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I Had Her Blushing!

I Had Her Blushing!

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Published by Charles Weber
I went through and added some better descriptions and intimate details based on how my slave body reacts to my touch.
I went through and added some better descriptions and intimate details based on how my slave body reacts to my touch.

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Published by: Charles Weber on Jan 25, 2013
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I Had Her Blushing, but it was her other cheeks!

Her hands were chained together, raised slightly over her head on the cross, her breasts pressed against the cold textured surface. Facing towards the wall she was displaying her rear to the room. Her white business shirt was intact but her skirt lay around her ankles. Her pretty, pink panties covered her round voluptuous ass. "Please, Master, I am sorry," she pleaded, turning her head in an attempt to face towards him. "I am tired of sorry, girl. Real tired of hearing the apologies. You are just lucky that I believe you did not do this on purpose; otherwise, there would be more to pay. I told you there is no excuse" He answered sternly. He took out a knife. She felt as if she was going to gasp but somehow held her breath in. He took the knife and cut the one side of her panties and lay the knife down on the table beside him. She turned to see but could not make out what else was on the table. She knew she was safe from the blade; it was the other things in the room that frightened her. Her pink panties dropped a little off of her ass. She tightened her legs to hold them up. "Please, Master," she begged, while struggling with the cuffs around her wrists," I am sorry. Please, one more chance. "She watched him grab something off of the table, saw that it was a flogger and watched as he came down hard on the cheeks of her ass. "Ouch," she yelped. Down again came the black leather straps, spreading wide and kissing on her ass. It wrapped around giving her bottom a hard kiss as it landed hard. Her panties fell down a little over her left cheek and he could see the reddening starting on the top of her ass. "Please, Master" she begged as he came down again. His cock pulsated at the sound of her calling him Master. Grasping her hair tight he tugged her head back and to the side so he could look down the front of her, seeing her nipples harden; he knew that she was enjoying it. Holding her head in this position, she could see his face as he brought the flogger down onto her ass again. Closing her eyes in pleasure and pain, she could not deny that she enjoyed it.

"You are not going to delete any more pictures without letting me seeing them, are you, girl?", he said. "No, Master. I swear. It was an accident. There was no one on there. No one, they were blank, I swear. I think it just....” she stammered, interrupted by a firm and smartly placed ‘SMACK’. “Ughhhhh, Please, Master." she let squeak out from her lips. "No excuses, girl," he said to her. He let her head flop back as he made his way behind her again and brought the leather down on her ass. He could have sworn he saw her arch her back. Yes, she would, she wanted her ass to meet the flogger. She wanted to be punished. All the pictures she took were for him and only his pleasure. She opened her legs a bit to feel the air flow over and between them, offering a sharp contrast to the sizzling heat of her bottom and the heat between her legs, she could feel the goose bumps rise feeling like thousands of needles rising up through the sensitive skin. Spreading her legs open, even a bit allowed her pretty little pink panties to fall down further. Her cheeks were red and swollen. His cock grew harder. "Are you gonna be my good girl, Slave?" he asked. "Yes, yes, Master. I am sorry." She replied, nodding aggressively, unknowingly bobbing her entire body up and down as she danced on her toes, her whole body answering his question. He brought it down on her again. She arched her back and let out a squeak. Her panties were hanging down outlining the supple bottoms of her cheeks as they blended into her beautiful shapely legs. He felt his cock starting to drip. With every meeting of the flogger to her reddened ass, his cock pulsated. Her sweet moans begging him to give her more. The way the leather strips spread out with a flick of his wrist to cover and caress her flesh, turning it even redder. Making her ass cheeks swell. "You have no privacy. I warned you when you knelt at my feet and were under my roof, things would be different." He spoke, the words a statement of fact a reminder of his control and ownership of her flesh. "I am sorry, Master," she cried as he came down again. Hearing a noise she hazarded a glance over her shoulder and saw him put the flogger onto the table, wondering if her tears had stopped the punishment. Setting the heavy leather flogger down, he smiled and glanced over at her, knowing she would be looking towards him wondering if he was selecting another toy to use on her. Casually he glanced over towards her, his gaze forcing her to turn away shyly. Setting her vision elsewhere

he reached down, unzipping his pants allowing them to casually fall to the floor and then stepping out of them. Reaching out towards her, he slid his fingers up into her hair at the base of her skull, closing his hand into a fist finding the spot at which there is no pain, only a surge of adrenaline and endorphins causing her to gasp sharply and rise to the tips of her toes as he lifted his grasp high. The well practiced grab smoothly allowed him to turn her away from him and lay her head and breasts squarely on the cold table top. Thrusting out with her arms trying to grasp anything to hold onto they slid across the polished surface finding no place to offer assistance. Laying her top over and across the table served a more sinister purpose more to please his desires than serve as any discipline to her. The table naturally below waist level forced her to thrust her hips and sensitive red ass high into the air and directly into the path of his manhood. Retrieving the knife he deftly sliced the thin lace of her panties ensuring they were no longer a barrier to his pleasure and letting them fall to the floor. Reaching out again he pulls back on her hair once again, forcing her back to arch and thrusting her breasts into the air and out farther across the table. She was already rendered totally compliant and submissive from the firm hold he had on her hair and neck, sending chills and waves of pleasure through her entire being. The feel of his manhood pressed into her sensitive ass caused her to shiver in pleasure and bite down on her lips. The sharp contrast between the pure ecstasy of his closeness and the hot pain of her ass was unbearable. He pressed his cock into the crack of her ass, still hot from the discipline and spanking he gave her. Pulling down hard on her hair forcing her to almost bend in half backwards, she felt him slide along her flesh, his pre-cum colder than the flesh of her ass. With one push, he invaded her sliding effortlessly into the wet slit, disappearing totally inside of her. The rest is a story of another type.................

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