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NCC Days

Good evening toastmaster and fellow speech crafters! “Unity and discipline” the motto of national cadet corps (NCC) inspired me to be part of it when I was in high school.NCC in India is voluntary organization that recruits cadet from high school and colleges all over India. The cadets are given 2 years basic military training in small arms and parades. I got recruited in NCC from my high school. In NCC under each battalion there are many school troops. Major Ramsingh was commanding officer of these troops in my town. The others ranks were such as cadet sergeant, sergeant were filled with best cadets from second year. Cadet Sergeant used to deliver the commands to troop in Hindi. I used to got confused with the ‘dahina’ and ‘biaha’. One day major cadet Sergeant ordered “PARADE DAHINE MOOD” and instead of turning right I turned left, unfortunately Ramsingh observed that I said “Abe mote bahar aa ,dhyan kidher hai?” & no prices for guessing that he punished me with 10 rounds to the ground. There was one command “PARADE KADAM TAAL” that was worst command in all commands, because after command ordered troop has to synchronously do right & left leg up down one after the other. Many times Ramsingh used to give command and go somewhere so we need to do KADAM TAAL until he comes. Next year during selection of ranks I got selected for interview. The interview was common for 15 candidates. Major was looking for how one ordered the troop to march. The interview was arranged in open ground and sun was beating down. My interview was at last. My other friends were tried to give commands in best manner but Ramsingh didn’t like any of that, finally my turn came I was already tired to finish the interview soon, I collected my energy and ordered command somehow Ramsingh got impressed . I thought at least now he would end the parade but he ordered me to give the command in front of other school’s troops. I repeated the commands 3-4 times and finally I got the rank of sergeant.