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Intro - Changing your Sex Life Forever..............................................................................3 The Cheat-proof, Real-life, Sizzling Love Life...............................................................4 I'm Bobby Bradshaw........................................................................................................8 And You CAN Become a Sex God................................................................................10 ...Even If You're A Virgin..............................................................................................11 ...Even If You Have No Clue.........................................................................................12 ...Even with a Small Dick, or Small Bank Account.......................................................15 Get Women Sexually Addicted to You!........................................................................18 Learn to Avoid the Six types of "Loser Lover".................................................................23

1) Never Feel Like a "Two-Pump Chump" Again.........................................................23 2) Staying Hard is "Not Hard"!......................................................................................24 3) It Doesn't have to be "Robotic" to be Right...............................................................26 4) Being in Charge Keeps things "Super-Charged" .....................................................27 5) Get Her to Be Totally Into You...when You're "into" Her .......................................29 6) No Need to be a "Sex Guru" .....................................................................................30 The Four Sure Signs That You're On the Right Track ......................................................32 Sign #1 - She Can't Leave You Alone...........................................................................33 Sign #2 - She Does Leave you Alone............................................................................35 Sign #4 - She Only Has Eyes For You...........................................................................36

Four Surprisingly Simple Secrets of the Alpha Male ......................................................38 1st Foundational Secret: Strong Emotions over Physical Sensation..............................38 2nd Foundational Secret: Relationship = Sex...............................................................39 3rd Foundational Secret: There is Nothing Wrong With Your Body............................40 4th Foundational Secret: Sexual Ability Makes the Man..............................................42

The Six Mindsets of the Sexual Alpha Man Revealed ............................................................................................................................................43 Mindset 1: I Will Be Great in Bed! ..............................................................................43 Mindset 2: I Will Give Women Overwhelming Orgasms™..........................................44 Mindset 3: Fear and Shame Will Not Stand in My Way. ............................................45 Mindset 4: Getting Help Doesn’t Make Me Less of a Man...........................................46 Mindset 5: She Needs Sex Even More than Me.............................................................49 Mindset 6: I Can Get This Handled - NOW...................................................................51 Limited Belief Shoot down: ..........................................................................................52 The P.A.V.E System for COMPLETE SEXUAL PLEASURE REVEALED..................55 AUTHORITY.................................................................................................................55 4. Possession...................................................................................................................58 PRESENCE....................................................................................................................61 EMOTION.....................................................................................................................64 Be the Master of The Overwhelming Orgasm™ ..............................................................70 Proof Women Want It: Read Hot Fantasies - Written by Women!...................................73 Fantasy 1: I Want You Right Now!...............................................................................74 And This Story's TRUE!....................................................................................................85

No Excuses! Make Even These Problems a Thing of the Past! ............................................................................................................................................94 “No Trouble Getting Hard”............................................................................................94 Cumming Right Along!..................................................................................................98 "Getting It" Offline.......................................................................................................101 Size Doesn't Matter Most.............................................................................................102 Classy, Sassy, Conservative, Shy...Works for Every Woman!....................................102 She is More Worried About Her Body Than Yours!...................................................103 It May Just Be in Your Head........................................................................................104

Relax and Enjoy - It isn't all Hard Work! ...................................................................104 Getting Started is Easy.................................................................................................105 Avoiding Disaster ...........................................................................................................105 Watch My Girls Show you How to Put on a Condom.................................................111 Don't Wait. Implementing my system and P.A.V.E........................................................113 Deeper and Harder Bonus:...............................................................................................115

Intro - Changing your Sex Life Forever I’m very excited that you have made the choice to become great in bed! Before we learn and master the material that’s going to completely change you and your lover’s sex life forever, let’s talk about relationships and sex for a second. The facts don’t lie! Millions of guys are having problems satisfying their women sexually, and it’s creating horrendous relationship problems like cheating, divorce, and it’s all because you are having terrible sex. Ever felt like things would be better for you AND your relationship if you got laid more often or that maybe once you wouldn’t have to try so hard to convince a woman to sleep with you OR maybe – just maybe – the woman, FOR ONCE, was begging to have sex with you??. This is why you are reading this book – to change all this! The statistics are alarming, but YOU can now live without that FEAR — this is the new testament to an incredible sex life. All the solutions you need are here in the coming pages. Let’s take a quick peek at the alarming stats: 51 percent of all marriages, in which the brides are 25 years or older result in a failed marriage, and that’s from the National Center for Health

butthe number one reason that they cheat is because they are not sexually satisfied in bed. Sorry to break it to you but men are more likely to be cheated on because of a lack of attention to their body and their needs. she will be yours for life. 54 percent of married men weren’t aware that their wives were cheating. This makes women insecure and when they are insecure…they go elsewhere and – YES her lips go elsewhere. once you satisfy the primal urges that women really have. Sizzling Love Life So why are women cheating? Don’t they love you? Or are they just nasty. So that means that out of the millions of people who are having affairs. you are NOT there to satisfy her sexual needs. think again! Do you know how many discreet ways that girls can cheat – not only mentally – but physically actually . Awful! The Cheat-proof. 70 percent of married women and 54 percent of married men don’t know of their spouse’s extramarital activity.Statistics. what car you drive. As you keep reading you’ll learn that it has nothing to do with how much money you make. Also. or if you take out the trash. Real-life. Women won’t tell you this. and not know where her lips have been. If you are thinking that being just OK in bed is all you want. if you are busy watching porn. unappreciative people? A guys doesn’t want to come home from a long day at work and see his girlfriend or wife. She senses that your porn addiction means she isn’t good enough and that you are having attraction problems with her. Are you like me who used to spend hours looking for the best in online porn? Unfortunately.

He’s just one text away from a rendevous. booty texting. you’ve really got to make sure you’re good in up with someone and you NEVER know about it?? Online dating. instead of the possibility in her mind that there MIGHT be a guy out there who is maybe a little bit better than you in bed? Maybe it’s her ex. Maybe it’s a coworker she’s been grabbing lunch with or stuck on the road with. because the temptation will definitely be there for her to cheat — just naturally by her being around one of these other guys. social networks. You can’t monitor everything and check up on your woman like you are a psycho so how do you keep her only thinking about you. instant messenger. especially in a work environmen . all kinds of sites for men and women who want to have discreet affairs. You never know! So if you have a girlfriend or a wife who is in a job where she’s always with a lot of other guys or you think there might be a guy in the office that she’s into.

and divorce leads to a lot of awful things likeloss of money. and often. the real problem that is caused is EGO-HUMILIATION— being humiliated. in favor of women. he was fucking her. that you’re not a man good enough to keep your wife. and it’s something that we want to make sure that we always avoid. she was the one who cheated. knowing that you’re not a real man. . When a woman cheats it often leads to this nasty word we call DIVORCE.So let’s talk about what happens when you’re married and a woman cheats. because no matter how bad losing your money is. and it’s this awful situation where you’re left with nothing. If you have children it leads to losing your children. no matter how bad losing your kids is. because women usually win the lawsuits. and yet. and that you’re not good in bed. The system’s just so stacked against you. despite being a good guy. It’s humiliating to know that another man was inside your girlfriend or inside your wife. half of your income. and he wasn’t making love to her. So to know that that’s what was happening is a scary thought. and they get the alimony. that you can’t get what you deserve. and they get the kids.

inferior — like you’re less than all the other guys and there’s something wrong with you. You need to understand that women are very sexual creatures.There’s no worse fear or no worse feeling than not being able to satisfy a woman sexually. So when she cheats it’s not that she wants to cheat. she’s moaning.if it’s good sex for a woman. That just makes you feel like that you’re a little boy. Men don’t do that. They have a natural instinct to have sex.. PAY ATTENTION: Imagine how important sex must be to her to leave the relationship. she’s telling you to fuck her harder. that’s not a natural reaction for a man. leave the man that pays the bills. she’s clawing your back. Women are child-bearers and the only way that they can have children is by having sex.. which might not be the kind of sex you’ve ever given her. And think about what happens during sex. Think about how important that sex must be to her if it’s making her act in that wild manner. who takes care of the children. it’s that she’s driven by her emotions. they need to have sex — WOMEN ACTUALLY CRAVE SEX. and is a good faithful . she’s screaming.

Most of the stuff I read was so ridiculous and unrealisticthough and revolved around faked interactions. I'm not a celebrity. I read hundreds of books. and the use of expensive pills and supplements. as I’ve tried to keep my life as a clandestine sex educator private. I did end up being able to last a bit longer but struggled for over 10 years with not being able to give women orgasms. I dedicated myself to getting this area of my life straightened out. When I did get back in the game. and yelled at her how she could do something like that to me. would come crashing to a passionless halt. I'm Bobby Bradshaw Hopefully you've never heard of me. Imagine how strong that motivation really is to have good sex if she’s willing to give all that up just to be sexually satisfied. no matter how much I liked her.She was blunt.husband. and blurted out that it was because I wasn’t man enough and couldn’t satisfy her needs!ddI was so devastated that I couldn't date seriously again for 3 years. My lowest point though. The first time I had sex I was 22. watched all of the how-to videos (and a ton of porn obviously!) — tried everything that I could get my hands on. Luckily. I stopped blaming every girl that wasn’t satisfied and started doing something about it. I'm a regular guy who got pissed off at myself for not being able to satisfy women. I’m not an athlete. Remember that infomercial with the guy “Bob” who couldn’t stop smiling? Who knows what the side-effects were from his long lasting . I selfishly thought that it was rare for a girl to have an orgasm and even got to the point that I didn’t care! Inevitably my relationships. and I was so excited that I lasted less than a minute. I’m not even a millionaire. was when I caught my then fiancée having sex with a guy she worked with! I confronted her visibly teary-eyed.

Once you "get it”—it clicks and it changes everything! . I got more confidence (one women broke my bed because she was losing control while I was fucking her!). EVERY TIME. Now. I became able to make women cum continuously I’M TALKING CUM EVERY TIME AND MULTIPLE TIMES. but I spend my free time teaching men how to become sex gods in bed.hard-on! But over time. In the beginning I was too timid to try some things. what happened was that through my own experimentation. I could get hard and last 45 minutes. I still have my day job as a business consultant. but as I saw how it made women literally start shaking and moaning.

I used to last under a minute in bed and couldn’t maintain a relationship because woman would not return my phone calls and never wanted to have sex with me. I haven’t always been good in bed or good with women. so take a deep breath. and better sexual skills than you. turn off your email and phone. you will feel so confident about your skills in bed that you will not be paranoid or insecure about your lover. or wife leaving you for some other guy with more money. girlfriend. In fact. Most guys don’t know what I’m about to tell you and only a hand picked clan of a few women. You’ll see very soon how I became GREAT in bed but I want you to understand why I’m revealing this sex knowledge and how I got into this whole thing.And You CAN Become a Sex God You are about to become so good in bed that women become sexually addicted to you. One woman told me that I didn’t satisfy her like a “real man” (that sucked). I want you to have a great sex life like I do now. she doesn’t even have the temptation. If you sleep with your girl and give her the best sex ever in the morning before she goes to work. what is more important than being able to satisfy a woman? After you read this book and internalize the programs from Pornstar Sex System. They never nag and best of all THEY NEVER CHEAT. . because as a man. better looks. and let’s get started! I’m not a crazy magician or even a good pick up artist. When you are satisfied you don’t crave more. filled with guys that are hitting on her or trying to seduce her.

I was a complete loser. anyone can have sex in Brazil!” So I scrapped together some cash. In the hotel room. I was rock hard just knowing that I might finally have sex.. Please don’t laugh. “Come to Brazil. had never kissed a girl.” . I have to tell you the story of losing my virginity — it really sums up where I was at.. My sexual development with women was later than the average guy. I lost my virginity when my Brazilian college roommate invited me down to Brazil for a vacation.. the most I’d ever gone out. and he knew this. I’m convinced the only reason that she had liked me was because she thought I was a rich American. I was worried that I would cum as soon as she touched me. but what did she know. Then after going out for 5 nights in a row down there. I’m not proud of this.. I’m thinking in my head ‘Please don’t touch me yet. we couldn’t even communicate! After a few drinks we headed back to my hotel room. I met this girl who barely spoke English. I was really only a poor college student. He was like. I struggled dating and always felt nervous around women and found myself trying to say and do things that would win them over and get them to like me. I didn’t kiss a girl until I was 20 and I didn’t lose my virginity until I was 22. Somehow she liked me. flew to Brazil but my conversations with the women were going terribly. Please don’t. laugh all you want.Even If You're A Virgin My name’s Bobby Bradshaw and I’m from a little town in Ohio. it’s funny. Actually.

I put the much-too-big Brazilian condom (monsters down there) onto my cock and nearly came right then from the excitement.I’m thinking. Math. It felt so good and wet. After a few seconds of that she started laughing. She was really tight. My last memory of her was seeing her close the hotel room door loudly a few minutes later as I sat on the edge of the bed. but I had no idea what to do about it. It has a happy ending! I knew that this was an area of my life that I needed to get a handle on.. The more I pumped and tried to get hard again. pathetic little boy. While I’m fumbling with the loose condom she’s lying on her back looking up at me with expectant blue eyes. I came! I panicked and had no idea what to do so I just kept pumping away. I’d watch online porn and I’d see guys doing crazy things like flipping girls over to suck their cock while they ate . . calm. and pushed me off of her. “Calm. I had no idea what was happening but I followed her lead and we both began getting undressed. I was so nervous that my hands were sweating. I finally jammed myself into her.. I just want you to know how bad I was.God. her tits are great!” As I sat down on the bed awkwardly... said something in Portuguese. beating my cock frantically trying to get hard again. And for a long time I was in denial. Algebra. It sucked! I was all alone in a hotel in Brazil. After fumbling around trying to find her vagina for 3 or 4 minutes..ARGH! . I was shocked that everyone talked about how great sex was. the tighter her wet walls clamped down on my cock as it got softer and softer..Even If You Have No Clue This is NOT a sob story though.. and I was so tense that after I pumped 3 times. Meanwhile.” anything to distract myself. Once I was naked. and feeling like a small. This was a vagina! Haha.

I remember that. I knew that I had to do whatever it took and I had to invest in skill-training to learn this area of life. And they weren’t having sex slowly. So either way. and make as many mistakes as possible and then correct them until I got it right. and I figured I’d do trial and error until something works. “What is wrong with you. It wasn’t one of those things you were born with. I didn’t know what the problem was. They had complete control of pleasing these women. That’s what happened my first time. It was the same as when I was in college learning how to do computer-programming. 17 years old like a normal guy. They could do those moves and there was no fear of cumming. I didn’t know how these guys could do it. I was like. doing all sorts of crazy stuff. It was embarrassing sitting there fingering a rubber vagina. 16. cumming immediately. their first time was at 16. So to try and turn my sex life around. they were going fast and aggressively. Pal?!” And it sounds comical. but it was that they’d last forever. but I’m guessing that you know what I’m talking about because all my guy friends say. even though it definitely played a part in my mind. I started reading every single book that I could about sex. So it’s one thing to get this part of your life handled when your 15. I looked down at my penis and I was not happy. videos.” But for them. seminars. but when you wait longer. And the second time I had sex. making the girls scream with pleasure. . I had absolutely no control over when I came. and then fucking her brains out. I had to learn how to do it. It wasn’t that their dicks were so huge.the girl’s pussy. this really makes you feel depressed about being just plain bad in bed. while she extended one leg up to the sky like a gymnast. I’m going to take all the stuff that I’ve learned from all these books. The first times I’d had sex I got really hard and couldn’t last. I couldn’t get hard at all. struggling with this issue. “Yeah. and I was at 23.

