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B’zoes Snack shack

Fruit salad- containing juicy mandarin oranges, grapes, sliced apples, cool whip and mash mellows. Caesar salad- shredded lettuce, sliced onions, four chopped chicken strips, crotons, and topped with Ranched dressing. Egg salad- one chopped boiled egg, sliced cucumbers, shredded lettuce, $3.00 $3.25 $2.85

Sliced tomatoes, sliced onions, and top with either Catalina or Ranch dressing. Fish salad- shredded lettuce, sliced onions, strips of fish, sliced tomatoes, crotons, and Catalina dressing. $3.20

Orion ring stack- 15 crunchy Orion rings served on a tower with ketchup On the side. Cheese sticks- 14 crunchy fried cheese sticks with marina sauce on the side. $2.50 Spinach dip with chips Chicken bucket- 20 pieces of chicken divided among Honey Barbecue Chicken, Buffalo chicken, Lemon peppered chicken, and Teriyaki chicken. $1.50 $3.60 $2.00

80 $0. topped with melted cheese. $3. onions. peppers. mozzarella $1. and ham.80 a slice Cheese.80 $1. And on wheat buns. pepperoni. cheese. sausage.45 $1. olives. $3.Entrees Philly cheese streak. and topped zany pizza sauce. $ topped with zany pizza sauce.20 for a whole pizza Drinks (all refills are free) Coke products Kool Aid Iced tea Water $1. on wheat buns with mayonnaise and ketchup.00 for a whole pizza $2. with fries on the side.30 a slice Supreme Pizza.80 . $3. sausage. It is served with French fries and ketchup on the side. mushrooms.juicy half pound burgers topped with American cheese.50 Meat Lover’s pizza.50 Cheese burger.juicy Philly cheese.

rich chocolate with fudge icing Cherry dessert pizza.80 $1. $2.80 $2.pound cake with milk chocolate to sweetened it. Banana pudding-Crisp vanilla wafers with sweet bananas and creamy pudding topped with fresh whipped cream.80 .Desserts Chocolate sweet cherry filling pizza $1.10 Chocolate pound cake.