550 psi d. Cannot be determined In a water flood, the smaller the mobility ratio, the greater the tendency for a piston like displacement b. False As a drilling engineer it is often your job to design the casing string for wells. If you went with P-110 casing, what does the 110 indicate? a. Minimum yield strength is 110,000 psi a. True a. 1620 psi

b. Maximum yield strength is 110,000 psi c. Collapse Pressure rating is 11,000 psi d. Burst Pressure rating is 11,000 psi