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This is a step-by-step program that involves gradual but consistent progression to the point of lifting very heavy weights. Proper warm-up is mandatory before every workout to ensure that you protect your tendons, ligaments and joints from injury. Although exercise is beneficial, and this program has been created to progress beginners to advanced and elite training levels, there is still the risk of injury. Vince DelMonte and its owners, agents, affiliates and employees will not be held responsible or liable for any injury sustained while lifting or moving weights at your home, gym or elsewhere. Always consult with your physician before beginning any weight-training program or other exercise plan, even if it is progressive in nature. If you experience any strain or pain while training, stop and immediately consult your family doctor.

You Are GettinG everYthinG in Your Life thAt You Deserve – BAseD on the Person You Are & the Decisions You MAke
If You Are Happy With What You Are Getting Then Keep Doing What You Are Doing.

“nothinG Will change until You Decide to Make it happen.”
-Vince DelMonte & Peter Carvell-

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No Nonsense Muscle Building No Nonsense 6 Pack

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no nonsense 6 PAck
Your six Pack in six Months: the no nonsense fat Loss system
By Vince DelMonte

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‘it?’” Peter said. I’m going to hold off on my “congratulations” until you replace your pot-belly “before” pictures with a set of “after” pictures showing off your . I want to stress that just because you are reading this book does NOT mean that you are ready to change! Do you have a gym membership you never use? Do you say you’re going to go tomorrow. “Thanks for the program. 276 lbs and clinically obese.YourSixPackQuest. and never has any email communication with me that sends me his or her incredible transformation story a few months later and 2006.” I wished him good luck and brushed him off in my head because I get hundreds of emails each week from clients who talk BiG but never come through. having a six-pack represents more than vanity and being shallow – it represents someone who is TRULY committed to their goals. and I can tell you that from personal experience. Page 4 of 111 www.and we’ll get into the system he followed shortly. All rights reserved. rock-hard. what if it does not work?” I said. never talks big. washboard abs! When Peter. but don’t? Have you spent hundreds of dollars on programs. the potential is already inside of you. Peter said to me. check out the results I got…!” Peter was one of those success stories . He was putting the responsibility on the program to work instead of putting the responsibility on him to © Vince Delmonte www. Many authors would congratulate you in their welcome message for “taking action” and ordering this program but I’ll hold off on the lip service.” Welcome! Your six pack quest could be the toughest challenge you’ll ever face. it’s always the client or customer who purchases my program. “Vince. Peter would tell you that. To me. “What do you mean. “The program – what if it does not work?” I immediately got frustrated because I realized that Peter was not truly committed to his goals yet. He had not made a Decision to be successful. Interestingly. hoping for a quick fix and a new body? Will you be someone who only takes the first step (reading the book) but never takes the second and third and fourth step of following through day by day? I want to tell you the most important thing I told Peter before he began his journey. emailed me two years ago telling me about his “six pack quest.No Nonsense Muscle Building No Nonsense 6 Pack Introduction Introduction INTRODUCTION “everyone has the ability to create a beautiful body.YourSixPackQuest.

It was not his new job’s fault. only you can fail yourself. You wouldn’t be reading this book right now if you did not have some degree of motivation. i’ve got the tools. I am about to empower you with the tools and information that will turn your paunch and sag into a killer set of washboard was his fault and his fault only. it was not the chocolates’ and sweets’ fault. so much dedication. but I kept reminding myself that this was more than looking good. and you’re going to have to work SO hard mentally and physically. I believe that we were all created to be GREAT. it was not his genetics’ fault . everYone hAs the ABiLitY to Be GreAt. and persistence. the potential is already inside of you.YourSixPackQuest. it was about creating a wonderful new life that would provide me with more energy. more confidence so I could be more successful in all areas of my life. i’ve got the expertise.” Both Peter and I would tell you . cultural perceptions of what is possible or a circle of friends who share negativity about life. it was not his long hours’ fault.” He also wanted to share this: “There will be days you want to quit.not me. It was not too late for Peter and it’s not too late for you! Peter said this recently: “Man. “Peter. making the decision to get my abs required SO many lifestyle changes. Peter realized he had the power to make the decision to regain his health and the ability to sculpt a body he could be proud of. © Vince Delmonte www. it was not his friends’ fault. what has happened to most of us? Whether it is your jaded beliefs about life’s limitations. I believe that YOU have the decision to accept or reject these limiting beliefs and to embrace your full . but don’t ever put the responsibility back on me – this is all about you! i’ve got the program. the program will not fail you.” That’s when Peter discovered he had never truly taken responsibility for his health and his overweight body.whether you believe it or not – everyone has the ability to create a beautiful body.YourSixPackQuest. Despite how much Peter thanks me. But if this is so. All rights reserved. but it was worth it.” Yes. I said. it was not his personal trainer’s fault. “It was all you bro – you made the decision to follow my advice . I always remind him. That is when the light bulb went off in Peter’s head and he suddenly realized a belief that I hold true in my life.No Nonsense Muscle Building No Nonsense 6 Pack Introduction Introduction make the program work. Page 5 of 111 www.

No Nonsense Muscle Building No Nonsense 6 Pack Introduction Introduction You’ve got the desire. this will be one of the most exciting times of your entire life! To your six pack quest.YourSixPackQuest. Vince DelMonte © Vince Delmonte . All rights reserved.the system that Peter followed to lose over 20% body fat in just 24 2006. the drive and the commitment. leanest and sexiest body EVER! If you follow this through to the end. and the same system that is going to help you get your fittest. the motivation.YourSixPackQuest. And if you don’t have it now. you will find it along the way. It’s time to get to the system that helped Peter go from 276 lbs down to 176 lbs in just six months . Page 6 of 111 www.

“I want to lose all the fat to look good in my wedding dress. For example. How emotional that reason is will determine your success. “Why? Why? Why?” Seriously. her grandmother and her great-grandmother wore. “Why do I want a six-pack?” I will be using the word “six-pack” to represent the highest level of fitness you can achieve.YourSixPackQuest. health. if you think about it. and with whatever answer you come up with ask. but maybe not logical. achievement. so. “WhY Do You reALLY WAnt A siX-PAck?” © Vince Delmonte www. and if something has meaning to us. a woman who says. When I say.YourSixPackQuest. Page 7 of 111 www. 2006. “six-pack” it represents the highest goal you can set for yourself physically. a six-pack by itself is useless. Until you define your “why” strong enough you will have a very hard time staying motivated and waking up each morning to chase your goal.” is going to be far less successful than one who keeps asking “why” until she realizes that she wants to look good in her wedding dress because it’s a third generation dress that her mother. and she does not want to disgrace the family name! You see the difference in “whys?” Until you dig up the emotional reason of your “why” it will be easy to ignore your goals when the going gets tough. sex. Let Me Ask You AGAin. pride. identity and many other motivations. power. All rights reserved. I understand that many of you would simply be happy with 30 lbs less. Asking the reason “why” and defining it strongly enough revolves around meaning. A six-pack can buy you respect. looser clothes and a flatter stomach. But. chances are. I’m sure if you keep asking “why” you will discover a very emotional. “Why do I want that…” and then ask.No Nonsense Muscle Building No Nonsense 6 Pack Introduction Chapter 1 Chapter 1: 15 reAsons You WiLL not Get A siX PAck 1. “Why is that important to me?” and keep asking. Give yourself a moment and ask yourself that question. a sixpack is something that can “buy” you what you . Not Defining a Strong Enough “Why” Perhaps the most important question you should ask yourself before beginning Your Six Pack Quest is. we focus our efforts on it.

at least you can be honest with yourself and admit that you aren’t committed to doing certain things that would help you achieve your goals. If you’re not that serious. I have never met anyone who has done this. let me ask you. And you know what? That’s OK. Not Being Truly Committed To Your Goals On a scale of 1 to 10 how committed are you to achieving your goals? It’s amazing how many clients walk into my office and say. “What am I NOT willing to do?” When You Ask YourseLf this question You WiLL see the reAL You.” But thenwhen I ask them how committed they are to losing that 40 pounds on a scale of 1-10. © Vince Delmonte www. That’s actually a powerful way to determine how committed you are.No Nonsense Muscle Building No Nonsense 6 Pack Introduction Chapter 1 2. that’s like casually making a million dollars – it doesn’t happen without putting in your “road work!” This is a very important question to ask because it will teach you a lot about yourself. Because I’m honest and straight-up with my clients I’ve helped many of them realize that the reason they have only had short-term success is because they really aren’t that serious. “What is holding you back from being a 10 out of 10?” I want to state very clearly that if you TRULY want to get a ripped midsection that will make people envy you then you MUST be a 10 out of 10. If you are an 8 or 9 out of 10. Ask yourself this . don’t expect 100% return.YourSixPackQuest. you will NOT casually lose 30-40 lbs without being committed to your goals.” In the past five years as a trainer. “Yeah. “You know what – it doesn’t sound like you’re that serious about your goals and I can’t help you until you get your commitment level up to a 10 out of 10. Trust me. If you’re only putting out 70% effort.YourSixPackQuest. they 2006. I don’t care what’s going on in your life. I want to lose 40 lbs. I’ve turned away thousands of dollars from potential clients I chose not to work with because I knew they were not truly serious about relieving their pain and doing what they said they wanted to do. Page 8 of 111 www. “I would say I’m about a 7 or so…” and then they come up with multiple reasons why they are not a 10 out of 10. I have no problem telling someone. All rights reserved. I’ve heard every reason: • • • • • Well I have a family and kids to attend to… I have a busy job that takes up lots of time… I’m not exactly sure if I’ll get the results… I don’t know what I’m doing… I don’t know if I’ll stay motivated… I’m not here to tell you what your priorities are but I can tell you that your commitment level will reflect the results you get.

That is TRUE commitment. When the settlers ventured into the New World that was dark and daunting . then guess what? That’s not commitment. “Where and when in your life have you had the greatest success because of your commitment?” Think about it. I don’t remember much from history class but the captains of the boats got a 10 out of 10 commitment from their sailors. 2006. Perhaps you have a very healthy marriage? Maybe you have a tremendous relationship with your children? Perhaps you have a booming business or career? Maybe you have a killer social life? Maybe you have an extremely strong spiritual relationship with God? Maybe you’re a straight A student? noW Ask YourseLf hoW AnD WhY You Are coMMitteD to those GoALs. If you’re not willing to cut out the rum and cokes on the weekends because you like your party life too much. then guess what? That’s not true commitment.far away from the comfort of home the Captains burned the boats to the ground! Back then there were no trains. first they made their commitment and then their commitment made them! Are you ready to do the same? © Vince Delmonte www.if you are not willing to wake up at 5 am to work out because that’s the only time in the day to train and you would rather take an extra hour of sleep – guess what? That’s not true commitment! If you are not willing to spend an extra hour on Sunday to cook your meals for the following week because you would rather watch a football .YourSixPackQuest. I realized I was partly to blame for some of my clients’ failures. A problem I faced with Peter (and many other clients) is that he didn’t even know what true commitment really was. Page 9 of 111 www.No Nonsense Muscle Building No Nonsense 6 Pack Introduction Chapter 1 For example . How can I ask you to be truly committed if you don’t even know what it looks like?! So my question to you is.YourSixPackQuest. and they burned their only means of transportation back home. sPirituAL or sociAL Life into Your PhYsicAL WorLD? You need to have the same commitment as the Spanish settlers when they traveled to the New World. They gave themselves no way out – essentially they locked themselves in a room and threw away the key so they were forced to follow through on their commitment. planes or automobiles. All rights reserved. cAn You trAnsfer the sAMe chArActeristics AnD quALities froM Your fAMiLY.

Despite that. All rights reserved. the news is so good that by maintaining your muscle mass you can reduce the drop of 5-7% per year to 0. The plan you’re going to follow is designed to dig deep into your fat stores and burn the most stubborn fat for energy.YourSixPackQuest. 4. Page 10 of 111 www.and with the weight training. next time you’re at the gym. But you shouldn’t care about burning calories from proteins and carbs because that has nothing to do with getting rid of the ugly fat on your arms. you can experience a drop in metabolism by as much as 25%. Here is an important lesson that you must grasp – one of the most important lessons I shared with Peter and one I’ll share with you: © Vince Delmonte www. Notice that he is also extremely lean? Adding or maintaining lean muscle mass is your secret weapon to your six pack quest. Not Understanding The Reasons You Burn Fat Notice that I did not . I will tell you and research will tell you that the main reason you are gaining weight with age is not because of your age but because you are losing muscle with age! i’ve read studies that state you can lose five-10 pounds of muscle every 10 years starting at the young age of 25.No Nonsense Muscle Building No Nonsense 6 Pack Introduction Chapter 1 3. decreasing your energy output and resulting in fat gain. thighs and butt. you can even crank your metabolism higher than when you were in your 20’s! So if you believe you can NOT build muscle mass with age or at least maintain muscle mass with age – then stop reading and give up right now. which can often result in a brand new spare tire (and not the kind you keep in your trunk). i bet you young folk don’t feel so invincible now! By the age of 65. most people eat less food with age – typically. your activity level and lifestyle tame down quite a bit too. look for the oldest and most muscular guy.” Everybody knows that when you exercise you burn calories from carbs.36% per year . stomach. proteins and fats. If you don’t believe me. the good news is that numerous studies show – even over the age of 60 – that you can reverse muscle loss and rebuild the metabolism of your youth. nutrition and supplement plan i’m going to show you in this book. “not understanding the reasons you burn calories. foLLoWinG An incorrect PLAn WiLL cAuse You onLY to Burn the suGArs in Your MuscLe AnD soMetiMes Burn Your Precious MuscLe for enerGY. which can work out to a daily metabolic drop of 500 2006. Believing You Are Too Old To Get Lean It’s true that maintaining a healthy weight becomes more difficult as you age.

No Nonsense Muscle Building No Nonsense 6 Pack Introduction Chapter 1 In other words. correct? Your goal is to burn the fat off your body! Let’s look at the times when your body has the greatest chance to use your “stored energy. All rights reserved. “So how do I maximize the afterburn effect?” Your siX PAck quest WiLL shoW You hoW. and as a result. Your metabolism will selfishly and anxiously incinerate body fat for energy. and the longer it takes to pay back the debt you created. The damage you inflict on your body is costly to repair. you get a boost in metabolism. You don’t need the heat!” So what is the safest and most effective way to burn fat? Create the highest energy demand possible and you will never struggle with weight loss again. which means that when you head off to work. work out 60 minutes a day. depending on the intensity of your workout and nature of your workout (sprinting and weights work best).” During exercise: Depending on the nature and intensity of the 2006.YourSixPackQuest. Most people train at intensities that only increase their metabolism 2. is that your body has to pay back the energy it has spent and your metabolism stays high for an additional 1-2 hours. Your body will not tap into your fat stores unless it needs to because it requires energy (increased metabolism) to break down the fat bonds.” or “stubborn fat. A lot of research shows that you can sustain an afterburn effect for up to 24 hours. your body will not burn fat unless your body needs energy. then a four-pack. My friend John Berardi uses this analogy: “Breaking fat down when it’s not necessary is like running your heater on high with the windows open on a hot summer night. “Peter. During repair: Imagine borrowing a huge sum of money from your line of credit.YourSixPackQuest. Even if you are an animal when you 5-fold. This is the equivalent of what happens to your metabolism after a hard weight training or cardio session. The greater the line of credit. This is best known as the afterburn effect. and eventually your six-pack if you can burn off all the stored energy (fat) on your body! That’s what I told Peter. you can increase your metabolism up to 20-fold on the highest end. This is the equivalent of a very hard workout that damages your body. We’ll talk about those other hours of the day in a moment. leaving you with a twopack. the greater the shock to your body and . you know what fat really is? It’s just stored energy. I’m sure you’re thinking. Guess what © Vince Delmonte www. back to your family or off to the movies. you’ll still be burning calories. After exercise: What happens after you work out.” A little different than trying to starve the fat off your body. People who say they can’t lose the lower ab fat or last 10 lbs simply have not trained hard enough to burn off that lost 10 lbs of stored energy. After you borrow the money you realize that you will be in debt for a long time. what about the other 23 hours in the day and the other 161 hours in the week? You are only burning calories 4% of the time (and that’s assuming the best case scenario). Page 11 of 111 www. seven days a week.

muscle damage. All rights reserved. the body is most inefficient at breaking down protein.500 calories roughly equals one pound of weight). for every extra pound of muscle you add to your body you will burn up to an additional 50 calories a day – even while you are at the movies.your body would “gain access” to 97% of those calories because it is efficient in breaking down fats and using them for fuel. pig out and come back just as lean? They have so much muscle on their bodies that they just burn off the excess calories. That’s why new trainees sometimes gain weight when they first start working .No Nonsense Muscle Building No Nonsense 6 Pack Introduction Chapter 1 happens when you train in a way your body is familiar with? There is very minimal. The other calories are “burned away” in the process of breaking down the food. For example.500 cALories BurneD Per YeAr. Consider that if you add an extra 10 pounds of lean muscle mass (which is not uncommon for beginners in the first four months). If you were to eat 100 calories of fat .” and because their training regime is so tame they gain weight! eating “expensive” foods: Certain foods “cost” more energy to breakdown and metabolize than others. and your metabolism stays the same. It’s like the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. the body is roughly “gaining access” to only 80% of those calories. Therefore your 200 calorie chicken breast would really yield 160 calories. you will burn an extra 500 calories a day or an extra one pound per week (since 3. © Vince Delmonte www. protein is a very “costly” food compared to carbs and fat. Where do the other 40 calories go? They are “wasted” or burned away for the work required in breaking down the food. thAt’s An eXtrA 182. They train with zero intensity. Since breaking down carbs “costs” energy we can say there is small boost in metabolism from eating them. the body will only gain access to 88-90% of them. But in our case. Which MeAns You’LL Burn off AnD/or keeP off 52 PounDs Per YeAr! You see why your muscular friends can go away on an all-inclusive vacation. think their body needs more calories because they are “working out. However. your body is less efficient. Page 12 of 111 www. For every 100 calories you 2006. But with carbs. routinely breaking down and building up new proteins. For example. Your muscles are cells too and require a greater amount of calories to maintain themselves.YourSixPackQuest. if you ate a chicken breast that yields 200 calories. the lean stay lean and the fat get fatter. Starting to see why proteins can make you very lean very fast? When You Gain Lean Muscle Mass: Your body turns over new cells and tissue every few hours and this daily demolition and reconstruction process burns calories. not work out. if any.let’s say a tablespoon of butter .

it’s the trainers’ fault that client did not succeed because they were too afraid to create an “easier” plan the client could comply with. and be committed to.500 calories of steamed chicken breast? no! Ignoring the science (and common sense) that not all calories are created equal ignores the fact that different foods act differently on your body. i’ve seen many trainers set their clients up for failure by designing an unrealistic plan. Does that mean I could consume 2. All rights reserved. As a personal trainer for the past five years I’ve discovered that people don’t come to me for “weight loss. Don’t get me 2006. they would fail.and if I failed to design a meal plan and training program that they could comply with. I had no interest (nor did he) in punching numbers. 6. Peter and I never spoke about calorie counting during the entire six months. I became very aware that my clients were coming to me for one reason – RESULTS . causing the release of different hormones. An important lesson to learn is that not all calories are created equal.No Nonsense Muscle Building No Nonsense 6 Pack Introduction Chapter 1 5. Lack of Compliancy I’m not sure if I learned this from John Berardi or Alwyn Cosgrove but it was advice that I passed onto Peter when he approached me about his six pack quest.” or they’ll give you some ball park number. and if you ask them how many calories they’re taking in they’ll reply. “I’m not sure.” They come to me to look good naked. I’m sure you know someone who has lost a lot of weight.YourSixPackQuest. Page 13 of 111 www.500 calories of Buffalo wings instead of 2.500 calories a day to lose weight. affecting your ability to lose fat and your ability to gain muscle.500 calories of chips and Doritos because I’m in a caloric deficit? Does that mean i will get the same lean and ripped body eating 2. and if you are one of them. For . increase their energy. don’t fix what’s not broken. how realistic is it for an obese person to go from eating two Big Macs and fries for lunch to chicken breast and spinach? It’s not going to happen! In my opinion.YourSixPackQuest. © Vince Delmonte www. the meal plans you will be following are based on certain macronutrient breakdowns and calories. improve their health. and it works for you. digesting at different rates. Interestingly. get back into their old clothes and other reasons. Obsessing Over Calorie Counting You probably know a few people who actually like counting calories. Let’s say calorie counting did work and I needed 2. but if you were to transfer your efforts to simply eating the right foods then you would notice a dramatic change in body composition.

“Well.but NOT until he was 90% compliant to the first step. After years of living a certain way it’s unrealistic to expect people to completely transform their lifestyle just because they start a new program. Without my years of experience working with overweight individuals. © Vince Delmonte www. until the meal plans become apart of your lifestyle.” Instead of writing the “perfect diet” I would rather write an easier one that Peter can actually follow and then progress the “intensity” of the diet as he maintains compliance. That is the same advice I recommend to you when following the meal plans specifically. when I met Peter. In the nutrition chapter. don’t even think about moving on. But here’s how you are going to overcome this potential pitfall: i want you to choose one habit that you will comply with 90% of the time. he was only eating two big meals a day. “This is too hard for me. The closer you are to 90% compliancy the quicker you will see results. I didn’t care what he ate – just as long as he was eating something. All rights reserved.” so the change is not as drastic. I am going to give you a stepby-step process to progress from start to finish. for a total of five times a day. which would be so hard to follow that they would just give up and say. Giving a beginner a pre-contest bodybuilder diet is like giving a beginner a five-day bodybuilding program. The best results come when you comply 90% of the time with a plan that is “better than yesterday. and they involve a lot of change which could set you up for failure.” This means they are going to be a stretch for you if you are not used to eating properly. Most people fail because they are asked to make major changes right out of the gate. That advice helped establish the habit of eating frequently. we moved on to the next piece of advice .com . thinking that was the right way. I was very aware not to make this mistake with Peter. For example. if I had a client who was eating two Big Macs and a Coke each day for lunch. I would have probably written out the hardest diet. from basic to advanced.” The last thing I wanted to do was ask Peter to make too many changes too soon. Once he mastered that habit. if you only eat your veggies at 25 of your 35 meals then you are only 71% compliant. similar to a bodybuilder’s pre-contest diet. If we’re using the example of eating all your veggies I should tell you that 90% equates to 31 of the 35 meals you consume each week. your meal plans on this program are designed “perfectly. you will learn how to “periodize” your nutrition plan so you can focus on mastering one “nutrition rule” at a 2006. that could mean you’ll put ALL of your effort into eating your veggies for each meal – and do nothing else. For example. So basically. Page 14 of 111 www.YourSixPackQuest. you’ll focus on implementing one new habit. My first piece of advice was for Peter to eat every four hours.No Nonsense Muscle Building No Nonsense 6 Pack Introduction Chapter 1 Personally.YourSixPackQuest. I would say. let’s cut that down to one Big Mac and a Diet Coke. each week. Until you ‘master each step’ and are doing it 90% of the time.