I’d last so long that sometimes she’d even moan. Most importantly though. I would kiss her for a while. We did wild things in public but then she moved away and I thought. Finally. I would massage her breasts and I’d squeeze her ass. I wanted to have sex with other girls and do more shall we say “hands-on” field study. learning where her trigger spots were. but I didn’t get to the point where I could actually have sex with her with any type of stamina. I’d do all sorts of other stuff. I got to the point where even though I couldn’t last very long. No question I was the best sex that she’s ever had! For me though. 50 minutes — even an hour. “oh great the one girl I was getting good with skips town!” But now we’re friends because she still really wants me to have sex with her. through to penetration where I was able to last as long as I wanted every time — 40. From dirty-talk to just the sound of my voice. .After three years of wild experimentation. regardless of the girl I ended up with. that’s when I actually GOT GOOD with women. I wanted to make sure that I was satisfying them completely when I was in a relationship with them. I’m not going to be able to walk tomorrow!” It was like I was in complete control of my body and how the girl felt emotionally and physically. EVERY SINGLE TIME! I got really good by basically practicing on a girl I was friends with who wasn’t that hot (I hope she isn’t reading this!) but she seemed to want to have sex. I quickly started getting to the point where I could consistently give her orgasms — over and over.. So I moved on and started having sex with other girls. instead of just immediately putting myself inside the girl. “Oh goddd. when I started reading books on psychology and focusing a lot more on the emotional side of sex.

I’ll ask for my money back.. My dick’s too small.I had finally shed some past feelings of humiliation and insecurity about my performance. If I never succeed. . I bought you a necklace. It can’t hurt to try.” which would be a code-word for let’s just go into your bedroom and have sex. These girls started to love it.Even with a Small Dick. I was beginning to find out there was a system for making women sexually addicted to me. but having sex with a hot girl was different for me and for the first time I was ready to meet the challenge. you’re probably thinking “bullshit.”. But I now had something that most other guys don’t have. But something started to happen.. but they didn’t seem satisfied. practically tearing my clothes off. something that seemed to work with every girl. every time. or Small Bank Account. . they’d take the necklace.” What I have to share with you will change your sex life forever though. Or this guy probably pays these girls. “Hey. This could not be my life! I don’t have a huge dick and I’m not great-looking or rich or even funny. I need a hug. Here. so suspend your negative and jaded thoughts and say to yourself “OK. I’d hear “I want to take a nap. let’s go out for a fancy dinner.” which was always a code word for hugging me and then they’d start grabbing me and rubbing my dick.” I’d try and show them how special they were. I’m listening. So these hotter girls would want to come over and after we’d had sex a few times I’d be like. They would want to have sex with me all the time and I felt like I was a sex god. As you read this. They’d literally say “I LOVE having sex with you!” I almost couldn’t believe my eyes and ears. Or they’d be like “Oh. Sure. They wouldn’t be interested in dinner.

It was getting out of hand. I decided to take up sharing my tips as a hobby.I immediately started having sex with a lot more girls and my skills got much better. Would you admit that stuff to your good friends? Maybe. who have given up and faced rejection. You’re not less of a man though. I don’t want guys feeling this pain. I had to do something with this power I had developed. one guy was in a rough patch with his girl — I’d give them some pointers and I’d be like “Okay. phone calls from other girls when I was with each girlfriend. getting text messages from girls I had one-night stands with. So I’m in information technology on the Internet full-time. I walk around with this confidence I never had. No more depression and feeling inadequate in bed. Think right now of all the awful sexual experiences you’ve had. I really didn’t have time . humiliation. You are less of a man if you decide not to man-up and change.” The fact that my friends were getting great results boosted my confidence to help guys out even further. So some of my friends — one guy was going through a divorce. maybe you should do this or here’s a little exercise that’ll give you unlimited stamina. So I figured I would put together a system for how to have great sex with women. but it does make you feel somewhat weak. I was having sex whenever I wanted. Here’s an exercise that’ll make you really hard. How to give women the best sex of their life. Here’s an exercise that will actually give her an orgasm through this one specific physical technique. which further proved I was onto something big. No more not feeling like a man. I feel like I now have this power to give any woman an orgasm and never have to worry about getting it up or cumming too quick. That’s why my friends came to me for advice and that’s why you’re reading this. I’ve always wanted to help people get better and always had some friends that would come to me for advice. but I never had training or anything I was exceptionally good at. and had either been dumped or had relationships and marriages fail because of a bad sex life. It changed who I am. Now I wanted to make this amazing information I had personally learned available to guys like me. Until now. but with the current economy doing badly and job security non-existent.

It only makes sense and if you can last longer. but it’s a fact of life. after you mess around and get to the point you want a more serious relationship that lasts. it’s the most important thing in the world if you think about it. it’s not what I do.” So I wrote this book and started coming out with some different tips and techniques. . And if you can’t give a woman good sex. Chris Rock once joked. that guys could use to really be able to change their life because sex is the most important thing for guys. It’s not my full-time job. I know. You’re here because of sex. and she’s going to be looking for other options. but I started writing everything down and as I wrote. “A man is only as faithful as his options. If she only knew! More importantly. because she’s going to make love to someone who knows what they are doing.with my full-time IT stuff. you’re going to have to last.” Well that’s definitely true — but the same goes for women. she’s not going to want to have children with you. money WILL be an issue and love might just turn into resentment. You don’t think they get hit on and asked out every day of their life? Women say that money doesn’t really matter as long as there’s true love. she’s not going to treat you well. It’s scary. real easy ones. “Look. It’s what I’m thinking about at this café I’m writing in while a really hot blond girl is reading some lame fantasy novel. but I will do this stuff part-time. I realized I had practically a book’s worth! But I did tell my friends. more and more. and you will get the sex you’ve always wanted. It’s what we think about all day long. she will want you more and more. Well if you’re aren’t giving her great sex.

just make sure it stays between us. you’ll have this unlimited power to sexually do whatever you want. to where she’s always begging you for sex instead of you chasing her for sex. You’ll know the psychology in what’s actually going on during sex. really easy for you. By internalizing the information inside 2 Girls Teach Sex you will avoid: .pain of losing your wife/girlfriend because you couldn’t satisfy her . and get hard at any time at the drop of a hat. these are the problems of an inexperienced lover. You don’t need to have sex with 5. is that you’re going to get the ability to give a woman as many orgasms as you want.humiliation from your lover knowing that you are not a real man . These problems you’re having. last as long as you want. When you’re actually experienced and you’ve studied my method. You’re going to be able to have unlimited stamina. and then all of these things which seemed so out of reach are actually really. problems I used to have. None of this is out of your grasp when you know what you’re doing. The reason I created 2 Girls Teach Sex is based on the results that guys were getting and is geared so that you can avoid all the bad shit that happens when your girl isn’t being pleased sexually. Have you ever tried to convince your girl to have sex with you? Is that what you want? I sure don’t want that for you.Get Women Sexually Addicted to You! What you’re going to get out of this book and out of anything that I ever share with you. 10 or 50 girls to be experienced.

. .loss of money from losing your wife .ego humiliation caused by her cheating Once you put this into play. your life will look like this.

etc.You’ll: .get more sex .get relief from nagging. .

get relationship security ..

So can you!!! . with amazing confidence going into any relationship This really IS a choice. “Is this ever me?” Be honest with yourself.. so really think carefully. it becomes easy to flip the switch and rock her world. Who do you want to be? Once you know WHY most guys struggle in bed.give her orgasms . I have been EVERY one of these and turned it around. Often guys are a combination of some of these performer-types.become a sex god.

full-body orgasms. so don’t feel alone! Think of the analogy that women are like cars. Cumming too fast affects nearly EVERY guy I’ve ever worked with. You have to warm it up…and get it ready for the faster speeds. Women are the same way. You can’t turn your car on in the middle of the winter and start driving really fast immediately. If you’re not lasting 25-45 minutes she is probably not going to orgasm and may even fake .Learn to Avoid the Six types of "Loser Lover" 1) Never Feel Like a "Two-Pump Chump" Again The most common problem is that guys just don’t last the required time to give women deep.

(also reference the DVD you have titled “seminar”. he isn’t ready.) 2) Staying Hard is "Not Hard"! The situation many guys find themselves in is that when the time comes. This is frustrating because many times the guy has tried really hard (no pun intended) to get his wife or girlfriend to HAVE SEX and then when the time is right. had to buy a gift for We will address that later on. they can’t get hard. After all this. . there is so much pressure to perform that often a guy can’t! Trading or spending money to have sex is very negative for the relationship: Here is what happens when you end up “trading” for sex. walk on eggshells around his girl. The good news is that stamina is a not a difficult problem to fix. This is made even worse when the guy has to go out for dinner. and basically trade material things or chores for sex.


Many guys are like an assembly-line robot. And women can tell! Women thrive on emotion. now touch that. If you are unable to make a women feel strong emotion (other than nagging you !) it is very difficult to please her. in the bedroom and outside it. keep a straight face”…beep beep beep! Women are constantly talking about how they feel and how a guy makes them feel.3) It Doesn't have to be "Robotic" to be Right The next reason why a lot of guys suck in bed is that they are emotionless. They are thinking of “Touch this. 2 Girls Teach Sex reveals how to create the strongest of emotions .

So remember. We’ll talk about that.with your lover that will give her multiple orgasms that extend far beyond the bedroom — even getting wet for no reason but for the fact that she’s thinking about you. but a variety of emotions needs to be provided to turn her on first. when you are the emotionless robot you’re not going to be able to give your woman orgasms consistently. 4) Being in Charge Keeps things "Super-Charged" .

When you are in an authoritative position with a woman. you will often find that this is the most turned on that they ever get. but it kills the moment! Women are looking to be led in bed. not confident and slightly feminine. romantic sex is good because you let down your guard and she can see a sensitive side of you —and you don’t have to be dominant while feeling emotional — but other than that. “Does this feel ok?” Once or twice is good. I thought that doggy-style might be demeaning and that maybe my lover wouldn’t feel good about doing it. Obviously. They want you to be in charge. The sex will be less exciting and she won’t think you’re a real man. almost every woman said “doggy-style. Show her how much you want her. Show her you know what you want.” They loved it when I fucked them really hard and spanked them and controlled them. It doesn’t matter what they act like outside the bedroom. at some times the emotional. it radiates deep in the core of her feminity and shuts down her attraction for you. When you are passive and unsure of yourself. it’s important that you be the one leading the sexual interaction. Then when I started experimenting and asking women what their favorite position was. I noticed this a lot in my own life when I was starting to have more sex. .Guys who don’t show they are in charge look weaker.

Even if it’s March Madness or the Playoffs.when You're "into" Her You can’t be just a penis. lending your sexual organ to the girl and be thinking about work or daily life. you have to take your time and show that you are paying attention to her and her needs. You can fool a woman maybe once or twice. For you to last long and not cum soon. This book will explain this in detail under Presence. Be in the moment. but she’ll notice and then tune out herself. then kiss her lips gently as you slowly widen her pussy lips.. Look into her eyes and make it intimate. The sensory overload and dirty-talk (which we’ll get into later) will make her cum over and over. Reach down and tease her legs.5) Get Her to Be Totally Into You. Make it special and involve her whole body.. the sex will be terrible for you AND for her if you’re detached. .

They’re always trying to do something weird because they think they’re this guru that knows these crazy tricks when in reality they don’t really know anything and their girl gets really turned off because she thinks “What is this guy doing?” He’s trying so hard. So looking like a dork. she’ll be sexually pleased.6) No Need to be a "Sex Guru" Last is what I call the wanna-be sex-guru. and none of it is attractive because he just looks like a dork. or I flip her at this angle and I touch this body part right here and I say this in this weird hypnotic way. So if you think that you’re any of these. crazy shit. So the sex guru thinks if I move the clitoris in this direction or I squeeze her breasts in this way. he thinks he is this guru and he’s doing all sorts of weird. they’re not based on feelings. is a terrible direction to take. . and the sex guru has read all these magazines and books and they’re all based on the physical.

it’s what women tell US! Women don’t want you to know this because it hurts. To Sum Up: Those are the six types of lovers (combos of lovers) that suck in bed.and everyone is one of them at times — I’ve been all of them — you’ve really got to examine what you’re doing wrong and then we’ll adjust to the right way of doing things. this is what comes out. I’m not judging you because I was in the same position. but when no one is around and they talk with their girlfriends. It’s not what I’m telling you. so the key is to avoid the pain of being one of those guys. So what type of lover DRIVES WOMEN ABSOLUTELY CRAZY? .

It was so painful to admit that to myself. Think about when you’re in public and you see a woman that is draped all over her man. or kissing him. . If I had a penny for every time I heard that she was tired. I’d be a very rich man today! In reality. charm. or was stressed and not in the mood. She is sitting on his lap. or even social status. but I had to face the truth. because I couldn’t satisfy her. what’s sad is that she DID WANT to have sex. looking back on it.The Four Sure Signs That You're On the Right Track When women are sexually satisfied they act completely different. or always trying to hold his hand. But invariably she would have something else to do and I felt like I wasn’t important enough or was acting needy. looks. It’s because he is sexually satisfying her and this causes the highest level of female attraction. no complaining about you sitting on the couch too much. Sexually attraction far outweighs money. Then. I remember when I was a poor lover I’d always want to see my girlfriend. just not with me. had a headache. and there is a closeness and appreciation that they exhibit towards you. There is no nagging. Now let’s get into the visible signs that you’re going to see when you’re sexually satisfying her. at the times that I did see her I would try and have sex with her but she would make up excuses.

most women do not have sex just to “have sex. When a woman is initiating sex with you.She Can't Leave You Alone When a woman initiates sex with you it means that you are fulfilling her sexually. Take note however. so in this case. Unlike many men.” They have to be able to orgasm or at least feel very strong emotions. The more that she initiates sex. if they ACCEPT when you initiate sex. that there are some women who for psychological reasons are not comfortable initiating sex. you know that she is enjoying it and wants more. that is the same thing. the more she is sexually fulfilled by you.Sign #1 . Note also that in some cultures the .

women do not initiate sex for cultural reasons. They will say things like. the sex won’t happen. chances are that she is initiating sex.” If you are hearing things like this. so read her reaction when YOU initiated sex. When women initiate sex they usually do it very subtly.” “I need a massage. so if you have a foreign lover or girlfriend that may be the case as well. In her head she is seeing this as the PRECURSOR to sex. “Let’s take a nap.” “I need a hug. You need to realize that women initiate sex very differently than guys.” or “Lets watch a movie. so she tends to subconsciously trick herself and hide what she really wants! So don’t put the cart before the horse! . Also many guys will bring up the topic of sex and basically ask their women if she wants to have sex right now or that night. She doesn’t want to seem like a slut or sex-crazed. Just stay calm. and if you try and skip the nap or the hug. Many guys will start groping a woman and kissing her in an attempt to turn her on! (I certainly tried this). and don’t try and skip that step.

” . When I ask how she is treating him outside the bedroom the answers are almost always universally not positive.She Does Leave you Alone Another way you will know when your girl is sexually satisfied is when her behavior changes outside the bedroom. Many guys tell me that they are rarely having sex with their wives and can’t “get” her to have sex. They complain of things like: 1) “I’m always getting nagged to do chores.Sign #2 .

