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A Negotiation Conversation

This is a negotiation between me and the client regarding a request that an agency
representative review all videos before sending them for uploading.

Client: We wish to change the SLA and Establishing what the client wants.
include a provision for an agency
representative to review all your works
before it is sent for uploading on our
Myself: I don’t like the idea of having one Putting forward opinion and requesting a
of your representatives reviewing our work reason
before we send it for uploading. Why do
you request this?
Client: It is so that we know that the Questioning whether or company is worth
quality of the work is up to the standards the money.
that we want and expect. After all we are
paying you quite a bit of money. Is this
going to be a problem?
Myself: Well there are several reasons why I state why this request can’t be met.
I think having our videos reviewed before
uploading is a bad idea. We are already
under the pressure of having to produce 5
videos a week for you. That deadline is
already quite tight, and having your
representative review each video and
wanting changes would make it impossible
for us to meet your weekly deadline.
Client: I understand that you have a tight Acknowledges problem, but also wants to
deadline, but I would like to have a say in have control of what goes in the video.
what goes in the videos. As a client I must
be able to have a say in what we want as I
feel we know how best to advertise our
Myself: Our creative design studio is one Asserting how great our creative team is
of the best in the world. I think we would and doesn’t need to be shown what to do.
know what the difference is between a
good video and a great video. You hired us
knowing we will be doing an excellent job
for you guys. I think our team is very
capable and would know how to create and
design a lot better then what your sales
staff would. Just like vice versa, your sales
staff would be better at selling then my
creative team.
Client: Very well. I understand you guys Client agrees and understands. Client still
are professionals at what you do and I wants input thou.
understand what you mean. I don’t like
people telling me how to sell my homes
too. However I still wish to have a little bit
of input into a few of the homes we are
selling. My representative can give you the
best selling points of the house so that you
can exploit them to your best potential.
Myself: Hmmm. Very well I will allow you A little bit of give, if you let me have some
to review 1 home video out of the 5, but extra time
you must tell us upfront which one that you
will be reviewing. We might need more
time then due to the process especially if
we want to keep producing at the same
quality that we have been so far.
Client: Agreed. I will extend the deadline Client agrees and will give more then
to 2 weeks if u let me review and have enough if promised what she wants.
some input on 2 videos out of the 5. Is that
an agreement?
Myself: Yes. That will suit us fine then. We Satisfied. Win/Win for both parties.
shall work out the finer details at a later

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