I know you are not one of those people or else you would have given up a long time ago . Poor fooD choices. Let me personally applaud you! Often I have to show “tough love” to my clients and remind them that their weight issues are often the result of “habitual obesity. no activity. It’s when your skinny grandparents eat every kind of junk food. probably fatter than your parents who were fatter than their parents.YourSixPackQuest. you also become fat. Next.YourSixPackQuest. Sure. Together. a lazy lifestyle. eat the wrong foods and do not exercise.” and reassure you that it’s “genetics.and you are here reading. textbooks and talk shows will sugar coat the truth and pat you on the back and say. they mimic the lifestyle of their parents and bring you into the picture. your grandparents give birth to your mom. but don’t neglect the fact that most of those 60% who are obese also overeat. never exercise. who marries your dad who had skinny parents who slacked off too. no self-control and surprise. Page 15 of 111 www. A LAck of seLf-controL AnD DisciPLine. Not Genetic Obesity Genes play a huge role in the amount of fat cells a person has. I don’t want to know what the “percentages” are of me being able to gain muscle – I don’t need the statistics. As you grow up. AnD eXtreMe inActivitY coLLectiveLY LeAD to hABituAL oBesitY – even in inDiviDuALs With LeAn PArents. you watch your parents indulge in poor eating habits. If I handed you the two fattest people in the world as your parents would you accept that your destiny was to be fat too? Some would. I hope you see that my point is clear.” but I strongly say that an environment that supports overeating and inactivity is the true © Vince Delmonte www. “It’s not your 2006. All rights reserved. i suggest a child born to obese parents has more like a 90% chance of becoming fat! Let me explain habitual obesity. Genetically they may be burdened.No Nonsense Muscle Building No Nonsense 6 Pack Introduction Chapter 1 7. and gain 20-30 pounds of extra weight. Although I was quite unsympathetic in my example. You’re Fat Because Of Habitual Obesity. . But who cares? Why get caught up in things we can’t control? Personally. and their ability to incinerate fat stores. many doctors.” Many people will say that kids born to obese parents have a 60% chance of being obese when they grow up but I have to vehemently disagree. Just give me the tools and principles and I’ll max that out and go from there. If I told you that genes played a 100% role in the way your body looks (which they don’t) would you just give up hope? Some would.

not only will you go through this dietary hell but you’ll lose muscle mass – so it’s a double-edged sword. That’s why cutting calories more and more (as diets promote) is a losing strategy because this creates more stress on your body. Dieting Burns Your hard-earned Muscle – Where do you think your body is going to get energy when you attempt to train hard? If your calories are so low your body will be forced to break down muscle tissue for energy because it is released quicker than © Vince Delmonte www.No Nonsense Muscle Building No Nonsense 6 Pack Introduction Chapter 1 culprit and has resulted in the genesis of lousy “genetics.” So. Why? If I was your metabolism and you were starving me here is what I would say to you: “Whoa…. Dieting Makes You Fat Not only are the first three letters in the word “diet” D I E. I’m taking care of myself before you. This program will teach you a different philosophy and how to decrease your stress. When you eat less and 2006. and by dieting you diminish your ability to burn fat.YourSixPackQuest. So why do diets fail? hormonal issues: As soon as you go on a diet your stress levels go up. I’m turning down the heat of your metabolism so I can conserve some calories.and then you starve yourself more. but they trigger thought processes of deprivation. because I have no idea how long this fast is going to last. as you eat less food your Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR) and Thermic Effect of Feeding (TEF) go down. You starve yourself . That begins a downward spiral and that’s when your body begins to store fat. When the heck am I going to get fed again? I’d better start storing fat for energy. When I refer to the word “diet” in this book I am referring to a way of eating.” which is really habitual obesity. These are two massive processes that help maintain a fast metabolism. Page 16 of 111 www. That increases your cortisol level and causes your adrenals to burn out since they try to make up for a lack of hormones. such as those produced by your . 8. Your Resting Metabolic Rate is the amount of calories you burn at rest and the Thermic Effect of Feeding is the amount of energy required to digest. but the word diet also represents a temporary way of eating. Decrease in Metabolism – A diet encourages starvation. your metabolism slows. more cortisol and less thyroid which damages your metabolism so much that your body becomes an instant fat gain machine. restriction and failure. All rights reserved. increase your energy expenditure and restore your body’s hormonal capacity to burn fat. Good luck trying to break me down for energy while you starve yourself. absorb and eliminate the foods you eat. which controls your metabolism.

cycling. Diets trigger Mental stress – Do any of these comments sound familiar? “Man I have to lose weight. I wish it worked that way but unfortunately the common diets people go on are not easily maintained on a day-to-day basis.500 calories a week. Your body needs food to power its workouts and dieting leads to muscle loss. As we discussed. Diets equal Weight regain – Dieting is a triple-edged .” “I can’t eat this… I can’t eat that…” “I need to cut this out… I need to cut that out…” “I can’t go here … I can’t go there…” My goodness.No Nonsense Muscle Building No Nonsense 6 Pack Introduction Chapter 1 fat in high intense situations. without weight training. All rights reserved. This means that two years ago when you started running. that is so stressful. swimming. Yes. so following a meal plan that is not stressful is a huge contributor to your six pack quest. talking. aerobic classes): Your Body Adapts quickly – Aerobic work leads to efficiency overtime. but many trainees fail to realize the pitfalls of an aerobic-based fat-loss program until it’s too late. So how © Vince Delmonte www. for example.YourSixPackQuest. 9. There are 3. only burn 250-300 calories. Page 17 of 111 www. Not only will you see a reduction in metabolism and muscle mass but this will result in gaining the weight back. With no afterburn effect (because of the low intensity). The client does three 60-minute walk/jogs per week. Overemphasis on Aerobics The reality is that aerobics (referred to as low-intensity cardio) will help you burn calories. There are a number of problems with solely relying on aerobic exercise (this also refers to any sort of cardio like walking. but now you can only burn 400 calories during the same run.500 calories in one pound of fat. the body burns about 1. Diets Don’t Last forever – Why do people go on diets? They go on diets to lose weight and then once they do that they can go back to the way they were eating 2006. There aren’t too many people in the world who can eat steamed chicken breast and broccoli day in and day out for their entire lives. running. in reality. because your metabolism has been damaged. Even though the client will. and this is where aerobic cardio “misses the mark. stair master. no Afterburn effect – You know that the number of calories you burn throughout the day is more important than the amount you burn in the actual workout. let’s be generous and say they burn 500 calories per workout. plus more.YourSixPackQuest. you may have burned 500 calories in a 60-minute run. you’ll lose weight on the scale but you’ll be losing muscle and water which is the weight you CAN NOT afford to lose.” Let’s create a hypothetical situation using someone who uses cardio as their primary source of exercise. stress causes cortisol release which leads to muscle loss and fat gain.

Muscle Loss With Just cardio – Most weight-loss plans that have no physical activity result in a 1:1 ratio of fat to muscle loss. So what happens when you add cardio into a weight-loss plan absent of weight training? Not much different than above. The person might burn an extra five-10 pounds above the original 50. but the cardio will do nothing to preserve the muscle mass. it can also apply to intense lifestyle stress however this is not an excuse to avoid hard cardio but a real life scenario you might consider applying if you are physically or mentally stressed and one © Vince Delmonte www. lifestyle and weight-training program to the letter. Now you can explain to them why they are confused because their body fat percentage is STILL the same! Even worse. it could be muscle It would take about two and a half weeks to lose ONE pound of fat on this type of program – and that’s assuming their nutrition is excellent.YourSixPackQuest. For each pound of fat you lose you will also lose one pound of muscle! So the true result of someone you know who just lost 50 pounds with no exercise is actually 25 pounds of fat loss and 25 pounds of muscle loss. Your quest for a six-pack has now turned into a pipe dream. losing 25 pounds of metabolically active muscle means a slowed . so realize that low intensity is an option and can be used in certain situations. Page 18 of 111 www. intervAL cArDio WiLL resuLt in MuscLe Loss AnD fAt storAGe. I was suspicious about the amount of stress on her body from the intense training and dieting so we made one change – we replaced interval cardio with low intensity walking on a slight incline. Doing Aerobic cardio over interval cardio – Here. She was also doing interval cardio and we were stumped.No Nonsense Muscle Building No Nonsense 6 Pack Introduction Chapter 1 and water too)? long will it take to lose ONE POUND of fat (which might not even be all 2006. I had a female fitness athlete who was in her final weeks of contest prep when she hit a massive plateau after following a contest nutrition plan. All rights reserved. such As intervAL trAininG. This solution worked for me and for a few other clients. Is that fast enough for you? You can laugh out loud with me! That means it will take about one year to lose 10 pounds! Throw in a few cheat meals and that will cancel out an entire four days of aerobic work! This type of plan does not produce the kind of results most people are looking for. reALize thAt hiGh-intensitY cArDio. That was it. creAtes More stress AnD cortisoL in the BoDY .so for An inDiviDuAL Who is ALreADY stresseD.YourSixPackQuest. and her fat started to drop like magic. I would like to speak in defense of aerobic cardio for a moment . this does not only apply to physical stress.and I only discovered this in the real world while training myself and other fitness models and bodybuilders.

here is The effecT of hard dieTing and exercise on meTabolism: Person A: hard diet Person B: hard diet and cardio Person c: hard diet and weight training start Weight A) 250 B) 250 C) 250 finish Weight 200 200 200 fat Loss 25 lbs 28-30 lbs 40-45 lbs Muscle Loss effect on Metabolism 25 lbs high 20-22 lbs 5-10 lbs medium low to none Weight training sends a signal to the brain to “hang on” to your muscle so when you are on low calories your body is forced to burn fat instead of muscle. Peter only lost one pound of muscle in the six months on the program (which you would never know unless I told you). one weighs 200 pounds and carries 180 pounds of muscle (10% body fat) and the other is 150 pounds and has 135 lbs of muscle (10% body fat).YourSixPackQuest. adding one pound of muscle to your body can increase your daily metabolism by 50 calories. and both put out 70% effort (tracked by a heart rate monitor).com . even with a severe reduction in calories. As soon as you start doing high reps and low intensity cardio it says. when you add five-10 pounds of muscle. © Vince Delmonte www. and in Peter’s case.No Nonsense Muscle Building No Nonsense 6 Pack Introduction Chapter 1 method is not working – most likely you will find success with the opposite alternative. 10. Typically. All rights reserved.” Cardio does not allow your body to “hold on” to muscle like weight training and as we learned earlier. weight training was able to almost completely offset the amount of lost muscle mass. here is another example that stresses how the lean get lean and the fat get fatter: consider two individuals who both do 30 minutes on the stairmaster each day. Page 19 of 111 2006. they both have the same amount of body fat but one has more muscle. Avoiding the Weights (Resistance Training) When you add weight training to your fat-loss program. “This is easy and because this muscle makes me work so hard during the day I’m going to strip some of it off. your body holds onto at least (in a worst case scenario) 80% of your muscle mass. which can speed up your six pack quest quickly.YourSixPackQuest.

All rights reserved. Who gets leaner? The one with more muscle mass. As it WAs for Peter. The same two people decide to drive from Toronto to Montreal. and the lower the intensity the lower the heart rate. Moral of the story – once again – more muscle equals more calories being burned. is muscle! Here’s a metaphor. One drives a Honda Civic and one drives a . and heavy aerobic exercise continues to backfire by lowering hormones that support muscle growth. The bigger vehicle requires more fuel to get to the same destination at the same speed. training at a lower intensity. siMPLe cArBs AnD A LAck of cArBs. the secret to Your siX PAck quest. How can that be? Hard training forces your body to say. Why? Despite doing the exact same workout. Which is going to burn more calories? A higher intensity or lower intensity? This is where a lot of people get confused. Do they burn the same amount of fuel? Of course not. just like the larger person burns more calories doing the same cardio workout as his/her smaller friend. Some authors will go the extreme and say that no cardio is even necessary with weight training and a nutrition plan to get a lean body. Page 20 of 111 www. Why the heck are there so many overweight marathon runners? Your body is always sorting out the checks and balances. I trust you see that “more is not better” when it comes to aerobic cardio. but I urge you to stick to common sense as it will guide you to the scientific and logical answer. is siMPLY sMALL enerGY Deficits in Your nutrition PLAn. the higher the intensity the higher the heart rate. We’LL tALk ABout nutrition soon.No Nonsense Muscle Building No Nonsense 6 Pack Introduction Chapter 1 Who gets lean? They both do. keePinG Your MetABoLisM crAnkeD With WeiGht trAininG to “hAnG onto” or BuiLD More MuscLe.” For our discussion. Is High Intensity Cardio That Much Better? Look at the start line of the 100-meter dash. the factor that determines how many calories and how much fat you burn. “Wow… this is hard… how long is this going to last for? I better dig out some fat for energy so I don’t die!” During easy training your body says.YourSixPackQuest. resulting in a slowed 2006. AnD eLiMinAtinG insuLin sPikes thAt resuLt froM refineD cArBs.YourSixPackQuest. such as © Vince Delmonte www. but I believe adding cardio will accelerate the process. Those athletes don’t run farther than 400 meters at a time and they don’t have a spec of fat on them. about 300 miles. i will refer to “intensity” as level of effort measured by heart rate. I think I’ll just burn some local sugar and save my fat for something more intense. They drive side by side at 60 miles an hour. and to cement this point just look at marathon runners. “Oh this easy… I’ve done this before.

you’ll learn the specific cardio programs this system relies on. Most “fat burning” products are sold under the names of fat burners. Now. has been described as the “fat burning zone” because it promotes burning a greater amount of fat over glycogen (stored sugars). But when you shift the intensity to 75% and start running on the treadmill on an incline. these drugs both have herbal sources so product manufacturers can create mixtures of guarana (a caffeine source) and ma huang (an ephedrine source) so they can be marketed as “natural” and “herbal.” © Vince Delmonte www. The ones that actually work will have a combination of ephedrine and caffeine. Page 21 of 111 www.No Nonsense Muscle Building No Nonsense 6 Pack Introduction Chapter 1 55% to 60% of your maximum heart rate. A good example is walking on the treadmill or taking a hike for 45 . Overestimating The Power of Fat Burners I’m asked almost every day. “But I can only train that hard for 20-30 minutes before I get tired. metabolism boosters.YourSixPackQuest. thermo formulas. resuLtinG in More fAt cALories Lost. Here is where you must apply common sense to avoid the confusion. Shortly. the body begins to burn less fat and more glycogen for immediate energy. herbal booster and more. 11.YourSixPackQuest.which is true. but when it comes time to deliver. Wouldn’t it be the same thing if I have no time constraints?” That’s why I recommend interval training in Your Six Pack Quest because you can still train for 45 minutes but at a greater clip. I take this topic very seriously because there is so much at stake. reducing agents. “Which ones work or are they just hype?” If you have experimented with fat burners then you probably know that almost every one promises the world. All rights 2006. and I can train at a lower intensity for 60 minutes no problem. hiGher intensitY cArDio is More effective BecAuse it Burns More totAL cALories. energy enhancers. People have been led to believe that they are burning more fat than glycogen . they simply come up short. Which will burn more total calories? Training at a higher intensity or lower intensity? The answer is higher! even thouGh LoW-intensitY cArDio Burns A GreAter PercentAGe of fAt DurinG the Workout. you are probably saying.

And you don’t want to mess with your brain! These stimulants also increase your heart beat which is why you sweat more during your workout. and can suppress appetite by manipulating the neurotransmitters in your brain. here’s why: 1. tremors and sometimes stroke and even death. Most PeoPLe WiLL not Die BY stAckinG these stiMuLAnts But there Are MAnY oBese PeoPLe At sPeciAL risk . also a stimulant. when dramatic dosages are taken for long periods of time.AnD When coMBineD With hYPertension – this is When DeAth cAn occur. While I am not advocating ephedrine and caffeine for the average person. Stimulants increase metabolism by 10% so more calories are burned during a day. this stack helps your body dig into the last bit of © Vince Delmonte www. I have no problem recommending ephedrine and caffeine to a healthy individual if your body needs some extra heat to boost your metabolism when you can’t take your training volume any higher or your caloric intake any lower. since this classic addiction is 100% legal.YourSixPackQuest. You will lose weight because of the mechanisms above so you’ll be convinced that it’s working. and marketers know how to tug on that heartstring so your wallet pops out. fat loss is a very emotional topic. Hydroxycut. I say this because fat burners are here to stay due to the simple and effective marketing behind them. When your thyroid is so low from the reduced calories.YourSixPackQuest. stimulants will accelerate weight loss in the short term through a variety of mechanisms but they will fail in the long run. If you want me to drop names of some of the products I’m referring 2006.and why you will need to make a wise decision when it comes to using them. Yes. companies make a fortune. Here’s why I believe they are dangerous – especially in the long term . 2. All rights reserved. and the list of other “thermogenic formulas” that have combinations of caffeine and ephedrine could go on for . a “withdrawal” and “loss of energy” occurs when the drugs are not taken. stacking stimulants or even stimulants on their own is very addictive. and your wallet is attached to your heart by a string. They also have a diuretic effect which leads to water loss. I’ll give you a partial list. Just like recreational drugs. 3. Lipo6. Side effects include headaches. you should be aware that I used them myself in the last four weeks of my pre-contest preparation. Page 22 of 111 www.No Nonsense Muscle Building No Nonsense 6 Pack Introduction Chapter 1 Beware: Caffeine is a stimulant. Hot-Rox and Syntrax are the popular ones. Ephedrine. is a bronchodilator and is sold over-the-counter as an asthma medication.

Peter. selling fat-loss in a bottle is a surefire way of making lots of money because they can be marketed as safe and cheap. Toxicity does not build up overnight but accumulates in small amounts over a long period of time. All rights reserved.” In summary. irregular heartbeat and increased thirst. Death is admittedly rare and the reality is that you could easily find a dozen people taking it and with no side effects – my biggest caution is the side effect of addiction and not being able to train without your “kick. with one day off every three days. this will not be necessary at all. ciGArettes. I would always recommend at least four to eight weeks of recovery after any cycle. WAter intAke. Page 23 of 111 www. but I am not comfortable recommending this extended dosage to anyone. stress AnD even the Air We BreAth. since We no LonGer Live DurinG the tiMe of ADAM AnD . if not thousAnDs. There has been research to show zero negative effects of taking the similar dosage above up to three times a day for up to six months. We no longer live © Vince Delmonte www. it’s no secret thAt hunDreDs. or hypertension experiment with ephedrine or caffeine. The use of ephedrine and caffeine can also increase blood pressure. a pre-existing heart condition. I do not want to risk the addictive properties. As A resuLt of our fooD suPPLY. With overhyped ads and their addictive properties fat burners can be a dream come true for every supplement company out there looking to make a quick 2006. 12. I never used more than 75 mg of ephedrine and 200 mg of caffeine a day. Many of you are probably wondering why I’m not scaring you about the 39 year old lady who took her fat burner as suggested by her trainer… and died (from heart failure). For most people. and although my recommendations are quite tame compared to many books. of environMentAL cheMicALs AnD toXins cAn eAsiLY finD their WAY into the fooD You Are reLYinG on to increAse Your MetABoLisM AnD Burn fAt. It’s like the rust spots on your car that have been building up over the past four years and then one day appears seemingly out of nowhere. eXPosure to the sun.No Nonsense Muscle Building No Nonsense 6 Pack Introduction Chapter 1 fat. DiD not use any stimulants during his entire six-month transformation.YourSixPackQuest. for example. I certainly do not recommend that anyone with heart disease. dizziness. for four weeks at the most.YourSixPackQuest. Never Detoxing Your Body Fat loss occurs from the inside out and detoxing (cleansing) your body is a critical starting point for improving your digestive health and creating the correct internal environment to support fat loss. cause headaches.

lose weight. If you have ever emailed me a question about training volume. lack of exercise. Page 24 of 111 www.thelemonadediet. I recommend doing this twice a year when the seasons change . to purify the glands. and you must plan ahead and be fully prepared to take on this fast. are the toughest. However. 3-10 days is perfect and will make your body feel absolutely amazing. It’s not easy but your sleep quality will be tremendous. to cleanse the kidneys and digestive system. especially the Lemonade 2006. substance abuse. and . All rights reserved. 13. Don’t be fooled by claims that state you will not lose muscle while on a cleanse or detox diet. how many carbs. intensity. created in your body by diets filled with processed food. how much cardio. © Vince Delmonte The first three days of any detox.YourSixPackQuest. to build a healthy spring and fall.what you are dying for me to say . reps.. to eliminate hardened materials in the joints and muscles. I personally noticed a quick gain in muscle mass since my energy levels were improved and the absorption of my food was enhanced. and you’ll find yourself waking up a few hours earlier each morning wide awake because your body is not taxed with digestion. Just like spring cleaning your home or getting regular service checks on your vehicle. Prior to attempting a fat-loss program it is important to dissolve and eliminate the body of toxins and congestion. and dropped 15 pounds while doing it for seven days. Typically. pollutants in the air. you should make a regular commitment to cleaning your internal organs and digestive system on a similar schedule. alcohol. realize that detox diets are NOT fat loss programs although they do result in weight loss and a degree of muscle loss (which you can gain back very quickly). Not Monitoring Your Progress With Intuition Intuition involves having the courage to be a part of the training process by acknowledging the fact that everyone is different and that every stimulus in this program can vary in response. Another excellent cleanse is taking in only raw vegetables via whole food or juicing for 5-10 days. to maintain optimal blood pressure. loads. When you return to your training program and meal plan your body will have an incredible response to both.YourSixPackQuest. I am personally a fan of Stanley Burroughs’ Lemonade Diet (The Master Cleanser Diet can be found at http://www. So how does detoxification improve the chance of getting a ripped six-pack? Detox diets typically consist of some sort of fast to rid the body of toxins. how little cardio.No Nonsense Muscle Building No Nonsense 6 Pack Introduction Chapter 1 in a world where this can be taken lightly because of our environmental challenges and processed foods. sets. and to . how much protein etc.

number of sets and reps. If you are making incredible gains on a specific “4-week phase” and feel another few weeks would benefit you then do it. If you feel that you would benefit from a few extra reps at the end of a certain set then pump away. not just because a certain number of weeks have gone by and it’s time to try the next phase.YourSixPackQuest.No Nonsense Muscle Building No Nonsense 6 Pack Introduction Chapter 1 you may have noticed my reply went something like this: “I have no idea – what do you think?” I ask this because I’m serious. it’s verY DifficuLt to Go WronG When You APPLY A set trAininG ProtocoL (MY ProGrAM) AnD coMBine it With Your oWn intuition. © Vince Delmonte www. Don’t be afraid to be involved in the training process and modify variables if your intuition tells you so. less 2006. Intuition allows you to alter things like training volume. more cardio etc. Most likely you are closer to the answer than I am because you know and understand your body better than I do. Most people just follow my program (and still get amazing results) without making any changes and with no rationale other than because I said so. I’m not telling you to rewrite the entire program by any means but i encourage you to look at your training program more as an art rather than a science. but I don’t believe science should regulate your thinking. Using intuition allows you to decide which direction you should go next. If you feel that you are undertrained at a certain number of sets then keep going. and for you to assume it works perfectly without any modifications or training decisions made on your part. Don’t be afraid to trust your “gut” or “instinct” and follow the clues your body gives you to make decisions without the fear of being “right. government or educational courses. If you find that 45 minutes of slow cardio is better for fat loss than 20 minutes of hard running then take responsibility from that decision and learn from it.YourSixPackQuest. Your training should always change for a solid reason and that reason should be based on your own experience. All rights reserved.” You have to understand that the program I’ve designed will be downloaded by thousands and thousands of people. Page 25 of 111 www. Perhaps they have been encouraged not to think. This answer horrifies many people. your current knowledge of yourself and your current response to the training and diet stimulus. I have no idea if this mentality of not thinking for yourself came from the church. workout intensity. and conform to the social pressure not to think for themselves. is being foolish and naive. The moral of the story (as well as the flip side to all this) is don’t change something just to change . but to be told. I have no idea.

then 12:30 am and finally midnight. Go out and perform the program how it’s laid out and listen to your body. This week focus on getting to bed at 1:30 . which is doing.YourSixPackQuest. Not Learning By Doing There are two parts to learning. If you are tying to get to bed at midnight and you are currently in bed at 2 am then don’t set yourself up for failure by attempting a two-hour improvement.No Nonsense Muscle Building No Nonsense 6 Pack Introduction Chapter 1 14. friend. Don’t tell me my program is “low volume” or “high volume” based on a book you read. You could eat 1.” Apply this to all areas of your life. Page 26 of 111 www. Yard by yard. life is hard. if you are eating two double cheeseburgers every day for lunch then you don’t need to start eating a steamed chicken breast today. I can’t remember where I heard this saying but it’s extremely powerful if executed with a long term vision. then 1 am. siMPLY focusinG on WhAtever You DiD YesterDAY – AnD DoinG it Just A LittLe Better .” not by a “yard. All rights reserved. which is based on theory. then finally a steamed chicken breast. Do you see why this model is so powerful? It’s based on progression and simply “out doing” your previous day by an “inch. monitor your progress. then you could eat a single cheeseburger. Find out for 2006. personally. but relying on the perception that anything can be learned by reading.YourSixPackQuest. and learning from A Proven MoDeL to GettinG You to Your siX-PAck. Not Becoming Better Than You Were Yesterday I. then a homemade sandwich. You WiLL see fAr More success When You DesiGn A PLAn thAt You cAn foLLoW . 15. watching and listening is false and dangerous.5 double cheeseburgers today and still see a positive response. Tomorrow. life is a cinch. For example. I personally care about one thing and one thing only – results! It does not matter what © Vince Delmonte www. audio or thAt is reAListic. or next week you could eat only one double cheeseburger. I recommend you do both concurrently. My Dad often said. “Inch by inch.” This is how you should build into your diet and training program. and decide for yourself if it’s “high volume” or “low volume” based on your experience and results. You see what I am saying? Don’t tell me that a certain rep range won’t work for you because you heard another “expert” disagree with that rep range for your body type. Gaining knowledge from a book. have never heard anyone speak on this simple philosophy.

With no AttAchMent to Your Prior .No Nonsense Muscle Building No Nonsense 6 Pack Introduction Chapter 1 I 2006. what a text book says or what any research article claims or predicts – all that matters is what is happening. You’LL hAve Your Best BoDY ever! © Vince Delmonte www.YourSixPackQuest. Page 27 of 111 www. All rights reserved. vALue this PhiLosoPhY ABove everYthinG eLse As You PerforM Your siX PAck quest ProGrAM AnD BY resPonDinG APProPriAteLY.

like it was for Peter? Do you want more respect from your friends? Do you want to attract the opposite sex? Is it for a sense of accomplishment? Is it to define your identity? Is it to test your body’s limits? Is it to be an example to loved ones? Instead of just writing your goal of losing 30 lbs. “Lose 30 lbs to be able to backpack through Europe for two months with my grandchildren and set an positive example for my youngest grandchild struggling with her weight.” © Vince Delmonte www.why you want the goal. it’s the purpose behind the goal that will get you out of bed every morning. The secret to staying motivated is not just having a goal. Page 28 of 111 www.YourSixPackQuest. “Lose 30 lbs to improve my health” are not as powerful as emotional ones like. All rights reserved. But waking up and realizing “you want to look attractive for the new girl/guy in your class” will motivate you.” Rosetta DelMonte (my mom) While conducting research from my past customers and current newsletter subscribers on their obstacles to achieving a six-pack. write “Lose 30 lbs to be the most shredded guy at the staff pool party next summer and to increase my confidence to hook up with the hot blonde and to impress my buddies. and to hook up with the most shredded guy there. It looks like I have my work cut out for me. So let me ask you.” Sure.No Nonsense Muscle Building No Nonsense 6 Pack Introduction Chapter 2 Chapter 2: Your siX PAck MotivAtion PLAn “Today’s obsessions become tomorrow’s realities. but identifying a strong “emotional why” . the Most PoWerfuL forMuLA for unstoPPABLe MotivAtion 1.” or “Lose 30 lbs to be the hot blonde at the pool party. Define A Strong Enough “Why” This first step is far more important than “goal setting” (which will come later) because you will wake up many mornings and “losing 30 lbs of fat” will just not motivate you. and feelings make you . I know this is superficial but these are emotional reasons and people take action from emotion because it’s a feeling. Logical reasons such as. the number one response was a lack of motivation. “What are YOUR reasons for wanting a six-pack?” Is it your health.

