A man goes to bowl a bowling ball down the lane but slips on the surface and loses grip

of the ball. As it hurtles through the waiting crowds who have to duck for their lives, the ball crashed free through the glass door and rolls its way into the construction site that is in the nearby park. Spinning itself through the concrete construction pipe, the bowling ball finds itself hurtling towards a port-a-potty and knocking it over. The sound of sloshing emanates from inside, accompanied with a girlish scream as a builder crawls out the door and runs away. The bowling ball, oblivious to its surroundings, carries on its journey through the bustling construction site. Rolling itself unknowingly onto a scaffolding pole, it continues its exploration into the sky and across the pole, dropping itself off the end, it plummets itself through the scaffolding below and into a U-bend pipe that propels it once again into the air and free over the fence of the construction site.

New Ideas             Bowling ball bounces from the waterbed Crashes through upstairs window Bounces into a baby’s crib See the ball heading towards the window with the baby hugging it Ball smashes through the other window Hand snatches the baby off of it Ball cascades down Bounces off of a canopy (Stall covering) Lands in catapult Gets catapulted down the street Flies through the numerous washing lines hanging up Goes through an assortment of clothes (bra, shirts, underwear, tie etc)