When a woman is having multiple orgasms. Strong orgasms and strong emotions are connected for women. women . but most times it is because of bad sex. so if you are giving her strong orgasms.2) “She tells me that I watch too much TV. They often completely disappear because the unhappiness concerning sex with you is the CAUSE of their problems. As you have learned.” 3) “She says that I don’t make enough money.” When you are completely satisfying a woman sexually these issues resolve themselves very quickly. Overwhelming Orgasm. Sign #3 . she will be showing a very strong feeling of attraction towards you.The Proof is in the Orgasm Later in the book you will learn about what an Overwhelming Orgasm™ is and how to give it to her. Multiple OrgasmsStrong Feeling of Attraction towards you Strong Feeling of Attraction Towards YouImproved Behavior towards you so that you will keep having sex with her Sign #4 . Sure there is the occasional wacko (both male and female) who gets off on the thrill they are cheating. an overwhelming orgasm. or an orgasm so strong that she is very sensitive to the touch.She Only Has Eyes For You The majority of cheating that women do is because they are unsatisfied sexually by their man. she is REALLY into the sex. Poor sex manifests itself in all of these problems.

You are the only man to them and they want to be monogamous.NEED and CRAVE good sex. . they start acting strange and the blinders will come off. they have blinders on to other men. When they don’t get it. When they get it.

Four Surprisingly Simple Secrets of the Alpha Male There are Four Secret Foundational Pillars of a Sexual Alpha Male at his core. Internalize these Secret Foundational Pillars and you will be seeing a difference in your bedroom skills immediately. Time to unleash your inner Sexual Alpha Male!

1st Foundational Secret: Strong Emotions over Physical Sensation
Picture the Lincoln memorial. It has a strong structure and a solid foundation, with massive white stone pillars. For you, the Sexual Alpha Male, the 1st pillar of your foundation is strong emotions over physical touch. When women have STRONG orgasms it is not because of a physical sensation that they are feeling. It is because of a STRONG EMOTION that they are feeling. Even if you are fucking her really hard, it is not the thrusting that’s making her cum, it’s the feeling of being fucked hard and being taken. Women thrive on emotion. There are certain positions that give her orgasms and certain hand and oral techniques that better assist you in getting her to cum. Those are taught further on in the chapter on orgasms) However, not that ultimate goal is to use emotions over the core training of physical techniques.

Think of the way women masturbate. They don’t lie there slamming themselves repeatedly with enormous dildos. That is only in porn. When a normal woman masturbates she uses an average sized dildo or touches herself and FANTASIZES about a man making love to her OR fucking her pussy until she’s in ecstasy. She is

MANUFACTURING strong emotions. When you’re having sex with her, you will make her feel those strong emotions and she will come all over you! More Proof: How Women Talk about Sex Amongst Each Other Think about when women talk to other women about sex. According to my field research with many women, if the sex is great, they talk about how men make them feel. Men talk about how women look. They talk about the shape of her breasts, how her ass looks, what she was wearing, and what kind of panties she had on. Men talk about all this stuff that is physical, but women talk about how the man made them feel. So that’s the key takeaway. Always think feelings over physical. The emotions you give her COMBINED with your other bedroom tactics are what is going to create the best sexual experiences of her life! Remember: physical stimulation is less important than strong emotions but is core training.

2nd Foundational Secret: Relationship = Sex
The next pillar in your foundation is that great sex is the most important part of a relationship. When you have great sex, it completely changes your relationship dynamic. Great sex means you’re not going to be getting nagged to take out the trash, to do chores, about how much money you have, or anything like that. When there’s great sex, that is the ULTIMATE RELATIONSHIP HEALER. You don’t need any sex therapists, and you don’t need any psychologists. Takeaway: Invest in yourself and get your sexual skills handled!

3rd Foundational Secret: There is Nothing Wrong With Your Body
The 3rd foundational pillar is that most guys who have a sexual problem think that there is something physically wrong with them. In 99% of cases, when a guy is struggling in bed it’s because of any or all of these 3 things: Wrong mindsets and beliefs leading to inability to get hard or last long enough. When you don’t believe you are a sexual alpha male internally and exude that confidence in the bedroom, it’s easy to fall into self-doubt. Doubting or worrying about lasting a long time is the wrong mindset. Believing that she is so hot that the slightest physical touch will make you cum mentally puts her in charge and you as the sexual beta male. Your cock is an extension of your manhood. You have to mentally undo the lack of control you have in your head about the power of your cock. Own the rise and fall of your cock. Allow yourself to be turned on fully by her, but TRANSFORM the emotions of selfdoubt, and anxiety into CONFIDENCE and AUTHORITY.(we will do this together). You will get hard naturally as soon as you destroy the anxiety mindset. You need to rewire yourself to the correct beliefs about your dominance as a sexual alpha male! Lack of knowledge about what really turns women on We all know knowledge is power. When you don’t know what really turns women on, you don’t have sexual power needed to be the best lover you can be. Remember I spoke about ‘emotions’ being so important for a woman? If she is emotional about sex with you, the sex will mean more and each thrust inside her will feel that much deeper and penetrate her core. Women know that they are guided by their emotions, so they try and

It is often that you find a guy OUT OF SHAPE and who is hurting his sex life (getting tired or winded) that’s leading to bad sex  but there is nothing physically wrong with his cock! Guys get in that habit of getting cumming too fast because of masturbation. They want you to dominate them. If this happened to you and you do have problems. tease them and stimulate them. What’s wrong is how you are using your body based on bad mindsets and beliefs. A slight hair tug from the back of her head can sometimes instantly show her you will manhandle her. So really. realize that you can fix these things. so it’s not like you’re doing something wrong by masturbating. You have to learn the techniques and see which works best on your girl and in the right context. This is what happens to a lot of guys. These are examples we’ll go over in detail. You can give a girl an orgasm. There’s so much stimulation in masturbation. mentally and physically. you know how to handle your business in as fast a time as possible. They don’t want to be in control though. crazy sex.control them as best they can. In porn the girls are all dolled-up. acting really slutty and they’re in certain positions and there’s all this wild. So it’s not the fault of the guy — the whole point of porn is to get you off. They masturbate the wrong way and get used to doing it quick so they don’t last long when it’s the real thing. So don’t worry about it. and we’re going to get them handled once and for all! Key Point: Increased Knowledge Overcomes Any Sexual Problems . just by dirty talk. there’s nothing wrong with your body. It’s very rare to find a guy with a physical condition that is leading to bad sex. that they’re not a big deal.

Great Sex is One of the Most Important Parts of a Relationship . 2.” In the eyes of a woman. Creating an amazing. When push comes to shove. sexual ability makes the man. If you want to be “the man” or even a “real man” become good in bed! It will change EVERY aspect of your life! Those are truths about sex that will strengthen your sexual life. Unlearn the bad. 1. Strong emotion over physical sensation. learn the good. it’s just you naked on top of her. You get the point. which are completely LEARNED. It helps initially attracting women. A pretty looking dude can’t fuck a girl with his good looks. Key Point: Cars don’t matter. Dollar bills can’t fuck a girl.4th Foundational Secret: Sexual Ability Makes the Man There is a saying in bodybuilding that “Shoulders make the man.” There is another saying in pop culture that “Clothes make the man. Looks don’t matter. but A FERRARI OR SPORTS CAR CAN’T FUCK A GIRL. Money does not matter. mind-blowing sexual experience for a woman is all about your sexual abilities.

any kind of wild and crazy sex stuff. and I’ve seen it in others. so I’m gonna lay out for you the 6 mindsets that sexual alpha males ALWAYS possess. it is absolutely essential that you adopt this belief! I personally hold this belief above all others. That I would always be cumming in under a minute and that I would have struggles with women and sexuality the rest of my life. that’s been your mindset. It’s really important to make sure that you know those four truths. any verbal techniques. These are six things you HAVE to get your mind “set” on. The Six Mindsets of the Sexual Alpha Man Revealed Guys. 4. Mindset 1: I Will Be Great in Bed! You can be good in bed no matter where you're at today. I’ve seen incredible change in myself.3. it’s really important to be honest with yourself. read the six mindsets for your best sex ever. . There is Nothing Wrong With Your Body. I thought that some guys just had it and other guys didn’t. and what turns her on. If you’re going to change everything around and become good in bed. Just a few short years ago I didn’t even think change was possible. Before you get into any physical techniques. Learn to control your body. her emotions. This creates the man who can have great sex and lasting relationships. Sexual Ability Makes the Man. If you’ve been “set” on being a loser in bed until you picked up this book.

. She will be having orgasms over and over and be madly in love with having sex with you. but she won’t orgasm. and they do change. “Yeah. you’re going to get the same results! I’ve watched my friends go from struggling with women to having outrageous success. telling me stories of how the women were cumming so much they were becoming sexually addicted to them. You won’t see the change unless you believe it. That is mindset #1. The only sex that you see is with your girl or in pornography.” The truth is. I had to be a believer in my own advice! START TODAY actively believing that you can have good or great sex with women no matter where you are today. That girl’s a freak. using “Have Porn star Sex” is incredibly effective and after having so many of my students tell me how good things got with their girls. it only worked on her.The crazy thing is that there’s proof everywhere that people can change. which is completely different. That girl’s nuts. they’re naturally gifted. And I would tell myself at first. Many guys have this fear that they can’t give a woman an orgasm. If you’re thinking “This isn’t going to work” then it won’t! But if you keep doing what you’ve always been doing. You have to learn the skills. I guarantee it. They think that they’ll be good in bed. You don’t watch other people having sex. You just need to see it once to see it in action to really internalize this. Guys — if you’re good in bed she will have orgasms. You got lucky. Mindset 2: I Will Give Women Overwhelming Orgasms™. but you just don’t see it because you don’t watch your next door neighbor having sex.

I don’t really think that’s the case. and I want you to teach the course because you’re so good with. tell me a little bit more. I had a very successful sexual mastery summit I did — basically a superior man sexualtransformation weekend. my problem is that they fall in love with me. if that’s what’s happening I’m going to give you your money back.” I was like. How many girls has that happened with?” He goes. crazed teenage school girls after having sex with a guy who learned from 2 Girls Teach Sex. And the guys were awesome guys. coldest housewives act like slutty.” . I’ve seen even the most uptight. Michael.” Your girl may have struggled to have orgasms in the past. exactly where I was at and ready for change. when I have sex with women. when I start kissing her. “Well. so I said. “It’s happened with 37. “Well. “Yeah. This guy came in and said. But I noticed a few guys getting snared by the same ego-trap. They really love me.” I felt like there must’ve been a reason he was there though. and they want to be with me all the time. but once you know the secrets she will surprise both of you with how sexual she can get. and they really like you.” So Mindset 2 is both that you can give women orgasms and THAT your girl is capable of having mind-blowing “Overwhelming Orgasms. “Well. Mindset 3: Fear and Shame Will Not Stand in My Way. I can’t help you. “Mike. They reminded me a lot of myself.You will EVEN be able to give women what has been trademarked as an “Overwhelming Orgasm™.” So.” And he goes. she immediately starts cumming.

and you’re telling me that 37 girls that you’ve hooked up with started cumming right when you started kissing them?” I’m like.000 to come to my inner circle mastery seminar to learn sexual skills. If you think you’re a fullfledged sex god porn star.” To make a long story short. and she’s not addicted to having sex with you — remember. you can still get better. Mindset 4: Getting Help Doesn’t Make Me Less of a Man It’s ok to get help. we got him the skills he needed and 2 months later he emailed me to say he was lasting 25 minutes and starting to give his new girlfriend orgasms. But I told him everything would be ok. this program’s not for you. And no matter how good you think you are. I took the guy aside and he finally revealed to me he’d only had sex once and he came in under a minute. No matter how bad you are. He looked like a wounded animal and his tone was very sullen. You’ve got to realize that you CAN improve your sexual skills. women need sex — then hey.“So you just paid me $5. you’re not where you need to be. they WILL improve. “That is possible — maybe some guys can do that — but they don’t come to the seminars and pay five grand to tell other people about it. If your girl isn’t trying to have sex with you all the time. The takeaway from Michael: You need to admit that what you’re doing isn’t working. . After some work.

Any skill that’s worth knowing. Guys that have a lot of sex really early in their lives and get experience with a wide variety of women might seem natural. “I’m not a cool guy because I got help. you had to learn.I used to think.” Learning the material from guys who say they’re good in bed and implementing unproven methods. learning a language.” I’d think. Here’s why: 2 Generally Accepted Ways Guys think they Get Good in Bed Have sex really early in life and with multiple women often so you have tons of experiences (very few guys). Guys that aren’t that good HAVE TO learn how to be good in bed.” That’s not true. and that you’ll love too. The guys who really “GET” female sexuality are the ones that had poor sex skills to start with. It is one of my favorites. NO ONE IS A NATURAL. anything. “The Worst Enemy of Being Great Is Being Good” . You didn’t wake up and know how to play guitar. “If I learn how to have better sex rather than just figure it out on my own then I’m a loser. but they are not. programming a computer. Any skill in life is learned. There is a saying that I love. You didn’t wake up and know how to drive a car. That’s basically “experienced-based learning. These guys (like me) have the most incentive to learn and don’t have that ego that shields them from obvious shortcomings.

Because you’re forced to fix it.Really think about that. take care of it. so many of the wealthiest people in the world. When you come from the bottom with a sense of urgency. and then boom. The Worst Enemy of Being Great is Being Good. He was born very poor in Eastern Europe. you will. Starting out NOT having good sexual skills means that you have the desire and the need to improve. Another example is a guy with a huge trust fund. Max is came from the bottom and “learned” his way to a $100 million dollar fortune by age 30. When you’ve got an issue in your life. realize you’re going to get it handled. Being “good” (having enough money to live) is the enemy of being great! So many guys with trust funds.” So it’s okay to get help. and many of them came from the bottom and became the best! Example) Max Levchin – For those of you who don’t know about Max Levchin you need to. Look at the Forbes 400 on the hand. Urgency is one of your biggest assets. you’ve got to embrace it. you can be at the top. Start using it now! LEARN! . I guarantee it. You’ll be GREAT and blow past even the best “naturals” and “experience-based learners. Barely escaped Chernobyl and came to the United States with his poor immigrant family. Through his own hard work and passion he founded Paypal and numerous other companies despite starting with nothing. You can be better in bed than any guy you know. It is possible. they never do anything meaningful with their lives and they eventually have a miserable demise.

again. with their picture.” Or. Their main goal in life is to have children. cheating and then there’s the divorce and the humiliation that you weren’t man enough to satisfy her. “She likes to cuddle and she’s very romantic. That’s something that’s really got to be addressed. Women give up if they can’t be sexually satisfied. and you’re. And they’re telling you exactly how much they need sex.” Yeah. “Hey.Mindset 5: She Needs Sex Even More than Me That may sound unbelievable because many guys say “My girlfriend’s not that sexual." She doesn’t get horny. the stuff that you look at. Look at YM. These are normal. and they move on and pretend it doesn’t matter. real women. Then eventually they start flirting with other guys. She is more interested in whether I do the chores and take out the trash and do things around the house more than having sex. This is everywhere. “That’s trash. Look at all these women magazines. If they can’t have sex and good sex at that. but think of women. I’m inserting in some quotes from women that I talked to. the guy that is supposed to sexually satisfy them sexually is letting them down at a primal.” What do they talk about? Its all sex tips and sex headlines on those magazines! . I’m a guy.” That’s because you’re not satisfying her sexually. the better off you’ll be. If you think that you need sex. So recognize the mindset that women need sex more than men. instinctual level. you do. I need sex. to be child-bearers. What do you think women read? Look at Cosmopolitan. but she doesn’t like sex. So. women need sex more than men. like. The sooner you realize this.

and other products to look good. these pants. make-up. It’s my underwear. and the examples of this are everywhere. Dudes just throw on a pair of boxers or tightywhiteys. They have all this sexual desire.Look at all the time they spend buying shoes. do I look fat in this?” It’s because they’re sexual creatures.” Women spend hours. And You Don’t Think Women Want And Care About Sex? . buying underwear. “Is this the right underwear? Does it look good? This shirt. They want to look desirable. You ever look at a man’s underwear. “There it is. but society represses it. compared to women’s underwear? Not to be graphic or weird.