If your top five people are overweight and suffer from many health problems I’m guessing you are too or you’re on your way. or in Europe – this guy turns heads everywhere. not lower it. Think of someone you know personally that has achieved a certain lifestyle. I discovered how true my father’s wisdom was when I was forced to take responsibility for some poor decisions.No Nonsense Muscle Building No Nonsense 6 Pack Introduction Chapter 2 so ask yourself these two questions as you write your goals: 1. All rights reserved. Page 29 of 111 www.YourSixPackQuest. I have a buddy who is ripped to the bone year round and gets attention wherever he goes – whether we are at the movies. “You are the average of the top five people you hang around the most.” So if you hang out with five millionaires then i’m betting you are a millionaire or on your way to becoming a millionaire. What is the number one emotional benefit in reaching my goals? 2. I strive to bring out the best in my friends in those four areas as well. Maybe you can relate? I’ve also read. Why is this emotional benefit important to me? If you’re having trouble being honest with these questions think of someone you know who is living a life that you . intellectually. I make a constant evaluation of the people I let into my life. Being with him is quite an emotional experience and can help you discover what you want very quickly. Create The Emotional Environment “Show Me Your Friends And I’ll Show You Your Future. or you’re on your way.YourSixPackQuest. Show me your friends and I’ll show you you’re future. choose your friends wisely and surround yourself with people that “raise the bar” for your life.” Luch DelMonte (my dad) I was fortunate to be raised in a very loving and supportive environment although that did not prevent me from making a series of bad lifestyle choices. © Vince Delmonte www. a bodybuilding show with pros. If they can not bring the best out of me physically. which compromised my reputation and character. Who is the role model to you that you want to be to others? Visualize what this person is doing right now when you lack motivation. reputation. In return. 2. because of the friends I was hanging around. image and health that you admire and look up to. So the lesson here is simple. in South Beach Florida with models everywhere. If the five people you hang out with the most are “spiritual giants” then I’m guessing you too are 2006. emotionally and spiritually then I have to ask why they are in my life. If the top five people you associate with the most are A+ students then I’m guessing you are too.

• Find out when the next big fitness competition or fitness expo is in your area. and attend.YourSixPackQuest. All rights reserved. • Watch a movie or sports show that reveals your dream physique being admired and in the public eye. don’t start dating someone who has no value for fitness or respect for their body. • Get involved with a local competitive sports team – not recreational! • Sign up for a 12-week transformation competition to meet other competitors.and become more conscious of what you do in public.YourSixPackQuest. • If you are single and pursuing a lifestyle change. in your car and at your work space. Maybe you want to have the physique of an Ultimate Fighter. • Hang out with people who are outdoors a lot so you can’t hide inside .com 2006. so the feelings are etched into your subconscious. • Subscribe to a fitness magazine and leave them lying around your bedroom. bathroom and coffee table. • Post your pictures on the fridge. • Hang out with a group of athletes who are constantly talking about the races. Watch Ultimate Fighter regularly on TV. • Cut out an image that best represents your dream physique. cut out your own face and paste it over top. It is very important to sense what it would feel like to have your new body. To make it emotionally appealing. • Find a workout partner who is fitter than you and motivating to you. Page 30 of 111 www. • Hire a personal trainer who will inspire and motivate you.No Nonsense Muscle Building No Nonsense 6 Pack Introduction Chapter 2 here Are soMe iDeAs thAt WiLL heLP creAte An environMent to AcceLerAte Your siX PAck quest: • Join a forum or community of people with similar goals. © Vince Delmonte www. beside your bed. • Make new friends with people who live and breathe . bathroom window. • Train in the gym when all the “ripped” guys and gals work out and train close to their space. Perhaps you could pursue a friendship with some of the personal trainers or gym owners in your area. workouts and competitions they have done.

in a good way and a bad way.” although it sure seems like it since many people are not living life to their fullest potential.” “I have a slow metabolism.” “It’s too 2006.” “I have a thyroid problem. “Today’s obsessions become tomorrow’s realities.” cAn You see the ProBLeM With these thouGhts? Apart from being completely negative. this message has been packaged into a book called “The Secret.No Nonsense Muscle Building No Nonsense 6 Pack Introduction Chapter 2 Most iMPortAntLY.” “I hate doing cardio. The individual is not focusing on trying his best and doing his best.” “None of my friends are fit.YourSixPackQuest. All rights reserved. It might sound like this: • • • • • • • • • • • • • • “It’s my stupid genetics. You Get What You Focus On Just like my Mom said. Whether or not you have mastered the Law of Attraction or understand the formal description of this philosophy does not matter.” by Rhonda Byrne.” “I look better than most people my age.” “I wish I had the willpower. Your subconscious is the little subtext of thoughts running through your head each day. Lately.” “I’ll never be able to see my . 3. finD An environMent thAt hAs stronG eMotions AttAcheD to it so thAt the eXPerience BecoMes BrAnDeD insiDe Your suBconscious MinD.” “I’ll give it a try and see what happens.YourSixPackQuest. which is based on the Law of Attraction and the power of positive thinking – concepts that are not “secrets. they are all based on a fatalistic mentality.” This means that you are getting whatever your subconscious mind is focusing on.” There is a massive degree of truth to this . © Vince Delmonte www. The Law of Attraction simply states that “like attracts like.” “This fat just does not want to leave my body.” “I hit menopause.” “Everyone else gets results except for me.” “I can’t lose this last 10 lbs no matter what I try. Page 31 of 111 www.

YourSixPackQuest. since it has not received any food in a while. But thAt is the WronG GoAL. What happens when you go on a diet of low calories? It appears to work initially because you experience a drop on the scale. As your metabolism slows you hit a plateau because your body begins freaking out. • The individual sees his goals (a six-pack) as impossible. so he is having trouble looking towards the future and then rewriting the future. It’s not uncommon to see advertisements for conventional diets in the mainstream media that focus on using scale weight and pounds.No Nonsense Muscle Building No Nonsense 6 Pack Introduction Chapter 2 • The individual is focusing on what he does NOT want (pot belly). All rights 2006.” or “Lose 9 lbs every 11 days. we have created a very impatient society obsessed with instant gratification. Which resuLts in the Loss of severAL PounDs of MuscLe AnD Lots of WAter. • The individual does not believe he deserves the body of his dreams. Out of survival. Page 32 of 111 www.YourSixPackQuest. Yes. As your metabolism comes to a halt. • The individual has never succeeded in the past. Decide What Is Realistic It’s interesting that my “weight-loss” clients have been far more challenging to work with than my “muscle-building” clients. • The individual who buys into academic stats will only put in a 60% effort because he has chosen to believe that he has zero control of the other 40%. but your metabolism eventually slows to adjust for the lower caloric intake.” or “Lose 8-15 lbs in the first 2 weeks. Anything more than 1% body fat each week is usually water and muscle being sucked and stripped out of the body. out of a response for survival. your body must find energy to keep your brain alive so it breaks down your precious muscle tissue for © Vince Delmonte www. Why is that? i believe that because of the volume of magic pills and magic diets in the media. He is allowing his surroundings to influence his decisions. so he will never make a true effort to find a solution. Ads like: “Lose 30 lbs in 30 days. You cannot lose 8-15 lbs of body fat in two weeks. your body stores fat since it’s not sure when it will be fed . instead of focusing on what he DOES want. The problem is that you can only lose around 1% of your body fat each week.” Most of these sites will even have before and after pictures and “proof” with testimonials. You cAn Lose 8-15 LBs of WeiGht. 4.

no one would disagree that we lack information but I’m confident saying that we have too much information. which increases your metabolism throughout the day and adds lean muscle to your body so that it does not slow down. Yes.” For example.No Nonsense Muscle Building No Nonsense 6 Pack Introduction Chapter 2 energy . which results in “broken focus. and that’s a very key . Focus On The 80/20 Rule Many people lose their motivation because they overwhelm themselves with too much information. most people simply need to eat more veggies and lean protein with each meal to improve their body composition. While working with Peter and my fat loss clients I remind them of “The Pareto Principle” which is also known as the 80/20 rule. It’s an excellent philosophy to understand when chasing your six-pack. One of the reasons Peter was able to stay motivated was because he had realistic goals and realistic role models (like myself) who did not mislead him with false hopes. Peter had a very clear focus on keeping muscle while losing the fat. which is a realistic time frame. there are “long lost secrets” out there but do yourself a favor and max out the basic and fundamental principles before buying the latest “metabolic typing diet” or “blood type” diet when all you need to do is increase your meal frequency and increase your water intake to start the fat-loss 2006. Now you are digging the fat out of the hole instead of burying it deeper inside your body. Page 33 of 111 www. but instead go out and buy a diet book on Metabolic Typing looking for “the long lost secrets” which can become detrimental and result in “paralysis by analysis. 5. Certainly. All rights reserved. © Vince Delmonte www. We agreed that 1% body fat was our minimum standard to hit each week.YourSixPackQuest. Learn to recognize bogus claims that focus on weight loss and not fat loss. Vilfredo Pareto created a mathematical formula that determined 20% of the people in his country owned 80% of the wealth. An Italian economist.YourSixPackQuest.” This happens to people who are afraid to start because of the fear of making a mistake or looking foolish so they don’t do anything until they have all the details and become so overwhelmed that they don’t move.and what is your muscle tissue responsible for? Keeping your metabolism high to burn fat! You see the double-edged sword that can backfire on you and begin a deadly cycle? That is why Your six Pack quest is about digging the fat out with exercise – specifically weight training.

com 2006.YourSixPackQuest. suPPLeMent PLAn AnD LifestYLe PLAn. But I know for myself that 80% of my results come from being very strict in my carb intake – there are certain carbs that my body loves to turn to fat in my stomach – so I am aware of this and realize that and apply the Pareto Principle. cardio workouts and meal plans has a 20% component that you MUST nail every day – this is the 20% you need to focus on. when I go out for dinner on the weekends. so if I can’t get my chicken breast. So what gives? there are two reasons: 1) not enough “emotional pain” 2) unable to overcome struggles and obstacles not enough “emotional Pain” The reality is that many people are just not serious about losing their belly fat and relieving their “pain. 6. while leaning down. However. Most of these members who quit are the same ones who have intentions of sticking around for a year and even commit to a 12-month membership of $500-700 just to get access to the club which rents them out time. Page 34 of 111 www. You cAn APPLY this to everY strenGth . That 20% are the basics like a multi-vitamin. Don’t worry about the other 80%. I’ll make sure that I only get my carbs from veggies and don’t consume the bread and dessert.YourSixPackQuest. cArDio trAininG. Take the First 3 Months Very Seriously Working in the fitness industry for the past five years has showed me that 60% of new members will quit in the first three months if they are not seeing results. Diet PLAn. if something is going to get compromised. Every one of your weight training workouts. I seem to be able to eat fattier meats like steak. Consider your supplement plan as an example: 80% of your supplement results will come from only 20% of the supplements on the market today. make sure it’s not that 20%. All rights reserved.No Nonsense Muscle Building No Nonsense 6 Pack Introduction Chapter 2 the 80/20 ruLe eMPhAsizes the feW (20%) AnD consiDers the MAnY (80%) triviAL. it’s not as harmful as consuming the carbs. “On a scale of 1 to 10 how serious am I about my goals?” © Vince Delmonte www. If something in your schedule has to slip.” I challenge you to ask yourself. because avoiding this 20% of foods contributes to 80% of my six-pack from a diet standpoint. protein powder and creatine. space and equipment. For example. fish oils. How will this help you manage information overload? The Pareto Principle is a reminder to focus on the 20% of the things that matter. greens product.

and now you are prepared to change that. this can reveal two things: 1.YourSixPackQuest. sure. Your Six Pack Quest includes every tool you need to be successful and leaves no room for anything less than a 10 out of 10 commitment. Page 35 of 111 www. not Addressing Your obstacles and struggles So. feel happier and get some more attention but when it comes to stepping up you’re not willing to make it happen. 2. “What is preventing you from being a 10?” Most likely one of your answers will fall into one of these categories: • • • • • • • • • Lack of education Ineffective training program Poor intensity Horrible lifting technique Boredom from no variety Slow or no progress Laziness No social support at home Only making short term commitments Most people would be a solid 10 out of 10 if they could overcome the following problems – notice the word problems. Maybe you were never destined to have a six-pack because your commitment level is not where it should be (which is 10 out of 10). Perhaps you just aren’t that serious about this! Yeah. ask yourself.No Nonsense Muscle Building No Nonsense 6 Pack Introduction Chapter 2 If you are only a 4 or 5 out of 10 then don’t expect to drop 30-40 lbs. These are the true reasons you have been unsuccessful in the past and unless you address them. change your life and get a six-pack. Maybe you really do want a six-pack and you have just discovered the main thing holding you back has been your lack of commitment. All rights reserved. This question can reveal your true colours by showing you why you have been unsuccessful in the past. you will only repeat history and have short-term success. it would be nice to have a flat stomach. “On a scale of 1 to 10 how committed am I to my six pack quest?” If you answered either an 8 or a 9 then I would 2006. © Vince Delmonte www. fit into your .YourSixPackQuest.

In the end. you will not have a hard time waking up at 6 am for cardio. If you believe it will take 30 days to change a habit. then you will not take missed workouts. does not magically mean that you will become thin and ripped. reADJustinG Your BeLief sYsteM requires three thinGs: 1. Each day you have to keep verbally telling yourself who you are. Don’t deceive yourself or trick yourself into accepting these false truths. then you will put in a moderately average effort in the gym and in your training. you won’t throw chips and cookies into your grocery cart! Do you see the difference? Can you see how your subconscious thoughts are a direct product of what you are getting in life? The battle truly begins in the mind. 2006. Re-Adjust Your Belief System Everything you do is a result of your thought processes and beliefs. All rights reserved.No Nonsense Muscle Building No Nonsense 6 Pack Introduction Chapter 2 7. food is making you fat etc. rePetition. you will start assessing your lifting progress more diligently. Take one day at a time. you will not be ordering in fast food on the weekends. then most likely it will take 30 days. Just because you put the Law of Attraction in place and start having new thoughts and beliefs. You still need to do the work yourself. rePetition. then you will choose the path and make the decisions that lead to a one-year plan. If you believe that you are the strongest guy in the gym. If you believe that you are a fitness role model to your friends. your goals will really come down to JUST DOING IT one day at a . Don’t give these lies power by enforcing negative self thoughts. fast food binges and poor lifestyle habits seriously. If you view yourself as a warrior trainer. If you believe that you are destined to be moderately fit looking. you will be suggesting physical activities on the weekends. you will not wimp out on those last few reps. if you believe that you are a nutrition authority in your family.YourSixPackQuest. There is still the action and effort of doing. If you believe it will take one year to lose all the fat. Page 36 of 111 www. If you believe only the genetically gifted deserve to be ripped. If you see yourself as a healthy human being. Each day you will have to fight against the lies that you are lazy. not motivated. Write down your goals and read them on your way to work or before you get out of bed in the morning. rePetition.YourSixPackQuest. © Vince Delmonte www. Each day you will have to make new choices based on the new person you are becoming. If you see yourself with a fitness model’s body. Record your thoughts and beliefs and listen to your own voice each day. not genetically gifted.

it was just one rep. right?” © Vince Delmonte www. i had doubt that i could defeat my skinny 2006. then you are going to cave in to the temptation and justify it by saying: “It was only one sampling and it won’t really hurt my progress. or however often you .YourSixPackQuest. and it would have been too hard anyway. and the temptation to eat just one is so bad. I can’t stress how important it is to get yourself A LOT of support. then you are going to decide the pain is not worth it. this is the best way to defeat a negative environment. I didn’t think I should be lean and muscular. what are you going to do? If you are only trying and wanting to succeed. you will not be in control of your fate. what are you going to do? If you are only trying and wanting to succeed. 3. Doubt can do many things. a personal trainer. This support system will represent “pictures” of what you want and keep you committed to your goals. I just wanted to be lean and muscular. then subtle decisions affect the outcome. If you can’t find a group. But I was only hoping and wanting –.YourSixPackQuest. This creates a negative feedback loop.a huge part of my subconscious did not think it was truly possible. will help carry you through the week. i had doubt when i developed an unexpected pot belly one year. if you are out in a social setting with lots of finger foods and fried foods. until you truly believe that you have the power to change. Instead of pushing for that one last rep. you are going to end the set and rack the weights and justify it by saying: “It’s OK. right?” Another example. For example. Page 37 of 111 www. I told myself I wanted to become lean and muscular. then create a group yourself. take positive action toward your goals. Don’t focus on “trYinG” or “WAntinG”. a close friend. if you are training in the gym and getting ready to push out one last rep in your workout. after your muscles are screaming at you to stop. surround yourself with people who are working toward the same goal. All rights reserved.No Nonsense Muscle Building No Nonsense 6 Pack Introduction Chapter 2 2. an Internet community or a coaching program on the phone. Whether it’s a social support group. When you only want or try to succeed. The emotional support you receive weekly. Get eMotionAL suPPort. But “wanting” was not powerful enough.

then you will cross yet another barrier.” In fact. and by making hard food decisions and pushing 110% each and every time. Many people take the first step of writing down their goals but they forget to take the second and third steps. regardless of pain and temptation! IT IS WORTH . it drives me crazy! for certain decisions in your life. I believe that every small decision either helps or hurts. “Will this step keep me moving toward my goal or away from my goal?” You will soon discover how © Vince Delmonte www. you’ll realize that eating just one or racking before you’re done is not an option. Always ask yourself. Whatever you do or don’t do is going to have a substantial effect on the direction you are going.AnD then throWinG AWAY the keY to Prove Your coMMitMent to finDinG A WAY out! Once you decide that you will obtain your peak physique. Focus On Goal Getting Instead of Goal Setting I was going to write out an entire section on goal setting but I am more inspired to write to the people who are stuck because they are not moving or taking action toward their desired goal. Writing down your goal of “losing 40 lbs of fat” is just one of hundreds of mini goals along the way.YourSixPackQuest. you will reach your goal. “Will this action get me closer to my goal or further from my goal?” When you are unsure if you should have an unplanned alcoholic beverage then ask yourself. They are putting more emphasis on reading and learning how to set goals instead of just doing it. there will be no more uncertainty or hoping.No Nonsense Muscle Building No Nonsense 6 Pack Introduction Chapter 2 As you can see. when you are tempted to snack on some potato chips ask yourself. I have a huge issue with “wanting” and “trying. For example. When you are in another social setting with “pot-belly” food or in the gym underneath that same set of weights. When you make the decision to stop wanting and start creating. All rights reserved. 2006.YourSixPackQuest. You Must DeciDe thAt You WiLL Do it. You must make them happen. These small details (which we latter classify as slip-ups) Do matter. The best advice I can give you is to keep taking the next step and to keep moving in the direction you are running. “Will this drink get me closer to my six-pack or further from my six-pack?” You will know the correct answer each and every time and by making the right decision you will be taking more steps toward your goal. it’s Like LockinG YourseLf in A rooM With no WAY out -. Page 38 of 111 www. They are stuck because they are putting more emphasis on goal setting instead of goal getting. Why? Because you have decided to earn your peak physique. it’s not enough to want or try them.

then you will create some serious momentum and motivation when you step on the scale and see a loss of 10-15 lbs in the first two or three months.and most people finish their life without achieving any of them. that is often where they remain – swimming around in our head. Your daily and weekly goal achieving is working and nothing is going to stop you now.” © Vince Delmonte www.” This is so true and writing down your goals will help weed out distractions. The only reason you will not be successful is if you do not apply this knowledge and keep moving. For example. and it’s these victories that are more powerful than any magic pill or breakthrough program.” is far more powerful than saying. If you are 100% committed to your goals.” Another example: “Go to bed at 10:30 pm so I can wake up early to train before work. a few weeks ago and a few months ago. If you focus on the habits that contribute to losing 1% fat each week and only 1% body fat each week. This is far more powerful than . if you are low on veggies and protein. Another advantage is that you will be constantly reminded about what you said yesterday. Page 39 of 111 www. With all that said. break iT doWn Taking six months to achieve a six-pack can sound like a long time . This is where most people fall off track. All the fundamental principles of fat loss have been discovered and are in this book. then write it down. The problem is.and it is.YourSixPackQuest. WriTe iT doWn In your mind I’m sure you have some great visuals of how you would like to look and feel. I’m going to summarize every goal setting book I’ve read and provide you with 5 simple steps to making your goals attainable: 1. Studies have shown that you have a better chance of achieving your goal by simply writing it down.YourSixPackQuest. 2. if you’re a 10 out of 10. taking up space and never being acted upon .No Nonsense Muscle Building No Nonsense 6 Pack Introduction Chapter 2 powerful the little decisions and the little battles are in the big picture. toward your 2006. “Eat more veggies this week. “Work out three times this week. put “Go to grocery store after work” on your to-do list for tomorrow. one step at a time. All rights reserved. I suggest you write down mini goals before each week and before each day. My father always used a little saying with me and my brothers: “Obstacles are what you see when you take your eyes off the goal. they overwhelm themselves with how far away they are and then fall back to ground zero.

You are now building unstoppable motivation and getting very close to crossing the finish line. Aim for 90% compliancy toward your goals. “What’s the next step? What can I do this week that will move me closer to my goals?” Once you find the answer. that extra cardio session. extra rep. you should be getting 32-33 of the meals on your meal plan. Take The nexT sTep A lot of people will download this e-book and fall off course within the first two months even though they will have all the tools to be successful. lose some weight. Take small sTeps Because you have written down your action steps you know exactly what needs to be done – it is your turn to execute. Page 40 of 111 www. Taking small steps will give you confidence and motivation and keep you moving on the steady track toward your goals. If you are just starting out then you might set a 50% compliancy goal which means you will eat at least 17-18 of the meals on your plan. Take one more sTep This is the difference between getting a four-pack and a six-pack. but forget to keep taking new steps because they are so excited by their initial progress (which you should be). meaning that if your goal is to eat 35 meals a week. They will get off to a solid start. This is the difference between getting all the fat off and everything but the last 10 pounds off your stomach. This is the difference between 1st place and 2nd place and winners and champions. 5. find and take that one more step and that’s when you will become a true champion – and hopefully the next $1000 winner of my transformation contest. Winners take all the steps above but champions “go the extra mile” and get that extra hour of sleep. week by week. © Vince Delmonte www. 3. and so . day by day. The following week you would aim for 55% compliancy and ensure you nail at least 19-20 of the meals on your meal plan. 4.No Nonsense Muscle Building No Nonsense 6 Pack Introduction Chapter 2 Take all of your goals and break them down into manageable pieces that can be handled one a time. and extra self-control. until you get your six-pack. These are small steps to nailing your meal plan in the very first month. write it down. feel and see a difference. All rights reserved. Don’t forget to keep 2006. When you get to the point in this program when you don’t believe you can do anything else. break it down and take that next step.

Instead of eating his first meal at 8 am. this is not how the real world 2006. For example. As nice as it would be for a textbook to tell you EXACTLY what to do. Without these “pillars” in place. i recoMMenD thAt You treAt WhAtever trAininG ProGrAM. I didn’t lose any weight last week… what should we do?” I replied. It’s very doubtful that science will ever be able to determine training decisions because it can not replace how individuals can “feel it out. After seven days. supplement plan and lifestyle plan for you and these plans consist of the fundamentals and main principles which universally apply to everyone. and by monitoring your body’s biofeedback (also referred to as a feedback loop). You can also measure your performance. One of the variables we changed was the time he ate his first meal. how your body responds to those carbohydrates by the end of a one-week period. you will begin with a set amount of carbohydrates each day. you can simply and systematically adjust your intake one variable at a time.YourSixPackQuest. If you are on track and hit your goal then don’t change anything. “I don’t know. The reality is that you will need to become a PArt of the training process. but since this book is about your six-pack quest then ensure you have lost your 1-3 pounds of fat.” People often lose motivation because “the program stops working. MeAL PLAn AnD LifestYLe PLAn You Are on. When Peter stopped losing 1% fat per week and sent me a panicky email like. the fine tuning (or rolling with the punches) will have much less impact on your results. Page 41 of 111 .YourSixPackQuest.” which is a dangerous and foolish statement because it removes them from the training process and implies the program is in control of the trainee instead of the trainee in control of the program. to stAY MotivAteD.No Nonsense Muscle Building No Nonsense 6 Pack Introduction Chapter 2 9. roll WiTh The punches I always teach that training is more an art than a science. This was one of the major ingredients to Peter’s success in overcoming plateaus and staying motivated. As A BAseLine. I have already designed the baseline training program. © Vince Delmonte www. you will jump on the scale or measure your body fat and see if you have dropped 1% body fat. he woke up earlier and ate his first meal at 6 am and the weight started coming off again. you can figure out. Keep doing what you are doing because your baseline is working. Once you have your baseline in place. what do you think we should do?” Peter offered three things he was curious about changing and I guided him to choose one and monitor the effect over the following seven days. meal plan. “Oh my gosh Vince. All rights reserved. very quickly.

com . Page 42 of 111 www.YourSixPackQuest. Maintaining motivation to get six-pack abs really comes down to this: If I was a pure marketer without five years of personal training in the real world i might be inclined to market a program that screams. I can’t stress enough that you should use the programs and meal plans in this book as baselines and starting points. You can change anything: • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Carb intake Food selection Time you ingest your first meal Water intake Caloric intake Workout frequency Length of cardio sessions Style of cardio sessions Workout intensity Meal frequency Amount of cheat meals The time you go to bed Remove a specific food i. and then fine tune the program. “follow my 30-minute workout three times a week.No Nonsense Muscle Building No Nonsense 6 Pack Introduction Chapter 2 Even if you’re tempted to change something it is not necessary to make any tweaks or adjustments. trusting their instincts and measuring real world results. instead of listening to their bodies. This is the process that you must repeat each week to maintain your 1-3 lbs of body fat loss each week. period. if next week you jump on the scale and have not lost your 1-3 lbs. if necessary. alcohol Minimize a certain stress Ask yourself. then you must change ONE variable and make an adjustment. trust your instincts. what do I think is the one thing I need to change this week to get back on track?” At the end of the week you’ll continue for another week. if you don’t do it like this then you will fail.” This is not how the real world works and this philosophy does not allow for flexibility nor is it effective for the long term.e. “From my personal experience.YourSixPackQuest. However. if necessary. A lot of people get too caught up with rules and textbook academics. All rights reserved. and measure the results again at the end of the 2006. until you are lean and shredded! Maintaining motivation is all about using this feedback look and adjusting your program. as you monitor your results and get © Vince Delmonte www. based on your weekly progress.

