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Composite Solution

Composite Solution

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Data Virtulization
Data Virtulization

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Published by: uma.madhav8841 on Jan 25, 2013
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Big Data Drives Big Analytics
Cloudera and Composite Software as market leaders in the Big Data Management and Data Virtualization space, respectively, share a technology partnership that provides our customers with comprehensive enterprise data for powerful analytics. Cloudera provides customers with enhanced storage and processing technology for Hadoop, a popular open-source software for reliable, scalable, and distributed computing. Composite enables users to combine Hadoop output with the enterprise data scattered throughout the organization. Composite can also feed data into Cloudera Hadoop for massive parallel processing. Cloudera offers products, professional services, technical support, and Hadoop training that enable users to lower their data-processing costs and get more value from the data and information they collect and generate. • Software – Helps you get the most out of Hadoop. o Cloudera’s Distribution including Apache Hadoop is the most comprehensive Hadoop-based platform on the market. o Cloudera Enterprise gives companies the functionality, scalability, and flexibility of the leading Hadoop distribution while lowering the technical and administrative bar required to deploy Hadoop in production. Support & Professional Services – Helps you install Hadoop, configure Hadoop, optimize Hadoop, tune Hadoop, and deploy Hadoop. Training & Certification – Offers a suite of Hadoop training courses for developers, systems administrators, and executives.


Composite Software
Website: http://www.compositesw.com/ Company Overview Composite Software, Inc. is the data virtualization performance leader. Backed by a decade of pioneering R&D, Composite Software is the data virtualization gold standard at 10 of the top 20 banks, six of the top 10 pharmaceutical companies, four of the top five energy firms, major communications providers and the world’s largest IT organization, the US Army. These and hundreds of other   global organizations rely on the Composite Data Virtualization Platform to fulfill their ever-changing information requirements with greater agility and lower costs. Product Overview Composite 6 is the latest release of the Composite Data Virtualization Platform. Composite 6 integrates data from multiple, disparate sources - anywhere across the extended enterprise - in a unified, logically virtualized manner for on-demand consumption by a wide range of front-end business solutions.

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Composite offers products and supporting services enable users to get the most value out of their Hadoop data as well as the rest of their enterprise data. • Data Access – Accesses Cloudera Hadoop data through Hive, an infrastructure for data query and management. Composite takes your SQL queries and executive against Hadoop through Hive. Composite provides the stability and reliability of data aggregation not yet available in Hive. Data Federation – Joins and aggregates Hadoop and other enterprise data. Run optimized queries across multiple data sources and formats. Data Security – Supports multiple forms of security to maximize data protection. Provides the security layer not available through Hive. Data Caching – Materializes views and procedures for improved performance and circumventnetwork constraints.

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About Cloudera Cloudera is the leading provider of Apache Hadoop-based software and services and works with customers in financial services.com/downloads. Cloudera and the Cloudera logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of Cloudera Inc. For more on Cloudera. telecommunications. Composite Software is the data virtualization performance leader. help organizations profit from all of their information. data virtualization layer architectures and cloud data integration.cloudera. Cloudera Enterprise is the most costeffective way to perform large-scale data storage and analysis and includes the tools. The company's products. Global organizations with disparate. All other trademarks are the property of their respective companies. government and other industries. Cloudera. web.    210  Portage  Avenue. in the USA and other countries.com     ©2011 Cloudera. CDH delivers a streamlined path for putting Apache Hadoop to work solving business problems in production. Inc. About Composite Composite Software is the data virtualization gold standard.   SOLUTION BRIEF The Cloudera and Composite Joint Solution About Cloudera’s Distribution Including Apache Hadoop Available for free download at www. Cloudera's Distribution including Apache Hadoop is the most comprehensive Apache Hadoop-based platform in the industry. platform and support necessary to use Apache Hadoop in a production environment. please visit www. Backed by nearly a decade of pioneering R&D. All rights reserved.  Palo  Alto. cut costs and reduce risk. tested Hadoop solution without proprietary vendor lock-in.  Inc. complex information environments that use Composite’s data virtualization platform to increase their data agility. Information is subject to change without notice. scaling from project to enterprise for data federation.   .cloudera. Cloudera Enterprise and Cloudera's Distribution including Apache Hadoop. Ideal for enterprises seeking a stable.com. CDH is the bridge between the insights of organizations using Hadoop in production and the continuous stream of innovations from the Apache community. data warehouse extension.  CA  94306  USA      |      1-­‐888-­‐789-­‐1488  or  1-­‐650-­‐362-­‐0488      |      cloudera.

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