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Romeo And Juliet Album Cover Aaron Berdy

scene one. However. greeting Tybalt with love after being called a villain. he sentences Romeo to be banished. there is a quick turn of events. with the death of his best friend and cousin on his hands. Romeo duels Tybalt and kills him in fury. when Romeo climbs to Juliet’s Orchard. scene five. In the same scene. and while Romeo is trying to break them up. When the Prince shows up. “If they do see thee.75). Tybalt stabs Mercutio and kills him.3). away from his wife. I put the sun on top of the cliff to represent Romeo climbing to Juliet’s orchard to see Juliet. Romeo. and it is all downhill from there. they will murder thee. climbing a cliff. but the Iphone comes from his enemy’s family.In my album cover for the Romeo and Juliet soundtrack. his sun. “My only love sprung from my only hate!” referring to her love. after the party where she met Romeo. scene two. Romeo went from having the perfect life he’s dreamed about to being banished from the city he loves.” comparing Juliet to the sun (2:2. . In minutes. Microsoft and Apple are being compared here to the houses of Capulet and Montague. In act two.152). Mercutio and Tybalt fight. This is why I choose to put a wave in my picture. he comments to himself aside. representing how your whole life can be thrown to pieces in a matter of minutes. I have included various analogies including visual. That is why I have chosen to have him risking his life in the picture. and interviews Benvolio. logical. “It is the East. the house of Apple. upon seeing Juliet in the window. In act three. she says to him. and paradoxical analogies. after Juliet sees that Romeo has joined her in the orchard. Romeo is a newlywed and he is living in a state of euphoria. Bill gates is shown clearly loving his Iphone and taking it surfing. Romeo is shown climbing a cliff risking his life to get to the top. and Juliet is the sun. On the top of the cliff is a sun. It symbolizes a tsunami. Juliet says to her nurse in act one.” (2:2. coming from the house of Montague (1:5. Bill Gates is shown surfing a wave holding his clearly loved Iphone.