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How An Animal Communicator can help animals to get adopted

An animal communicator finds out what bothers shelter animals.

Animal communication skills are an important way to help shelter animals recover from the circumstances that brought them to the shelter. Some of these animals were reluctantly surrendered by families who had been subjected to constant biting or clawing. Some animals who cant be trained to eliminate appropriately are given up by their owners. Others just have the bad luck to be born stray and have no one to look after them. Whether surrendered by a family or trapped by animal rescue, the fact of landing in a cage traumatizes many animals. They dont understand that a failing economy may have caused their humans to lose their home. They only know they loved their people with all their hearts and they cant understand why the family dumped them. They become sad and depressed. As a result they cant make an emotional connection with prospective adopters. The shelter I work with, Northeast Animal Shelter in Salem, MA, usually asks me to see animals who appear very depressed or who act in unpredictable and aggressive ways making them difficult to place.They have already been seen by the veterinarians and assessed by the staff trainers. Their problem behaviors dont improve with the usual solutions. Shelter workers recognize that these animals have unidentified emotional problems that impede their ability to attract potential adopters. My job is to find out what the problem is and help the animal through whatever grief process they have to go through before they can be ready for adoption.