Understand the body is filled with many complex systems. Don’t lose motivation if you are a little behind one week. © Vince Delmonte www. and body fat measurements. Page 43 of 111 www.YourSixPackQuest. it’s important to note that you may not arrive at your goal in a straight . So many people blame the program and say.No Nonsense Muscle Building No Nonsense 6 Pack Introduction Chapter 2 performance feedback. Finally. body measurements. “This program didn’t work. This is the cornerstone of Peter’s success and a “pillar” many people miss the boat on. and if you zigzag your way to your goal then you are just like everyone else who has been successful. All rights reserved.YourSixPackQuest.” because they get lost in the dogma and some experts’ formula and they did not have the courage to experiment and test new things on their own – a process that will lead to continual and better 2006.” If you expect 100% progress the entire time then you will miss out on the learning experience and being a part of the process which is the most fulfilling part of Your Six Pack Quest. Some weeks you’ll be ahead of your target and other weeks you’ll be behind. and don’t consider this a “failure.

No Nonsense Muscle Building No Nonsense 6 Pack Introduction Chapter 2 CHAPTER 3 Your siX PAck WeiGht-trAininG PLAn three “cornerstone” Goals 1.” A lot of programs will have you do stiff leg deadlift/bent over row/clean/shoulder press/squat ALL in one exercise! Come on now. and each will take you through an “air sucking” and “muscle pumping” workout to jack up Excess Post Oxygen Consumption (EPOC). These “complexes” look great in theory but the question is.” and “metabolic overdrive. combining two to four “traditional” exercises.YourSixPackQuest. the faster you get your six-pack. the oxygen debt you go into needs to be paid back so your metabolism stays elevated for 12-24 hours after the workout is over. Basically. increase the Metabolic cost of each circuit Notice that I did not say. let’s not get carried away! These complexes look “cool” on paper but when it comes to the real world they involve too much thinking.” “metabolic disturbance. which takes away from training intensity. The greater the overall energy expenditure of each workout. 4-day workout for intermediates and 5-day program for advanced trainees. Every weight-training program I’ve included is designed to create a “metabolic . 2. Page 44 of 111 www. Complexes certainly have a time and place but from my experience.YourSixPackQuest.” Consider the 3-day workout for beginners. increase the Metabolic Demand of each Workout Goal number three will be carried through the entire workout so that you don’t just jack up your metabolism –you jack up your metabolism super high. “Can you apply it safely and effectively?” Exercise complexes that involve too much “thinking” take away from the intensity of the workout because you’re capacity to push yourself drops. Create A Caloric Deficit You could run two marathons every day and still be fat if you consumed more calories than you put out. That’s © Vince Delmonte www. “Increase the metabolic cost of each exercise. 3. Unless you create a caloric deficit. you’ll never burn fat and get a six-pack. All rights 2006. I am fully aware of the demand on the body if you are able to combo all of these metabolically demanding exercises into one. depending on which program you are on. Don’t get me wrong. It’s as simple as that. creates a higher overall metabolic demand from your ability to push harder.

so how in the world could you? The third goal must also be carried out from week to week. Sure this will work for many beginners up to a certain point in time but you’ll eventually discover you just can’t progress the metabolic demand. with such low volume. know that those athletes did not develop their bodies on three 20-minute workouts a week. a few times a week. to get a six-pack. If you are striving for even 1/10th of the look of a professional . All rights reserved. month to month and year to year.No Nonsense Muscle Building No Nonsense 6 Pack Introduction Chapter 2 why I could never create a fat loss program on the foundation of 20-minute and 30-minute workouts. no matter how hard you push yourself. Over the next six months get ready to transform into a completely new person – inside and out! © Vince Delmonte www. Page 45 of 111 www.YourSixPackQuest.

© Vince Delmonte www. Keep the Program Alive Another reason I prefer you to rely on the experience is because it’s an excellent way of keeping the program alive. Step Into The “Hurt Box” And Apply The ICE Principle As a former long-distance runner and 2006. I left tempo out completely because in the last few years I’ve found this principle to be the most distracting variable of all. or interval run. The entire purpose of creating a training response . loads. You will notice in your program that you have rep ranges. rest periods and tempos.No Nonsense Muscle Building No Nonsense 6 Pack Introduction Chapter 2 the no-nonsense six-Pack Weight-training Principles 1. Although I use these variables as guidelines in all my programs it is more important that you emphasize what cannot be measured (intensity) rather than what can be measured (reps. Whichever ProGrAM You stArt on. set ranges and rest ranges. six to eight reps or eight -12 reps. load etc). A famous strength coach created the ice principle. You will need to decide for yourself whether to begin with five sets or six . Notice the absence of the word “thinking.burning fat in our case .” which moves you away from being in tune and dialled in to your body’s own computer system and feedback signals. 30-second recovery or 90-second recovery. All rights reserved. rest periods mentioned! Focusing on measurable variables requires “thinking. and Exertion of Effort.requires experiencing your muscles shake. reps.” No sets. For those who own my muscle building program you’ll know that I emphasize the “details” with more emphasis since strength progression plays a much more important role compared to a fat loss program. as ‘getting into the hurt box. and muscles pump and gorge with blood. During your workouts I DO NOT want you to fixate on meaningless variables such as reps. Relying on this biofeedback is critical to creating a path of self-discovery and to avoid getting trapped in “measuring.” It is important to concentrate on the task at hand but not act like you’re a robot without a say in the workout. which stands for Intensity. tempo run. Concentration. 2. it’s iMPortAnt not to oBsess ABout the “nuMBers” AnD not to Get trAPPeD in A WeB of DetAiLs thAt cAn DecreAse the eXPerience of the Workout.YourSixPackQuest. body sweat.’ It was our way of acknowledging our mental toughness and ability to get out of our comfort zone. sets. my teammates and I used to describe the last half of a race. tempos. Page 46 of 111 www. heart rate pump.YourSixPackQuest. sets.

the first priority of your workouts should revolve around full range of exercise motion. Focus On Full Range Of Motion Whether you are using bodyweight or weighted exercises.AnD the thirD ProGression . tendon and ligament strength prior to exposing these tissues to loads. trAininG throuGh A PArtiAL rAnGe of Motion MAY Look iMPressive BecAuse You cAn Lift BiGGer WeiGhts.YourSixPackQuest. Shorter range movements are further down the continuum when you progress to a heavy duty muscle-building program and focus on maximal strength – not the goal of this program. Page 47 of 111 www. it’s A coMMon sense ProGression thAt WiLL Prevent inJuries AnD PrePAre Your BoDY for the seconD ProGression . If you are not training through a full range of motion you are simply working the parts of your body that are already strong. combined with your own intuition and options. it is not unrealistic to keep a program alive for 24-52 weeks at a time. not just strengthen. 3.increAsinG LoAD. Conditioning requires taking your muscles into oxygen debt which requires a full range of motion. If you are making incredible gains on the 4-day program and at 16 weeks you feel amazing and more energized than ever. Notice I said strengthen and condition. All rights 2006. © Vince Delmonte www. strengthen and condition. Your body will avoid habituation if you continually progress and stagger through different . In terms of progress from a fat-burning and muscle-building standpoint it’s important to establish joint. keep plugging away. Even though I prescribe “16-week” programs. Training through a full range of motion will force new muscle fibres to wake up. I am giving you the same freedom because you’re not a robot.sPeeD of MoveMent . Each exercise has a more effective range of motion that will recruit the maximal muscle fibres and increase your metabolism. But this ProGrAM is ABout BeinG iMPressive AnD investinG tiMe At the GYM insteAD of sPenDinG tiMe At the GYM! Throughout the video I will demonstrate full range of motion for each exercise. Don’t worry about taking a down week unless your body is sending signals of burnout.No Nonsense Muscle Building No Nonsense 6 Pack Introduction Chapter 2 I gave Peter the freedom to alter and manoeuvre small details to better suit his training experience in order to get a better quality workout based on his biofeedback that day.

but your intent should to be move as fast as possible. or even a few workouts of ‘full range of motion’ lifting through all your respective lifts you will begin to emphasize how fast you are trying to . you should be stretching and then squeezing the heck out of the bar. the same philosophy I really exploit during the 5 day © Vince Delmonte www. listen to your body. I emphasize the need to lift heavy to maintain your muscle mass during a cutting phase. including my No-Nonsense Muscle-Building book. As you begin to fatigue through your workout. not just counting reps. Ronnie Coleman demonstrated this doing 800 lb deadlifts 2-3 weeks out from the Olympia. In a perfect situation you would be able to train explosively during the entire workout (and if you can then I would After a few weeks. as you lift heavier weights the slower you or the bar will move. As you work your way down through the combos. to maintain the intensity and speed of movement. is pumping your reps without stopping at the bottom or the top of a movement. You’ve probably heard of dozens of bodybuilders who don’t change their training at all between pre-contest and off-season. Page 48 of 111 www. In every bodybuilding circle. Focus On Increasing Load After progressing from full range of motion to increased speed it is safe for you to progress to increasing load. Lift Explosively At Start Of Workout And Controlled Near End I designed these workouts so that you will be lifting explosively near the start of the workout. You will notice the exercises go from “complex” to “simple” as the workout progresses. dumbbells or muscles for every rep. you will ease into a “bodybuilding tempo” which I prefer to call a rhythm or pumping of the weight. and include it in my No-Nonsense Fat-Cutting program. and I will show you this in the video. I relied on the cardio and diet to cut the fat. while you are fresh and have the greatest amount of 2006.YourSixPackQuest. Best described.YourSixPackQuest. You can’t train at a high intensity if you are supposed to do an explosive movement that requires thinking at the end of your workout. torque. All rights reserved. 5. not how fast you are actually moving. question your workout intensity).No Nonsense Muscle Building No Nonsense 6 Pack Introduction Chapter 2 4. every rep should be a mission in itself to achieve a full range of motion and a full contraction of the muscle. Obviously. while the heavy weights were designed to maintain muscle mass. because this is relative to the individual. this is a very simple and effective approach because it takes the thinking out and puts the intensity in. leverage or spotted assistance. and simply lift as heavy as possible all year round. I used this philosophy on myself. when you are the most fatigued. From the top to bottom. you’ll use a more controlled bodybuilding pace with exercises that require less concentration. and I’m not talking about using momentum.

Emphasize Maximal Tension With 2006. “These weights are pretty darn heavy so we’d better keep this muscle on us to protect us from future stress. plus high intensities.No Nonsense Muscle Building No Nonsense 6 Pack Introduction Chapter 2 Metabolic Overdrive program. All rights reserved. Lifting heavy weights puts a high amount of tension on your muscles and sends a signal to your brain that says. If you are a ‘hard loser’ you will probably need to rely on the higher reps and shorter rest periods. The most effective way to get rid of your belly fat is to simply train hard regularly. power and endurance (such as speed skaters with phenomenal musculature and leanness). A “hard workout” should be defined by how much stress a muscle is under. A “hard workout” has nothing to do with how much weight you lift – especially in your quest for a six-pack.” Although. 6. workload capacity can be improved by progressively higher volumes of training. which is a very unique training approach not considered or used by many. During the DVD’s I really hammer this point home and will constantly preach that increasing strength is only one adaptation you can chase after to create a metabolic disturbance – don’t forget that an impressive physique is built through speed. If you are a “hard gainer. But not DurinG MY fAt Loss ProGrAM. it’s A concePt thAt i PersonALLY hAve ADJusteD MY vieW on over the YeArs AnD if You’ve useD MY MuscLe BuiLDinG ProGrAM. Power And Endurance Realize that your muscles have no idea how much weight is on the bar. I want to emphasize that lifting heavy is not the only way to maximize the tension on your muscles. Probably because it’s so darn hard and requires you to totally depart from your comfort zone. Page 49 of 111 www.” and are . Throwing speed training. AssociAtinG hArD With heAvY is nArroW-MinDeD When it coMes to fAt Loss. You’LL knoW i PLAce More eMPhAsis on ActuAL LoAD. power and conditioning (endurance) too. You’ll notice some of the best physiques on athletes who train for speed. As I demonstrate in the 5-day program. power training and endurance training all into the same workout is a no-fail approach to jolting your metabolism into overdrive. © Vince Delmonte www. then you will probably need to rely on the lower reps and longer rest periods to preserve your muscle mass.YourSixPackQuest. not by the load.

The best example of this is 200m and 400m sprinters who are ripped to the bone. That is also why you see a lot of bulky guys at the gym who have muscle mass everywhere but also have a huge belly – their training is absent of lactic acid production.YourSixPackQuest.” which I believe is the most underestimated variable to maximize metabolism and build muscle. This response occurs from the cumulative fatigue effect. What you do see are people sitting on the bench looking around. Heavy weights will certainly stimulate the majority of the muscle fibres. It has been said that muscle fibres must not only be engaged but also fatigued to be fully stimulated. After your first workout on any phase you will immediately know what I’m talking about. Whether you are training for muscle or fat loss. I can’t recall the last time I saw someone in the gym training with any degree of oxygen debt. because growth hormone is very lypolitic and anti-catabolic.No Nonsense Muscle Building No Nonsense 6 Pack Introduction Chapter 2 7. increases GH production. or “sucking in air. This is powerful. chatting up a storm. It amazes me how many people expect to transform their body without sweating and going into any oxygen debt during their workout. or talking on their cell phone. this ALso eXPLAins WhY Most AthLetes invoLveD in AnAeroBic sPorts (Who soMetiMes hAve the Worst nutrition hABits) Are quite LeAn.” as I prefer to call it. It will help increase your conditioning so you can jack up your lactate level. Progressing from the 3-day workout to 4-day workout to 5-day workout is critical. which in turn.” When was the last time you met someone who was out of shape but had a ripped body? I want to elaborate on the power of shorter “rest intervals. super sets. by stimulating the greatest amount of muscle fibre. Emphasis On Lactic Acid Training There has been a lot of research on the relationship between the amount of lactic acid produced and the output of growth hormone. The super sets. quad sets and short rest periods are the secret to maximizing your metabolism.YourSixPackQuest. respectively. giant sets. “Focus on getting as fit as possible and you’ll start looking fit. © Vince Delmonte www. which means it digs out your stubborn body fat and protects your precious muscle. but many are left untrained and . Page 50 of 111 www. Lactic acid is not released until your muscles are absent of oxygen for 90 to 120 seconds (roughly). Sprint training results in enormous lactic acid production throughout the entire body – if you don’t believe me then go to your local track and sprint around it like you’re being chased by a bear. All rights reserved. This goes along with my philosophy of. giant sets. hence the higher rep ranges. quad sets and high volume circuits with little rest (that can last up to 4 minutes).

improve coordination and balance. I cannot maintain motivation for more than a few weeks doing traditional “straight set” programs that involve more sitting than lifting.YourSixPackQuest. You’ll see me shoulder press 90 pound dumbbells without a spotter (during a fat loss phase) while super setting with heavy wood choppers. unilateral movements. When your entire body is quivering and shaking at the end of the workout you’ll know that you have stimulated your entire central nervous system. I’m going out on a limb and making the assumption that you’re like this too. get extremely lean and as you’ll see when you watch it – I’m in pretty solid shape. inspiring and challenging. and will help create a pool of sweat for onlookers to follow your will never get bored or lose motivation with my workouts. establishing body awareness. and muscle recruitment before load is introduced. you’ll incorporate bodyweight exercises. one thing is for certain .com 2006. • Unilateral movements will expose any weaknesses from limb to limb and ensure your body is in balance and that you can use each muscle group without the assistance of a dominant side. plyometrics and unstable surfaces. No matter what famous bodybuilder wrote the program. first. multi-plane movements. free weights. hence the greater metabolic disturbance. and require a greater energy output. Fingernail to Toenail Training I heard Scott Abel use this term.No Nonsense Muscle Building No Nonsense 6 Pack Introduction Chapter 2 In preparation for the video that goes along with this program. All rights reserved. They force your weak links to catch up. “Can they come back and do it again and again and again in a pre fatigued state with little rest?” I can! That’s what produces impressive results. On top of stimulating your nervous system.YourSixPackQuest. I believe you will experience jaw-dropping results when your fitness progresses to the point where you can incorporate strength and conditioning into the same workout. They are exciting. © Vince Delmonte www. • Free weights allow your body to train around a natural range of motion and prepare you for the real . You’ll have to witness this yourself to believe so be prepared to enter the sacred “hurt box!” 8. Using this program. Let’s touch on eAch coMPonent of the ProGrAM to heLP ensure You Are eXPeriencinG “finGernAiL to toenAiL” trAininG: • Bodyweight exercises are foundational to creating stability. and it’s a very accurate term because you’ll feel like you’ve used every single muscle from your fingernails to toenails by the end of your workout. I used the 5-day Overdrive program to maintain my muscle. mastering technique. A lot of people can shoulder press 90 pound dumbbells but the question is. Page 51 of 111 www.

They will be blended into “whole body exercises” that treat the body as a unit and not just a “body . you do not need to train predominantly for aesthetics as bodybuilders do. enJoY the Workouts. and will be a huge wake-up call. © Vince Delmonte www. reach. and training for function. Page 52 of 111 www. more than you’ve probably ever done before. When you train according to the demands of life and sport.” I can assure you that this program will not make you that jacked-up dude with ripped abs who helps his neighbour lift a medium-size couch and blows out his back. move side to side and twist from side to 2006. However. which goes for bodybuilders too. All rights reserved. so you will be doing many traditional bodybuilding exercises following this program. After a few months on my “bodybuilding functional” programs you’ll not only have a six-pack but you’ll be in your best shape for real life function. backward. bend.YourSixPackQuest. trAin hArD AnD eXPect success. How many of those movements do you currently perform right now? This training program is designed around how you move in real life. you can’t help but be impressed by top athletes in any sport.No Nonsense Muscle Building No Nonsense 6 Pack Introduction Chapter 2 • Multi-plane movements are abundant in my program. Life is performed in multiple planes of movement – you move forward.

com 2006.YourSixPackQuest. © Vince Delmonte www. Page 53 of 111 www. You will find a selection of cardio workouts and abdominal routines in the Razor Sharp Abdominal Cardio Workout and DVD. Luckily for you. You can be the most motivated and persistent individual in the world.No Nonsense Muscle Building No Nonsense 6 Pack Introduction Chapter 4 Chapter 4: Your siX-PAck cArDio PLAn One of the toughest obstacles during Your six Pack quest will be following through till the bitter end. The ab exercises chosen are based on electromyography (EMG) studies. without losing motivation. I’ve found that cardiovascular training is the most poorly performed. cutter and firmer set of abs! The studies by the Japanese and the Danish scientists demonstrated that one 60-minute cardio session is not as effective as two 30-minute sessions with a break in between.YourSixPackQuest. razor sharp Abdominal cardio Workout The most powerful cardio workout I have discovered uses a split routine developed by scientists at the University of Tokyo and the Institute of Sports Medicine in Copenhagen. Denmark. Let’s Just sAY. making excuses. I’ve added an abdominal workout into the rest period of each bout that will chisel your midsection and help target the most stubborn deposits. and it’s where people lack the most . but you can move your training in the wrong direction by using outdated or ineffective protocols. I have discovered the most powerful cardio system to rid yourself of your unwanted fat cells and put the finishing touches on your physique. losing focus or accepting. if PeoPLe kneW hoW to Do cArDio ProPerLY for fAt-Loss then theY WouLD Be ABLe to eAsiLY Get riD of thAt LAst LittLe Bit of BoDY fAt. Of all the training variables involved in getting a six-pack. They found that doing repeated bouts of cardio increased fat burning instead of doing just one continuous workout. It involves two 30-minute bouts of cardio (any style) with a 10-15 minute abdominal circuit between breaks. I have discovered that motivation and persistence are not enough to get a six-pack. “I’m just not meant to have a six-pack.” thAt is the BiGGest Lie of ALL. All rights reserved. which means these require the most muscle activation hence a quicker.

Until recently. Trained muscles increase in temperature and unload chemicals. Why do many fitness experts say.” as far as fat loss goes and I’ll be the first to back them up 100%. stress hormone levels (i. researchers and fitness experts have believed it’s not possible to spot reduce. cAtechoLAMine ProDuction is criticAL for BurninG fAt.5000 calories per week which is good enough for one pound of fat loss per week – and that’s without the effect of your meal plan and weight-training program! commonly Asked fat Loss questions regarding cardio training 1. From personal experience. epinephrine and nor-epinephrine that endorse fat usage for fuel. Don’t expect miracles or anything magical but you can spot reduce! Performing at least four of these workouts throughout the week (2 sets of 30-minute cardio with a 15-minute abdominal workout in between) will burn up to 3. The Razor Sharp Abdominal Cardio Workout includes all the above elements to promote fat burning around your stomach. targeting stubborn fat The revolutionary new study.No Nonsense Muscle Building No Nonsense 6 Pack Introduction Chapter 4 The results showed higher fat metabolism. catecholamines). “Cardio is dead?” Most “fat-loss experts” who promote this message are trying to get you away from outrageous amounts of cardio training for fat loss. discussed above. discovered that spot reduction is possible by isolating certain muscle groups. combining cardio. Many of these experts spread this message for marketing purposes and to offer their “resistance training” and “interval training” based products as a quicker and faster solution. and boosting hormones that accelerate fat metabolism and elevate fat tissue temperature during exercise. by Dr. such as growth hormone.YourSixPackQuest. These hormones travel into the fat stores of the targeted muscle groups and accelerate fat breakdown in those tissues. All rights reserved. Page 54 of 111 www. © Vince Delmonte www. from the University of Copenhagen. taking a break allows a greater overall work output and keeps the program interesting. Bente Stallknecht and . What they should say is “Long slow cardio is dead. and client response. These fight-or-flight hormones – which consist of adrenaline – crank up your metabolism for hours after you leave the 2006. and blood ketone levels (a sign of increased fat use) while decreasing insulin and blood sugar levels using two 30-minute workouts instead of one continuous 60 minute workout.

Doing cardio before breakfast is so powerful because blood and liver glycogen are low. slow cardio sessions. more often will do the trick. and yes. Unless you are already on an extremely low-carb diet (less than 20% intake). the way I show you.” message is that it’s very misleading because I have never met anyone with ripped abs who did not have some sort of cardio regime in their program.YourSixPackQuest. All rights reserved. Have you? Yes. many people take the “long way.” relying solely on long. I’ve found that the earlier I do my morning cardio the leaner I get. and the faster I get lean. doing longer and harder cardio. but there is no doubt that “fat-burning aerobics” is critical for digging out calories and boosting hormones that build muscle and cut fat. meaning that you should not exploit the effects of this strategy unless you have hit an extreme 2006. then early morning cardio on an empty stomach might not be necessary. Page 55 of 111 www. and I’m sure anyone who has practised this protocol in the real world can testify. many people go “overboard” with cardio training. So if cardio is not part of your program then. When is the best time to do cardio? I’ve heard many fat-loss experts state that performing cardio on an empty stomach is useless and ineffective. Where is the caloric expenditure? Where is the oxygen debt? Where is the hormone production? 2. This means you will get better results doing cardio at 6 am than at 9 am because you kick start your metabolism earlier and give your body an extra three hours in the day to burn fat. and bodybuilders and fitness models figured out the truth years ago.No Nonsense Muscle Building No Nonsense 6 Pack Introduction Chapter 4 My problem with the “Cardio is . From my experience. For most people. I’m only interested in what works in the real world. Understand that this is on the furthest end of the “extreme” continuum and you won’t have anywhere else to go after this. as it could lead to muscle loss. forcing your body to find energy through fat for fuel. consider this method an extreme plateau buster if you are looking to maximize fat loss over a short period of time. no matter what kind of cardio you do. hello?! It amazes me how many people in my gym rely only on “bodybuilding” training programs that involve minimal sweating. My only caution is to hard gainers who can run the risk of losing muscle © Vince Delmonte www.YourSixPackQuest. you will burn more fat in the morning in a fasted state than during any other period in the day. plus a five-minute cardio warm-up and MAYBE a 20-minute walk on the treadmill as their “fat burning” protocol. But this is the only exception. However. Kick that in over the course of a week and that’s an extra 21 hours your metabolism is burning calories.

focus on increasing the intensity of the first bout and then the second bout. This is not an excuse to wimp out though but time to listen to the clues your body is sending. Using interval training for either the first or second cardio bout is effective any time during the day . All rights reserved. . Page 56 of 111 www. Many times I intend to do 20 minutes of intervals plus a hard 20-minute tempo run.0 mph on the treadmill to a 20-minute tempo run at 9. but I’m so drained from my weights. 20 minutes three times a week might get the first 10-15 pounds off.0 mph. but before you consume your post-workout drink. slow cardio – especially on a empty stomach. since glucose levels are depleted and your body will have to dig for fat to complete the workout. That could take 4-6 months of training in itself. but I have yet to meet anyone who has got six-pack abs with this (lack of) mileage. Do those three 20-minute workouts as hard as possible. After increasing the intensity. and initially. 4. SO YOU HAVE TWO OPTIONS: 1. how long should my cardio sessions last? I wish I could guarantee that three days a week of 20-minute cardio would work like a miracle pill.YourSixPackQuest. KEEP IN MIND THAT YOUR GOAL IS TO GET THE MAXIMAL RESULT WITH THE MINIMAL AMOUNT OF WORK. 2.YourSixPackQuest. but it’s safe to say you will hit a plateau very quickly because you’re not doing enough.this will help blunt cortisol levels that tend to be high in the morning and will help preserve your muscle mass without increasing your insulin levels. I prefer to break up my cardio bouts into hard steady state training for the first round and then shorter intervals for the second round. That might keep your 1% fat coming off each week without changing anything else. I’ll simply do a longer and slower steady-state cardio workout for both bouts. If you are a ‘hard gainer’ like me. It’s important to listen to your body as well. When should i do cardio if i can’t do it in the morning? The next best alternative to early morning cardio is to do your cardio after your weight training. Before you increase the distance (time) of either of your cardio just get it in. here’s a little trick to solve that problem. 2006.No Nonsense Muscle Building No Nonsense 6 Pack Introduction Chapter 4 if they use too much interval cardio for either the first or second cardio bouts and it can strip muscle quicker than long. This might mean that you focus on going from a 20-minute walk at 4. Take about 10-15 grams of protein powder (very small) plus 5 grams of creatine and a few grams of BCAA’s (optional) . everything will be done progressively. and have a difficult time holding on to your muscle. aim to add five minutes every two weeks to each © Vince Delmonte www.

