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Child Neglect & Abuse, Hospitals, Legal Services

The names and telephone numbers in this directory are provided as a community service to Macomb County families and do not indicate any form of recommendation or endorsement. Services and information provided by the Macomb Intermediate School District.

Child Neglect & Abuse Care House 586-463-0123 Childrens Protective Services (reporting suspected abuse and neglect) Statewide Toll Free Number (available 24/7) 855-444-3911,4562,7-124-7119---,00.html Hospitals Childrens Hospital of MI Harbor Oaks Hospital Helpline for Substance Abuse Henry Ford Bi-County Community Hospital, Warren Henry Ford of Macomb East 586-466-9300 West 586-263-2300 Mt. Clemens Regional Medical Center, Mt. Clemens St. John Macomb Hospital St. John Northshore Hospital Legal Services Juvenile Court (prevention; pre-court intervention) Lakeshore Legal Aid Hotline Macomb County Office Macomb County Bar Association Lawyers Referral Services MI Protection & Advocacy Service Probate Court (guardianship of minors) SSI for Handicapped Children

313-745-5437 586-725-5777 586-759-7300

586-493-8000 586-573-5000 586-465-5501

586-469-5240 1-888-783-8190 1-877-964-4700 / 586-469-5185 586-468-8300 1-800-288-5923 586-469-5290 1-800-772-1213