Mindset 6: I Can Get This Handled . and hopefully you’ve internalized this. let’s move on to the next mindset. The reason that you’re not good in bed NOW is by not addressing this area of our life the right way.NOW The final mindset is that the time to act is NOW. with proper education.So now that you know women are sexual creatures. It’s .

Then once . And I want you to write down what the negative consequences that are going to happen from not changing your beliefs and not getting good in bed and not having your best sex ever. What will your life be like in five years? What’s your relationship going to be like with your wife? Are you going to keep your kids? Are you going to get married? Are you going to ever have sex with her again? Are you going to be humiliated? What’s going to happen? So write them out on a piece of paper. Congratulations on manning up and fixing this problem! Most guys don’t have the balls to admit it to themselves let alone solve the problem! Great job.not your fault. Magazines – just go through and list a few. so poke some fun at them! “Women don’t like sex. They want you to fuck them hard and at other times make love to them right so they don’t want to go elsewhere! List every time this belief is disproven with societal examples. your lover will scream your name in thanks! Limited Belief Shoot down: Let’s do a quick exercise to get you going.” Utterly ridiculous! They want to get fucked. Ask yourself “What beliefs do I currently hold that are contrary to those in this book?” “In what ways are my existing beliefs ridiculous based on what I’ve learned reading in this book?” All your negative beliefs are irrational and incorrect. it’s not your fault and you are going to handle this problem once and for all. society makes it very tough for guys to know where to turn on such a sensitive and personal issue. Women like movies. Whatever the reason that your bedroom skills aren’t up to par.

What you just learned in this book are your new beliefs. I’m going to take it and crumple it up and throw it out because your new beliefs are the ones that you just have them on there and you have all the bad things on this paper. The old ones need to be .

banished. gone forever! .

You need to be authoritative in bed. You need to show that you're in charge. The time to act is NOW. Women need sex more than men. Women don't want another woman. • • • • • I can give women orgasms whenever I want. They want a man. So. we're gonna talk about how to combine them to make them work even better. The P. they're much stronger: 2 + 2 > 4. Being good in bed is possible no matter where I am today. What I’ve been doing isn’t working.V. These are the 4 characteristics that are going to make you a rock star in bed. then at the end of this chapter. This is you NOW. what's gonna happen.E System for COMPLETE SEXUAL PLEASURE REVEALED Now we're gonna get into the real meat of the program: The 4 Components of my system. One second — take that one in. It’s okay to get help. AUTHORITY The first trait is AUTHORITY. This doesn't mean you're gonna choke her like crazy. • I will learn to give women orgasms.A. Women don't want another woman. If they did.We’re going to recap with a list. is I'm gonna run through all four. Because when you combine them. they would be a lesbian. and be physical aggressive .

That's not the goal. whether it's during sex or during a date. I'm gonna do what I like. and we'll talk about how to combine authority and emotion a little bit later on.” or "I love fucking you right now. You're mine.with omen. I'm the boss here. 2. like "You like it when I fuck you. you've gotta show that you're in charge. you'll begin to naturally think. When you're in the authoritative mindset. and you're the one leading the sexual interaction." You wanna show that you're in charge. By having that mindset of leader. Try saying things like. They want a man. going to follow the lead of the man. You’ve got to be manly. you've got to recognize that what goes with authority is talking dirty.” All sorts of stuff like that. You've gotta be the alpha sexual male.” And just saying things that are dirty. but you need to be authoritative. Here’s how: 1. more dominant. Being authoritative is a mindset and a way of action. Evolution has shown that men have to be the stronger. to be led by the male. It's much more attractive for women. You (the Man) Are In Charge Show her you're in charge by leading. That's how it's been since the caveman days. "Baby. You like this? I'm gonna make you cum down your leg. "I'm in charge. So. You wanna always treat women with respect. I love fucking you. and the woman is. Talk Dirty The second trait of being authoritative is to TALK DIRTY when you're in the AUTHORITATIVE mindset. You are going to start slow with talking dirty because .

women really. We’ll be talking about PRESENCE in depth very soon 3. but much more intense. Physical Sensations of Pain The third part of authority is the physical sensation of pain. but don’t ever hurt her). It’s gonna be different and sound a bit awkward maybe but you just have to get comfortable talking dirty. Talking dirty is really an authoritative thing.when you haven’t done it and you start. and if you're in missionary position. Okay. lightly slap her ass and see the result. I like to have guys start with something like "You like how I feel inside you?" Something like that. A great way . And I don't mean “pain” like tie her up in bondage and throw hot wax all over her. and then ramp it up from there. This all means heightened arousal towards you and massive stimulation while she’d normally be afraid of being helpless. Because in real life. pin her arms behind her head. the stuff you hear in pornos is pretty close to what you should say. You could take her arms. really want to hear it. And you can say a lot of crazy stuff but you have to start slowly. When I started I thought I sounded creepy and just dirty but you can get away with a lot of stuff because it’s in the moment. Moving faster and thrusting in and going deeper. but by “pain” we mean some light slapping. It’s all about BEING IN THE MOMENT or BEING PRESENT. Like if you're having sex with her doggie-style. so you can get as crazy as you want. You wouldn’t call her “my little slut” in front of kids or out in public where people can hear. Try to get to the point where you can pin her wrists with one hand (test the waters. So we’ll go over an implementation plan for EVERYTHING at the end of the book. Honestly. it can be too much. Authority can mean having sex with her harder.

It will probably get to the point and she’ll want to be authoritative with you and try to rip your clothes off and try to suck your cock off. and specifically that PARTS OF HER BELONG TO YOU. Just a reminder—and make sure you vary it by pushing her off you and telling her “I love when you suck my cock.” or “this is my pussy. This is my pussy baby. MY PUSSY. she’ll be less attracted to you if you let her consistently show authority is ripping her clothes off to show how passionate you are. And it doesn't mean that in the relationship that you're treating her like garbage. You want to show authority. But right now I need you to bend over and take my cock inside. But when you fuck her so good and she feels like she owns your cock and you own her . use VARIETY. That's very authoritative. Like “these are my breasts/tits. Pretend that she belongs to you. That’s great but make sure you still dominate her and she doesn’t feel too powerful. because whether she knows it or not. Tell me you want my cock deep inside you!” That’s POSSESSION! Possession can be dangerous though so make sure that the possession doesn’t get crazy outside the bedroom where she’s asking you questions about where you were all the time. That's authoritative. It could be pushing her down into the bed. That’s where if she gets wild for sex with you. Possession Another way of being authoritative is possession. even though she thinks she’s just being passionate. 4. That's really authoritative and all show slight pain and the authoritative feeling of being taken. Get it? It could be having sex with her spontaneously. and she knows that.” You want to say things that are really authoritative that make her understand that she is yours.

you have to be able to — in authority. and you're being really authoritative. You have to learn to separate the experience from real life. Also. and giving her an authoritative sexual experience. and get her in the mood to have sex when she wasn't trying to have sex with you.pussy. It’s a great thing but make sure you make her feel like she’s the only one constantly if she gets too territorial. So you’re in this emotional setting while you're having sex with her. but get her aroused so that she does. Just pull her into position and get going! . start caressing her. Don’t ask to do doggystyle. things get VERY TERRITORIAL. Doggy style is a perfect way to show you’re the boss of the interaction. That is authority right there.


it will become natural. In the beginning. Often. So. “Is she enjoying this?” If you're thinking about that. "Is she enjoying this?" But. but feeling. part of being present is not really worrying about if she's enjoying it. now we're gonna go through a breathing exercise that will help solve your breathing problem. and we'll talk about how to make sure that she is enjoying it. "Oh. you're not thinking about. A lot of guys are tense in bed because they are tense in their life. is that there's no tension. So. after a short while. you're definitely going to be worrying about. and she's not thinking about anything. actually nothing! You're not thinking about anything. because you want her not thinking anything. You're not feeling any stress in any muscles. "Did I get that report done for work?" You're not thinking “Is she enjoying this?" That's one of the big ones. the way to not be tense in your life is through breathing. Women are feelers.PRESENCE The component is PRESENCE. You’ll know she’s enjoying the sex. It's not just you being in the moment. This is a bad thing. and she staring at you or looking around the room like. should that painting be over there?" she's not in the present. And if you're tense in your life. and she's not in the moment at all.. it's HER being in the moment. you aren’t in the present. It'll just happen on its own. So. . you'll know that she's in the present when her eyes are closed. and you won't worry at all about whether or not she's enjoying it. PRESENCE means that all you're thinking about is…. No Tension One of the signs that you're both in the present. If her eyes are open. PRESENCE means being in the moment and not worrying about anything else other than what's going on. you're gonna be tense in bed.

Once you hit 10 repeat cycle until you find you are completely relaxed. Concentrate only on thinking about the number you are on. In the beginning this make take 40-50 breathes. (5 cycles of 2). Not Thinking About Penis or Performance We're gonna move into the next part of presence. Here is how to do it: 1) Sit in a comfortable position 2) Breathe in slowly through your nose concentrating on making your stomach go out as you fill it with air. After you have done this a few times it will be 10-20 breathes. You will be able to use this technique to last as long as you wish in bed and maintain a hard erection. which is not thinking about your penis and your performance. Check it out in the DVD seminar to see this demonstrated. Clear your mind other than the numbers. 3) hold the in breath for a second once it is all the way in 4) breath out slowly through your mouth noticing your stomach coming back in. 5) repeat in and out in same manner until you reach 10. "Am I big enough? Am I hard enough? Am I lasting long enough? Am I good?" As soon as you start thinking these questions.10 count breathing is one of the most important things you will learn to help your sex life. Nothing about. This breath is 1. "Am I . nothing about life or any topic. This exhale is 2.

You want to just be going by instinct. Always instinct. Using Primal Instincts and Desire You don’t want to be thinking. and the wind is this variable. Think of a bear that's gonna pull a salmon out of the river. It's game over. and you lose your presence and your authority. So. . There'll be a learning curve. "What do I say now? Which gear to I shift into?" You're learning. "Am I lasting long enough?" What happens? You cum. Maybe the salmon will move to 42 degrees. and what's going on. you no longer want to be thinking about what exactly you're doing. or you get soft. Like when you learned to drive a stick shift. But. because all of a sudden. you're definitely gonna be doing a lot of thinking. you're thinking about it at the start. and you're no longer good at all. so you got to make sure that you aren't worrying about any of these fears about your penis. You lose every feeling of being in the moment. "Maybe I'm gonna move my head in this direction. when you learn a language. just getting in there and grabbing that salmon.hard enough?" What happens? You get soft. Just like anything else." Think of just pure instinct. and I will grab him here. you've lost all aspect of being good in bed. anything. once you get past the learning stage and pass the learning curve. "Am I good enough?" You start trying harder. It's a big problem. in the beginning. He's not thinking. while you're learning this stuff. or about different aspects of your sexuality.

Make Her Feel a Range of Emotions . That is PRESENCE.The bear just jumps into the river and grabs it. You're just primal. It does it out of a primal instinct. EMOTION The third trait is EMOTION. That's how you wanna be when you're in the present. Just going right after it.

Feelings of being loved. the stronger the orgasms are gonna be. It's not that having open dialogue or a . The Stronger the Emotions. Different and strong emotions are what YOUR girl wants. Emotion also explains a lot of guys sexual problem. The stronger the emotions. or outside. Your bodies are new. It's because in the beginning. You're madly in love.” you want to say it with passion. You Must Be Verbal in Bed Third thing on emotion is that YOU MUST TALK. Sometimes she just wants to feel like a piece of meat.EMOTION is all about giving her a range of emotions. the Better Women are attracted to strong emotions. Sometimes she wants to feel really wanted in a caring and loving way. Feelings of just being fucked. he makes her feel a lot of strong emotions. They’ll get married." If you're saying “I love you. If you're not talking in bed. And you want to do that in bed. So now. there's so much emotion for both of you. there's no way you're conveying any emotion. and in the beginning the sex is really good. or they'll get a girlfriend. after the initial emotions have dipped. What you don’t realize is that good sex involves verbal communication during sex at times. There's a lot of emotion in the beginning. Women want to feel different emotions during sex. it's that it's this wild roller coaster of various emotions. Different emotions. either inside the bedroom. And it's not that she loves each emotion that she feels. If you've ever seen a bad boy with a really hot girl. And then the sex peters out. They love guys that make them feel strong emotions. you don't want it to end in a weak "I love you. Then that emotion dips over a time.

So. So. she's not going to feel emotion. Emotions are best shown through words. teasing. Emotion is pretty hard to fake for most guys. when you're telling her things. It is a few select words used here and there that have a purpose. you need to be. Play hard to get. anticipation. excitement. And the way that you can do that. you should be pretty emotional. Remember back to the emotions that you felt when you married her. If it's your wife. and keep gently pushing her away in a teasing manner. you need to be emotional. because you married her. even sexually or in any manner. and then kind of push her away. make sure that you really mean it. Just keep going with the foreplay.convesation. keep kissing until all of the sudden she starts grabbing you. If you can't be emotional yourself. Once you learn what to say you’ll be able to create strong emotions very easily Teasing TEASING is a great way to create emotion. until finally she can't take it anymore. Being Emotional Yourself It takes two people to have great sex. and you're really slowly building up…and you're building up…and you're building up. Anticipation creates excitement So. if you're not with a girl that you like. and she really wants you inside of you. So. Be Emotional But Authoritative Outside of the Bedroom . all that teasing creates anticipation. So you have to BE EMOTIONAL YOURSELF. Do what a woman would do when you're trying to get her. If you're teasing a girl. I just keep kissing.

There is physical variety but that’s not what I’m talking about. "Oh. Romantic talk means things like. really hard." If you're not calling your wife or girlfriend baby. I love you so much. Emotional variety is what is REALLY important. .” “How much do you love me?" Stuff like that is romantic talk. But romantic talk is. right? Maybe you're fucking her in a place you shouldn’t be. You're going crazy. Kind of ease it in there. You're slapping her ass. you need to start now. So. That's a different kind of emotion for her. It's being a different type of lover who keeps things fresh and exciting. "I love you so much. I love being inside you. that comes in and sweeps her off her feet. You need to add in a lot of romantic talk. sometimes you want to be that really romantic guy. baby. and here are some ways you can do that: Romantic/Emotional Talk with Her Romantic talk with her is a great way to add a lot of emotion. I miss you so much. otherwise it sounds a little weird." That's one kind of a lover. or in public. like you're at her parent's house. and you're gonna just keep fucking her really. saying "Baby. And you're fucking her doggie-style. Be Different Types of Lovers Sometimes you need to be the bad boy that's fucking her really hard. that Casanova. VARIETY The fourth trait is variety.Try and work in a little bit of emotion into your relationship outside the bedroom.

