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The Official Language Movement

The Official Language Movement

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ETH/125 Week 7 The Official Language Movement
ETH/125 Week 7 The Official Language Movement

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Published by: rob321984 on Jan 25, 2013
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The Official Language Movement


The Official Language Movement


This article touches on topics such as bilingualism based on religion also that of the beginning of the bilingual education era and the arguments for and against. The argument was that if you were fortunate enough to be able to vote in the United States then it should be done in English. This text chronicles the timeline. The next article was one written by Rosalie Pedalino Porter entitled. The first article I read was that of Peter J. advancement and decline of the bilingual education agenda. The item at hand is whether there should be Spanish written ballots available for Hispanics.The Official Language Movement 2 Bilingual education and politics has been a growing concern for the better part of fifty years concerning both sides of the ethnic divide (Duignan). Concerns of whether different languages should be taught in school and whether bilingualism should be involved in politics is the main focus of the topic at hand. “Twisted Tongues: The Failure of Bilingual Education”. It was decided that 31 states would offer bilingual ballots. The author tells of parents and community members wanting to preserve heritage through learning the native language of their ancestors in school. The only reason I would even mention this article is because of its topic. The next piece of writing I read was published by the Associated Press. Next we will move on to politics. “Hispanic-Americans: An Under-represented Group in American Politics”. “Bilingual Education: A Critique”. . This article also tells of the academic pressures of Hispanic and Latino children. The statement being made is that if Hispanics were able to vote they would make up quite a voting force. The argument asks the simple question of why there are no Hispanic votes when the Hispanic population is so large in the United States. Duignan entitled. This article is by Maria-Cristina Garcia entitled.

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