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Published by Shailesh Agrawal
A very good book for sellling
A very good book for sellling

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Published by: Shailesh Agrawal on Jan 25, 2013
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Mistake #1:Attitude

Audiences evaluate a presenter within the first 120 seconds

of the presentation. The presenters who make a bad first

impression lose credibility. Clients always remember the bad



presenters, along with the good ones. Here are some of the

mistakes salespeople make:

➠The salesperson is giving what is apparently the same

presentation they have given over and over – and it


➠They are slouched in their chair because they don’t

want to stand up and give their canned pitch.

➠It feels like they don’t want to be there and are just

going through the motions.

➠They are looking at the screen, not at the audience.

➠They are skipping over some of their slides because

they do not apply to the client – so they say.

➠They seem bored and want to rush through it.

➠If they are standing, they are addressing the wall and

it is difficult to hear them.

➠Their appearance and dress is not appropriate

If you aren't excited about the presentation, why should

your audience be? Enthusiastic presenters are the ones we

remember most, which makes them the most effective!

Mistake #2:No Planning

If you don’t know your audience and what they should do

at the end of your presentation, there is no need for you to

present. Closing your presentation is extremely important.

The close allows you to tie up the presentation and spell out

what you want your audience “to do”.



A weak close can kill a presentation. The salesperson who

spends little, if any, time working on a planned outcome

does not have an answer to: “What do I want the client to


Knowing your objectives is the key to developing an effective


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