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Fantasy Art Now!

The Very Best in Contemporary Fantasy Art and Illustration The recent resurgence of interest in fantasy art sees some of the finest, freshest, and most exciting talents in the world of fantasy illustration brought together for the first time in one luxurious showcase volume, Fantasy Art Now! Creators from across the globe—from China and Singapore to the USA and Europe— are represented in a book that looks forward rather than back in its approach to fantasy art. Clint Langley, Greg Staples, Glenn Fabry, James Rayman, Linda Bergkvist, Liam Sharp, Jason Chan, Aly Fell, Aaron Sng, and Robert Chang are just a few of the new generation of fantasy artists included. This is not a book of retrospectives, but examines what illustrators and painters are creating now—whether it’s for the latest graphic novel, book cover, trading card set, or computer game. Crucially, all the artwork within has been created digitally, heralding in the new wave of contemporary creators and their endlessly adaptable new medium, the computer. All the artwork is uncropped so the material can be seen as the artist intended. Respected fantasy artist and writer, Martin McKenna, has specially selected all of the artwork, and this magnificent tome is the perfect gift for all art lovers, and particularly fans of fantasy painting and comic book art.

Martin McKenna


Martin McKenna is a highly regarded
fantasy artist and author. His artwork has appeared on book covers for numerous international publishers, and adorned games from Hasbro, Wizards of the Coast, and Games Workshop. In 1995 he won the British Fantasy Award for Best Artist. He has written several books on fantasy and digital art, including Digital Fantasy Painting Workshop, Drawing and Painting Fantasy Landscapes and Cityscapes, and Digital Horror Painting Workshop.

ThE VEry BEsT in ConTEmporary FanTasy arT & illusTraTion


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An inspirational coffee table/gift book featuring a global gathering of artists Foreword by respected Lord of The Rings artist, Alan Lee Specially selected images by renowned fantasy artist and author, Martin McKenna The only fantasy art book to focus on digitally created artwork Chapters are divided by subject matter, and cross referenced by artist Focuses purely on fantasy art, rather than the distractions of science fiction or horror The artwork is presented uncropped, and in many cases, for the first time

specification publication date Fall 2007 trim size w 101⁄ 16" x h 101⁄ 16" (h 255mm x w 255mm) extent 256pp approx 20,000 words paper 128gsm matt art illustrations 350+ pictures color 4x4 Binding paperback with flaps

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General Editor

Martin McKenna Foreword by a L a n L e e

MOOD_Blad.indd 12-1

27/09/06 14:58:28

A N d O Th e R M O N S T e R S 7. d R Ag O N S 6. e Lv eS . A N d dWA R v e S 5. O gR e S . ORcS .indd 2-3 27/09/06 14:58:57 . FA I R IeS . cONTeNTS Foreword by Alan Lee Introduction by Martin McKenna 1. T RO L L S. WA R R I O R S 2. U N IcO R N S A N d O T h eR M Y ThI c A L c R e A T U Re S Index Acknowledgments 6 8 14 48 82 116 150 184 218 252 256 MOOD_Blad. MA I d eN S 3. WI Tc h e S & WA R L O c K S 4.

 ▲ Knightghost Assasin by James Ryman. MOOD_Blad. Dragon magazine Apple Mac G5 / Adobe Photoshop This deadly assassin was commissioned by a role-playing magazine. Crusader Knight by Greg Staples Apple Mac G5 / Adobe Photoshop This book cover evokes a brooding menace as a knight.indd 4-5 27/09/06 14:59:34 . returning from the Crusades. comes home to his castle.

indd 6-7 27/09/06 15:00:7 .” MOOD_Blad. I do not like spiders at all. Dragon magazine Apple Mac G5 / Adobe Photoshop This cover was difficult for Ryman to complete: “It creeped me out to work on it.. The master’s influence can be felt in this picture. Spider Woman by James Ryman. Warhammer publishing Apple Mac G5 / Adobe Photoshop Staples was inspired by the work of legendary fantasy artist Frank Frazetta at the tender age of seven.. Morrigan by Greg Staples.

indd 96-97 27/09/06 15:00:51 . Dungeon magazine Apple Mac G5 / Pencil & Adobe Photoshop ▲ Maga by Jim Murray. I then boosted the lighting effects in Photoshop to increase the luminosity of the spell. MOOD_Blad. Magic the Gathering Apple Mac G5 / Acrylic on Board & Adobe Photoshop “I intially painted this wizard in acrylic on board and then scanned it into my computer. The final artwork was enlarged and the edges were cropped before it was used on the magazine.” Sage of the Scroll by Greg Staples Apple Mac G5 / Adobe Photoshop Staples is not only an established and successful fantasy and comic book artist.96 FANTAS Y ART NOW! W I T c h e S A N d WA R L O c K S 97 Guildmage by Jim Murray. Dark Sun Witch by James Ryman. Ark VFX. Magic the Gathering Apple Mac G5 / Acrylic on board & Adobe Photoshop This Chinese magician was created for the famous card game from Wizards of the Coast. This cover was originally sketched out in pencil and then scanned in and completed digitally in Photoshop. he is also the co-founder of the visual effects company.

▲ Rhunir by James Ryman Apple Mac G5 / Adobe Photoshop.indd 156-157 27/09/06 15:01:31 . The company is one of the biggest commissioners of fantasy art today. Magic the Gathering. MOOD_Blad. Ogre Recluse by Jim Murray. Magic the Gathering Apple Mac G5 / Adobe Photoshop. published by Wizards of the Coast.▲ Reciprocate spell by Jim Murray. published by German games company Nackter Stahl (Naked Steel). Magic the Gathering Apple Mac G5 / Adobe Photoshop & Paint This misanthropic ogre is not to be disturbed! This is the first time the image has been published in its original form. Paint & Adobe Illustrator This artwork shows a demon getting his just desserts from the card game. Paint & Adobe Illustrator This Nordic-themed battle scene was the box art for the role-playing game Rhunir.