So. being different type of lovers is one of the keys to variety. You could be telling her how much you love her and how much you want to be with her. You can talk dirty. Many of my students have made multiple girls have orgasms. but positions aren't as important. You can fuck her. Being Spontaneous . Different positions definitely help. If you do different positions. Something like out of a romance novel. VARIETY is about giving her a different sensation of feelings. because it's adding emotional variety AND physical variety. In the missionary position you can make love to her. positions themselves aren't really that different. and you have different interactions in these different positions.Or you could be narrating a very emotional fantasy. because different positions give her different emotions. repeatedly. You only really need about four or five sexual positions. You can talk emotionally. This type of sex can be all about you being connected as one…The point from both examples is that emotional variety by being different kinds of lovers is highly important. It's not solely about different positions. The second key to variety is that positions aren't that important. that really changes how she's feeling and what kind of orgasm she has. just from changing their emotional status by being in the missionary position. And I just touched upon it. Why? It’s because you can have massive variety within one position. You need to be able to give her different emotions and variety of sexual experiences from the same sexual positions. and you say different things. There's so many different things that you can do just from missionary position. it's definitely gonna add variety. But.

You want as much spontaneity as possible. If you're always having sex at 9:00 at night. Try and rendezvous in the middle of the day to have sex. be a different kind of lover. Be Spontaneous! You never wanna plan sex.So. you're going to give her a lot of orgasms. It's not gonna have emotion. Y eah. So. There's an entire program on fantasies. and in the morning when you wake up. and she's going to be madly in love with you. you're gonna have a lot of sex at night after you go to bed. but as much as possible try not stick to a schedule. There are lots of different fantasies. and it’s a very enjoyable thing. If it's planned. it's not gonna have that variety. or take a little trip together and have sex when you get there. You want to be having sex at different times. But. . Keep things fresh. So. if you can. because you can make her feel a wide range of emotions. fantasies are a great way to add in variety. The main way to have more VARIETY is to change the emotions. And again. Sometimes you want to have sex in the middle of the day. when you make her feel a variety of emotions. another issue to variety is SPONTANEITY. that's not very spontaneous. Change the feelings that she has. Try to have various times where you have sex. and use fantasies as a way to make sure your sex life doesn’t get boring. It's gonna seem monotonous. Using Fantasies A Great way to add in variety is through USING FANTASIES. on Friday night. you wanna make sure that the sex is very spontaneous as often as possible. be spontaneous. as well as have a lot of fun yourself. I put in a few sample fantasies in here. fantasies are one way to add in a lot of orgasms. Do it in the shower.

Be the Master of The Overwhelming Orgasm™ Unlike men who usually have just one type of orgasm, women are capable of many different types. They have many more “pleasure centers” and depending on how good a sexual experience you are giving them they can come more times and much stronger. Let’s go over some of the types of orgasms women can have and a sure-fire backup plan to give any women an orgasm. Physical Stimulation orgasms- This is the “go-to” orgasm when you’re improving your sexual skills. This orgasm is easy to have a women achieve because it is mostly a “physical” orgasm as opposed to a full body orgasm or an orgasm during vaginal sex that has strong emotions. Your first goal should be to learn to give women a manual stimulation orgasm every time. From there your lover will want to be sexually satisfied vaginally and move on to deeper, full body orgasms. Here is a way to give a clitoral orgasm: go to this link to see included video it is much easier to demonstrate than to write. If you want to learn by reading. Here is how to give her a deep spot orgasm: I want to make this really simple. 1) Kiss her until she is horny and moaning. Kiss her neck, mouth, side of back, inner thighs.

2) While you are kissing her put your palm over her pussy and apply light pressure. Don’t do anything else just leave it there. 3) once she starts grinding up against your hand (she will) put your middle finger inside her with your palm up 4) go as far back as you can with your finger on TOP of her pussy until you find a smooth spot 5) press on the smooth spot and start making a come here motion with your finger…don’t be afraid to apply some pressure 6) keep making the come hither motion while you kiss her neck and breasts. 7) feel her cum!

Vaginal Orgasms- Vaginal orgasms are produced during intercourse. These orgasms are harder to have her achieve without her first having a physical stimulation orgasm before sex. The more orgasms you can give her before you have sex the better the actual penetration will be. Vaginal orgasms are a result of penetrating her in a rhythmic constant manner and having presence, authority, variety, and emotion. (using the PAVE system)

Overwhelming Orgasms- This is a term that I have coined. It is currently being trademarked and patented as it is recognized that it gives women “Overwhelming Orgasms.” I have seen others use words like “full body orgasm”, continuous orgasmic state, repeated cumming etc. However the term “overwhelming orgasm” most accurately

She will tell all her friends about how great you are and she will talk and act like she is madly in love with you. Look for all the elements of P. When we started having sex I started slow because at this time I was a bit timid to try all of the techniques that I use now.A.E system its unbelievable. A woman will often say she misses you 20 minutes after you left each others company. Of course I couldn’t ask women I know because they don’t want to tell the truth and look like sluts. When you start giving women “overwhelming orgasms” you will be amazed how quickly they fall in love with you or you create unheard of levels of passion in your relationship. smart accountant. gifts. I didn’t believe it until I saw it in my own life. within these . This is the reality for some guys when your sexual skills are good enough. I started implementing real authority and she began cumming over and over with “overwhelming orgasms” After the second time we had sex she told me she loved me and this is a normal girl. a really sexy. she was from Austria. I know this sounds ridiculous. This stuff is so close to the P.describes what is going. It’s overwhelming because it creates a primal female sexual addiction to you. and panties with my name on them.Written by Women! I really wanted to prove that women have elaborate emotional female fantasies so I wanted some random real life women to tell me their fantasies. with no physiological hang-ups.VE.A. Over time with her though. I call these orgasms overwhelming because when women have an “overwhelming orgasm” they don’t know how many times they came. I was dating this girl Renee. Proof Women Want It: Read Hot Fantasies . So I posted ads on Craigslist and had women write in with their fantasies. She told me that she had never felt so good with someone and that she would do anything to keep me having sex with her! She became so addicted to the sex that she would show up with food.V.

I feel your hands slide up over my hips. You pull my suit coat off. . You feel my lips graze your neck and you shiver. I gasp as you nibble at its stiff peak. I lean into your strength and warmth. and before I can stop you. Wrapping my arms around your neck. I catch my breath when confronted with your masculinity. “Do you know how badly I want to fuck you right now?” I murmur. you fill the room with your sexual presence. The pinstripe skirt I am wearing stops about mid thigh and stretches tightly across my ample bottom. walk over to the sofa and stand in front of you. Fantasy 1: I Want You Right Now! I come home from work and there you are lying on the sofa in your boxers. sucking on your bottom lip. You look up at me with that familiar mixture of innocence and desire that crumbles my resistance every time. Even though you are not physically big. I can feel the desire pool between my legs. you lean forward and suck on one through the thin material. I straddle your lap. As usual. “Baby. pulling me against you. These are 100% true anonymous fantasies that prove how much women want and need sex. revealing a tight. satin camisole. Your enormous brown eyes beg me to join you. kissing you softly. as I grind my hips against you.fantasies and you will be able to copy these fantasies. I set my briefcase on the counter.” is all that you can utter. My rock hard nipples poke through the smooth fabric.

and plant a kiss in your palm. You cannot touch me until I tell you its okay. I step back. and is driving you wild. I trace the lines of your jaw with my thumb and kiss your neck softly. just say yellow. I’ve never taken control like this. I run my fingers across your shoulders and down your arms. If at any point it gets to be too much. I go into our bedroom and find a silk scarf. gently at first. I can feel your erection pressing against my thighs. I resist the temptation to just climb onto your cock and ride you. I grab your left hand. I can see the skepticism on your face. coming to rest on the waistband of your boxers. “I’ve got something that will help”. The material is cool and smooth against your skin. “Baby. where are you?” . I’m trying to drink you all in.” I manage to get out between pants. My touch is light and tentative. “You’re a naughty boy. You grab me around my waist. “I want to learn every part of your body tonight.” I tie the scarf loosely around your eyes. baby. I can’t get enough of your different textures. I stand up and slowly unzip my skirt. You hear it hit the floor. “Here are the rules: I touch you. I run my tongue between your fingers before taking one into my mouth and sucking. darling. paying special attention to the outlines of your muscles. and appraise your amazing body. and kiss me breathless.“Not yet. I straddle your lap again and nibble at your earlobes. You help me remove them.” My hands trail down your abdomen. “Don’t worry.” I whisper in your ear. Got it?” You swallow hard and nod your head. then with a bit more strength. still in my 4 inch heels. Just lie back and let me pleasure you.

running my tongue along your side. I lower myself onto your cock and remove the blindfold. I pull the camisole off too.” Your breathing has gotten shallow and your cock is so hard. The scent of your arousal teases my nose. I cannot take another second. so I continue with my lesson. You suck on them a little and realize that they are soaked with my juices. nor do you know what I’m going to do next. You grab my hips and force me down onto you harder and harder. It’s driving you wild that you cannot see me.hard. Just try to relax. I cry out. I can feel your fingers digging into my flesh. I get down on the sofa again and lay a trail of kisses down the inside of your arm.“I’m here. . The slick walls of my pussy clench you tightly as you start to suck on my nipples again. first one cheek. You shudder when my soft lips brush across your bicep. it looks like it might explode. I start kissing you as I grind my hips. You slap my ass . I want to take you in my mouth and suck you dry. I run my fingers across your lips and press them inside your mouth. as our movements become frantic. lapping up a drop of precum. I inhale deeply near your navel. but tonight is about control. they’re so different from mine. causing your abdomen to quiver. breathing on your balls and shaft. I begin to nibble at your thighs. then the other. My aching pussy has to have you now. I slide my fingers through the thin coarse hair on your chest and follow it to your smooth stomach. I flick my tongue across the tip of your cock. but not touching them. I continue my assault. down to your pelvic bone. and you moan. You grab my wrist and suck harder. You squirm a little and cry out my name. I pinch your nipples. riding you. loudly.

I get on all fours for you. I can feel my juices running down my legs. You pull back and look in my eyes. Your five o’clock shadow scrapes my sensitive inner thighs. but you keep that same pace. my pussy throbbing with excitement.” I feel so wanton. It is so intense that I soak your face and the sofa.You roll me underneath you. never changing pace or pressure. The orgasm is different this time. I soak you with my juices and you are eager to lick them before they are wasted. I touch my clit as you slam into me. “Fuck me…now. A flush has spread from my face down to my abdomen and I’m whimpering now. You lap at me slowly. . You hold my hips down so I cannot squirm away. I cry out your name. and slam into me. begging you to make me cum. but you refuse to let me go. nearing the verge of my climax. I whimper again. You start to orgasm. as you fuck me. and the delicious sounds you make are enough to send me over the edge. It builds and I beg you to finish. bruising my tender skin. “Roll over. causing my nipples to rub against the rough upholstery of the sofa. My breasts are bouncing back and forth. My legs are over your shoulders so you can get as deep as possible. I shudder my completion. I am yours now. causing me to moan. I can feel my orgasm rising as you possess me. I feel so exposed with my ass in the air. almost scream your name. yet I’m excited. I run my fingernails down your back. You grab my hips and pound harder.” I take a sharp breath in.” you say roughly. You grab my hair and jerk my head back a little. The sting of your broken skin excites you. “Tell me that you want me. Your tongue slides across my aching clit.

. From the anonymous female author: "Telling people about my fantasies isn’t something I thought I could ever do. You are so strong. I feel like a goddess every time we make love.” This is what I fantasize about .. pulling me against you. It is a winding highway someplace rural. I have never felt so safe. but not before hearing you say softly. You can never seem to get enough. But when I saw the ad for fantasies. “I wanted to do for you what you do for me every day. trying to catch my breath.” I feel your thumbs brush the underside of my breasts as you snuggle even closer. There are tall pines on either side of the road and . “What brought that on?” you whisper lazily into my ear. I thought. You cuddle up next to me and pull the afghan from the back of the sofa across our naked bodies. Your breath is warm on my neck and I can tell you’re getting sleepy. Fantasy 2: You Caught Me! Not So Innocent Now. probably western North Carolina. You cater to my whims. “I love you”. I smile – that’s the first time you’ve said that. I close my eyes and drift off too. what the hell. You make me feel safe and loved and protected.for real! I am flying down the highway in a little white GTO. You wrap your arms around me.” “What is that?” “You worship my body in your own way.I collapse onto our oversized sofa.

Then I hear the door slam open and “Police. At least I hope it is. And oh shit. Oh my word. There is no freaking way I am going to pee in the woods. I must keep driving. is at the end the building and the car goes screaming into the space right in front. I keep my foot nailed to the petal. I have to pee. I am out of the car fumbling with my keys and running to the bathroom. As I round yet another turn I see a cop car. I manage “I’m in here. We go on like this for a couple miles when I see the entrance to the Summer Pines Motor Inn and crank the wheel into the gravel lot.” As I look up there is a tall man standing in the door way of the bathroom and he is staring at me. I love the power of the car and the thrill of speed. I know my motel is around one of these hair-pin corners. I make it to the bathroom just in time to hike up my little white skirt and rip down my thong and sit.I am going way too fast. “Oh shit!” I am terrified and my over-beating heart cranks it up a notch but I can’t slow down. there are the lights. come out with your hands in the air. I feel a rush of heat run up my neck and face. number 15. especially dressed in a mini-skirt and strappy sandals. He is coming after me. can’t think.” Oh no I forgot about the cop in my panic. Mind numbing. I think I turn off the car but who really knows. My room. This would be a lot of fun if I didn’t have to pee. This is so weird. Such relief. Really badly. Thank god. I am sitting on the .

I have a great tan and bright pink toe nails. Don’t shoot me. I briefly consider my vulnerable situation but chances like this don’t come every day. Since he has seen me.” I hold up my hands like I am surrendering and start to stand. It is awkward in heated kind of way. “I had to pee. He instinctually slides the gun into the holster on his hip. he hasn’t said anything to me. looking at him. And he is pointing a gun at me. I know he is looking at my neat trim and I think I might like it. He exhales deeply and instinctively licks his lips. He composes himself and gently shakes his head and blinks a couple of times. look at my privates. I tip my head up and give him a small wicked smile. The cop can’t help but look at me. His eyes drift down and my eyes follow his.toilet with my skirt hiked up. Instead of pulling the thong up I step out of it and walk forward without my sandals. my panties at my ankles and he is staring at me. I am wearing a tight turquoise blue tank top and I can feel my nipples respond to the blast of cold AC. “How about you put that weapon away. I try wiggling my hips ever so slightly and but my skirt gets stuck on my hips a little lower but not anywhere close to modest. As I stand up my little white skirt gets hung up on my hips. He exhales again.” I purr reaching my hands towards one another clasping them in front of me with my best “I am so innocent” look. My eyes get stuck half way down when I can see that his cock is pushing against the front of his pants as he looks at me. .

As I suck his full lip his hips start to press into the counter.My eyes run up to his chest now and I see that he has broad shoulders. “Too fast. I want his mouth and grab his bottom lip with just a touch of my teeth. I have to touch him. This next transition is a blur. He leans over and put his lips on my bare shoulder. Greedily he kisses and licks my shoulders and neck feeling me rise and fall to meet him. My round and firm breasts are the perfect size for his large strong hands. He is totally hot. I arch my back and press my chest against him. Higher still. I find his other hand and lift my tight tank top to offer my flesh. He cups my whole tit in his hand . I try speaking. I move my hands to his front and quickly undo the buttons of his shirt. I smell like sun and coconut and sweat and he breathes me deeply and moves his lips and his teeth to the round tightness of my bicep. He is coming towards me filling the doorway to the bathroom and he grabs me under the arm pits and easily hoists me onto the sink counter. He spreads my legs with his knee. A slight moan escapes my lips as I reach up and grab a handful of his shirt. He obviously likes it and grabs the back of my neck and shoots his tongue deep into my open and willing mouth. grunts and moves in quickly. I slid my hands onto his pecs and use my face to move his lips to mine. he has a dark complexion with salt and pepper hair and hard grey eyes. Brushing his cheek against my chest. I love rough kissing and we explore every inch of each other’s mouths. My skirt is still jacked up around my hips. probably? I was going really fast” Then I add “Am I under arrest?” looking up with big wide eyes.

