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Questionnaire about Documentaries

1) Which of the four categories would you place yourself in? 16-20 20-26 24-32 40+

2) Have you ever watched a documentary before? Yes or No

3) What key features would you expect? Interviews with professionals Vox pops Images Real-life footage Statistics Direct speech In-direct speech Clear presenter Hidden presenter

4) What features would you least enjoy and why?

5) Do you prefer documentaries that are biased or non-biased? Biased Non-biased

6) What would be the expected running time of a documentary? 30minutes 45minutes 1hour 1hour+

7) What type of documentary do you prefer between the three options below? An overall informative documentary that is formal with use of facts, professional interviews and statistics?

An entertaining documentary that is less formal with use of comedy to present a light hearted mood, more vox pops and less factual information?

A well balanced documentary that consists of both entertainment and factual information. A fairly formal presentation with equal use of interviews and vox pops?