Just keep doing what you are doing even if you are crawling during your cardio sessions. how often should i do cardio? If you are not losing 1% body fat per week you will need to step up the frequency of your workouts. be honest with yourself and ask yourself if you are doing your cardio hard enough. I follow a 2 x 25 minute protocol (with an abdominal circuit in between) either in the morning on a empty stomach or after my last meal before bed. You should begin with 2 x 15 minute bouts and build it up to 4 x 30 minute bouts. because you sweat it up and stunk it up so bad. not sPenDinG tiMe. your cardio bouts must be hard . If you are on track with your goals then it might not be necessary to change a . Don’t be surprised if you have to build up to 5-6 cardio sessions a week when you’re © Vince Delmonte www.” and deep into the “hurt box” the last five -10 minutes of each bout. or do you look at your cardio sessions as opportunities to sweat your brains out and dig deep into your fat cells for energy? i cAn teLL You thAt if You’re not LeAvinG A PuDDLe of WAter AnD A trAiL of sWeAt After Your cArDio Workouts then You’re ALMost WAstinG Your tiMe.No Nonsense Muscle Building No Nonsense 6 Pack Introduction Chapter 4 bout until you are doing the 2 x 30 minute protocol. If you are not dropping 1% fat each week then you have to re-evaluate your program to justify the five-minute increase. If you want to get super shredded. If you are dropping weight at a perfect rate then don’t fix what’s not 2006. adding five minutes to each bout every two weeks will provide a very gradual and consistent weight loss. how hard should i do my cardio sessions? Ultimately. To fully maximize your cardio time and drop 1% fat per week. You should not be able to wear the same shirt at your next workout. Do you choose the elliptical because you can read your magazine and watch TV.YourSixPackQuest. Page 57 of 111 www. and this is something you will monitor each week. At some point during your six-pack quest you will probably have to do cardio more often to see consistent results. Ideally. GoinG to the GYM is ABout investinG tiMe.hard enough that you are “sucking air. All rights reserved. 6. 5. evaluating your goals and getting on the scale each week will tell you if you need to be doing your cardio harder. Currently. What did you say? Your cardio sessions don’t look like that at all? That’s what I figured! Start increasing the speed and incline to wake up your workout and melt off that spare tire.YourSixPackQuest.

If you could walk comfortably at 30 minutes for 4. muscle gain or EPOC. I was up to 10-12 cardio sessions a week. These workouts will burn up lots of calories . how should i spend my second mini cardio bout? If you’re cardio fitness is low then your first bout should have wiped you out and you’ll have to resort to “slow cardio” which is okay because you’ll have already drained the majority of your sugars and now this second session will tap into your fat stores quicker. this level of commitment will not be required. but be prepared to increase your cardio frequency to see consistent results no matter what your goals are. However.YourSixPackQuest. Whether you are doing a 15 minute tempo workout or a 30 minute tempo workout for your first mini bout. During my last few weeks of contest preparation. Tempo training is the first step to investing your time in the gym instead of spending your time in the gym.No Nonsense Muscle Building No Nonsense 6 Pack Introduction Chapter 4 dialling into the last stubborn 5 pounds covering up your lower abs. which is not uncommon when you are pushing low single digit body fat and want to look freaky lean! Unless you are training for a bodybuilding or fitness model show. If you can not train at a 75% effort then your goal is to improve your conditioning until you can maintain a 75% pace. photo shoot or want to take your six-pack to an eight-pack. Keep the program alive by switching it up to avoid boredom. it blasts minimal calories and has no influence on muscle loss. for a tempo run. 9. Tempo runs can burn anywhere from 300-800 calories and that’s not including the abdominal circuit and second cardio bout you’re about to . you would focus on running for 20 minutes but at 6. When performed alone. 8.and the more calories you burn the greater percentage of those calories are fat. get ready to boost your overall fitness and feel like a champ. Which abdominal circuit should i use? You can use any circuit and I recommend rotating all six around until you find the one you like best. and it should feel much higher than your comfort pace. 7.0 or 7. Page 58 of 111 www. How should I spend my first mini cardio bout? Use “steady state” cardio which means 75% intensity. Slow cardio is the equivalent of a light hike or walk with minimal sweating or increase in your heart rate. it can be an effective tool to extend your cardio sessions without burnout and even though it has limited caloric burn and zero after burn effect on your metab© Vince Delmonte www. All rights reserved.0 mph.0 mph 2006. I like to call this a tempo run (or tempo workout).

This advice will have the greatest impact when you hit that 90% threshold in your training and dialling down to low single digit body fat (for males) and low teen percentage body fat (for females). In the razor sharp Abdominal cardio Workout you will find interval cardio workouts that include 2006. As you get fitter. Most interval workouts would consist of a 1:1 ratio of hard or all-out efforts alternated with easy efforts to recover. These are certainly for more advanced trainees with excellent conditioning. Two bonus Tips & plateau busters 1. Why is interval training so powerful? Personally I don’t care about the scientific reasons but we know it has to do with EPOC and lactic acid production to trigger Growth Hormone. Unless you’ve been sleeping under a rock you should know that interval cardio burns more overall calories than slow cardio because of the spike in metabolism from the oxygen debt your body must pay back. If you do not have a few months of “cardio base” behind you then you will not survive a single 1-5 minute effort at 75% effort.YourSixPackQuest. If time is not on your side and you are not a complete beginner then interval cardio is a far more effective weapon to have in your arsenal. The effectiveness of this comes from the ability to achieve more “work density” during a workout and cover more distance with more effort.). All rights reserved. I offer this advice with discretion. Page 59 of 111 www. Bodybuilders and fitness competitors figured this out years ago. Each effort would last 30-60 seconds for a range of 5-20 efforts and at a 90% . If your fitness is decent then your secret weapon is interval training also known as High Intensity Interval Training (H. Ultimately you will be burning the most overall calories which will lead to a greater percentage of fat.I.” © Vince Delmonte www.T.YourSixPackQuest. An alternative is having a big cup of steaming black coffee or green tea if your stomach does not mind the “sloshing around.No Nonsense Muscle Building No Nonsense 6 Pack Introduction Chapter 4 olism. so be ready to listen for those cues from your body. and if you are on the lowest calorie meal plan and have maxed out all other training and lifestyle options then you can consider taking a fat burner about 30 minutes before your weight training workouts and/or cardio five-minute efforts. and with the assumption that you have medical clearance to use stimulants and have no history of blood pressure or heart problems. There is a lot of research that suggests you can expect nine times greater fat loss during a 20-week cycle of interval training versus slow cardio. This is a far more powerful option for your second bout then slow cardio.I. the basic 5 x 30 second sprints is just not going to cut it and you’ll have to increase the speed and eventually the volume of the workout. it can still produce results when placed in the second half of your workout.

No Nonsense Muscle Building No Nonsense 6 Pack Introduction Chapter 4 2. which burns less calories. for example. which are the two largest muscles in your body. 2006. as a starting point. recovery and strips my muscle hardness when I’m focusing on losing the last 5 pounds. Training on hills (or inclines) will target your glutes and quads more. Page 60 of 111 www. begin with the 3 Day Metabolic Boost program which will take 30-45 minutes a session and finish with 2 x 15 minute bouts of your choice of cardio for each bout. Personally I prefer a tempo run for my first bout and interval cardio bout for my second bout and incorporate 1-5 minute intervals similar to below. your body uses your calves more. I opt for long slow cardio (walking on an incline) for both bouts. but you will have to improvise and use your own intuition from past training experiences as you evaluate your progress. PuttinG it ALL toGether Now it is time to determine how you will structure your entire cardio routine. When I get closer to a competition.YourSixPackQuest. I find that too much interval cardio and tempo cardio interferes with weight training progress. As opposed to walking on a flat surface (or flat treadmill). if You hAve 3 hours A Week: If this is your lifestyle then do 3 weight-training workouts a week.YourSixPackQuest. Below I have provided a variety of programs. Keep that in mind when you reach that bridge. All rights reserved. If your fitness level can handle rolling terrain then go for it. always search for the hills. if You hAve 3-5 hours A Week: Begin with the 3 Day Boost program or 4 Day Extreme program which will take 30-60 minutes each workout and use the rest of your time on tempo cardio or interval cardio for the first and second bouts (in either order) preferably after your weights. to preserve muscle mass especially when calories are super . here is an example: Monday – 30-60 minutes of weights + 2 x 20 minute cardio bouts tuesday – 30-60 minutes of weights + 2 x 20 minute cardio bouts Wednesday – off © Vince Delmonte www. Training on an incline or rolling terrain will burn far more calories than training on a flat surface and get you to your goals almost twice as fast.

for example: Monday – 60-75 minutes of weights + 2 x 30 minute cardio bouts tuesday – 60-75 minutes of weights + 2 x 30 minute cardio bouts Wednesday – 60-75 minutes of weights + 2 x 30 minute cardio bouts (easy) © Vince Delmonte www.YourSixPackQuest. Page 61 of 111 www.No Nonsense Muscle Building No Nonsense 6 Pack Introduction Chapter 4 thursday – 30-60 minutes of weights + 2 x 20 minute cardio bouts friday – off saturday – 30-60 minutes of weights + 2 x 20 minute cardio bouts sunday – off if You hAve 5-7 hours A Week: Use any of the weight training program which will take 30-75 minutes (I’m assuming if you can train longer then you are using the Extreme or Overdrive programs which are longer) plus a combination of interval cardio and steady 2006. here is an example: Monday – 45-75 minutes of weights tuesday – 45-75 minutes of weights Wednesday – 2 x 30 minute cardio bouts thursday – 45-75 minutes of weights friday – 2 x 30 minute cardio bouts saturday – 45-75 minutes of weights sunday – off if You hAve 7-9 hours A Week: You will have many options with this time commitment so design your program around five 75-minute weight-training workouts and aim for 5-6 cardio workouts after your weights or at separate times of the day if . All rights reserved.

is far more than a “vain achievement. the BottoM Line Pick a template and adapt it to your schedule.I. Page 62 of 111 www. concLusion As you can see. I don’t care if you begin with H. I’m guessing that you are not going to go through the quest of your life and then give it up when you get there. I want to reassure you. For example. If you are not on track then change ONE variable and measure the result the next week. but remember you are on a six-pack quest! The fat that you hate the most is going to challenge you to the fight of your life. in my books. Repeat this formula to keep your 1% fat coming off each week. you have to commit to some serious road work to get shredded. If it’s working then don’t change anything. and I know Peter would agree.YourSixPackQuest. Yes. but it won’t take near that amount to stay . There is no “magic formula” that will work for everyone and I’m giving you the permission to use these principles and customize the smaller details. cardio for 30 minutes or tempo cardio for 30 minutes.I. All rights 2006. that it is much harder to get lean than it is to stay lean. If you just want to drop a few pounds and see a two-pack or maybe even a four-pack then my cardio protocol could be considered extreme.T. I place huge importance on cardio in your overall success. © Vince Delmonte www. Just pick one and measure the results. Achieving a six-pack.” – it represents a level of achievement equivalent of a successful career.No Nonsense Muscle Building No Nonsense 6 Pack Introduction Chapter 4 thursday – 2 x 30 minute cardio bouts friday – 60-75 minutes of weights + 2 x 30 minute cardio bouts saturday – 60-75 minutes of weights + 2 x 30 minute cardio bouts sunday – off ** Best results will come if you can do your cardio in the morning and weights in the evening or vice versa. ** Off days can be used as a cardio day and one post weight cardio workout can be dropped. healthy marriage and clean mind.

i BeLieve thAt success BreeDs success. the Power of Progressive compliance Progressive compliance is the same as progressive overload. There may be a small percentage of you who are ready to nail the meal plans every day. you should value the self-discovery process of what works for you and what does not work.YourSixPackQuest. but for many. All rights reserved. Just like you begin with lower intensities and progress to heavier intensities. you will start with an easier meal plan and progress to a more ‘difficult’ meal . I would prefer to increase the “intensity” of the program week by week. How successful do you think Peter would have been if I told him to increase his 2006. Doing the same thing gets you the same thing. weights in the afternoon and a cardio session in the evening. Instead. you can introduce slightly tougher habits. AnD i hAve creAteD this PLAn in stAGes so thAt You cAnnot fAiL. “Based on my dietary habits right now. Although it’s a great program. If you are making too many changes. attempting to do so will set you up for failure. i BeLieve it tAkes At LeAst tWo Weeks to estABLish one neW hABit. but I do not expect that right from day one. Another reason you need to maintain compliancy is so you can monitor your results week by week. I would not consider these “bodybuilding pre-contest diets” but for some they will involve so much change that they may feel that way. and build these habits into your lifestyle bit by bit. it’s just too much change – and it will inevitably lead to failure. where am I on the nutrition continuum?” Are you already eating a healthy diet? Do you skimp on fruits and vegetables? Do you get enough protein? Do you overdo it on carbs? You should be following the six-pack meal plans 90% of the time (you should aim for 90% compliancy with every component of the program). Page 63 of 111 www. Once you have mastered one step (and you are 90% compliant). eat more veggies and eat more protein all at the same time? And © Vince Delmonte www. you must give your fat a reason to leave. Just as you need to continually give your muscles a reason to grow. eat more frequently. all at once.No Nonsense Muscle Building No Nonsense 6 Pack Introduction Chapter 5 Chapter 5: Your siX PAck nutrition PLAn The first goal of your nutrition plan is to ask yourself.YourSixPackQuest. then how will you know what is contributing to what? Aside from the new body you create in the process. Having a beginner adopt a bodybuilder’s contest diet is like having a beginner client do a stretching session in the morning. This will be invaluable information to apply to future programs and to ensure predictable and consistent results.

com 2006. The opposite can happen as well. so we know we need to do something more intense.No Nonsense Muscle Building No Nonsense 6 Pack Introduction Chapter 5 what if. In the following two weeks Peter focused on eating veggies with EVERY meal and he started dropping 2-2.” and at the end of two weeks their weight has not changed at all. I had Peter cut out all his carbohydrates after 6pm for the first two weeks. All rights reserved. the eLiMinAtion PLAn is A scALe thAt rAnks fooDs froM Worst to Best AnD WiLL heLP You fiGht BAck AGAinst the fooDs DecLArinG WAr on Your heALth AnD WAistLine: THE F LIST – These are the foods that will cause instant failure.5 lbs per week. I want to see you be successful. nor am I interested in doing that to you. and we would not have discovered anything because too many variables were involved. in two weeks. They are damaging to your will barely make it a few © Vince Delmonte .YourSixPackQuest.5 lbs per week. for the first two weeks I’m just going to focus on drinking 4 L of water a day. health and fitness to an extreme degree. Over the next two weeks we focused on eating protein with every meal. the elimination Plan One of my favorite and most powerful strategies in coaching my clients is teaching you what not to eat. He was only losing 1 lb per week so we knew that we needed to do something different and more intense to get to his 2 lb (average) weekly goal. At the end of the day.YourSixPackQuest. Experiencing this consistent progress was a major “aha” moment for Peter because he was able to measure his results and see that “what he put in was what he got out. “Okay. and there will come a time will you’ll have to bite the bullet and use my Metabolic calorie formula to shave the last few body fat points holding you back from that shredded look. he had not changed at all? He would have wasted two weeks and been two weeks further from his goal instead of two weeks closer. I had no interest in impressing Peter with the “perfect” diet plan that he would never be able to follow. and after two weeks we discovered that he was losing 1. I call this the Elimination Plan. I use the Elimination Plan with clients who do not want to count calories or follow a pre-set caloric plan. Instead. Page 64 of 111 www. I will caution that the Elimination Plan will only get you so far. These foods are the equivalent of trying to swim across the Atlantic Ocean . the main message is that you need to be compliant to a plan that is slightly better than the last phase you were in.” Using this progressive compliance strategy got Peter to “buy in” to the system I was teaching him. and it can be just enough to get you moving in the right direction and stir up some quick momentum in your first few weeks on the program. I’ve had clients say.

only this time you are taking a raft so you might think you are making progress at the start. THE C LIST – People who eat most of their foods off this list are still sitting on the 2006. THE B LIST – These foods are okay to eat every once in awhile and will do little harm fects. It’s not much better than trying to swim across the Atlantic Ocean. Consider this like flying coach across the Atlantic Ocean . to your health and waistline. fat loss. but on this journey it is just a matter of time before the raft sinks. On this list you’re taking a boat across the Atlantic Ocean . THE A LIST – The absolute best ingredients you can put into your body with no ill ef- © Vince Delmonte www. All rights reserved. They will provide a’ll definitely make the journey but it’s not going to be as comfortable as flying fist class. These are the only foods that will make your machine work flawlessly. Page 65 of 111 www. but not rapid.No Nonsense Muscle Building No Nonsense 6 Pack Introduction Chapter 5 hours into the journey before you drown. but it’s going to be one long and painful journey. and if the sacrifices will be worth the reward.YourSixPackQuest. THE D LIST – These foods will not kill you as’ll make it. moving towards this list will help you drop a few . but for people starting at rock bottom.YourSixPackQuest. They have not decided if it’s really worth it. Consider this like flying first class across the Atlantic Ocean . safest and best way to’s the fastest.

sprinkles and every kind of ic© Vince Delmonte www. Page 66 of 111 www. vanilla. salt and fat.YourSixPackQuest. these fats are often underestimated by more “mild” side effects like weight gain. pancreatic and colon cancers. dripped in trans fat. and filled with nitrites and nitrates (which is a french fries One of the most nutrient deprived foods. increases the issue of trans fats and the potent cancer causing substance acrylamide. clotting. especially after they are fried in trans fat at high temperatures. pumped with sodium. hot dogs and lunch meat A better name would be “mystery meat” because of its conglomeration of pork and beef which are really high in sodium. Doughnuts You get to choose from chocolate. Bacon is loaded with nitrites and nitrates. which are related to stomach. Bacon Empty calories.YourSixPackQuest. 70 grams of bad fat. covered in hydrogenated oils and loaded with fillers to halt your six pack quest.” which is great if you want a bag loaded with preservatives. ageing. coconut.e. cookies. All rights reserved. processed to the max. Anything that is fried. fast food burgers Any “ultimate” cheeseburger is going to get you around half your daily “energy’ with F LIST: carcinogen that can lead to cancer).No Nonsense Muscle Building No Nonsense 6 Pack Introduction Chapter 5 THE Store-bought commercially-baked goods 2006. the damage to the body is magnified when combined with a sugary soda and fatty burger that increase insulin levels and destroys your health. I’ve heard some doctors say that one French fry is worse than a cigarette. “You won’t just eat one. Potato chips By far the most accurate marketing in the media. Because French Fries are not a solo meal. Having any sort of burger for lunch will wipe you out the rest of the day as your body uses 70% or more of your energy for digestion. and sugar. specifically high amounts of saturated fats which decreases your fat burning ability and fills your body with sugar and fat. half your daily sodium intake. pastries Lots and lots of empty calories. even healthy foods.000 calories. . inflammation and eventually cancer.

it’s safe to assume you are getting a nice drip of 2006.No Nonsense Muscle Building No Nonsense 6 Pack Introduction Chapter 5 ing that round up to 300-500 calories. soft Drinks Better described as “liquid candy” they contain up to 150 calories of sugar. so your best bet is to stick to as much natural and whole food sources as possible when shopping and eating out. frozen food and much more. You’re better off skipping breakfast altogether. eye damage. artificial food colors. 20-30 grams of fat and 50-100 grams of sugar. which deprives you of nutrient dense calories. high fructose corn syrup. artificial sweeteners like aspartame. but result in a serious crash mid-morning. Some of the less harmful effects of MSG are obesity. and is known as an “excitotoxin. sodium.” which damages your cells like a poison by over-exciting them.and yes it was good! I wish I knew that monosodium glutamate (MSG) is what they used to make the food taste delicious and fresh at the expense of an increased risk of stomach. and lots of empty calories that result in a rapid energy crash. All rights reserved. crackers. MSG is in all sorts of food like canned soups. fatigue and depression (did you detect the sarcasm?) Whenever you are eating processed food. my Dad’s side of the family had an annual tradition of hitting the Mandarin Chinese buffet .YourSixPackQuest. cold cuts. Page 67 of 111 . headaches. © Vince Delmonte www. sulphites.YourSixPackQuest. which become attractive options for breakfast when in a rush. Not to mention that they decrease your appetite. chinese fast food Every Christmas Eve while I was growing up. rectal and colon cancer. preservatives.

chips. you’re setting up your waistline and health to fight a losing battle. Most importantly.YourSixPackQuest. and contaminated with parasites and resistant viruses that can withstand high heat and eventually become hurtful to you. be aware of what pizza attracts – late nights. don’t neglect the load of stress you’re putting on your adrenal glands with the sugar and caffeine that can cause burnout. acrylamide and toxins that can increase free radicals in your body.” and “extra that. Page 68 of 111 www. loads of sodium and 30-40 grams of fat (most of that saturated fat). syrup and whipped cream. oysters. The main “evil” in pizza is the cheese! That innocent single slice of good old-fashioned cheese pizza (without any topping) can add up to half a day’s worth of saturated fat . clams. All rights reserved. even one slice can cancel out the entire caloric expenditure from a hard workout – what a shame (and this is coming from a pizza lover). finger foods and chips. sodas. meat-lovers pie any night of the week .com . depression. and load it with spinach. Pizza is a social food. go for thin crust. They can easily be filled with toxic mercury. Another riskier choice would be half cheese. finger food. starbucks and other “fast food” coffee shops I’m confident in saying that Starbucks is offering just as many unhealthy food choices as McDonalds and other fast food chains. broccoli and chicken.but most pizzas just add up to 110% of your daily recommended intake without the “extra this. anything fried raises the issue of trans fat. double cheese. If you must. Pizza You have no idea how painful that was to type! I can eat a large. sleeplessness. Grab a coffee and pastry and you’re easily around 1.No Nonsense Muscle Building No Nonsense 6 Pack Introduction Chapter 5 THE fried fish As much as I love a nice seafood dinner. and lobsters. peppers. too much sugar and caffeine will eventually lead to fatigue. alcoholic beverages. I have to warn you about the non-healthy components of fried shrimp.YourSixPackQuest. One slice of pizza typically has more fat than a cheeseburger.and when was the last time you ate just one slice? Even a “personal pizza” can add up to 700-1. Without a diet high in antioxidants. emotional illness and also depletion in D LIST: © Vince Delmonte www. 2006.” You’re better off eliminating pizza altogether. ham and pineapple. milk. without the cheese. and a boat full of calories.000 calories. so most likely it’s accompanied by wings. A double chocolate chip Frappuccino blended crème is 670 calories and 22 grams of fat! Add a coffee cake at 500 calories and 20 grams of fat and you’ve just consumed the equivalent of a bag of movie theater popcorn (in place of breakfast)! Even if you pick the “healthier” size. alcohol. wings.000 calories.