My thighs are at his eye level. He licks around in circles teasing my sharp points. I have big handfuls of his hair and I can see the muscles of his neck straining. I love it when he uses his teeth and while it hurts I don’t say stop. With each thumb he spreads . I feel so alive and hot standing naked in front of this hungry man. I love it. He spreads his fingers so that his thumb was on one nipple and his pinky finger was on the other. I am still sitting in front of the mirror on the cool marble counter with my legs dangling over the edge. He looks up with need and reverence. I know I am beautiful. With a grunt he picks me up as I tuck my feet underneath until I am crouching on the sink. The cop doesn’t flinch as he leans in to take my rock hard nipples into his mouth. He smells like musk and sweet chicory coffee. He is so strong and I know he is hard. The pain shoots into my belly and down lower. His palm presses between my breasts and I grab his face and drive my tongue deeper into his mouth. I lean into him as he finds nipple and rolls it between his thumb and all of his fingers one by one. As I slowly stand he strips my skirt to my ankles. I reach my hands over my head into my hair and stretch.and squeezes just enough for a twinge of delightful pain. The thought of “what the fuck am I doing” comes into my head but leaves just as quickly. I arch again slipping my tank top over my head and grab his face and pushed it towards my heart. I lean in close and I know he can feel the heat from my special place. My chest is pushed forward and as I desperately remove his shirt. He moves in closer and runs his hands up the fronts until his thumbs meet my little mound and he spread his fingers around my hip bones.

I grab the top of his head and hold on for dear life. I gasp but eagerly meet his hand. I know my juices are pouring into his mouth and down his neck. I catch him staring at my heat and he runs his tongue over his lips. (This is usually when I have my first orgasm for real. He is lapping at my lips and forcing his tongue inside closer to my G-spot. more. Just then he finds my spot and teases it with his tongue while moving his lips gently and looks up. “More. I can feel the wetness engulf my pussy. My orgasm comes fast and hard. I feel my knees go weak yet he holds me in place and thrusts his tongue into my spot. It is so perfect.) But I am not done with this fantasy. I am so wet and hot. This gets me so excited for more. He spread my legs wide and finds my opening with his tip. He . My knees give out as he gently lowers me to the counter. His hands are roughly he kneading my ass. maybe three fingers in and out with a hard pumping rhythm. I watch the cop grab his belt and pants and jump out of them freeing his enormous hard on. I still want to be fucked. Don’t stop. After a minute he reaches one hand around and slides his first two fingers up into my slit. I am panting and gasping for air as he grabs me around the waist and plants my sweet ass onto the cold marble. He roughly grabs my ass with both hands and propels my hips towards his face. I want him to take me with his mouth so I tilt my hips closer. His sex was pulsing and I know he needs to be inside of me. I can see his veins and the skin stretched thinly.” I moan and then release.

Each time he rams me I am shocked at how deep and far he is in me.moves around until his head shines and plunges into my center. I am tight in the right way yet so wet and willing. He drives hard holding my shoulders so I have to take every inch of him. He wraps his strong arms around my whole torso and takes me to floor. I am mostly being held in place by his strong arms and his big dick deep inside of me. And when he lifts his head I smile and say “Does this mean I won’t get a ticket?” . I feel like a conqueror. This is when we both come together. My ass is barely on the counter. He fills me completely. The cold tile is shocking to my back and I gasp but I don’t want to stop. I dig my nails into his back and he flinches just for a second but it doesn’t stop him.” he moans. I feel triumphant. panting and trying to catch his breathe. His elbows give way and he lands gently on top of me. He moves his hips back and forth pumping me. He lets his whole shaft come out to my soft lips and then drives it in harder and deeper. Pumping harder and faster I grab his cock with my inside muscles and push my hips up as far as I can to meet his onslaught. I want to bite him and chew on his neck and his shoulders while moving with his rhythm. It was coming but he wants to be in deeper still. I relish him being worn out. “Oh Jesus in heaven. His cock is stretched to the limit and I can tell he was getting ready. I push up with my strong arms tilting my hips up to meet him while wrapping my legs around his back.

we had sex 3 times a day and she always craved more. Never once cheated on me.but decent body and definitely a girl other guys would hit on at a bar. A True Story: In Public! With Me! I used to date this girl Mandy. Sounded impossible when my friend told me his gorgeous girlfriend was dripping down her legs when he was on the phone with her. so it was like I could start fresh.E to give her the best sex of her life and create female sexual addiction. I had messed up other relationships and not thought the girls were that into me because I didn’t have any money or that I was ugly. I’m not a loser but I felt like I only needed more practice and eventually I’d be good in bed.And This Story's TRUE! This is a story that a trainee of mine wrote in with. Then my friend turned me on to BSM. I became a believer. notice use of P. It was the most amazing sex I’ve ever had and by the amount of times I made her orgasm — suffice it to say she was hooked.A. Not gorgeous -. I decided to use these techniques on Mandy thinking what the heck. looks what's possible! Again. but when I saw how crazy the sex was getting and that I was lasting longer. Totally cool stuff. Now I’m not the best looking dude and don’t have tons of money coming in but I was able to keep her around. It was like an addiction and I had caused it. Mandy didn’t know how bad I used to be. Now going from nervous and anxious about not performing to feeling like some sort of sex god doesn’t instantly happen. I would’ve laughed and been made fun of myself. NOT TRUE. Now let’s get this straight though — if you asked me if I had this confidence two years ago. I read BSM . I was pathetic and had given up. Seriously.V.

cover to cover and really focused.” I slunk behind a wide stack of books casually browsing through a paperback entitled “500 Sex Positions. “That looks too boring for you.) She texted me back: “Stimulation?” Interesting choice of words! Ok how will I find you?” I texted back “Come find me. very casually and confidently. book in hand.. I have tried most of these. I reached over and closed her book.I’m inside the store. She seemed to sense I was close and right around the corner.” Would she think I was forward or a total dork? Would I scare her off? She texted back: “Nerd. I’m very deep in a very thick book. I started to try out some of the techniques when I told Mandy to meet me at a bookstore on our third date. She pretended to look down and thumb through a book as if she was waiting for me to reveal myself.” I looked right at her and smiled slightly in a knowing way.” (I specifically used the bookstore to throw her off that I wanted just sex from her. So that night I showed up early and texted her to come downstairs for some “reading stimulation. We had already made out a bunch but hadn’t had sex yet. I saw her legs as she walked down the stairs. I wanted her really bad but I hadn’t proved to myself that I wasn’t a loser in bed yet. I learned how to please Mandy and make her cum just by telling her too.” I turned around and smirked at her. Ok.” Totally inappropriate on a formal date but it’s a bookstore which is inherently more casual and less-tension free. I realized she was playing coy so I casually walked past her and stopped with my back to her. I leaned casually into the stacks and said “You know. “A bookstore? That’s such a strange place to meet. No . but this one really really looks interesting. peering around the stacks to gauge her approach. She casually walked through the aisles ducking her head looking for me and gently brushing her fingers across the books stacked tightly in a row. I wanted to have a girl I could make scream and just lose her mind in bed.

” She looked down at my book. went out to an amazing.” I told her I would continue the story later. It’s a moment where we should kiss. God what was I doing? She must think I’m weird I thought.” I asked her “So I’m curious. “Wow. Um... I remembered in the book about being authoritative and usually I would’ve just asked her if she wanted to sit.” She looked around to see if anyone was watching us. delicious dinner that pleasured all of our senses. Interestingly. We are in public remember. Um.. but I wait. But I just put my finger on your lips and my hand on your cheek. you ... When we got back to my apartment. She was too embarrassed so I put my hand on her neck gently with my thumb on her cheek and pulled her in. I hope she didn’t notice. I asked her if she wanted me to finish the . she did as I asked.and then. But this time I swore I was going to try something different and keep going. After I sat down next to her.” But I continued “we get back to the hotel.. “You and I have just gone down to New York for the have your favorite dress on and are looking beautiful as always.Um yeah. “480. I don’t know. “Um.. There are people all around. “What’s that you got there??” I told her “I technically know 480 positions so aren’t you curious to see how I could’ve missed out on the last 20??” She laughed. I was sweating a bit.” I told her to lean in and whisper one. and move my hand onto the back of your neck and gently massage it. I look into your eyes.thinking I’m going to kiss you. Wow I had no idea. “Right here? I’m embarrassed..and you look back. She was leaning into me at this point.well you don’t wanna hear the rest do you?” The back of her neck seemed to sweat slightly.. What is one of your fantasies?” She laughed nervously. I told her to sit on the’s done that before.hell yes! I mean.

She told me she was very turned on by the bookstore meeting and needed to hear the end of it. She looked at me to see if I was joking. I didn’t stick my tongue down her mouth like I used to.” I decided to make my move.” I kept a straight face.. As I was speaking I slowly put my hand on the back of her neck again and started with “So.I gave her slow wet kisses and teased her by slightly pulling away..can’t imagine.imagine you don’t even remember what sex feels like until I come along. Like. sound. And I reassured her “I want it to be special and meaningful... She tried putting her hands on ... I told her I felt a buzzing feeling throughout my body when I was around her. She had juicy lips and I tugged slightly on her bottom one. nervous as I was.confident. She moaned and arched her back. She said she knew what I meant.story.” “ I put my hand on her chin... I tugged at her hair slightly and brought her in for a slow passionate kiss..I need to know that you are not just with me for sex. I deliberately moved my hand from her neck and slightly grabbed her hair. Because when I slip it in for the first time. I told her that she had no idea how good I was going to make her body feel. all the while keeping eye contact.. I want it to feel new for the both of us. have I told you how beautiful you look in that dress tonight?” She smiled at me but acted a little shy by biting on her lip. I wanted to just jump on her but I decided to keep it calm and smooth no matter what. I. I squeezed her leg and pushed her on the bed.our first time.. How are you going to that?’ I told her I knew what she wanted but that I would give it to her — “but not yet. I felt her leg move closer to bunched it a little in my hand. So I took my time on her. just to start out. I want it to be like I’m taking your virginity. I kissed her neck and told her I was going to make her whole body ache. She said ‘Oh. I was so horny — and seeing her cleavage was getting me very hard. I put my other hand on her thigh....

She said she felt warm inside and buzzing and didn’t know where she was. and then moved to massage her inner thighs. She looked back at me shocked and says “Hey!” but I massage her lower back deep with my thumbs and tell her to arch her back. She was on her knees on the bed. She was breathing heavily and focused on getting my belt off. “I wanna know if you can handle it. “Oh my god you are such a tease!” So looked at my lips then at my eyes.” I waited for a second while I was massaging her lower back. I gazed into her eyes and told her that I had to stop because I didn’t want it to get too crazy yet. I put my hand on her hands. I told her to reach down and feel my cock through my jeans.” She said “Oh believe me. She moaned slightly and I rubbed my fingers on her crotch. I made sure that I kept being authoritative and in control but working her body all the while. I think she wasn’t expecting it but she didn’t complain. and she immediately put her hand back on my cock. She looked very frustrated.” I shot back “A little girl like yourself? I doubt it. but only for a second. She felt my rockhard cock (I’m not huge. so testing the water with her had worked so far. I got up and told her “Come here little girl. I told I wanted her to put my hand where the buzzing felt strongest. I took control and bent her over the bed. gripped them a bit and pushed them away.. I ran my hands over her lower back and said “I want you to imagine feeling the best you’ve ever crotch but I told her she was being bad and had to wait. . but she couldn’t tell much through my jeans). I told her to tell me how wet she was.” She looked nervous but flushed and very excited. Then I smacked her ass firmly. I told her to trace the outline and tell me what her body felt like. I knew I was challenging her but in a teasing fashion. She was honestly too busy feeling my cock. I can handle it.keeping her wanting more. I couldn’t believe this was happening.” She got bright red as she turned her head to glare at me.

” She brought my hand over her tits and told me to squeeze them. I pushed her onto the bed and I put her hands up behind her head to dominate her a bit.Pulling away slightly. leading her lips. I began passionately kissing her neck.“Look at me baby.She began moaning some more and I whispered in her ear again that I was going to make her cum hard tonight. I whispered I was going to make her cum so hard she would scream. I didn’t wait .” “I want you so bad. Put my hand where it feels best. I knew she wanted to just jump on top of me at that point and it was getting so hot in the room.” She said “Oh my god you have no idea!” She unzipped my fly and started reaching into my pants for my cock. Very gently.. I thought she might make me stop but at that point she was so turned on and lost in the moment that I was going try and make this the tease of a lifetime. I took each out of her shirt and cupped them nicely. I told her “Tell me how badly you want it. I began making out with her and teased her more with my lips.. I moved my hand to her cheek and gently slapped it. while I extended my right hand to her lips. while I started unbuttoning her shirt. I could feel the sexual tension was getting very intense and she and I were about to explode.. I was writhing and going nuts that I was holding her hands down. controlling how pace of the kissing. I told her “Where else are you buzzing baby. I pressed my hands on her waists and I slowly walked my left hand down her skirt and began to massage her clit through her underwear. Please stop teasing me!!” she was getting frustrated. I gently sucked on her nipples. She reached down and started grabbing my cock through my jeans again. She looked at me like a deer in headlights and pushed my hands off — she seemed possessed. She took my fingers in my mouth. I thought maybe I should stimulate more of her body so I had one hand hold both her wrists above her head as she lay on her back. I moved my kisses down onto her chest and then onto her breasts.

god. Her pussy was dripping wet. I told her she was dripping wet and I wanted to suck on her pussy lips. I was in complete control and she was wanting more. I was teasing her and starting to talk dirty and get a bit physical but I remembered it was important to make everything still intimate and emotional.. So I told her “What did I tell you? Not yet Mandy. I told her “You are my little slut and you’ve been a bad girl. I want you to forget where you are and only remember this moment with me.please. “Tell me how much. otherwise I’m going to start . You’re going to feel pleasure like you’ve never felt with someone.. I un-did her bra and grabbed her tits again. I was so hard I wanted to take my jeans off but I waited. “Tell me how much you want my cock inside your tight wet pussy Mandy?!” She was breathing heavily and I kissed her mouth.yes!” I pushed her on the bed and got on top of her. She said “Oh my god. what are you doing to me!” I told her this was just the beginning. “Oh. I leaned in to passionately kiss her again. I’m doing this?” But I didn’t want to think too much and mess up what was happening.. I made sure I was very sensuous when I touched her.for a reaction.. I want you to close your eyes for a second. I then guided my hand up her neck.” She couldn’t respond because I had run my hand up her shirt and was gently pinching her I kept thinking to myself “Holy shit. pushing her wrists up and behind her head again and started to lift my shirt up.” This drove her crazy so she pushed my hand over her pussy and I knew it was time to start fingering her. So I slowed down the pace so that our bodies were in sync as we pressed our naked chests up against each other.” I slipped two fingers into her pussy and curved up and in. massaging her pelvic bone. As I held her hands down again I smiled and said “If you want my cock you’re going to have to grab it now. I don’t know if I should give it to you yet. The sensory overload was not allowing her to speak clearly.

