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Object Oriented Programming and Concepts Using C

Object Oriented Concepts and Programming Using C++ Assignment 4 1. i) ii) 2. What are the differences between the following? Inheritance and Polymorphism Dynamic binding and message passing Illustrate the class derivation feature by creating ‘Joint – Account’ derived from base class, ‘bank –

account’ of a customer with the following: a) b) Data members: name, account number, type of account and amount of balance. Member functions: to assign initial values, to deposit an amount, to withdraw an amount after

checking the balance and to display the balance. 3. Create a bank program with two types of account – saving and current as derived class. Saving

account gives interest and withdrawn but no cheque. Current gives withdrawn but no interest, it also demands for minimum balance of X rupees or fine is imposed. Include necessary functions to do the following task: i) ii) iii) iv) v) 4. 5. C++. 6. 7. 8. What do you mean by pointers to object? Explain this pointer with example. Differentiate between virtual function & pure virtual function. What is meant by this pointer? Write a C++ program to demonstrate how this pointer is used to Accept deposit and update balance Display balance Compute and deposit interests. Withdrawal and update balance Check minimum balance and impose fine, update balance. What do you mean by virtual class? Explain with example. What does Inheritance mean in C++? Describe the syntax of the different forms of inheritance in

access the memory data of a class. 9. 10. What is a virtual function? Why do we need virtual functions? Support your answer with example. What are the various types of inheritance? Explain hybrid inheritance with the help of example.

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How late binding is achieved in C++? What are abstract classes and when do we create them? Explain giving example. Explain Virtual functions? When do we make a virtual function “pure”? Explain. BITD. 13. What is multiple inheritance? What are ambiguities in multiple inheritance and how it can be resolved? Mr.Object Oriented Programming and Concepts Using C++ 11. Differentiate between early and late binding. 15. 9827475115 Page 2 . 14. Write a program to maintain the records of employees using array of pointer to object. Create a class employee with the data member as employee number. 12. employee name and salary. Dinesh Kumar Bhawnani.

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