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Motivations & Values

Lynn Clark

Learn more of yourself and others, develop ways to know more about yourself

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Value of sharing

What do we mean when we refer to motivations and values?

Internal and external factors that stimulate desire and energy in people to be continually interested and committed to a.
Make an effort to attain a goal..

Results from interaction of both conscious and unconscious factors

Intensity of desire, incentive or reward value of goal, expectations of the individual and of his or her peers

Considered worthwhile traits or qualities Represent highest priorities Lasting beliefs, or ideals shared by one and/or group, about what is good or bad. Serve as broad guidelines in all situations Made up of everything that has happened to us in our life
influences from: parents and family, religious affiliation, friends and peers, education, reading..

Learn more of yourself and others, develop ways to know more about yourself

Everyones Part of the

Inner Circle of Strategy


The Appreciative Inquiry (4-D Model)

What gives life? The best of what is.



How to empower, learn, and improvise?



What might be?



What should be the ideal?



(Cooperider , 1990)

Individuals Handout - read all 3 scenarios Choose 2 or 3 to work with. Think and write responses (10mins)

In pairs each share your story & answer the questions in each of the 4 stages of AI model (10mins -5mins each)

Small groups Tell group the stories just heard (2mins each) Listen for and note down themes on What energises? (to avoid pain/attract pleasure) What is held of value to each person?

To report back on small group discussion in next exercise

Break 3 Rs Relax Refresh Reflect!


Small groups Use the props (either brought with, or cards) to describe what

Your motivations are Values you hold

Discuss how this compares with what was noted in the earlier exercise? Report back what was noted earlier where/how this relates to metaphors/prop

Where are we now?

Themes for each group?

What have we learnt about our motivations and values and those of others?