She finally started unbuttoning my jeans. Please fuck me. I made sure I kissed her clit. It was important that I make her feel that the sex was very intimate. passionately kissing her lips and sliding my tongue in. I decided it was now or never to start getting dirtier so I told her I wanted her to be my little slut tonight. She tried to get my cock in deep but started to choke. I pushed inside her tight pussy.. so before I started to slide my cock inside. all the way up her neck. She told me she wanted me inside her.” She smiled and immediately reached for my cock. Tell me to fuck you. totally in sync with her tongue. Fuck me now!” I put on a condom quickly and spread her pussy lips with my fingers. I smacked her ass again. and told her to get on her back. I told her I didn’t want her to finish so I could let her have a turn. I gazed into her eyes and told her I wanted her to focus on only on my eyes while I stuck it in and to just utterly enjoy the moment with me. She took it out and was looking up at me intently. Say my name!” “Fuck me! God fuck me now John!” It was extremely wet so it slid right in. As I was fucking her I mixed things up a bit. I told her how good that felt and that she was amazing. her stomach..then began to grip her hair gently and gave it a tug. harder this time. I smacked her ass again. her tits. “Fuck me. I told her to take my cock out. She started kissing it a bit and started to wet it with her tongue before sucking it. “I’m going to fuck your pussy so hard you’re going to explode!” “I want it now! I can’t handle it!!” I grabbed her hair and pulled her head back as she arched her back. I lovingly but slightly aggressively guided her to bend over the bed and to spread her legs. I told her to stand up and bend over. “Your little pussy is so tight baby. I told her to wrap her legs around my back and then I told her I was going . I lifted up her skirt and slapped her ass and told her ass was beautiful. Her hands were shaking and she couldn’t seem to get them off fast enough.licking your pussy.

Always going back to being dominant and tugging at her hair. She was very turned on by this because there was a possessiveness attached to the words. Please give it to me.. It was very exciting for her because it was so primal. I started to realize that in addition to the fact we liked each other without the fuck her brains out. Slapping her ass and telling her I wanted her to cum harder than ever before. in the morning. Who am I kidding? At the office. Firmly telling her to do things. We fucked for hours. harder. I made her . We came at the same time and it was easily the best sex I’d had with a girlfriend.” I slipped in “baby” only when I pressed close to her and she was moaning and intensely breathing in the moment. I told her I was fucking her beautiful pussy. I kept thinking I was dreaming that I was this good. I would tell her to beg me for more and for me to go deeper. oh my god. I made sure that I was always in control. I told her to focus on me and to imagine that every time we have sex from now on I will go deeper and make her cum harder and harder and harder. She felt dirty but safe because she belonged to me. It was amazing! It felt more intense and animalistic because I was telling her what to do and how to feel but always balancing it with affection and passionate kisses and firm but tender manhandling of her body. So I told her that she was little slut. She dripped all over my cock. I was surprised when she told me that it was the most intense sex she’d ever had too. on lunch break.harder!’ I asked her if she liked dirty talk. She said she didn’t know. She kept saying “Oh my god. My little slut who was going cum over and over and over. a strong sexual connection had been created with this girl who would make any guy masturbate late at night. The sex only got better because I made sure to tease her more intensely and start talking more emotionally about how much I liked her and how amazing I felt when she was around. “I’m going to explode inside of you baby.

primal desire. fear. They often include: not lasting long enough or not being able to get hard. Here is how to easily and quickly train yourself to get hard instantly (if you can get hard during porn or masturbation) . “No Trouble Getting Hard” When a guy has trouble getting hard it is almost always a psychological problem not a physical problem. security.attached to me because of the complete array of sensory experiences with me. using some pain. If you can get hard during masturbation or while looking at porn then but not during sex your problem is entirely psychological. passion. strong emotions (never go overboard until she’s in love with you!) and making sure I was authoritative. I became the window to her fantasies and they became all about me. You can always go the drug route and take Viagra or another such drug but in most cases I’ve seen that guys usually don’t really need it. pleasure. Teasing her and painting a mental picture that was more vivid as I described the scene drove Mandy crazy. If you can’t get hard for masturbation or porn then you need to talk with a doctor because there could be a physical problem going on. Let’s address some of the major ones quickly. Bobby’s system gave me the tools to finally have a sex life where I was in control of the sexual appetite of my girlfriend! No Excuses! Make Even These Problems a Thing of the Past! No matter how much sexual improvement you do there will still be occasional issues that come up.

More foreplay. 2. Those 2 combined will allow you to get hard and stay hard .3 Step Program 1. Get to the point where you can do 10 count breathing and notice that you are relaxed. Here is what you are going to do instead of trying. 3. More foreplay= less tension= total arousal. Right when you realized you are about to have sex start breathing QUIETLY but in 10 count breathing style and you will notice that you are able to maintain your level of arousal without having tension creep in and ruin your erection. The harder you try. If you are trying the stress reaction sends a signal to your brain that you are in a flight or fight response. If you are not getting erect but ARE getting aroused. Practice 10 count breathing when not having sex. you can add the following elements into your life and they will increase your levels of testosterone and of relaxation. Keep kissing your lover and having foreplay and you will relax and get hard. You need to stop trying to get hard completely. the limper you will get. If you are not having problems of arousal then your problems are of tension and presence.

I’ve personally done this for over 8 years now and always am relaxed and ready to have a tone of sex after training. yoga: Yoga is great for sex. d. c. You can use yoga to increase your flexibility and presence for sex. weight training: This and martial arts are the best ways to get your testosterone levels up and be ready and able to have more sex. You’ll feel more relaxed and won’t stress about getting hard. squat. If you can do 20 minutes of any exercise that makes you sweat a bit and gets your heard rate up and you feeling good. then it will help your erection. dumbbell press. meditation: Use the 10 count breathing a few times throughout the day. A certain specific weight training routine that I talk about is best but you can start off by adding in walking. and pull-ups. For further details.1) workout exercise — to start you can do any exercise. jogging or even doing some pushups. I used to be the worst premature . martial arts: Martial arts are great for getting up testosterone. a. They include the dead lift. Weight training allows you focus on big multi joint movements that work more than one muscle at once. We’ll be releasing a fitness program very soon but in the meantime that is a good one to check out. Check into some Brazilian jujitsu classes or any kind of self defense. look at a program such as Body of Life by Bill Phillips. b. You don’t have to ever fight or get injured just use the activity as a relaxation and testosterone booster. “You Can Last Longer” If you are not lasting long enough let’s fix this problem.

Don’t fight your arousal (put it at a number) Once you can put your arousal at a number it is easy to identify the point where you are about to cum and avoid it. masturbating or foreplay but not enough to come highly aroused but not going to come yet . Ejaculating too quickly is because you do no have enough presence during sex. Step 1.ejaculator of all. thinking of maybe masturbating aroused. If you can’t last. This seems crazy but I did this and all the guys have helped have done it too! Follow these steps to everlasting stamina. tension creeps into your body and causes you to ejaculate early. confidently call an Underground Sex Secrets coach who will anonymously help you get this area of your sex life handled: 1(800) 297-0461. your mowing the lawn could get aroused. When you don’t have presence. Once you learn how aroused you are you can control your erection and last as long as you want. no erection. It makes sex no fun and a source of constant stress and anxiety because you know that you can’t please a woman. The scale should be roughly like this: • • • • not aroused at all. Instead of feeling pleasure during sex all you can think about is your fear of cumming! I remember I used to kid myself that all guy lasted a short time but the women would tell me otherwise. your relationship won’t last! If you can last longer masturbating than having sex you can fix your premature ejaculation with a little bit of work. Start off by noticing during masturbation or sex what number you are at on a scale of 1-10. if you have a question or are getting discouraged.

So for the next ten times identify during the entire number system in each stage up to your orgasm. give us a call if you need help with this.5. couldn’t stop cumming if I wanted to.5 and when it turns into number 9.not as hard stroking) and take 2 or 3 10 count breathes to get your arousal level back down from a number 9 to a number 6. We’re going to move when you have sex from a number 9 to a number 6. Again.5! What I want you to do is notice the next 10 times when you masturbate when are you are about to go from number 6.. Then for the next 9 times or however long it takes I want you to slow down the physical sensation (ie. inevitable climax Cumming Right Along! You want to be able to recognize where you re on that scale of 1-10 at any time whether you are masturbating or involved in any sex play. Once you have the ability to do this during masturbation you will be able to do the same thing during sex. Step 2. The goal for right now is to be able to identify when you hit number 6. Most guys “go over the edge” and are about to come with faster thrusting. It’s also described in detail in Seminar DVD as Superman Stamina bonus. Once you combine the arousal scale with physical positions that are less stimulating you will find that you have complete control over your how long you last and premature ejaculation is gone forever.• about to come. The foreplay makes you comfortable and lowers your arousal . Longer foreplay: The more foreplay you have the better off you will be able to last as long as you want.5 to number 9. or some kind of additional physical or visual stimulation (aka doggy style). harder stroking.

or kiss her body. or kiss her and you will get to and maintain an arousal level of 4 throughout sex until YOU DECIDE when you will come. When you are increasing your foreplay to get your arousal level down to a 4 concentrate on what you are doing to her rather than what she is doing to you. Because lack of arousal isn’t your problem. Step 4.level to 4 but as long as it’s done right doesn’t make you come. Missionary position or oral sex not doggy style. Take a breath and slow down! And keep your eyes open! Once you get this working on masturbating with some porn then you can try it during sex. meditation the day you are going to have sex it will speed up this learning process by at LEAST 50%. If you combine this numerical arousal technique with weight training. Move slowly and when you are about to come slow down. It may take a few times but you will find your sexual confidence goes through the roof and you will be able to last as long as you want once you master it. exercise. Instead eat her out. In the beginning when you are learning to master your cock and increasing stamina avoid doggy style. Doggy is the most visually and physically stimulating position for a guy and will increase your arousal level. You have conditioned yourself from your masturbating that when you slow down you will lower arousal and get back to a 4. Step 3. Have sex missionary with your arms under her and NOT supporting your weight. See demonstration in the DVD. its excess of arousal you don’t want her making you more aroused through a hand job or a blowjob. .

E to give her Overwhelming Orgasm Don't Think She Wants It? Think Again! Mindset: What you have to realize is that she does WANT to have great sex.V.. let her want it from you 2) have her masturbate while you are there watching and she makes herself come 3) have her masturbate while touching you or you are inside her 4) physical stimulation orgasm 5) orgasm through sex 6) add in all elements of P.A.E. model. you just have to be doing the right things and following the P.V.she is just conditioned to think the sex isn't good so she has to be reconditioned to know that you are now a better lover .A.“You CAN give her an orgasm” A lot of guys think that their girl is different and she won’t come. Giving Women Orgasms Ladder: 1) longer foreplay to get her more relaxed…don’t push the sex.. She will. You need to realize that it may take time but she will eventually have orgasms. Follow these steps to make her start coming and then go of the overwhelming orgasms AFTER this.

the girls are beautiful.. Online porn these days is cheap. kisses. The problem with getting addicted to online porn is that it lowers your sex drive for REAL women and you either cum too fast or can’t get hard from so . The temptation is there. and the sites have TONS of videos. etc) 3) never bring up the topic of sex outside the bedroom 4) never try and trade anything for sex 5) will take a bit of time but once she notices that you are becoming a better lover you will begin having more sex 6) start giving her more orgasms and she will want sex No Experience Necessary mindset: realize that everyone starts off inexperienced sexually its whether you WANT to be good and the desire to get this area of your life handled 1) have as much sex as possible doesn't matter if the girl is hot 2) all that counts is getting experience 3) a few hours after a sexual experience look back on what was good about it and what needed improvement 4) pick only 1 thing for next sexual experience.1) start being more emotional and more authoritative OUTSIDE the bedroom 2) start being more flirtatious during the day ( on only one thing at a time 5) enjoy experience! you will be a sex god "Getting It" Offline A lot of guys get really addicted pornography when they aren’t having enough sex.

much masturbating when you actually have sex. Sassy.. Shy. Let go of your ego and improve. You are having a belief system problem. That this stuff works on “slutty” girls but my lover is an older. stamina. Conservative.Works for Every Woman! TONS of guys write to me saying that their girl is different. These are psychological principles. Guys. (I have a video on this you should check out) Size Doesn't Matter Most "My penis is too small. Classy. Women fantasize about elaborate sexual fantasies that you can create with your MIND not with your cock.. the evidence is overwhelming." This is one of the biggest myths about giving women sexual pleasure. a bigger dick will not give you sexual mastery. If you are masturbating more than twice a day you may want to slow the pace or masturbate differently in order to keep ready for sex. I understand that is intimidating to start using a lot of the techniques in this book.5 inches hard it does not matter. You don’t need to try exercises to lengthen it or make it thicker. and maker her come. or exercises don’t waste your time. pumps. If you have tried lengthening with penis pills. Women don’t often fantasize about getting railed by a huge dick. Unless your penis is under 2. Even if it does work at all. more sophisticated classy woman. women respond incredibly to Incredible Sex Now. Forget about your penis size and instead invest in the scientifically proven principles of Incredible Sex Now which are proven to make you a masterful lover and make her sexually addicted to you. That is why at the end I’ve . Your lover IS sexual you just AREN’T GOOD.

Remember. Just get naked. Here are some of the types of women that have responded well to my program: Cute. women are turned on by the emotional not the physical. Don’t discuss what you look like and don’t make any attempt to hide it. it will raise your testosterone. It’s not hiding as much as you think. nerdy type women who have been waiting to have their sexual side released Beautiful models who used to only sleep with rich and famous men A pornstar who left her MMA fighter boyfriend for a mechanical engineer Normal girls you see in walking around the supermarket but have never talked with Multitudes of women who our trainees met on internet dating sites She is More Worried About Her Body Than Yours! Woman know what you look when you have clothes in. turn off the lights to start if you are nervous and use the techniques from this book. We can tone down the level of any variable to adjust with any lover but remember that this stuff has been used by thousands of guys with ALL TYPES of women. not just think about theoretically. You need to realize that as self conscious as you may be about your body.created the “implementing” mini course. . the woman that you are with is even more self conscious. and you’ll be able to move better in bed. If a woman is getting naked with you and ready for sex then you need to release the beliefs that your body is holding you back. I wanna make sure that you EXPERIENCE the power of this stuff. Yeah you definitely SHOULD get in better shape because she will be more attracted.

The other half of the times don’t worry about how long you’re lasting.It May Just Be in Your Head Look man. Sometimes you get so focused on making the sex good for her that you neglect yourself! This usually happens as you’re starting to get better in bed. So what I want you to do is not spend more than 50% of your time having sex actually TRYING to have better sex. Just FUCK her. whether she is coming. Be a total primal instinct driven animal. what position you are in. that’s fine. Read as much material as you can outside the bedroom but only implement it half the time. if you want to do something to do it. if you want to last 2 minutes. Once you can consistently give women AN ORGASM you need to be working on your sexual skills no more than 50% of the time. If you want to say something say it. Don’t think about ANYTHING. Relax and Enjoy . If you have no problem getting up looking at porn then your problems in the bedroom are not physical they are mental. If you are worried about and trying to improve your sexual skills EVERYTIME sex will feel like a chore to you. if you can masturbate without any pharmaceutical help than the problem is in your head. Practice the breathing exercises for relaxation and you will find that you don’t need these drugs anymore. Or if you prefer them as a safety blanket then just try and minimize your dosage for safety reasons. Something that you have to work on. If a guy can’t get hard to masturbate then he definitely needs some pharmaceutical help. As long as the other half of . she’s starting to have some orgasms and you don’t want to ruin it.It isn't all Hard Work! Amen brother! This is something that I really worried about still have to remind myself about.