You’re better © Vince Delmonte www. All rights reserved. main course. and will spike your insulin so high you’ll be in a coma by . Do you ever wonder why it’s so easy for kids to eat breakfast every morning? It’s because they are consuming “breakfast candy.MSG’s (a deadly preservative). which are responsible for metabolizing your carbohydrates. Most cereals have high amounts of sugar (read the labels next time). Anything bottled or packaged. but it can’t survive without water. Forget the fact that almost all appetizers are fried. has been stripped of its nutrients and phytochemicals. and dessert and you’ve consumed two day’s worth of calories in one sitting. you’ve personally consumed 1. Get a double scoop. canned soups Soups get their salty taste from sodium . The only cereals you can “get away with” for a short period of time are All Bran and fiber one. ice cream Another “treat” that hammers your waistline because of the calories and saturated fat. Some companies are creating low-fat and no-fat options to reduce your intake to 100-200 calories – this will cause less damage only if you resist sprinkling it with topping. Don’t ever forget that your body can survive without a double latte frappuccino.YourSixPackQuest. even the “healthy” breakfast cereals are sure fire six-pack killers. Juices Pre-packaged and bottled fruit juices are the easiest way to over consume calories and turn your fat-loss program into a bulking one. You’re better off making your soup from 2006. let’s face it – appetizers are tasty! cereals Unless you are eating oatmeal or quinoa. which have low calories and high fibre. but often consumed by one individual.YourSixPackQuest. finger food and Appetizers Nachos.000-2. Before you know it.half your recommended daily intake in just one can . garlic loaf. the major culprit is the volume of calories because. you’ll cancel out half your morning cardio workout with 300-400 calories and 15-20 grams of fat. because it’s a hot day. spinach dip. This should influence your beverage selection strongly. baked and loaded with sodium. rubbery and indiscernible flavor (not to mention pre-chewed appearance). and that should be enough to avoid them in the grocery store. trans fats and unidentifiable “vegetables” that create the false impression you’re getting some nutrients. even juice. Page 69 of 111 www. are worse than white bread. potato skins – these are foods meant to be shared in groups. Add in a few alcoholic beverages. Most canned soups have a chewy. wings. Even if you were to discipline yourself to one Ben & Jerry’s chocolate-dipped waffle cone. and your intake jumps to 800 calories and over 30 grams of fat – about the same as a rack of ribs (that at least provides some protein).No Nonsense Muscle Building No Nonsense 6 Pack Introduction Chapter 5 B vitamins.” nothing more and nothing less.000 calories before your main course.

com . Add a few glasses of juice each day and you’re easily adding 150-300 sugary calories that will result in an energy crash by mid-morning. pitas or anything else from white flour. make sure the first ingredient is always “100% whole wheat” or “100% whole grain. All rights reserved. When eating bread. like cereals. bagels. vitamins. © Vince Delmonte www. They act like white sugar in your body.YourSixPackQuest. pretzels. Page 70 of 111 2006. these are refined carbohydrates and have been stripped of their nutritional value.YourSixPackQuest.No Nonsense Muscle Building No Nonsense 6 Pack Introduction Chapter 5 off juicing real fruit so you get your fiber. wheat or rye bread). foods with White flour If you are able to avoid anything from white or enriched flour. minerals and more phytochemicals – plus real fruit juice is more filling.” and avoid white bread at all costs. crackers. then your quest for a six-pack will accelerate dramatically. white bread (not whole grain.

a species of polyphenols found in plants. Manufactured Protein Bars To date. very high CLA (conjugated linoleic acid. Having one or two drinks a week may not result in any long-term health .YourSixPackQuest. calories. as a treat each evening before bed. slows fat loss and contains empty calories. calcium and cheese that is free from antibiotics and growth hormones. chocolate The only way chocolate made the C List. I have not found a protein bar that I’m truly satisfied with. Page 71 of 111 www. carbs and fats. C LIST eLiMinAtinG ProcesseD DAirY sources WiLL Be A huGe steP to seeinG Your ABs fAster AnD iMProvinG Your heALth. but don’t get too excited because chocolate is still very high in sugar which can damage your immune system. respectably high. I often include a slice or two of dark chocolate into my fat loss clients’ meal plans.YourSixPackQuest. which should be three good reasons to lay off the booze! cheese Unless you are eating 100% organic cheese that comes from cows that were on a purely grass-fed diet and were raised naturally. Cocoa. It must be dark chocolate in order to reap the antioxidant benefit. I’ll discuss how the negatives outweigh the positives. All rights reserved. fiber. found in dark chocolate. delay recovery and can lead to over indulgence if you are not satisfying your craving with a balanced diet of proteins. vitamin D. is rich in flavanols. then I would cut the cheese when it comes to cutting your fat.No Nonsense Muscle Building No Nonsense 6 Pack Introduction Chapter 5 THE Alcohol In the Lifestyle chapter. who is serious about leaning 2006. is because I am only referring to rich. and vitamin e. and are low in carbohydrates. let’s face it. commercially manufactured cheese equals a lot of chemicals. protein. alcohol isn’t getting you any leaner. but for now. but it will certainly not speed up your six-pack quest. I would bump cheese up to the B List if you can afford organic grass-fed cheese because you’ll get a balance of omega-3 and omega-6 fats. if they stuck to their meal plan all day. vitamin A. You will not meet any bodybuilder or fitness model. who consumes one or two drinks a week in moderation. Most bars that claim to be “low carb” still have over 20 © Vince Delmonte www. high beta-carotene. saturated fats and hydrogenated oils. Alcohol suppresses your testosterone levels. That should tell you something. dark chocolate that has been connected to improved insulin resistance and blood pressure. and have been disappointed by the lack of protein bars that contain healthy fats.

I’ll cut out butter and replace it with calorie-free cooking spray to avoid the incidental calories and risk of consuming too much. which is a sweetener and moisture additive. which allows you to be stronger and get a more intense . a small amount of essential fatty acids and cholesterol (responsible for testosterone production and intestinal health). which is the daily recommend intake for someone on a 2. the bar’s sodium and saturated fat levels are often two to three times higher. which blocks the chemical that makes you feel sleepy. Most energy drinks contain up to seven teaspoons of sugar. and I think this is a fantastic insurance policy if you’re tempted to reach for foods from the F and C 2006. this chemical is known as adenosine and also plays a role in blood vessel dilation. until I learned that 15% of the fatty acids in butter are of the short and medium chain variety. controlling insulin levels is mandatory for dropping the last 10-20 pounds of fat.No Nonsense Muscle Building No Nonsense 6 Pack Introduction Chapter 5 grams of carbs. CLA. When blocked it causes your brain’s blood vessels to constrict. With four weeks left before a competition. energy Drinks The main ingredient in energy drinks is caffeine. I don’t have as much of a problem with the caffeine as I do with the sugar that contributes to the majority of calories. which are not stored as fat but used for your body’s daily functions and organs. Some research on the actual makeup of energy bars and protein bars has found that most nutritional labels are very misleading because they do not include glycerin. As you know. cholesterol and calorie count.000 calorie diet.YourSixPackQuest. minerals. and the average bar contains an extra eight grams of sugar over what was shown on the packaging. Page 72 of 111 www. whole food is your first choice and eventually you’ll want to drop the bars completely. A friend of mine. and are loaded with high fructose corn syrup that disturb your insulin levels. who is a fitness model. but in the end. Caffeine also releases calcium.YourSixPackQuest. © Vince Delmonte www. This is why you feel your heart rate increase. never travels without a protein bar in her purse for emergencies. You will also feel happier from the increased dopamine release. Don’t be afraid to use a bit of butter while cooking until you are ready to strip the last few pounds. and sugary energy drinks will stunt your progress. I was always fearful using a bit of butter while cooking because of the fat. blood pressure rise and you begin to sweat sooner. All rights reserved. Butter Many people are unaware of butter’s rich source of vitamins. The short-term benefits are excellent while dieting because of the increased alertness and workout intensity. but in the long-term it can leave you drained and exhausted when the effects wear off and your brain reconnects with adenosine. The only thing accurately reported was the protein.

although very high in antioxidants. Some of my roommates from university lived on rice cakes. Not only does cottage cheese contain casein.YourSixPackQuest. and it contains 60 grams of protein for a 500 ml container. they do not fit into a fat-loss program. cottage cheese this is one of the best protein sources for maintaining your muscle mass because of a slow-releasing protein called casein. I personally cut cottage cheese at around four weeks from a contest to control insulin levels better. All rights 2006. minerals and fullness they can provide. and can be mixed with calorie-free salsa to accelerate your six pack quest. During the last six to eight weeks of your program you might consider cutting your fruit completely and replacing it with more vegetables and starchy carbs to make your plan more effective. Page 73 of 111 www. and if you are super committed to getting a six-pack then you’ll eventually have to replace these natural sugars with starchy carbs that have less sugar. if fruit is consumed during a strict fat-loss program. vitamins. before or after a workout. every insulin spike slows the process. the reason cottage cheese didn’t make my A List is because of the milk sugar. tuna By far one of the most powerful and affordable proteins you can get for your buck.No Nonsense Muscle Building No Nonsense 6 Pack Introduction Chapter 5 THE Multi-coloured fruits The only reason fruit does not qualify for the A List is because of its sugar.” but if you eliminate them completely you’ll miss out on the fibre opportunity.and were shredded to the bone. saying that “fruit is evil.YourSixPackQuest. front load it into the start of your . which plays a huge role in absorption and slowing digestion. tuna and chicken breast . When you are stripping off the last few pounds of fat. low-calorie benefit. easily portable (just don’t let it get warm or the chunky curds and texture will knock you out). Avoid calorie-packed raisins. but it’s affordable. tuna comes packed with 30-40 grams of protein in a single tin. Even when choosing the fatfree kind (your first choice). Milk B LIST © Vince Delmonte www. which is more than 3 cans per week. Some experts go the extreme. which are an excellent bulking food. It’s carb-free and fatfree. tuna should absolutely be a staple of your diet and the only reason it did not make the A List is because of its mercury content which can create toxicity if eaten in excess.

All rights reserved. find that lactose can cause you to hold water and bloat. It can be an easy source of protein for the “growing teenager. Mixed nuts and natural Peanut Butter I almost sabotaged my first fitness show when I came home one night absolutely starving and found a bag of salted peanuts in my 2006. Whole Wheat and Whole Grain Products Many bodybuilders will cut whole grains completely with 12-16 weeks left before a competition. and for older folks wanting more calcium. My most recent meal plan consisted of one slice of whole grain bread (18 grams of carbs and two grams of sugar) for meals one and . artificial flavors and sweeteners and when you’re pushing the last 5-10 pounds of fat off your lower abdomen. In the big picture. even in A sMALL servinG. Protein Powder Why didn’t protein powder make the A list? I would never put protein powders in the same category as metabolically and hormonally active food. Be AWAre thAt Most YoGurt contAins A Lot of suGAr.No Nonsense Muscle Building No Nonsense 6 Pack Introduction Chapter 5 Milk is a double-edged sword because of its sugar content (that many people can not digest) and high fat. When dialing down to six-pack abs. complex carbohydrates can remain a staple up until a few weeks before your deadline. In the last six weeks of a contest. Convincing myself that they were high in protein I began “sneaking” a small handful here and a small handful © Vince Delmonte www. so reAD the LABeLs AnD Look for A nAturAL one Without ALL the cALories.YourSixPackQuest. and my body fat dropped just fine. Powders lack the enzymes and hormones and substance of a lean piece of fish. if your body fat is not dropping with whole wheat and whole grain products (like bread and pasta) then you are probably “carb-sensitive” and need to cut them out completely. you’ll find that yogurt should be replaced with a carb with less sugar – like oatmeal or a slice of whole wheat bread.” an aggressive form of bulking. including many other bodybuilders and fitness models I’ve spoken to. beef or steak. if you can consume lactose then this is a convenient form of protein. They also contain lots of fillers. but if used in moderation. Page 74 of 111 www.YourSixPackQuest. but as your body fat drops lower and lower then i suggest you limit your milk intake. whole grain products can be used all year long if not overeaten. you want to stay as natural as possible. Low-fat Yogurt This is a better alternative to milk because it contains a critical ingredient for the efficiency of your digestion system – bacteria. I always look harder and leaner and lose fat faster when I cut dairy. However. I personally. I’ll always cut my protein powders completely (for the best results) and rely solely on whole food – you’ll be amazed at the impact on your metabolism.

the more antioxidants. Lean beef is loaded with high-quality protein. The only reason that olive oil did not make the A List is because olive oil can hit you with extra calories if you’re not careful. syrup and hydrogenated oils. which can cause oxidative damage at high temperatures. It sounds petty but it’s not. After discovering that just 32 peanuts have 150 calories (six grams of protein and five grams of carbs). as long as you don’t use it for . followed by red. Lean beef My mission on weekends is to find the best steak houses around. and are one of the best sources of fibre (which explains the extra gas you’ll initially experience until your body gets used to the increased fibre). brown. but it does not make the A List because of the fat content. nuts are a calorically dense food . but like nuts. olive oil Without a doubt. it is calorically dense and can easily add an extra 100-200 calories a day if you’re not careful. I hadn’t lost a thing. which is excellent for building muscle and making you feel satisfied. Never eat the peanut butter loaded with sugars.YourSixPackQuest. Nuts do make a wonderful and convenient snack combined with proteins and healthy fats to keep you feeling full. All rights reserved.” Beans have zero fat. I realized that I was canceling out half of my cardio workouts with the two “innocent” handfuls I was indulging in each day. extra-virgin olive oil is clearly one of the best monounsaturated fat sources for you. B vitamins and creatine. therefore.YourSixPackQuest.” and it should taste “different” for it to be natural. © Vince Delmonte www. If measured properly olive oil should stay in your program as long as possible to reap the numerous health benefits and cardioprotective nutrients. Natural peanut butter became a “candy” for me when I added it to my oatmeal/egg white pancakes in the morning. The ingredients should read “peanuts and salt. If you can avoid the fatty cuts of beef then having one or two small pieces (6-12 oz depending on your size) will do little harm.that’s the reason they didn’t make the A List. yellow and white – the darker the bean the more flavonoids. If your meal plan says. Page 75 of 111 www. stick with chicken and egg whites instead. Beans Mixed beans are a cool food because they contain a high amount of protein and carbs. Black beans have been found to have the highest antioxidant levels. “eight almonds.” that is not a joke.No Nonsense Muscle Building No Nonsense 6 Pack Introduction Chapter 5 there. I consider them a carb and look at the protein as a “bonus. and the next time I stepped on the 2006.but they should still be a staple for most of your journey. but if you are striving to follow the strictest plan possible. They are easy to overeat. The only reason these don’t make the A List is because of the high carbohydrate . I love my steak. no cholesterol.

chicken is the most popular choice of bodybuilders and fitness models for getting lean. tomatoes.and avoid the fatty part in the thighs that can sneak in “incidental” calories.YourSixPackQuest. which is a key when dieting to control food craving and hunger pains. 12 weeks straight. All rights reserved. the most underestimated and underutilized food for getting lean very. As we mentioned above. they help improve the digestion and absorption of your food. If you could only consume two food sources to get a six-pack faster than anything else it would be proteins and veggies. broccoli and a baked potato for six meals a day. eggs and egg Whites Egg whites are another staple in a bodybuilder’s and fitness model’s diet as they are the only other protein that can compete with chicken for its absolutely zero fat count and carb . ensure it is not 2006. Eggs wear many hats: A LIST © Vince Delmonte www. which can limit your social options. vitamins.the breast . While you are dieting. I even know one competitor who consumes chicken breast.YourSixPackQuest.No Nonsense Muscle Building No Nonsense 6 Pack Introduction Chapter 5 THE Multi-coloured vegetables these are. They also trick you into feeling like you ate a large meal. and are loaded with water. and one that you might not think of – socializing. Don’t be fooled be the advertisements that say Green Tea will help you lose fat fast. by far. To maintain the power of this protein. minerals. A typical “six-pack” omelet in the morning after my cardio (on a empty stomach) would consist of 10 egg whites. chicken By far. Page 76 of 111 www. antioxidants. chicken “cold cuts” do not count as they are loaded with preservatives. and phytochemicals. fiber. fillers and other unknown chemicals that don’t mix well with a six-pack. for each competition! Go for the leanest part of the chicken . Between two meals. very fast. broiled or baked. Green tea Why is green tea on the A List? Green Tea serves many purposes. I’m still able to meet up with my friends socially while dieting and drink a large Green Tea with some natural sweetener to get me through the night . I strongly suggest that you avoid restaurants as much as possible. but always steamed. which is perfect for gaining muscle and leaning down fast. but barely enough to burn one pound every 50 days which I’m guessing is not as fast as you would like.and still enjoy myself. I always consume 20 egg whites a day. I consider veggies a “free food” because they have virtually no calories. spinach. 1 egg yolk. binders. Green Tea does increase your metabolism. mushrooms and calorie-free cooking spray with organic salsa on top – absolutely delicious! I‘ll have this meal twice a day. Instead of having to stay in every day of the week.

omelets. it’s guaranteed that it will get dipped in butter and fatty sauces. mackerel. fish and fish oils One of Peter’s staple foods was fish. Use common sense and stick to herbs for flavouring instead of fatty sauces and butters. weakening of the immune system and cancer. Halibut. fresh water. asbestos.YourSixPackQuest. A typical half cup includes three grams of fat. and 27 grams of carbs. herring cod. hardening of the arteries. Even though some of your fattier fish like herring. mackerel. fluoride. over easy. You cannot afford to drink anything less than clear. I mix it into my chicken. clean water that is free of undesirable bacteria. haddock. © Vince Delmonte www.YourSixPackQuest. sardines. so he was able to overcome the boredom that comes with eating chicken and egg whites every day. orange roughy. mahi mahi. Brown rice This is another cornerstone staple whether you are bulking up or leaning down. oatmeal and quinoa I’ve always wondered why every bodybuilder and fitness model I speak too includes oatmeal on a daily basis. If you do not purchase a purification system then drink distilled water. salmon and trout. five grams of protein. Always choose the natural oats that do not contain sugar like the sugary and sweetened instant packets. tuna and egg whites instead of popular condiments and sauces high in sugar. and other chemical substances increases free radical formation which leads to a whole series of health problems like ageing.No Nonsense Muscle Building No Nonsense 6 Pack Introduction Chapter 5 scrambled. trout and tuna. marlin. salmon. Page 77 of 111 www. flounder. viruses and other micro-organisms. I always consume between four and eight liters per . Filling your body with 2006. salsa I consider this my secret weapon when dieting – I call it my “free food” because I can have as much as I want and it’s delicious on anything. which is an ideal balance. contain your good fat like omega 3’s. Avoid white rice because it’s the processed version of brown rice and enters your blood stream quickly. is high in protein and light on the stomach so you don’t feel bloated. which is perfect for getting lean and making you full. the power of oatmeal is that it is slowly released into your bloodstream and does not cause an insulin spike. be aware of the calories and stick to your leanest forms of fish in the last few weeks of your quest. frittatas and hard boiled. The majority of fish has virtually no fat and no carbs. Crypto sporidium and Giardia. liver malfunction. fillers and salt. All rights reserved. even with a custom order. making you hungry again within the hour. difficulty breaking down cholesterol. Brown rice and basmati rice are your top choices for a slow releasing starchy carbohydrate. as long as you measure it out to keep the calories controlled. Experiment with an assortment of fish from cat fish. Avoid fast food fish because. sunny-side-up. Purified Water One of the best investments you can make is a filtration system that guarantees healthy.

eat properly. without thinking or being involved in the training process. For example. All rights reserved. while paying close attention to your results and listening to your body. but with few . Don’t be an individual who wants to get spoon fed the answers. There is no program or ratio combination that you should follow by law. Let’s Get stArteD.YourSixPackQuest. Some people are not going to like this section because they simply want to be told exactly what to do. The idea of adjusting your nutrition plan intuitively will frustrate some left-brained academics. They want to be told to eat 34. If there was a “perfect” nutrient ratio or “perfect” formula. and only have to manipulate his cardio output and weight-training frequency.800-calorie meal plan from start to finish.” Allow yourself some flexibility and enjoy the journey. © Vince Delmonte www. academics are usually not the ones with the best bodies! The people who have the best bodies are those living in the real world.No Nonsense Muscle Building No Nonsense 6 Pack Introduction Chapter 5 16 Ways to “Periodize” Your 84-Day Meal Plan In an ideal world you would use the Calorie Formula below. Another male might have to start at 2800 calories and keep dropping 200 calories every 2-4 weeks until his goal is reached. stick with one 84-day meal plan and have a six-pack in 12 weeks! Many people will get 80-90% of the way to their goal by starting at a certain number of calories and only having to drop the intake a few times. Page 78 of 111 www. with my step-by-step plan below. Don’t be afraid to determine what works best for you. Although I consider my system to be quite effective. a male around 220 pounds might be able to use the 2. They train hard. pay close attention to their results and listen to what their bodies are telling them. this next section is one of my favorite components of the program because it will require you to become a part of the process.YourSixPackQuest. You know your body better than I do and you will be able to guide yourself to your six-pack. it’s not “perfect” and will require you to have the courage to make some unique decisions based on your intuition. despite what the latest textbook says. Have the confidence to do some “tweaking.88% protein 12 minutes before they work 2006. then you would have probably found it by now. I believe that you are closer to the answers and solutions to your problems than I am.

12pm. 3pm. This is a generic formula but you should start at 13 and progress downward based on my criteria above . Don’t be surprised if your grocery bill goes up. 4. Apply this and you will keep dropping your 1% body fat each week: 2.No Nonsense Muscle Building No Nonsense 6 Pack Introduction Chapter 5 2006. You’ll be amazed at how powerful this reinforcement is and how easy it is to let three or four hours go by without a meal. at a multiple of 11. eat your protein first. Do not move on to step two until you are consuming at least 90% of your weekly protein intake as shown on your plan. My perfect schedule is 6am. here is a step-by-step plan to progressively intensify your nutrition program and ensure that you do not hit a plateau for more than a week. 9am.YourSixPackQuest. because you already have a four-pack. the more automatic the routine will become and the quicker you’ll see . Page 79 of 111 www. © Vince Delmonte www. You have 35 meals on your meal plan so by the end of the week you will have consumed 33 of the 35 protein meals. 6pm (and a 9pm meal if I’m bulking). eaT your proTein firsT If you are in a life and death situation and only have time to eat one food selection on your plate.YourSixPackQuest. Don’t be impatient and start lower. figure ouT your caloric inTake Bodyweight x 13 = until you have a “two-pack’ Bodyweight x 12 = until you have a “four-pack” Bodyweight x 11 = until you have a “six-pack” Bodyweight x 10 = until you have an “eight-pack” You will not need to go any lower than a multiple of 10 .or when you hit a plateau.guaranteed. aim to get organic or locally grown vegetables. “They take too long to eat” excuse. masTer your meal frequency Buy yourself a stop watch or schedule in your palm pilot every time you will eat. We are creatures of habit and the sooner you can get into a set routine. and if affordability is not an issue. 3. All rights reserved. balance your proTeins WiTh your veggies Apply the same strategy to your veggies now – this might be a little more challenging but resort to juicing or pre-preparing your veggies so you have no.

sTarT your firsT meal earlier You’ll be amazed at what happens when you consume your first meal at 7 am instead of 9am each . All rights reserved. for many people. to write down just your fat intake to ensure you are not exceeding your fat intake through butter. The moral of the story here is to get your first meal in you as soon as possible so that you break the deadly fast that shuts down your metabolism each night as you sleep. 6. but flushes out the fat much quicker. add cayenne pepper and lemon To your WaTer This is a little secret of mine that helps cleanse your liver and detoxify your body all day long.YourSixPackQuest. It will require you to take initiative and offer healthier solutions to prevent you from “losing control.” Restaurants.YourSixPackQuest. 7. or make any small improvements in when you consume your first meal. Page 80 of 111 www. Over 75% of my water intake comes from this combination and I’ve felt “cleaner” ever since starting. sauces or oils that you can easily mis-measure. Guzzle whatever is left before you go to bed to ensure you hit your goal water 2006. 9.No Nonsense Muscle Building No Nonsense 6 Pack Introduction Chapter 5 5. which does keep you in the bathroom regularly. © Vince Delmonte www. measure your WaTer “I drink a lot of water” is the most annoying phrase to a personal trainer when they ask their client how much water they consume. sTop eaTing ouT compleTely You’re starting to get really serious when you are prepared for this step. Start with a 4 L container and pour all your water into your cups and bottles from there. 8. I aim for six liters a day. At the end of the day you’ll see how much you are in fact drinking. for two or three days. just require too much willpower and discomfort from creating the false assumption you are eating healthy when your food might be loaded with “hidden calories” unknown by the waiter or waitress. measure your faTs closely It’s not a bad idea.

but if you are having a hard time cutting the last few pounds. even before and after workouts. iron. so structure your next few weeks. I cut my protein powder out. but it certainly will for your long-term health. 13. There is no question that fresh organic (note that fresh non-organic is better than un-fresh organic) food contains higher nutrient levels such as vitamin C. “You do the booze and you lose!” You can’t afford to be spiking your insulin. subsTiTuTe your faTTier proTein for leaner proTeins This is when your diet should consist of primarily chicken. till you hit your deadline. minerals and amino acids.YourSixPackQuest. adding extra calories and shutting down your body’s fat-burning ability. within four weeks of a show or deadline. I know many bodybuilders who purposely keep beef in their diet for the hormones and for the fat intake. This is a step to consider when you want to start freeing your body of chemicals like pesticides. magnesium and phosphorus. Whole food will maximize your metabolism more effectively than powders. © Vince Delmonte www. You can not afford to put anything “low quality” in your . begin shopping organic It’s hard to say if switching over to organic foods will make an immediate difference. Page 81 of 111 www. and your body will get more vitamins. All rights reserved. around less socializing where alcohol is flowing.YourSixPackQuest. egg whites and fish. 12. and resort to strictly whole food 12-16 weeks before a show. and less nitrates.No Nonsense Muscle Building No Nonsense 6 Pack Introduction Chapter 5 10. Hopefully as organic becomes more in demand the prices will drop so that we can avoid the negative effects of chemical fertilizers inside our body. which is especially important when you’re living on an ultra-low caloric intake. 2006. sTarT eaTing Whole food 100% of The Time It is not uncommon for bodybuilders and fitness models to cut all supplements like protein powder. experiment with the absence of beef for at least two weeks and measure the results. cuT your alcohol inTake compleTely You heard me say it.

