ACADEMY: MANAGERIAL AND FINANCIAL ACCOUNTING FI PAPER: 11 The settings for Automatic Payment Program you make settings

for automatic outgoing payments to be processed by the payment program. 1. By assigning Paying company code to each company code you can have one company code process payment transactions centrally for several company codes. a. True b. False 2. You can group payments using payment met hod supplements and therefore, for example, control the sending of checks. a. True b. False 3. You cannot make down payments with the payment program and pay with bills of exchange a. True b. False 4. You can specify the minimum amount for which an incoming or outgoing payment is created for the Paying Company Code? a. True b. False 5. You can optimize by bank groups. This happens even if banks in the master records are not assigned to a bank group defined by you. a. True b. False 6. If you optimize by postal codes, the house bank selection is determined by the business partner's domicile. If you select the "Optimization by postal codes" field, you can go directly to the activity for assigning house banks to an interval of postal codes. a. True b. False 7. When processing a payment proposal, you can remove all payment blocking indicators from items or enter them for items. a. True b. False 8. Automatic payment run uses document type specified in Payment Method/ Country for posting the payment. Standard Posting keys are used to post the payment and cannot be changed? a. True b. False


False 13. False 17. True b. a. False 19. A valuation method represents a group of specifications that you require for balance and item valuation. a. True b. a. All Customers need not be selected? a. Dunning procedures are company code independent. When valuating open items the system posts to a balance sheet adjustment account and to an account for exchange rate differences determined during the valuation? 2 . Valuation methods can be defaulted from Master Records to Line Items a. you can limit the dunning level for the Customer Master Record a. With the dunning keys. False 12. False 15.ACADEMY: MANAGERIAL AND FINANCIAL ACCOUNTING FI PAPER: 11 You can use the dunning program to dun both customers and vendors. True b. False 16. True b. Interest Rates Entered in Dunning specify which interest rate is to be used for debit or credit balances a. The individual dunning areas within one company code can use different procedures or the same dunning procedure. Answer the following questions on Dunning? 9. False 14. False 11. False Financial Accounting Closing Process 18. True b. You can also set the dunning level at which you want to list all due items from an account in the dunning notice. True b. a. Master Data reckrd Dunning Blocks need to be manually removed a. False 10. True b. True b. The Dunning Block key can be entered in an item or in the account of a business partner. The dunning area can be entered at the line item level a. True b. True b. In dunning procedure you can select which customers within for which company codes to include in dunning.

a. False 21. False 27. False 3 . select the activity Cash Journal in Customizing for Banking-Related Accounting under Business Transactions. For Setting up Cash Journal you need to create a G/L account.ACADEMY: MANAGERIAL AND FINANCIAL ACCOUNTING FI PAPER: 11 a. True b. Several Cash Journals can be created in a company code but you need a unique G/l account for Cash Journal maintained in each currency a. You can differentiate the accounts by currency. True b. Exchange gains and losses are then posted to the accounts designated for the currency involved. 23. True b. While Setting up Tax code in Cash Journal you can only make entries in this field for accounting transaction types E and R a. True b. False 22. False 20. True b. True b. you require an entry with the currency "blank" (this is the default value). You define the versions you need to create a balance sheet and profit and loss statement In FSV besides G/L Accounts you can assign functional area intervals at the lowest level of the structure. True b. False 25. you have to set up the corresponding print program parameters per company code. True b. False 26. The "exchange rate differences" key in the company code-dependent part of the G/L accounts must also be empty. In order to print the cash journal and the cash journal receipts. True b. The goods receipt/invoice receipt (GR/IR) clearing account is posted to whenever you receive goods that have not been invoiced yet or whenever you receive invoices for goods that have not been delivered yet. a. he Controlling Module and FI module can use Different Chart of Accounts as long as G/L are mapped to respective Cost Elements a. instead of account intervals? a. False To set up a cash journal. a. True b. False 24. If you do not want to differentiate the accounts by currency. for the cash journal in the required company code a. You have to define a number range interval for cash journal documents within G/L Accounting. False 28. a.

ACADEMY: MANAGERIAL AND FINANCIAL ACCOUNTING FI PAPER: 11 29. A group COA can be assigned to the Alternate chart of account which is assigned to the company Code a. For document types with external number ranges. True b. a. True b. a. The filed status for filed status group can in “display” transaction can only be display or hidden. you have to define an individual reverse document type because the system can make automatic reverse entries only in document types that have internal number assignment. True b. False 30. False 4 . False 31.

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