Sex will occur! Use 2 Girls Teach Sex methods to give her “overwhelming orgasms. Start kissing outside the bedroom more…just lean in and kiss her. It’s like I always wanted it and she didn’t! Follow this sex-initiating ladder and the work will be done for you! Start doing more activities together outside bedroom (does not matter what they are as long as you are together and its not stressful).” I don’t know how to initiate sex For me. when I was less than stellar in bed I didn’t even know HOW to start sex with my girlfriend. Start kissing her more at night when you are going to bed and massaging her breasts while doing it and put her hand on your penis.if you are doing more things together it won’t see incongruent.the time you are focused on improving your skills and pleasuring her she will still be sexually satisfied. See the chapter titled “Implementing The System. Getting Started is Easy A very common question my friend.” (also in month 2 of the monthly DVD’s there is an AWESOME sex initiating massage) Avoiding Disaster About Unplanned pregnancy: ..

Types of birth control There are numerous types of birth control. If you are using the “Pull-Out” Method you are setting yourself up for an unplanned pregnancy. I’ve had a few close calls in this department and have managed to avoid a real problem. Sperm lead to children. It can be quite traumatizing and there will be much more difficulty having Presence in your sex life afterwards. This is an area where you really have to be careful because abortions are a big deal and even if your girl will get one you want to avoid it all costs. Let’s tackle the issue of pregnancy first. (The chance of a woman getting pregnant on her period is very rare but it has happened before.There is nothing worse than an unplanned pregnancy to throw a wrench in your newly created sex life.) The Pull Out Method: This is when she is not on birth control and you have sex and “pull out” your penis before you ejaculate. Let’s run though some of them now: (Note this chapter assumes that you are in a relationship and that BOTH of you have been tested and deemed STD free. Pre-cum contains sperm. I am not going to dignify this method by saying you should ever use it.) . If you are having sex with her while she is on her period or the day or two before it chances are you are ok but I still do not recommend using the pull out method even at that time.

It’s kind of a pain as they need to get it fitted and leave it in after sex.Condoms: Condoms are great protection against STD’s and are great birth control. Again. (as opposed to the pill or other female solutions which require her to be in charge). If she is on the pill and you completely trust her then the pill is a great solution. . Most times a woman needs a prescription from a doctor to get a diaphragm. It’s also one of the only methods of birth control where you can control the outcome. Sometime women will “skip” a dose if they really want a child or in today’s busy times often it gets lost in the shuffle. unless you have a major aversion to condoms. if you’re hesitant that she will forget or really wants a child with you explore the other options. know this exists but wear a condom yourself. However it hasn’t done as well as many thought it would. Some guys like it more than them wearing a condom while others say it’s like having sex with a plastic tarp. The stats vary but diaphragms have been known to be less effective than a condom or the pill. Guys take responsibility. It works really well — as long as she takes it. Female condom: The female condom was launched with great fandom as it would be an opportunity for women to control their own sexual destiny. You can experiment with it. The Pill: Women take the pill on a set time and schedule. Diaphragm: The diaphragm is another thing that a woman can wear. I’d wear a condom and skip the diaphragm. As long you put the condom on the right way and it doesn’t break then you will prevent pregnancy. but when I need a condom I always wear one and forget the female condom.

It has to be inserted (and removed) by a medical professional. they’re better for the absent-minded than the pill. Although both operations (guys and girls) are reversible. it’s a very effective. Spermicide used with a condom is very effective at preventing pregnancy. comfortable solution for women who have already had a child. I would not recommend it. However. some studies have shown that spermicide condoms are no better at preventing pregnancy that just a regular ole condom. who was really concerned about unplanned pregnancy had the operation and said it wasn’t too bad. If you’re worried she’ll forget or it’s a girl you just . The bottom line is this: if you really trust your girl and she is on the pill or another form of hormonal birth control your fine. and the Implant: These are all hormonal solutions available with a prescription from her doctor or a family planning clinic. The Patch. Since these have to be replaced infrequently. There chance of pregnancy is too high. My friend Mike. Spermicide used on its own is a risky proposition. Vasectomy: I almost considered this one night after being very concerned that I had impregnated a girlfriend at the time. The Ring. He walked out of the hospital and was fine after a weekend. the Shot. IUD: Although the IUD has had some PR difficulties. Here is what you need to know about spermicide. changing your mind later on doesn’t mean it will go well and it’s expensive. If you’re going to do this be sure.Spermicide: Spermicide is a gel that is applied to kill sperm.

You can also get what’s called an OraQuick HIV test and you get the results in 20 minutes. you should be fine. I’ve never had one. There is a test now called Aptima Combo 2 Assay. Let’s make it simple: HIV: If you put a condom on and it does not break your chance of getting HIV is TINY. Unless you have been having unprotected anal sex with hookers. The stupidest thing you can ever do is have REPEATED sex with a woman who has not been tested. This is important! It’s your life we’re talking about here! . but I know people who have had. AIDS is still a life threatening disease. If a condom does break with a woman that for some reason you didn’t ask about her sexual past. Even if the condom breaks your chance of getting HIV is quite low. Some STDs are very serious. STDs other than HIV: There are all sorts of miserable sounding stuff out there. Always ask a woman about her sexual history. Let’s dive into what’s important to know and then move on. Just get tested to be sure.started sleeping with and hasn’t been tested for STD’s always be safe and strap on a condom! Avoiding STDs: I hate talking about STDs. It is much easier for a woman to get HIV than a man. Don’t get it. then go get tested ASAP for everything and then again for HIV in 3 months. It will test you by a simple urine sample for Chlamydia and gonorrhea. bring it up casually but firmly. Despite it being a serious subject.

condomdepot. I’m not going to list every STD here. Obviously sex is much better with no condom (“raw”) but this should only be with a woman who you are in some type of relationship and you know. They aren’t as durable and more likely to break. I have never found them in a store but have bought them online. Read about his issue under trouble shooting.Condoms can prevent transmission of most STDs. While condoms definitely make sex less enjoyable. It’s all in your head. Buy one of their sampler kits and try the different condoms. (Tip: If you are concerned about losing sensation because of wearing a condom. that is completely STD free as are you yourself. or condoms ruin sex. What Kind of Condoms Are Best: The best condom is the one that you can put with ease.” If you can get hard with no condom on while watching porn or touching yourself you can get hard with a condom during sex. It will replicate the wet sensation and does not . For overall experience. Stay away from lambskin and other unusual material condoms. and still always you to enjoy sex. you can add drop of lube INSIDE the condom. not guess. I highly do recommend that Durex Love. What I recommend you do is that you buy Durex Love as well as a bunch of other condoms at Often guys will say something like. doesn’t grip your cock too tight. The best condoms that I have ever used are Durex Love. “I can’t get hard with a condom on. STDs make LIFE unenjoyable. if you feel a burning when you take a piss or see weird spots go see your doctor.

Let’s review how to put on a condom.2girlsteachsex. This lowers the chance of pregnancy to a tiny chance. chances are she will not get pregnant. but there is not much you can do about it except make sure it doesn’t happen again. (some stats). So let’s talk about what to do because there are 2 issues. If she does not take it. . You can’t force a girl to take it so just make sure you tell her how much you care about her (and both of you) Be caring but concerned. You want her to take a Morning after pill.) When The Condom Breaks: If you are putting on a condom correctly condoms rarely break. if you blew your load inside her and she’s NOT on birth control you have a problem. others may balk. Pjur or Wet (my favorites) or any other lube that you may want to try out. Watch My Girls Show you How to Put on a Condom Easier to watch than to read…if you need to see this go to: www. Many girls will immediately When An Incident Occurs: When condoms break it can be a nerve racking situation. In most states now. Keep it at your place and don’t panic but say that you think that she should take it. If you’re breaking condoms often then definitely pay attention to this review. guys can buy the morning after pill. From a pregnancy standpoint.affect the condom staying on. You can use Astroglide.

Most guys don’t need Viagra to get hard and stay hard it’s a mental thing. Viagra: I’ve taken Viagra to see how it feels. From my own experience and guys that I’ve talked to Cialis doesn’t give you the rock hard erections that Viagra does. pleasing women has nothing to do with dick size. . Remember though. Use the lowest possible does that gives you a benefit. What it does is it allows you to keep getting hard over and over even if you’ve just had sex. (Often the benefit is more psychological than anything else).About pills and supplements and penis pumps: I currently do not use sexual stimulants other than some natural herbs that I found and my own testosterone boosting workouts. Viagra is best taken if you know you are going to be having sex in 45 minutes-3 hours and need an extra boost. Let’s do a quick run through. If you really need a boost for a long weekend away or repeated sessions then Cialis works better. But if you feel that you really need it then use it. It’s all about using the 4 variables of this system and everything you learn in the DVD’s. Try 25 mg first and that should do the trick for you. Cialis: I’ve also tried Cialis a handful of times and if you are going away for a long weekend or know you will be having sex multiple times over a few days this could be a good option for you. But in order to give proper guidance I’ve gone out there and extensively tested everything I could get my hands on. Again once you master the techniques you will have the strategies you need to give women repeated orgasms and these medications are only to get it up more.

Penis pumps I tried a penis pump back in my desperation days. I nearly popped some blood vessels and I’m never using it again. Don't Wait. Focus on foreplay. If you’re thinking of getting one. Be able to last at least 10 minutes…. If you can’t give your lover any an orgasm this should be you next goal. The solution is learning how to be a fantastic lover using these techniques and emotion. Then move on until you can give her an orgasm through penetration by using Emotion and Authority. don’t. Let’s go through and talk about where to start. Dick size is NOT the problem.V. If you can’t last 10 minutes then work on this using the numbered arousal system until you can.E What good is this system if you never implement it? Don’t be worried about implementing EVERY aspect of this book. It’s a waste of your time and money. It hurt. (again call us with any problems 1 800 297 0461…tons of guys do and its completely anonymous) Be able to give her an orgasm. Focus on giving her a clitoral orgasm from foreplay. Remember that first you will give her a clitoral orgasm through digital stimulation.if you can last 10 minutes you have the stamina to give her orgasms during penetration. Focus on getting your girl to . You don’t have to go crazy. Focusing on foreplay is one of the fastest ways to improve your sexual skills. Implementing my system and P.A.

it’s so much more than horny during foreplay that she jams your cock inside of her. living life on your own terms. Its not just about giving a woman orgasms. You should notice an increase in how often you are having sex! Once you are working on these 4 steps start incorporating some more advanced strategies. You now have an advantage few guys actually have the balls to learn. Check out the new information and start incorporating some crazy fantasies. Try and spend just as much time on foreplay as the actual sex. Increase the frequency of how often you have sex. It’s being a real man. and being treated with respect by all the women and men that you meet. great job man. Bobby Bradshaw (800) 297 0461 . Trust me you will driver her crazy. and making her come repeatedly by on command. Congratulate yourself. giving her overwhelming orgasms. After-thoughts: I’m pumped you have chosen to rock the bedroom. As your sexual skills start rocking the bedroom you will be able to have more and better sex with your partner. Sexual skills really do make the man and people can tell. and check out my other stuff to take it to the next level and GET WILD! Your friend and incredible sex coach.

you are telling a girl that you aren't the kind of guy who other women want to be with. I even lost several awesome girls because I wasn't able to satisfy them sexually. Hopefully as you read this you have already survived your first sexual experiences. But at the time. I teach you: How to avoid losing your girl. When you are bad in bed. and frustration. and there is no quicker way to lose attraction. But even if you have never had sex. or having her cheat on you because you can't satisfy her sexually .. embarrassment.. So if you are still working on the basics (and it's OK. I want you to know there IS a solution. or if you are still having awkward "beginner" sex where you can't last more than a couple minutes and have trouble getting hard. I was there myself) I have put together a special DVD series JUST for you that I call "Natural Alpha Male Sex. being terrible in bed caused a TON of humiliation.Deeper and Harder Bonus: Looking back now I can laugh at how bad my first few sexual experiences were.” Inside.

How to avoid having her tell all of her friends AND all of your friends just how terrible you were in bed The secret tip that makes sure you get hard every time — believe me. I have put together a list of 3 keys that will take care of 90% of your sexual experience. the list goes on and on. . not getting it up is the MOST mortifying experience you can have 5 secrets to basic foreplay that GUARANTEE that she will have an amazing experience The 8 mistakes all guys make when first having sex and how to avoid them And lots. lots more. Make sure you read and apply them! The 3 keys to "Get Started As A Stud" When you are first getting started having sex it can seem like there is an overwhelming amount of things to think about. what do I say. It can seem impossible to do everything right the first few times you are with a girl! This is where I come in. Below I'm going to give you one of my favorite parts of the program. allowing you to focus on your and her enjoyment. should I make noises. insecurities. For most people. how do I touch her. How do I take her clothes off. and inhibitions. all of this is going on at the same time that their mind is racing with fears.

Take 3 deep breaths. 95% of performance problems — cumming too quickly or not being able to get it up — stem from the same problem. but if you are going to drink. let her continue. make sure . 1) Avoid positions that involve straining your muscles. If she was blowing you. If you were fucking her. 2) Focus on your breathing If you are having sex. and doggy style. then resume whatever you were doing in a different way. The best positions for relaxation are her on top. Your subconscious is trying to avoid the sexual experience either by ending it quickly or not letting it get started.1) Relax. But consciously thinking about relaxing doesn't help at all. particularly the upper body muscles. Make sure that every muscle in your body in relaxed. stop thrusting. start fucking her again but slower or in a different position. The worst positions are where you are supporting your or her weight on your arms. So you need some simple tricks to help calm you down in the moment. nervousness. it can even make you more nervous because you are now focused on it. 3) Alcohol Normally I wouldn't recommend using alcohol. If she is using her hands or mouth on you. push her head back and go down on her.

you don't want to be talking about more advanced and wild fantasies because it will be very incongruent and disrupt the experience. but make sure you stay congruent with the physical aspect." To avoid this. Sometimes when you are getting started you can get overwhelmed and feel like you "don't know what to do. You should have a few go-to things to say in case the sex ever starts to feel awkward and silent. The perfect amount to drink for relaxation is 2 beers. You can call about it and to hear a few of them for free. Sticking with the classics like." and "you like when I am inside you?" should cover you in most situations. "baby that feels so good. Try being a little more creative if you are comfortable. 4) Have a few go-to moves. I give you all of them in the full system. This will help you to get comfortable with . Make sure to spend extra time on the foreplay. make sure you have a few go-to moves for different situations. This is not the time to pull out the "spinning reverse cow-girl. in the bedroom (all of which is fine for your first sexual experiences!). 5) Spend extra time on foreplay. If you are having relatively tame sex." so again stick to the don't have too much or too little. You should also have a few go-to foreplay techniques. but it will actually ruin your performance. A lot of guys will have more than this because it feels like you are more relaxed. in 2 or 3 basic positions.

which will help to offset any stamina issues that you might have. Focus on these three keys and you will take care of 90% of the problems beginners face. It will also increase her total pleasure and make the experience longer. If you are still a beginner you definitely will want to get the full program. To hear free sex tips from the coaches and learn more about any of these programs call us anytime at 1 800 297 0461.being sexually intimate with your partner. This will really allow you to focus on your enjoyment and soon you will be ready to work on more advanced techniques. Bobby B. .