17. consider sTacking ephedrine and caffeine This suggestion applies only to those completely free of any heart conditions and blood pressure problems. subsTiTuTe your fruiTs for more veggies If you are ultra “carb sensitive” and getting enough veggies in your diet then this step could be pushed up higher on the scale. 16. but I consider this extreme unless you are supplementing with a fiber supplement. and if you are uncomfortable with using these products for a very short period of time then don’t fear – they are not . cYcLinG Your cALories hAs eArneD vArious nAMes over the YeArs AnD is consiDereD the BoDYBuiLDer’s AnD fitness MoDeL’s Best-kePt secret. © Vince Delmonte www. but to strip off the last 5-6 pounds of stubborn fat. inTroduce “re-feed” days An alternate way to “spike” your metabolism naturally with out ephedrine and caffeine is to introduce one of the most powerful fat burning strategies on the planet. they can be very helpful when your thyroid begins to slow from an ultra-low caloric intake. I know many bodybuilders and fitness models who cut their fruit completely 12 weeks out from 2006. but you gain a series of positive responses.YourSixPackQuest. I would recommend only once a day to aim for the maximum result with the minimum intake.No Nonsense Muscle Building No Nonsense 6 Pack Introduction Chapter 5 14. Page 82 of 111 www. All rights reserved. It is the ONLY way to outsmart the body’s starvation response when calories and carbs are restricted. It claims first place by a mile. For males. control insulin spikes by eliminating fruit completely. Only consider stacking ephedrine and caffeine if you cannot take your calories any lower and if you cannot increase your energy expenditure any further. But don’t fear if you don’t consume any fruit for the last four to six weeks before your deadline to force the fat off. Not only do you avoid the negative responses of consistent caloric restriction. I would recommend taking 25mg of ephedrine and 100 mg of caffeine to start and build it up to a maximum of 75 grams of ephedrine and 200 mg of caffeine stacked together. The second place system does not even come close. This stack will boost your metabolism by about 10% and can be a great way to get your motor running again. Although it is not uncommon to take this combo up to three times a day.

Some will scream that building muscle and losing fat is impossible.” it is excellent for anyone who has trouble with fat loss or wants to crash through a plateau. This is mainly because your body’s metabolism does not get turned off by going into starvation mode.YourSixPackQuest. after three or so days of low carbs. lose your strength and start to notice that your muscles will “flatten out” and look softer. Your body is smarter than you think. the best part is that you will notice your body getting noticeably leaner with every four-day cycle as your body keeps digging out the fat stores and using the carbohydrates to make you look more ripped. Page 83 of 111 www. your body’s glycogen levels will be almost depleted and you will notice that your training intensity and workout quality will start to suffer and take a beating. I agree that choosing one goal is a more effective approach. you get a break from all the discipline and staleness of eating low carb. You can only chase one goal at a time.. “hi-low dieting”. “carbing-up” or “re-feeding. and will interpret the low carbohydrates as a threat for survival. really dieted before. it is cranked up again right before it figures out it was even going there! This has been the bodybuilder’s and fitness model’s best kept secret for decades and now you know it! Why cycling calories is better than a constant low carb diet… the longer you stay on a low carb diet. You will have very little energy. © Vince Delmonte www. Your metabolic rate will never stop working for . the less effective your diet and training become on your fat loss goals. Mentally. Basically. you will not understand what I am talking about! The “high carb” day is literally a high day because you can reward yourself for another three-day victory. the only way to lose fat and build muscle at the same time. so your metabolic rate will slow down and your thyroid gland will slow down and decrease the output of thyroid hormone. and have something to look forward to for your discipline. This question will continue with the ages. All rights reserved. “zig-zag dieting”. and your metabolic rate catches a spark of lighter fluid to start the fire up again.. but let’s consider what happens when alternating high and low carb days. Unless you have really.YourSixPackQuest. during the “high carb” 2006. Every fourth day. The benefit is that it allows you to maximize fat loss without the expense of muscle loss. your muscles fill out and become harder. this is why you need to “mix things up” and keep your body on full alert with a high carb day every fourth day. which can cause some people to break and give up.No Nonsense Muscle Building No Nonsense 6 Pack Introduction Chapter 5 You might hear this system promoted as “carbohydrate cycling”. side-step the side-effects. your energy levels go up.

Most likely. This does not work perfectly to a 3:1 rotation. That is why you have heard of clients losing 15-30 pounds of fat in only three or four months. whether intentional or not. Shoulders got trained on Wednesday and biceps got trained on Saturday. so that if any muscle were to make gains during my pre contest diet diet. but also gaining three or four pounds of muscle. but I adapted the principles of cycling to my training program. My two weakest body parts were shoulders and .No Nonsense Muscle Building No Nonsense 6 Pack Introduction Chapter 5 Most iMPortAntLY.YourSixPackQuest. Page 84 of 111 www. it would be my two weakest muscle groups. they were using some form of carbohydrate cycling. the hiGh cArB DAY WiLL Prevent MuscLe Loss AnD it MAY even heLP You increAse sMALL AMounts of MuscLe MAss in the Process. A little tip to emphasize weak body parts during carbohydrate cycling: I always had my high carbohydrate days on Wednesday and 2006. I made sure that I had my high carbohydrate day on the same days I trained my weakest body parts.YourSixPackQuest. All rights reserved. © Vince Delmonte www. 2006. so 3:1 might actually backfire on . one high carb day might need to be substituted with two or three high carb days and then repeat.No Nonsense Muscle Building No Nonsense 6 Pack Introduction Chapter 5 Adaptation of 3:1 cycling based on body type… ECTOMORPH: Ultra skinny guys/gals have the greatest chance of losing muscle while cutting. Instead. © Vince Delmonte www. All rights reserved. Page 85 of 111 www. This will really ensure that no muscle is lost and that you might even make better muscle gains on your high days.

Page 86 of 111 www. 2006. could also benefit from a 7:1 rotation. Some . who have a harder time losing fat. © Vince Delmonte www. All rights reserved. if the high days need to be adjusted. two days should do the trick.No Nonsense Muscle Building No Nonsense 6 Pack Introduction Chapter 5 MESOMORPHS: Naturally muscular guys/gals should suit the 3:1 model perfectly. An extra day can be added to make the rotation 4:1 or even 5:1. although the only way to be sure is to test it out and assess the results.YourSixPackQuest.

then you will have to push your body to its limits to maximize the fat loss . will benefit the most from stretching out the rotation to a longer cycle such as 7:1. so start with a more stretched-out rotation.YourSixPackQuest.3:1 will be just too darn slow. All rights reserved.No Nonsense Muscle Building No Nonsense 6 Pack Introduction Chapter 5 ENDOMORPHS: Naturally chubby guys/ . Page 87 of 111 www. to a maximum of 14:1. who have the hardest time losing 2006. © Vince Delmonte www. If you have a large percentage of fat to lose in a short period of time.YourSixPackQuest.

No Nonsense Muscle Building No Nonsense 6 Pack

Introduction Chapter 5

How Do I Know How to Adjust The Days?
Simple. Make sure you are dropping around 1 to 3 pounds of body fat per week, which will be your weekly 1% standard. Anything more is not very wise and will result in loss of lean body mass. It will take three or four weeks to figure out what is working. Use the mirror and stay in tune with the visual changes of your body. If you are leaning out and looking more muscular, then everything is perfect and on track. If you are losing body fat but looking softer, then you need an extra re-feed day or more frequent re-feed days because you might be losing muscle. If you are getting bigger and not losing fat where you need to, then your calories are still too high or you need to lengthen out the break between high and low days.

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No Nonsense Muscle Building No Nonsense 6 Pack

Introduction Chapter 6

Chapter 6:
Your siX-PAck suPPLeMent PLAn
The most important message I can get across is that no supplement melts fat! A supplement, by definition, means, “the addition to…” No matter what you have read in a magazine, seen in the media, or heard from an expert, a supplement will NOT be the SOLUTION. Getting a six-pack requires fat mobilization, and the delivery of fatty acids into the mitochondria of the muscle cell where they can be burned as fuel. Fat loss is a result of a series of complicated biological processes at the cellular level which you control through exercise and diet - no supplement has the power to do this alone. Until you understand that a “supplement” is just “the extra,” and will not achieve the over-inflated results that are promised, you will continue to be fooled into believing there is a “quick and easy” miracle pill that will do the work for you.

no suPPLeMent cAn Do the Work for You, AnD AssuMinG You Are coMPLiAnt to Your nutrition PLAn AnD trAininG ProGrAM 90% of the tiMe, At Best, the suPPLeMent onLY WiLL MAke uP A five-10% Difference in the fAt Loss Process. The Problem with “Does This Work…?”
Aside from this statement pushing ownership and responsibility off the individual, I find this philosophy of thinking rooted in people’s confusion and attempts to build food. The proof is in most people’s kitchens – shoeboxes or cupboards filled with dozens of different supplements. They have a bottle of Vitamin C for bone protection; a bottle of Vitamin E for immune function; a bottle of Glutamine to (supposedly) preserve muscle; a bottle of L-Tyrosine for mental alertness and a bottle of Co-Enzyme Q10 for cardiovascular health. Sound familiar?

AWAre of it or not, PeoPLe hAve turneD WhAt is suPPoseD to Be A kitchen into A LABorAtorY of PiLLs, PoWDers AnD cAPsuLes LiterALLY trYinG to BuiLD fooD.

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Introduction Chapter 6

Asking, “Does this work…” and “Does that work…” results in broken focus that distracts you from your efforts and reliance on what truly works – diet, lifestyle and training. this mentality is a crutch to your mindset, your bank account and in some situations, your health! Supplements can become a crutch, because they allow for slip-ups in your diet and training to occur – “It’s okay if I slip up here because I’m taking Supplement X which will cover up for it…” this is the kind of thinking that will lead you one step away from your six-pack instead of one step closer to it.

how to create Your supplement Plan
There are many people who aren’t interested in joining the “anti-supplement” sect, and have unlimited disposable income to improve their health and maximize that 10% difference when their training, diet and lifestyle is at a 90% threshold. The good news is that adding certain supplements to a hard and consistent training program, and a diet low in sugar, high in fibre and one that makes use of the Empowered meal plans, will be helpful in getting to your six-pack faster. Most supplements complement one another, creating a synergistic effect. I suggest that you start using one supplement at a time, allowing at least two weeks to elapse so you can monitor the effects and decide if you will keep it or drop it. If the product is having a visible and noticeable effect on anything related to your health and fitness goals, then record the effects, and add a new supplement. Repeat this process until you have built your own supplement plan.

the solution
Believe me, I have no problem with supplements themselves, but I take exception to those who think (consciously or unconsciously) supplements will take the responsibility off themselves, and believe that certain supplements are “quick and easy” solutions. Whatever your criteria for picking supplements, or your level of disposable income, don’t subscribe to the faulty belief that the supplements I recommend work magic.

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or crilla is the equivalent of getting 10-15 servings of fruits and veggies in your diet. it might be redundant to take a Multivitamin. In an ideal world you would consume your 10-15 servings through whole food or homemade juice (using a juicer). in other words. anchovy. since my nutrition is quite clean and I get my 10-15 servings a day (mostly through juicing). Most servings from a Greens powder are fruits. you will be very thankful that you have insurance. and before you get excited about doubling and tripling your dosage. but I have no problem ensuring all my levels are topped off. Fish Oils Before I list all the wonderful benefits of fish oil supplementation. I have to admit. Consider it an insurance Multivitamin or Greens Product The foundation of fat loss. 2. Don’t expect to pop a few pills every meal and see the fat melt away.YourSixPackQuest.No Nonsense Muscle Building No Nonsense 6 Pack Introduction Chapter 6 onLY When You Are DiALLeD into Your trAininG AnD nutrition PLAn cAn You eXPect to see serious resuLts froM A suPPLeMent ProGrAM. If you don’t mind spending a little extra. For future . use a Greens powder. veggies and other “extra” ingredients compacted and distilled as powder. as shown in your Six Pack Quest Meal Plans. the supplements I use are at http://www. 1. The women’s version is VFG 25+ Women. © Vince Delmonte www. The likelihood of hitting someone while you’re driving your car is unlikely. All rights reserved. let me remind you that not even fish oil supplements are a magic bullet for fat loss. This is the same as taking your Multi or Greens product. which can be a daunting task unless you work full-time out of your home. Whatever you choose to take. Page 91 of 111 2006. I personally use a product called VGF25+. menhaden. which will also fill in any gaps and keep your levels to the brim. but I also recommend using a multivitamin or Greens product in conjunction with your meal plan. don’t rely on your Multi or Greens product to take the place of real food. sardine. Nothing is that good to be true! Getting your omega-3’s from a weekly consumption of salmon.YourSixPackQuest. is to get 10-15 serving of fruits and veggies (primarily veggies as you get leaner and leaner). but if you do.VinceDelMonteNutrition. these supplements are an insurance policy to ensure you are always protected. don’t take them instead of food.

protein powder does not have the same effect as a chicken breast. The formula I use. This is an ideal choice for anyone. It’s one thing to consume three or more shakes when you are aiming to take in 4. whole foods will help you deal with hunger cravings and will help increase your metabolism. Nothing beats the real thing. Unlike protein shakes. or lean steak. EFA Icon is 150 EPA and 90 DHA but the Krill Oil has 47 times more antioxidant power than conventional fish oils you’ll find at the store. like when you are in a rush. can of tuna. personally.000-calorie range. you can’t afford to displace your calories with powders over nutrient dense whole food. split up between two or three meals. To really exploit the benefits of this supplement. 3. No matter what the store clerk says.YourSixPackQuest. I’m going to recommend you stick with one protein powder – it is not necessary to buy an isolate for during your workouts. Ideally your fish oil supplement should be around 30% (around 300 mg) EPA plus 60% (around 600 mg) DHA. reDuceD risk of DiABetes AnD A Boost in MetABoLisM. so you’ll “pop” far fewer pills. Also. push it up to 10 grams a day. like me. All rights . If you want to use them. if that. and it’s safe to take up to between 6-10 grams (6-10 capsules) a day (1-2 per meal). the less you rely on yourself to train hard and sleep hard.No Nonsense Muscle Building No Nonsense 6 Pack Introduction Chapter 6 fish oiLs Are resPonsiBLe for cArDiovAscuLAr heALth. but it can certainly make your life much easier. The bottom line is that the purpose of using a protein powder is to get an instant boost in your metabo- © Vince Delmonte www. Protein Powder Like other supplements. Page 92 of 111 www. Aside from being costly it makes very little difference in terms of results. LonGLAstinG Joints. the “fancier” supplements you buy. but there are certain times in the day when protein powder is more appealing than roasting a steak. EFA Icon. don’t notice any difference when using an Isolate versus Whey versus a Blend versus a Hydrolysate. has a higher potency level so it does not require 6-10 capsules to get the same benefit. consume no more than two shakes a day. a few eggs. protein powder does not work magic. and before or after your workout. nor will it be your secret weapon to getting your six-pack.YourSixPackQuest.000 calories a day. A minimum of 5-6 grams should be taken each day. a casein protein for before bedtime.000-6. psychologically. Your product will not work as effectively if they are not stacked together. To simplify your life. and a blend for snacks. Fish oils are something you don’t ever want to run out of. but when you are dipping into the 2. tub of cottage 2006. fat loss is easier to acquire when all your calories are from whole foods because of the lower caloric intake. I. who does not like “popping” pills. I find.

While cutting your calories you will begin to feel “flat” and lose your pumps. Creatine Creatine during a fat loss program? I won’t say it’s a “must. there will always be a greater fool who puts the responsibility on it rather than I.No Nonsense Muscle Building No Nonsense 6 Pack Introduction Chapter 6 lism and preserve your muscle mass while dieting. Consumers’ lack of education and lust for “short cuts” fuels the fire that burns you back.” but for its low cost and numerous benefits it’s pretty darn close to being . sAfe AnD tiMe-testeD suPPLeMent Like creAtine thAt cAn Do this for You. All rights reserved. I’ve given up looking for “the one.” I’m convinced it does not exist.” super-proteins in existence but I’m happy using 2006. the creatine will offset any significant loss in strength. extras to consider 4. Unfortunately.YourSixPackQuest. As Much As PossiBLe. But since your calories are in a deficit instead of a surplus. which would be 10-20 grams a day) each day – one before you work out and one after you work out. MAintAininG Your strenGth. nor will it ever exist. which is a very good thing because muscle drives your metabolic furnace. diet and lifestyle to get the job done. © Vince Delmonte www. and we know the most effective way is good old-fashioned weight training. and you’ll be able to see a tight and crisp physique not far in the distance. is A keY criteriA for MAintAininG Your MuscLe MAss AnD there is no other nAturAL.YourSixPackQuest. and you’ll really be satisfied with the “new you” coming through. Page 93 of 111 www. The entire goal of losing fat is to keep your metabolism as high as possible. After you load up on creatine your muscles will be super-hydrated. so I rely on my training. swelled and stretched. which leads to strength improvements of five to 15 percent. Psychologically. The reason you’ll continue to see more “bells and whistles” added to the rolodex of protein powder options is because you buy it. this will play a huge role because you won’t feel like you’re wasting away. I recommend taking two big tablespoons (about 5-10 grams a serving. which has 35 grams of concentrate protein and eight grams of fibre per scoop. There are far more “elegant. For anyone over 200 pounds. but creatine will allow you to train harder and keep your muscles “full” and hard. But after using all of them.

especially since the entire epicentre of fat loss is revolved around maintaining muscle mass to fuel your metabolic furnace.taking 1-3 grams with each meal will create a consistent schedule to maintain. From this list alone. before you do your cardio. Another alternative is to take it first thing in the morning on an empty stomach. Page 94 of 111 www. BCAA’s are a safe bet. A red flag of “supplement dependence” is when you get all hot and excited about picking out the fanciest and most expensive “third and fourth generation” scientific breakthroughs. © Vince Delmonte www. there are three Branched chain Amino Acids . BCAA dosage recommendations are still unclear. this is how supplement shopping should be – boring.5-5 grams a each day – one before you work out and one after you work out. All rights reserved. but that should be of little concern because it is easier to get rid of water than fat. promote protein synthesis. because all you need is a basic creatine monohydrate powder that says Creapure on the container. prevent muscle breakdown. so I feel they deserve consideration. In the end. with a litre of water. I would recommend spacing them out throughout the entire day . When deciding to buy creatine. BCAA The majority of “ripped guys/gals” I 2006.YourSixPackQuest. I recommend two small tablespoons (about 2.No Nonsense Muscle Building No Nonsense 6 Pack Introduction Chapter 6 serving which would be 5-10 grams a day) For anyone under 200 pounds. which leads to more glucose burned and eventually more reliance on fat for fuel during the . In my opinion. use large volumes of BCAA’s every day and place them just as high on the totem pole as protein powder. isoleucine and valine . increase muscle building hormones. help prevent muscle soreness. and the many famous strength coaches I know. it is another boring recommendation. and you’ll meet strength coaches recommending everything from three grams a day to 20 grams a day. 5.YourSixPackQuest. the take home message when it comes to creatine and fat loss is that you can burn more energy during exercise (by doing a few extra reps and a few extra pounds). Some people retain a bit of water while on creatine. Considering this is not a cheap supplement I would suggest starting on the lower end and progressing up – based on your evaluation and monitoring of progress.that have earned elite status over other amino acids because they have a more impressive resume for the following reasons: • • • • • BCAA’s BCAA’s BCAA’s BCAA’s BCAA’s provide energy.

the highest quality fish oil. supplements are only “supplements” Remind yourself of this over and over. or health food store. You’ll definitely want to have a protein powder like Lean in your cupboards. unless you are already using them.YourSixPackQuest. After these two supplements are added into your program. Page 95 of 111 www. it’s your decision if you wish to experiment with any others listed above. Add Prograde’s VGF 25+ or a Greens powder (found at any sport and nutrition store. All rights reserved. because the truth will set you free. From my experience. 3. start with the “basics” first If you’re going to . 2. you should start with these three – in this order. or by doing a Google search) as well as EFA Icon. and formulate it into your belief system. Add one supplement every two weeks The next two you can introduce are creatine and BCAA’ 2006.No Nonsense Muscle Building No Nonsense 6 Pack Introduction Chapter 6 Supplements To Consider With 5 Pounds To Go… • ALA (alpha lipoic acid) • Acetyl-L-Carnitine • Chitosan • Chromium • CLA • Digestive Enzymes • Guggul Lipids • HCA • Hoodia Gordonii • L-Glutamine • L-Tyrosine • MCT’s • NO2 • Testosterone Boosters • Vandal Sulfate • Vitamin C • Yohimbine supplement conclusion 1. Pick one and monitor its effects. or you can buy one from your local health and nutrition store. don’t expect to see or feel noticeable (or even slight) results until © Vince Delmonte www. or one of your choice from your local health and nutrition store.YourSixPackQuest. Preach this message to your friends and start spreading the truth. Don’t forget to add one at a time so you can measure the effect though.

” I hope this does not look like trash talk but I feel this really hammers my point home and I don’t want you getting burned. 5. and liver cleansing formula all in one – I’ll admit I got quite excited even though it was $80 for a month’s supply. who described the owner as a “douche bag” and informed me how the formula was “ 2006. 7.No Nonsense Muscle Building No Nonsense 6 Pack Introduction Chapter 6 you’re pushing the envelope and approaching the last five -10 pounds. but you may see a “boost” or “surge” if you’ve got a distinct 4-pack and are pushing for the last two abs to pop out. focus on I and not it. because you’d be surprised how many of these products come and go. so low that you’ll (literally) be peeing your money down the toilet. “Vince.YourSixPackQuest. to discover that many companies make very low quality products. I then spoke with an “inside” friend who knew the owner of the company. a detox formula. There will come a point when you’ll need to step up and grind it out. and put all the principles of this book into action to get long-term results. Don’t buy the cheapest or the most expensive Just because a supplement is expensive does not mean it’s good. gets “high profit margins” and it “sells easily” because of the packaging.” I’ll reply. Any quality product will pass the test of time and you might as well let other “suckers” do the experimenting for you. All rights reserved. “Are you giving it a reason to work?” Meaning. Nothing is more powerful than diet and exercise.” and is only sold at the store I bought it from because the store owner has exclusivity to it. Most new “high-tech” products are the same old stuff dressed in a sleeker and sexier package. 4. Page 96 of 111 www.YourSixPackQuest. I got fooled recently when I purchased a “3-in-1” product that claimed to have organic greens. supplement store owners and guys “behind the scenes” in the supplement industry.” the potency was “garbage. nutrition and lifestyle because that’s the main time you’ll see or feel a supplement working. 6. No supplement is going to do your road work for you. The most annoying email I get is. it’s (supplement X) not working. I like to see a supplement on the market for at least three years before I give it any thought. Avoid “too good to be true” products As a rule of thumb. I felt foolish for being so naïve and forgetting to follow my own advice because I thought I’d found “the one. have you hit a 90% threshold in your diet. not a supplement In other words. supplement creators. and it’s often dif© Vince Delmonte www. Put ownership on . formulas are often inadequate Over the last few years I’ve built relationships with supplement owners.

My warning is. As long as there are unsuspecting users. All rights reserved. What’s your budget? I know people who spend up to $200 a week on . No need to get hot and bothered because your friend is able to experiment with every “brand new era” product because he has more disposable income. Instead of making our supplement decisions based on. Financially they can.because it’s cheap for a reason.YourSixPackQuest. and don’t forget to take responsibility to test it yourself and come to your own conclusions. I would like to know which is responsible for what so I can keep some and drop others. which is a very influential technique. don’t but the cheapest supplement . Your goal is to allocate your budget to whole food first and then move on to the “basics” next. If a busy parent came to me and only wanted to “lose a few pounds” and increase their energy levels then I would expect to see no more than a Multi and fish oils in their cupboard. I would ensure you were taking my basic recommendations. Right away. stick to it and buy it mass quantities to save money.” we would ask. 9. “How the heck do you know what is working and how do you learn from this experience?” If I was taking a dozen different supplements. Page 97 of 111 www. On the flip side. Many companies “overcharge” to give the product prestige. “Can you afford not to take it?” The supplements you use should reflect your level of commitment. or you’ll use so much of it because of the low potency. supplement companies will get away with making crap because people think it works because of the expensive price. then I would consider you very 2006. Be an example by getting better results without supplements and he/she will follow suit.2 lb tub of protein powder is ridiculous considering you can get 10-15 lbs for about $70-80. © Vince Delmonte www. “Can you afford it. 8. it’s not going to hurt me either. “Even if it does not help me. and they think.” which is a very accurate statement. Always choose the most reputable company you can find from honest sources you can trust. and your goals. as well as creatine and BCAA’s. how serious are you? If you came to me with the goal of competing on stage in just a Speedo or bikini. and in front of hundreds of people. Spending $40-50 on a 2.YourSixPackQuest. You’ll either waste your money because it’s so ineffective that you discard of it.No Nonsense Muscle Building No Nonsense 6 Pack Introduction Chapter 6 ficult to determine the true quality of a product. When you find a product you like.

Maybe it will make you think twice about where you decide to spend your money.YourSixPackQuest.” The marketers behind these products are not concerned with their messages getting diluted because there is always a new generation of “sheep” coming through the mill. I have not seen much change in the “supplement mafia. Even though the public is being informed of the deception and misinformation. and exaggerate the truth. ‘Let the buyer beware’).” easy-to-understand language. It’s pretty ugly out there. which appeals to the average “gym-rat. conclusion Since I wrote on supplements. All rights reserved. It’s pretty ugly out there so stick to my recommendations and CAVEAT EMPTOR (which is Latin for. Hopefully.YourSixPackQuest. I don’t see this problem going away anytime soon. and I hope you will be wise enough to see through . I doubt that the day will ever come when advertising pitchmen cease to bend.No Nonsense Muscle Building No Nonsense 6 Pack Introduction Chapter 6 10. © Vince Delmonte www. Page 98 of 111 www. diet and lifestyle. twist. in my last book. and as long as there are impetuous youth hungry for the “quick and easy” solution there will always be a greater fool to sell to.” Most companies still use 2006. promise and presentation. the most powerful “fat burning supplement” is always exercise. there will always be a greater fool Supplement companies understand how to write in a very “cartoonish. Until then — and as always — be wary and choose wisely. Expect to see the same businessman in a different suit with a different pitch every day. this chapter has alerted you to the dubious integrity of some of the people at the helm of major supplement companies. but remember.

but the accumulation of slip-ups. “Don’t worry. and snowball effect it creates. and people will always say things like. skipping a meal..YourSixPackQuest. will relieve their guilt if I say. © Vince Delmonte www. because I’m too lazy. All rights reserved. not investing in a certain supplement. “My trainer said it was okay to have one glass of wine tonight” or “My trainer said it was okay to eat chicken wings once per week. A better question to ask when tempted to justify something not on your meal plan. overindulging at a . is. you’re already in great shape and look fine. many six-pack quest busters can be justified with dozens of excuses. or overheard clients of a trainer express relief at a party with statements like. “Will it get you closer to your goal or further from your goal?” Every day my Inbox gets filled with close to 500 new emails asking questions that can be answered with common sense. assist in me losing 1% fat per week? Do you see how slipping ‘just once’ can add up very quickly because of a series of poor choices? It’s not the one slip-up. shortening your 2006.” However.YourSixPackQuest.” Sure. “Will this get me closer to my goal or further from my goal?” so ask yourself the following: • Will this alcoholic drink help me get my six-pack or delay my six-pack? • Will having a few handfuls of popcorn at the movies get me closer to my goals or further from my goals? • Will “just one” slice of cake speed up my gains or slow my gains? • Will cutting time off my cardio workout get me into my swimsuit faster or slower? • Will not eating my vegetables just this once. I assume. Page 99 of 111 www. 70% and eventually back to where you started. “It’s okay to do that…” I can’t count how many times I’ve experienced this as a Personal Trainer.No Nonsense Muscle Building No Nonsense 6 Pack Introduction Chapter 7 Chapter 7: Your siX PAck LifestYLe PLAn The theme of this chapter will be based on my favorite motivating line. delaying your grocery shopping a day etc. allowing room for these slip-ups will slowly take you from 90% compliancy to 80%. Most of them seek my permission to indulge in certain behaviors that. eating out instead of preparing at home.

“Why the heck do you keep slipping up?” Or better. and to say “No!” to eating out almost every day. if successful. and by the end of the transformation. or even think about it consciously anymore. All rights reserved. reputation. This is the most powerful question you can use to hold yourself accountable. and credibility were at stake. You will be making the rights choices (especially in the kitchen) every day .com .” Remember. why.No Nonsense Muscle Building No Nonsense 6 Pack Introduction Chapter 7 GivinG You controL of these situAtions WiLL force You to Put Your MoneY Where Your Mouth is. I couldn’t believe how many times I slipped up and had to ask myself. Page 100 of 111 www. and becomes ingrained into your lifestyle – especially the meal plans – to the point that old temptations become easy positive choices. “You have the rest of your life to travel all you want and to eat out all you want. I realized that my name.of NOT looking good. I battled daily with my diet and sacrificed my favorite social activity – traveling and eating out – to lean down to “camera-ready” shape. I hope you get to the point where this all becomes a habit. It’s the place where you no longer have to fight with yourself and resist. body and soul so that you will never go back to the old you again.YourSixPackQuest. and that I would compromise my platform by appearing in the videos if I did not look the part. “Why the heck are you not as committed as you say you are?” After some self-analysis and asking myself. because the more times you ask yourself this question the more likely it is you are losing focus of the emotional reasons behind your goals. Perhaps you are not that serious about getting a six-pack – only time will tell when you are faced with compromising decisions to move closer to your goals or give in and fall away from the gold standard of 90% compliancy. The taste of victory will transform your mind. For example. AnD reveAL Your true coMMitMent. but you’re only going to get one shot at doing this video and making a strong impression. This is the place you want to set your sights on. and putting my name on a six-pack product that did not represent. “Why.strongly enough . when preparing for this video 2006. I said to myself.” I realized that I had not considered the consequences . why I wanted to look good for my six-pack video. it’s much easier to maintain your six-pack than it is to get your six-pack. you will be a new person.and every situation and every decision is pushing you in the right direction.YourSixPackQuest. © Vince Delmonte www. Would you trust a guy selling a six-pack program if he didn’t have a six-pack himself? That was good enough motivation for me to wake up and say “No!” to a few all-inclusive vacations with friends (for now).

and ultimately becoming a new person. If you have a mindset of. “I have the rest of my life to eat pizza. Through this process. You Are seekinG out A LifestYLe thAt You cAn MAintAin the rest of Your Life. © Vince Delmonte www.” Notice how I didn’t have just a “time investment” mindset but a “habit development and lifestyle change” mindset.” i believe you will fail because you are not embracing the longterm vision of achieving a new lifestyle.the fight is worth it! People would joke around with me during my contest prep. The process will change your life – you will literally become a new person. and will be looked upon as a hero and role model to your circle of influence.” would lead to a new and changed me – what I ultimately wanted. I have to follow this diet for 12 weeks and do cardio every morning.YourSixPackQuest. Getting a six-pack will change your life. instead of stopping a few miles 2006. that are automatic and consistent. Your siX PAck quest is uLtiMAteLY ABout A LifestYLe chAnGe. and you will have a new respect for yourself. “Man. and then I’ll introduce it back in. fall back into old patterns. You will maintain this new identity and have a deeper. just like taking a shower in the morning and taking the garbage out every week. “No. saying things like. All rights reserved.YourSixPackQuest. come on!” I would reply.No Nonsense Muscle Building No Nonsense 6 Pack Introduction Chapter 7 These will become behaviors. driving motivation to live up to your new self. and then just flush it down the toilet and go back to your old self? Less than 10% of people who take their goals all the way across the finish line. I’m just cutting it out for 16 weeks of my life until I’m ripped. “How’s one slice of pizza going to hurt you… you can have one slice. I knew that continually . you can beat any obstacle and win . Page 101 of 111 www. I’m guessing that you would not achieve the body of your dreams after months of hard work and sacrifice. not Just LookinG “hot” AnD seekinG out A teMPorArY chAnGe to soLve soMe short-terM DissAtisfAction.

is not going to throw the chef into a panic. Remember that you’re in a restaurant – they have a kitchen with lots of different food. party. if you follow these rules and keep your restaurant visits to a minimum: 2006. but you should never let a restaurant bully you into what you can and cannot eat. All rights reserved.’ Just don’t be afraid to ask and take control. During hard training and contest prep. I simply tell the server what I want and if they are not willing to do that. You always have a choice! 2. I am Italian after all! Every restaurant visit will offer you a wide array of decadent appetizers and drinks that do not appear on your meal plan.No Nonsense Muscle Building No Nonsense 6 Pack Introduction Chapter 7 Your siX PAck quest is ABout A PerMAnent LifestYLe chAnGe. And your friends will be extra impressed when you take responsibility for your health.” You might even want to ask the chef to throw some mixed nuts or guacamole onto your salad to ensure you get your ‘good . EATING OUT One of my favorite social activities is to eat in a different restaurant every week – I just love high quality food. by telling the waiter what you want – not letting the menu dictate what you put in your body. DeciDe WhAt You WAnt Before You Arrive If a restaurant is not willing to cook what you want. a salad and an extra large serving of veggies without sauce. and in most cases they’ll be able to make you what you want. you can easily cancel out an entire week of training with a few bad choices. then get up and leave. Chefs know how to cook. without looking at the menu. I politely get up and leave.YourSixPackQuest. barbecue. Start looking at the menu as a bully and you’ll have a whole new experience when visiting restaurants. Page 102 of 111 www. I don’t suggest doing this on a first date (I did it once and embarrassed the girl so much I never saw a second date). I don’t even open the menu. or lunch meeting. here Are soMe of the Most coMMon PitfALLs You’LL WAnt to Be AWAre of. whether it’s at a restaurant. The good news is that you can eat out. if I find myself in a restaurant. The “danger alert” button flashes full force. stick to WAter With LeMon/LiMe © Vince Delmonte www. and by not avoiding or minimizing the potential damage.YourSixPackQuest. so asking for some fish. It’s no big deal to ask for extra asparagus or an extra chicken breast instead of the pasta or “unlimited garlic loaf.

” I’m always conscious to ask for a double serving of veggies . don’t be afraid to ask the chef to prepare your meal with less butter. Ask for the sauces to come on the side so you can control how much you put on. alcoholic drinks. Your safest bet is chicken. 7. work out HARD before you head out. 3. Ask theM to hoLD the BreAD If I’m in an Italian restaurant and the waiter brings out a complimentary loaf of focaccia bread. Ask them to hold the bread if you want to avoid the temptation. even if you custom order your meal. The chef is likely using plenty of oils.YourSixPackQuest. and it’s probably the most difficult part to control. and this is where your “extra” and “hidden” calories will sneak up on you. soda. If they insult you by bringing back three peas as your “order of veggies” then send it back and demand what you want. All rights reserved. 4. I’m not going to ruin my night and have a mind war with it – I’m going to eat it and enjoy it. like sirloin. or lean beef. 5. 6. but almost every restaurant I’ve ever been in considers three carrots and a broccoli stalk a “side of veggies. because these “hidden killers” have no nutritional value and can double the amount of calories you take in. fish.which usually turns into what your meal plan would consider one serving. Where is the Protein? Men should be asking for at least eight ounces of complete protein (slightly bigger than two decks of cards). Again. Ask for eXtrA veGGies I have no idea why. oil. rice or bread (starchy carbs).com 2006. BeWAre of the fAts It’s difficult to get “healthy fats” when you eat out. cut off the extra fat and the skin. tiMe A hArD Workout Before the restAurAnt If you want to enjoy a side baked potato. and coffee at all costs. butter and sauces to flavor up your meal. Avoid juices. © Vince Delmonte www. sauces or dressing. The damage will be minimal because the majority of the calories will go into your muscles instead of fat stores. and women should go for four ounces of complete protein (slightly bigger than one deck). To keep the protein as lean as possible. If you’re in a fancier restaurant then order a bottle of Perrier water (carbonated) with extra lemon and lime – this is my drink of choice when I’m out.YourSixPackQuest.No Nonsense Muscle Building No Nonsense 6 Pack Introduction Chapter 7 Save a few bucks on your tab and stay away from anything but water or Green Tea. Page 103 of 111 .

but I would rather listen to someone who actually has ripped abs. APPLY these sAMe ruLes When eAtinG fAst fooD Fast food can quickly sabotage your six-pack efforts and cancel out the caloric expenditure of a few intense workouts. which can suddenly bump those 300 calories to closer to 1. All rights reserved. health and performance. “Will this help me or hurt me?” Everything moves you either closer to your goals or further from your goals.No Nonsense Muscle Building No Nonsense 6 Pack Introduction Chapter 7 8. which will cancel out half.000 calories when you throw in some “munchies” to accompany your booze. That’s almost one pound of fat. Before you decide to consume an alcoholic beverage during Your Six Pack Quest ask yourself. and can play a role in enjoying life and special occasions. Page 104 of 111 www. “You do the booze and you lose!” Justifying alcohol consumption comes back to the question. meaning that you could still lose weight if you were on a 1. “Will this move me closer to or further from my goals?” Make your decision and take responsibility for it. ALCOHOL Let’s get this straight – no kind of booze is going to contribute to your six pack quest. Even having two 150-calorie beers a night will add up to 300 calories a day. having “a few” bottles of wine or a “case” of beer is not recommended if you’re truly serious about leaning down once and for all. or that entire cardio workout you just did. A lot of research suggests that some people can stay thin while drinking. . © Vince Delmonte www.100 calories. Obviously your best bet is to avoid fast food altogether because of the low nutrient value. I’m confident it would say. and if your stomach could talk. essential fatty acids. here is what we know. amino acids. • Alcohol adds up to a lot of extra calories very quickly.YourSixPackQuest. at least until you get your six-pack: • Alcohol is an empty calorie.YourSixPackQuest. fiber and other good stuff. but you would be sacrificing 500 calories of necessary vitamins. The reality is that alcohol serves many purposes. but if you do find yourself in this 2006. Binge drinking and getting “loaded” doing shots. Over the course of a week that’s an extra 2. the same rules apply. minerals. and I can’t turn down a glass of wine if I’m out with a girlfriend. while others tend to get fat.500-calorie meal plan that included 500 calories from alcohol. a study here and a study there will say that there are cardiovascular benefits to moderate beer and wine consumption. so if you’re on track for losing 2 lbs of fat per week it’s going to take you almost twice as long! Alcohol also increases your appetite. Alcohol and six-pack abs just don’t mix. The deficit would be enough to lose fat. You will never meet a competitive athlete or bodybuilder who heavily drinks. it should be more than enough reason to limit or eliminate alcohol altogether. Let me reassure you that I enjoy a cold beer (or two) during the summer or when I’m out with the boys.

and to a certain degree. Page 105 of 111 www. Your body can burn carbs. Can you say. “Fat loss. and acetate is released into the blood stream. I would suggest that you “strategically” reward yourself every few weeks with a drink. stick to the straight and narrow path. traffic jam and losing your brand new iPod. until you achieve your goals. because your liver is busy metabolizing alcohol.No Nonsense Muscle Building No Nonsense 6 Pack Introduction Chapter 7 • It’s no coincidence that you slam back a pitcher of beer on your own when you go out for half-price appetizers with your friends. decides on the source of fuel based on what is available. and the choices you . get to the back of the line!” • Your “circle of influence” also reflects how much you overindulge – that can play a huge role in the standards you set for yourself. © Vince Delmonte www. which can trigger the signals to start snacking. If you find it hard to give it up. • Alcohol also kills your testosterone levels after a night of “boozing. All rights reserved. and then get right back on track. STRESS A few years ago I heard one of the world’s leading experts in fat loss give a speech on losing fat. His first and only advice “Eliminate the stress in your life!” You don’t need scientific proof or academic textbooks to tell you that stress pushes you toward sugary and high-fat foods (there is an overwhelming amount of evidence to prove it). “munchies”). Alcohol typically accompanies highcalorie meals (wings. and it doesn’t help that alcohol is a potent appetizer. which put the brakes on fat burning. It is the minor. The speaker went on to warn that it’s not just the catastrophic stresses. like relationships. the tAke-hoMe MessAGe is thAt BuiLDinG A LeAner. your liver converts the rest into acetate. fats or proteins for 2006. Really heavy. pizza. everyday stresses like being late for work.” After a small portion of alcohol gets converted to fat.YourSixPackQuest. fAster AnD stronGer BoDY Just Doesn’t MiX With ALcohoL. and enjoy it without guilt. “drunk fests” can shut your testosterone down and affect your workouts for up to three days because of the muscle-wasting hormone cortisol that is released in response. There is nothing wrong with alcohol in itself but I would stress that. • Alcohol also shuts down your ability to burn fat. job and money struggles.” for up to 24 hours. Alcoholic drinks increase appetite far more then carb-based drinks. nachos. Women tend to “give in” to overeating more than men when on edge. If you are serious about getting washboard abs for your deadline then you can not afford to “lose time” storing fat instead of burning fat. which replaces fat as a source of fuel. a big exam.YourSixPackQuest. Here’s what happens when you pump your body with enough drinks to start a “buzz.

you begin a behavior that becomes automatic every time you feel “threatened” or stressed. sweets and chocolate become instantly attractive solutions. because eating when you are stressed is a learned habit. eating becomes the activity that treats stress. MAnY PeoPLe tenD to Be victiMs of their situAtions AnD choose to sit DoWn AnD Get sWALLoWeD uP in their frustrAtion AnD AnGer. It’s simple. it’s not your fault. Since your neuroendocrine system has no idea if you fought or fled the situation. The troubles root from our neuroendocrine system – a mind-body connection that stems back to the survival days of Adam and Eve. These hormones say to us. Once you give in. and for others an increase an appetite – both result in stress-induced weight gain (which becomes another stress to add to the list).YourSixPackQuest. You’ll be reassured by many friends with low standards in life that. RESPONDING TO STRESS IS A LEARNED HABIT It’s easy to blame your “spare tire” on life’s stresses. Although our stresses might not come from being chased by a dinosaur through our backyard. this system turns on a sequence of hormones whenever our “survival” is threatened. All rights reserved. “You’d better fight or flee these threats. As oPPoseD to GoinG out AnD eXPenDinG enerGY Like our Ancestors WouLD if theY Were PhYsicALLY fiGhtinG off DAnGer. unfortunAteLY. stress is a part of our everyday lives. but who ever said you didn’t have a choice? After a stressful event. As you’ve 2006. © Vince Delmonte www. it’s a favored choice by your brain chemistry. and for most people the response goes beyond anxiety and discomfort. Page 106 of 111 . your body’s preferred source of fuel during a “fight or flight” situation is sugar. “It’s okay. high sugar levels set the perfect landscape to store fat.YourSixPackQuest. Your stress is making you fat.” I don’t buy that.” The response for some people can be a loss in appetite. it still replenishes the nutritional stores that were depleted from the energy expanded on the stress – which creates a hunger craving.No Nonsense Muscle Building No Nonsense 6 Pack Introduction Chapter 7 UNDERSTAND HOW STRESS MAKES YOU FAT Whatever your personality. comforting and feels (and tastes) good. which is why pastries. froM MY oBservAtions in Life. To add to the matter even more. Yes.

• Cut up your credit cards and live below your means to avoid debt. it plays a significant role in Your Six Pack Quest. Which eXPLAins stALLeD ProGress. • Accept that you can not control every event in your life. At least 73% of people who get half the recommended 7-8 hours of sleep © Vince Delmonte www. • Stop watching negative media – unless you plan to respond. and don’t suffer from sleep insomnia. • Take “mini-retirements” or vacations a few times a year. • Follow your Empowered Nutrition meal plan. • Spend an hour a day reading. Whether you struggle from this because of hormones. SLEEP Lack of sleep is another critical component of your performance and quest for a six-pack. meditating or praying. and is often overlooked.YourSixPackQuest.YourSixPackQuest. habits. Most PeoPLe Are unAWAre thAt there is A Positive reLAtionshiP BetWeen the AMount of sLeeP You Get AnD BoDY coMPosition! further. • Ensure time each day for your favorite hobby or activity. • Re-evaluate your profession – do you love what you do? • Learn how to say “no” to events and people that can cause stress. • Get at least eight hours of sleep each night. or a combination of both. • Spend enough time with your loved ones. i believe very strongly that sleep is another variable under our control. • Avoid alcohol. Page 107 of 111 www. We take it for granted because most people assume if they are getting between six and eight hours a night. Underestimating the power of sleep is the equivalent of underestimating the influence of insufficient water intake. then they have nothing to worry about. A LAck of sLeeP over tiMe contriButes to cArBohYDrAte intoLerAnce AnD fAt GAin.No Nonsense Muscle Building No Nonsense 6 Pack Introduction Chapter 7 THE SOLUTION Don’t believe the lie that you cannot interrupt the deadly cycle of eating “comfort foods” when you are stressed. here are some action steps to reduce stress in your life: • Surround yourself with positive . • Follow your weight-training and cardio program. Realize that there is a ton of medical evidence to support that lack of sleep is related to obesity. All rights reserved. • Join a social community that supports your goals and behaviors. drugs and smoking.

If you are only sleeping five hours a night. • Avoid stimulants around dinner time.V. Of course. like your “pre-workout” routine. • Get into a “pre-sleep” routine. by 9 pm. • Spend 30-60 minutes reading before you go to bed each night to relax. it feels like the equivalent of two hours sleep.YourSixPackQuest. You’ll be amazed by how many calories you won’t consume just sleeping the recommended eight hours a night. Insufficient sleep also reduces the amount of leptin in your body. then you have an extra three or four hours a day to consume calories. Olympian. but this reliance on java will put you in the “sleep hole” even deeper and only fix the problem temporarily. Page 108 of 111 www.YourSixPackQuest. and progress to seven or eight hours will see the greatest loss in weight. All rights . which increases your appetite.No Nonsense Muscle Building No Nonsense 6 Pack Introduction Chapter 7 a night are more likely to be 2006. but the take-home message is to aim for at least one extra hour of sleep each night and measure the results in your progress. but even adding one hour of sleep. tips to Maximize quality of sleep • I’ve found that for every hour of sleep I get before midnight. energy rising and your six-pack becoming more of a reality. • Turn off the darn T. how is A Lack of sleep related to Gaining Weight? • Many people would say that you burn more calories moving instead of sleeping. which can add up very quickly.” It’s easy to fall victim to the caffeine fix. Don’t be surprised if you notice your performance increasing. Individuals who are only sleeping four or five hours. • When you don’t get enough sleep your body releases a stomach hormone called grehlin into your system. by taking a double espresso or popping a caffeine pill in order to compensate. I believe this is because maximizing night time sleeping hours and daylight waking hours enhances sleep quality. but this is not true. which decreases your appetite and is responsible for telling your brain that you are full so you don’t keep eating. Perhaps you take a © Vince Delmonte www. “Stimulants are borrowed energy. many individuals are highly functional and capable with only five-six hours a night. • Stimulants like coffee act as artificial energy boosters. it’s not real and it has to be repaid. Lee Haney says it best. Eight-time Mr. people sleeping just five hours a night are at 50% risk and those sleeping six hours a night are at 23% risk.

YourSixPackQuest. © Vince Delmonte www.YourSixPackQuest.No Nonsense Muscle Building No Nonsense 6 Pack Introduction Chapter 7 hot 2006.whatever series of habits readies you for some Z’ . and sleep without an alarm clock to estimate an accurate amount of sleep you should aim for each night. Page 109 of 111 www. • Take one or two 20-minute power naps whenever you need to correct any nighttime losses during the week. • Make up any lost sleep with naps or “sleep-ins” to compensate. • Go to bed between 10-11 pm. • Aim for 49-56 hours of sleep per week. All rights reserved. • Train hard every workout and you’ll sleep like a baby. read a relaxing book or write in a journal . for most people it will be eight hours.

which will accelerate your motivation to continue © Vince Delmonte www. being there with all the other competitors and walking on stage and knowing that I belonged was a huge satisfaction and high. Yes. Do not look for short-cuts. Trust me and trust yourself. My goal is to see you develop the body you have always wanted and to prove to yourself that any transformation is possible if you are truly committed and prepared to take action! You now have all the tools and information you need to achieve a 2006. But remember. Your body will be beaten by the constant workouts. Announce your six pack quest to your friends and family. Your beliefs will be hammered by temptations. All rights reserved. Your commitment will be tested daily. However. Start TODAY! I want you to start watching the DVD’s of the first program you’re going to start with. I am pleased that you are not one of these people.YourSixPackQuest. Write down your emotional why. And I urge you to start TODAY! Not tomorrow. Do not second guess yourself because of something else you . I wanted to provide you with real world practical information. it was not the best part. Order your supplements pronto. but what happens when you apply this knowledge and take action! Remember. Do not try a different program three weeks from now.No Nonsense Muscle Building No Nonsense 6 Pack Introduction Chapter 7 cLosinG You are now one massive step closer to achieving your six pack quest! I applaud you for reading this far because a large percentage of the population invest in fitness information products and never even read them. Get some social support and get started TODAY! I want you to take an intentional step in the next direction. A map to a treasure chest is worth nothing if you don’t set sail! The same with this program. Trust this program. the journey is only beginning. Your mind will tell you to stop. I want you to go shopping for food today. but it did not beat the actual journey of getting there! So enjoy the journey. Have confidence in this program. The power of this knowledge is not the knowledge itself. Print off your meal plan. more muscular and attractive body. I want you to print off the training program. Follow the program and you will start seeing results.YourSixPackQuest. this program WILL NOT FAIL YOU . I was not interested in writing another fat loss manual with pages upon pages of academic research and the physiological reasoning behind everything.only you can fail the program. So don’t wait! Although competing at six percent body fat was one of the most exciting and rewarding days of my life. EVERY DAY IS WORTH IT! I made this manual like a road map. I had no interest in paralyzing you with so much information that you get overwhelmed. healthier. JUST START MOVING! I did not write this information because I was bored one day or to impress you with my knowledge. Page 110 of 111 www. I urge you to become a new person by action and habit. Your friends will think you’re crazy. not next week or next year.

I applaud you for taking action and look forward to hearing about your six pack quest. Decide which deadline you are going to shoot for and make it happen. I will stay in contact with you with my newsletters and broadcast emails. Page 111 of 111 www.No Nonsense Muscle Building No Nonsense 6 Pack Introduction Chapter 7 staying focused one day at a time! Be patient and do it the way I have shown or by joining my Facebook Fan Group at http://www. My favorite emails are Success Stories that you send me about how much you have changed. You can always get in touch with me by emailing me at one of my private email addresses: . to a long-lasting friendship! Your friend and coach. I would love to hear from you every few months and I hope that you can be the next $1000 winner of my quarterly Six Pack Transformation pages/Vince-DelMonte/26468623640?ref=ts Make sure you save my email to your Safe List so I don’t get put in your junk folder! And please do me a favor by staying in touch with me.facebook. Your hard work WILL pay off! The best news is that you do not have to attack this battle on your own. because I can share them on my website to inspire others! Again. Vince DelMonte Vince DelMonte © Vince Delmonte www.YourSixPackQuest. All rights reserved.

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